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04-08-2003, 08:12 PM
Seriously, I love the snl clip with arnold. Anyways, heres my attempt at an online journal. Just to record my progress. I'm not including diet, cause well, its exam time and I'm poor. So no supps, not even protein. I just eat as much somewhat healthy food as possible.

Background. I'm an undergrad at Memeorial university of Newfoundland (MUN). I've been a sloth most of my life, no exercise besides the 1-2 hours of walking I've done almost everyday to school. I've been trying to get motivated since almost a year ago, but it hasnt happened until recently. I started wbb #1 3 weeks ago. I've put on some weight with my old routine, but it wasnt a full body nor was it challenging. I was 140lbs one year ago today. So I'm up to 165 right now, I guess its bulking, I just eat all the time. I have however gained 1/2 inch around the middle and no noticable change in bodyfat. I have abs somewhere, not just soft and squishy like last year.

Age: 19
Height: 5'11.5
Weight: 165 or so
Bf: 16-18%
Bi: 13.5 (Up 1 inch from december baby)
Chest: 40 (.. previous was 38.. yay again)
Waist: 32
quad: 20.5
Calve: 16.5

I'm sort of stagnating right now. I've ran out of weights to use at home.

Bench: 70lb
Squat: 70lb
bbCurl: 70lb
deadlift: 70lb
Military: 70lb
... it just continues.. 70lbs is everything I've got. I'm going to get more weight when exams are over around the 25th or so.

I didnt exercise today, I had a chem lab and the walk home in the snow killed me. 45 minutes uphil in the snow/wind sucks. It was an off day, so no biggie. Tomorrow is leg day.

04-12-2003, 01:15 PM
Hey Strats, whats goin on! Good to finally see someone on here whos in the same province as me. :p

Looks like I'm starting out at about the same weight as you did. Hope I can see 165 soon, way to go with the progress. :)

Man I wish I was in St. John's right now... Saturday night...George Street...Cotton Club...Haha good times. Anyways take it easy.

P.S :spam:

04-12-2003, 10:39 PM
Another person from Newfoundland? Great isnt it? I was planning on going to Junctions on Wednesday night for the wet t-shirt contest with a few mates, but it fell through.

Well, should update. I didnt lift until saturday. My routine is off again. Exams are really messing me up. Haven't started them yet, but they are sapping the energy from me. I tried combining leg/arm day from wbb#1.. not a fun idea. Lack of sleep and poor diet made it harder then it should have been.

Squat 4x10x70 (or was it 5 sets??)
Deadlift: 2x10x70
1-leg calve raises: 2x10x70
skipped leg curls cause I'm missing the pins for it

Military: 2x10x70
Seated Military: 2x10x15 (only have 15lb db)
skipped narrow grip bp
French press: 2x10x15
bb curl: 2x10x70
hammer curl: 1x12x15

I was experimenting with my bar and extending it by adding spacers to it. Not a fun idea when home alone. I had the bar up on my shoulders doing squats and somehow it sliped behind them. Not good. It was too far back/down for me to move at all. I just stood their for 3 minutes and got the nerve to press it. It was harsh, beyond my range of motion. I'm lucky I didnt drop it on my head. Took alot of effort out of me, this was at the beginning of the routine. Ah well. I'm not lifting on sunday or monday. Perhaps tuesday.

Diet for today (since I can remember it):
-4 eggos with peanut butter
-1L of skim milk
-1L of coke
-half a 12x24 pizza (felt guilty eating half of it, so I didnt eat the whole thing, left some for the parents)
- miscellanious junk foods

yes, its a pisspoor diet, but I'm pretty shotright now. My sleep patterns are f'd up.. ie 2am-10am(or 12pm.. like today) for weekends or 2am-7am for weekdays. I'll try to catchup after exams. I'll fix my diet then as well, other then that.. meh.

04-13-2003, 12:17 PM
Just measured my bf with an online tool for my measurements. Not pleased, but I feel within my estimated range. I'm at 17% bf. Wish it was lower, but I have a roll for a gut and little fat elsewhere. Thats life. Time to get rid of it.

04-16-2003, 07:53 AM
Note to self: Start cardio after exams are over. My university exams are killing my will to workout. I'm at the halfway mark today, with math 1001. Cakewalk.

Anyways. Yesterdays workout was chest/back. I didnt have the heart to continue most of it. I had no energy whatsoever. Diet for yesterday..

2 Bowls of oatmeal
1 glass of juice
1 tuna sandwich
1 glass of milk
1 bowl of godaweful homemade chicken soup
1 strawberry-rhubarb tart
3 glasses of milk
and a few doritos.. 1 handful I think. Ah well.

I didnt eat much, was tired from studying and angry/depressed cause I might have failed physics because of my focus on economics(which I think I achieved 90%+ on).

