View Full Version : Bodyfat calipers by accu-measure?

08-06-2001, 04:55 AM
Ok, anybody use the calipers by accu-measure? I've had them now for about 2 months or so, measure my b.f. at least once a week the way they say to. I've measured an average of 2mm on the scale, that's 3.5% b.f. according to the chart. I measured this all through cutting phase, and even now for about 3 weeks into post cutting, bulking phase. Am I doing something wrong here?

08-06-2001, 08:59 PM
You're not necessarily doing anything wrong. Skinfold measurements of bodyfat can be off be several percent compared to underwater weighing, especially in people who are leaner or fatter than average.

08-06-2001, 09:14 PM
your doing nothing wrong. I have the same calipers and they are junk. I prefer using the mirror now a days.