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08-06-2001, 08:27 AM
Hi, I'm trying to gain a few pounds of muscle without too much added bodyfat. I do some sort of cardio in the form of basketball or baseball or swmming nearly every day. Since eating 4-5 smaller meals doesn't seem to be enough, I'm thinking about adding a Universal Weight Gainer (Universal because my mom can get some items wholesale for a lot cheaper than you can buy online or at GNC) shake before bed. I was wondering if this would be more likely to increase my bodyfat than just eating more clean food.

08-08-2001, 09:56 AM

08-08-2001, 10:05 AM
the answer to your question is yes.. because most weight gainers contain way to much sugar.

You are better off eating clean food

Joe Black
08-08-2001, 10:06 AM
Well in a sense yeah...

Weight gainers tend to be more simple, sugary carbs..

However If you are bulking you should not worry about this too much...

How about split the portion into 2 and have 6 meals or use it postworkout as one portion when those type of carbs are better?