Flat BB Bench: 2x13x70
Inclined DB Bench: 2x13x15 (I NEED BIGGER DB)
BB row: 2x15x70
BB shrugs: 2x12x70

I forgot the rest of the routine.. missed the chins, dips and deads. I just wasnt into it at all.

Perhaps my thursday workout will be better.

04-16-2003, 09:39 AM
You know its time to get more weights when..

They are chaulk filled plastic weights. A few of them have been popped open or split and taped back together. I decided to weigh them this morning when I weighed myself. The bar tips the scales at 28kg. Gah. Off by ~9lbs. Myself tipped in at 72.5kg (160lb). I'm figuring its my poor diet and I was very dehydrated at the time. My scales should be correct, I've got a set of balance scales from a doctors office.. bought them for $10 at an estate sale.

04-23-2003, 11:12 AM
I'm done exams. I havent done anything involing lifting since the 16th. Gah.

anyways, I wasnt feel that weel today. I'm having a hard time with allergies, I cant breath properly.

Flat bench bb 2x12x65
Inclined bench bb 2x12x65
Bentover rows bb 2x12x65
Deads bb 2x12x65
Shrugs bb 1x15x65
crunches 2x20 (no weight)

Can't do chins here at home. Dips are a little problem as well. I'll have to think of someway to do them.

04-23-2003, 11:35 AM
Originally posted by Strats
Can't do chins here at home. Dips are a little problem as well. I'll have to think of someway to do them.

I do chin-ups at home by using a doorway chin-up bar like the one in the picture below. This type usually costs about $30 and does not require putting screws or anything permanent in the doorway.


04-23-2003, 01:00 PM
good luck with the journal bro!

04-28-2003, 11:53 AM
Thanks man.

That bar looks like a good idea. I'll hop out and buy one this week.

Onto today. I'm still suffering from the allergies. I have some reactin, but the stuff dehydrates me big time, so I only use it when I'm out doing yard work. Last night was rough. Uni marks were supposed to come out today, didnt sleep well. 4.5 hours sleep, half the ammount I usually get. I havent been eating well the last few days. My guess is my intake was ~2000 calories or less. I havent eaten much today either. I don't know whats up with that.

Military bb 1x12x63 1x7x63 I have no energy
Military db 2x10x15
lateral 2x10x15
Narrow bp 1x8x63
french press 2x10x15
bb curl 2x10x63
hammer 1x10x15

no energy today. The workout went bad. To start things off when dismounting the bar from my bench.. I sliced my finger open. On the narrow grip bp I had to stop because I did something.. irritated the hell out of my back (baddd acne). Just not a good day.

05-13-2003, 08:52 PM
Again with the lapse in the journal keeping. I've kept up the workouts, I just don't write them down. I need to get that habbit.

Today (I found more weights.. still too poor to buy new stuff)

Flat bench: 2x10x75
Incline bench: 2x8x75
Dips: bwx1x8 (first time trying them)
Rows: 2x10x75
Dead: 2x10x75
Shrugs: 1x10x75

Felt good after the workout. Moreso then usual. It must be the extra weight.

05-14-2003, 09:51 AM
Hey Strats! :hello: Been wonderin if you were still kickin! ;)

Good to see ya found some more weights. Keep at it!

05-16-2003, 12:26 PM
Hey wibble. Still at it. Today was leg day. Rather yesterday was supposed to be. But my gf showed up at my door at 10am and we spent the day together. So I decided to do the legs today

Leg day:
Squats: 2x10x75
Hack Squats: 2x10x75
Straight legged Dead: 2x10x75
Standing 1-leg calf raises: 2x10x75 (2 sets of 10 for eat leg)
Leg curl: 2x10x30

Today I decided to the the hack squats as recomended in wbb #1. First time I didn't feel uncomfortable doing them. They went great. Having a little trouble getting the weight up for squating however. I don't have a rack so I need to press the weight, Don't feel all the comfortable with doing so, especially since I rest the bar on my shoulders almost beyond my typical ROM. My legs were a little wobbly in the middle of the second set of leg curls, I need to work on those.

Diet: I'm eating, thats good.
Weight as of today: 163 lb.. ah well. I don't seem to be gaining any more.

05-20-2003, 09:32 PM
Wow, again with shoulders/arms

Military bb: 2x8x75
Military db: 2x10x15
Lateral: 2x10x15
French Press: 2x10x15
BB curl: 2x8x75
Hammer: 1x12x15

Worked out in the morning today, 1-2 hours after I woke up. A big change then the usual 3pm. Felt a little low on energy today, finished eating breakfast 40 minutes before working out. I figure thats what it was, little energy. I really want to start doing some cardio soon. I love to sprint/run, but I lose motivation when I'm by myself. Plus, I'd really love to get rid of my roll before the summer. Everything from my ribs up looks great and below the belt.. just the gut thing. Not good. I figure if I hit the cardio and get my diet going good I can atleast shrink it alittle.

05-21-2003, 11:27 AM
Just for ****s and giggles. I'm attaching a picture of myself wearing girls clothing. I wore this out on halloween. My friend was a little mean. He took a picture, scaned it and made it into a valentine that was sent around school. This is me 10lbs ago. Its a nice record for myself for looking at my arms/upper body and how its going. I have no other pictures.

05-21-2003, 01:02 PM

LOL! Thats hilarious! Won't you be my valentine, muffin? :D

It could have been worse though. You should have seen what I put on halloween before last...it was the Hercules costume that Kevin Sorbo wore on that Hercules tv show that used to come on. This might sound bad enough, but it was made for ages 12-14 or something. It was one of those 1 piece costumes that are like pajamas. It took two people to get me in and out of it. It was tighter than spandex. I had to cut a hole in the crotch and hold it together with a safety pin too. (I was out getting loaded in it, so I had to pee sometime :)) Don't think thats something I'd want posted on the net though. ;)

05-28-2003, 11:39 AM
Took the weekend off. Was playing paintball on friday with a bunch of friends, first time playing it. Had a blast. Unfortunately I feel down on a few rocks, banged my legs up. I still have a bruise the size of the bottom of a coke can on my knee cap.

Yesterday: Chest

Flat Bp 2x10x75
Inclined bp 2x10x75
Rows: 2x10x75
Deads: 2x10x75
Shrugs: 2x10x75

Its hard to believe, but upon reflection, I'm using almost twice the weight as when I started in March. Its great. I looked in the mirror today and saw that I actually have muscles(small ones, but still muscles). Its a good feeling. I'm still trying to motivate myself to do cardio.

Sleep: 7-11 hours a night
Diet: anything and everything.. although I've now cut potato chips out.

06-05-2003, 11:35 AM
wow, another week goes by without updating. Well, I actually kept the lifting up.

Today is chest/back day again
Flat bp 2x12x75
Inclined bp 2x11x75
Deads 2x12x75
Rows 2x11x75
Shrugs 1x15x75

Diet: Well, the week it was great. Yesterday, an off day was horrible.

Sleep: 11 hours last night. went to sleep feeling like ****, I thought I had food poisoning. It wasn't, I feel great today.

No cardio yet, but I have been outside walking for 1-3 hours a day looking for working around town. Still no job, this sucks. The plus side is that I have a tan/sunburn on well.. everywhere.

06-07-2003, 05:57 PM
leg day
squat 2x12x75
hack 2x12x75
straight leg dl 2x12x75
Standing calf raise 2x12x75

need new pins for leg curl, I'll modify a nail tomorrow to hold it in place.

06-11-2003, 11:35 AM
Took a few days off cause of allergies and me feeling crappy. Still don't feel that great today, but it must continue.

military bb 2x12x75
military db 2x12x15
Lateral raise: 2x12x15
Narrow bp: 2x12x60
frech press: 2x12x15
Bb curl: 2x12x75
Hammer 1x12x15

06-21-2003, 10:19 AM
2 days ago Chest day

bb Flat bp 2x15x75
bb incline bp 2x15x75
shrugs 2x15x75
deads 2x15x75
rows 2x15x75

I'm still feeling a little sore today, shouldnt have increased the reps that much I guess.

Squat 2x15x75
Hack 2x15x75
SLDL 2x15x75
standing calve raises 2x15x75

06-21-2003, 10:24 AM
Weighed in today. 167 lbs. Not too bad I guess. Slowly going up. I want to get ~180-190 this time next year. Its a high goal, but I hopefully can achieve it.. hopefully without adding too many more cup sizes. I've got a handful on boob already.

07-30-2003, 12:36 PM
I havent done anything the last month or so. Shame on me. I've just been extremely lazy and the allergies haven't been kind to me. I've droped the weight I use abit so I can get used to it again. I'm planning on attending university again in the fall so I'll have "free" access to the everything I'd ever dream of using. Cardio room, pnuematic weight machines, plus a cool weight room that seems to be situated in the basement/furnace room of the PE building.
I weighted/measured myself today. It seems I'm gaining a lil more bf then I wanted to. I'll probably try to diet it off after christmas for next summer. New goal is to try to hit 190 or 200lbs by then trying to maintain the same % bf or perhaps gain a tiny bit.

Weight: 170lbs
Bf: I'm estimating it at ~17-18% or so
Bi: 14.25inches
Quads: 23inches
Calves: 16 inches (I must have had a flawed reading in my previous post)
Waist: 34 inches.. I can puff/stick out my gut till it hits an amazing 36inches
Chest: 41 inches

Still seems like an improvement over last year for me. So, I'm happy. I've gained ~23lbs of lean mass in the last year and a half. And I've only been working out for half the time. Also put on 8 lbs of fat. Thats depressing.

Scott S
07-30-2003, 08:01 PM
:eek: He's back!

And, shame on you from me. tuttut

Don't they have steroidal anti-allergy medication? Just a thought. :D

Damn, 23 lbs in a year and a half isn't too bad. I hope I can do that.

08-12-2003, 11:44 AM
Been hitting the iron regularly since my last update, sure feels good to be back in the game. I just came back from my allergy testing. Apparently I'm highly allergic to cats and mildly allergic to dogs, dust, mold, pollen.. well, all the other test drops that were on my arm (scratch test). So.. 20 odd mild allergies. This just sucks. The only good thing about the testing being over is that I can go back on the meds I was on before. The doc told me theres nothing I can do about the allergies except try to avoid them. .. which means avoiding basicly everything.

Scott S
01-26-2004, 12:24 AM
Happy birthday dude, wherever you are... :D

01-26-2004, 05:09 AM
I just found this journal.. im from Newfoundland also :) What are you studying @ mun?

01-26-2004, 01:43 PM
heh, thanks. I'm a lurker. Took a few months off the gym because I got lazy. Back on the irons again now.

Defcon: another fellow newfie :D I'm thinking of majoring in economics, either that or business. Most people have everything figured out by the time their into fourth semister, but not me.

05-12-2004, 09:39 PM
I've got to stick to it this time. I've atleast cleaned up my diet, but I'm drinking almost daily now that its summer. I'm cutting that to every 2 weeks or longer.

Its update time
Age: 20
height: 5'11.5
weight: 180
bf: ungodly.. ~18%
bi: 13.75, 13.25
forearms: 11.75, 11
chest: 40
waist: 34
thigh: 22.5, 23.5
calf: 15, 15.25

The measurements are for left and right sides. Oddly, my left arm is bigger then the right.. and the right leg is bigger then the left.

I'm begininning my second week of my routine, I killed myself on leg day as usual. I used the same weight as I did when I stopped last time. As a result I was extremely stiff.

avg daily diet:
breakfast: oatmeal and juice
lunch: sandwich and milk
sup: well, I've had canned fish and bread/pasta with milk
nightly snack: bananna/mixed berry milkshake

Goal for the summer is to lose some of the weight I've gained. I'm a little too fat for my likings. That and I've shrunk a large portion of my pants in the laundry a few weeks ago.. I don't want to buy a new wardrobe anytime soon. I hope to get to the point where I don't feel self-concious when going without a shirt during the summer, I've got 2 months to do it.

09-25-2004, 10:58 AM
Well, had the internet cut at the house to save money over the summer. Worked at a meat packing plant.. I had no idea that people actually have to shovel chicken for a living. The net result of me working there is me putting on 15lbs and becoming alot stronger. But I didn't have the energy to touch the weights while working their. You get used to shovelling 10,000kg after a few nights. I've been doing cardio since the beginning of august and shed 10 lbs and I've got another 10-15lbs to lose.

wg: 78 kg
bf: ~14-15%
bi's: 14.25in :)
waist: 33 in
don't have the rest of the measurements done yet. Figured I'd post something now then later.

Diet as of late:
breakfast- oatmeal+ oj or raisen bran+oj
lunch- yoghurt, bananna, milk, granola bar, tuna sandwich
supper- whatever slop is at home (meat+veggies+milk is the usual formula for supper)
usually have a few snacks, mainly fruit.

New Goal: Down to 32 inch waist

01-24-2006, 08:00 AM
Yawn, mine as well do a semi-update. I worked in the same meat packing plant last spring/summer so my workouts stoped. I had gained up to 185lbs but the hard labour for 8-16 hours a day shovelling burned me down to 155lbs no matter how much I ate. Its tough keeping weight on when you only get one break per shift to eat for 30 minutes. Spent september recoving from the summer. I must be the only 21 year old who has messed up their back. The good news is that my carpal tunnel has gone away and the constant back stiffness/pain is subsiding. I broke my toe in october and I continue to slug away at the gym. I'm more of a cardio person then anything else though now. The plus side? 165 lbs and a 30 inch waist isn't a bad deal. Sure beats what I was the beginning of the summer.. 185 with a 36inch waist. I have actual abs for the first time in my life. Doing my 3rd year of my econ degree, getting a solid B avg and with a new gf for the last 7 months :)

10-19-2006, 06:37 PM
phat lewt. Time to update eh.

I was 150lbs in may, I moved to alberta to work in the construction industry, doing labour work. Managed to get to 175lbs where I currently sit by working my ass off and eating like a pig. Moved back to newfoundland where I am currently a bum :p (I have a job at a call center actually :( )

150-> 175lbs up 25lbs in 3 months doing hard labour is no easy feat of eating
waist: 32in -> 29/30in <- proud of that one