View Full Version : After 2 1/2 years from 160lbs to 182lbs

04-28-2003, 02:47 AM
Here are my latest photos. Ive been training naturaly for approx 2 1/2 years. Im 5ft 10.

I would appreciate sensible critism and comment please.

Here is my before picture:

04-28-2003, 02:49 AM
Picture after 12 weeks of cutting down from 200lbs

04-28-2003, 02:50 AM
Rear lat spread

04-28-2003, 02:51 AM
Most muscular

04-28-2003, 02:57 AM
Last pic

04-28-2003, 06:34 AM
Dude you have been cutting. Looking very good mate! You lat spread is very good. Wide. How much more are you looking to cut? You got me by 11 pounds right now. :(

Nice job mate!

04-28-2003, 06:53 AM
Thanks for the comments Craig, im probably looking to drop maybe another 5 or 6 lbs or so.

Anyone else, all constructive feedback welcome.


Big Worm
04-28-2003, 07:41 AM
that is some sensational progress. HUGE difference. If you hadn't said you were natural I would have guessed you were on the juice. well done.

04-28-2003, 07:47 AM
Great progress d. I agree with Craig, you've got a very wide back. Nice V shape going. Keep up the solid work.

04-28-2003, 07:48 AM
Thanks, your comments are appreciated.

Is there any bodypart you feel i need to improve or focus on. i feel i am fairly well balanced, i will also add some leg pics soon.

I have identified my abs as a target area for this next year, i have never trained them so now there a peeping through i am going to hit them hard and hopefully have them popping out this time next year.

04-28-2003, 07:48 AM
That's very nice improvement. We have very similar BF% level, I only see the top two rows of abs. You're my height and you look just slightly smaller than me. Although, I am 200lb man, why is that I have 10~20-lb over some people at the same height and they look just as big:mad:
Anyways, you look awsome!

04-28-2003, 07:54 AM
This is the lowest my bodyfat has been since beginning training, so its also the 1st time ive seen my abs. Im aiming to keep cutting for another 5 weeks or so and hopefully reveal them lower ones.

04-28-2003, 08:03 AM
I've been cutting for 4 months now, I went from 218lb down to 200lb. I've seen my top abs for almost 2-3 months, but I still have the small "spare tire" around my lower ones. They are the hardest to get rid off.
You have to be real strict about your diet and keep pounding the cardio.

04-28-2003, 02:30 PM
I guess i will just have to keep pounding away at the cardio and keep my diet as clean as possible.

04-28-2003, 08:04 PM
your looking seriously good bro. keep it up!

04-28-2003, 09:48 PM

04-29-2003, 08:47 AM
Not a whole lot to critisize here. Getting those lower abs to show is always a pain. I tend to hold water and fat right there also. Try pounding the lower abs with hanging leg lifts or decline reverse crunches.

lateral delts could use some more definition, but overall looking good


chris mason
04-29-2003, 06:16 PM
Nice job!

Yaz "Zay!"
04-29-2003, 09:46 PM
Good job. I can see the difference - big time.

Just curious though. Are you doing light abs or weighted mid/heavy?

04-30-2003, 12:57 AM
I havent trained my abs until this last week. Ive never realy focused on them but now they are peeping through i am hitting them hard once a week. Not started any weighted stuff yet.

Herc, thanks for your comments. I have included hanging leg lifts in my abs routine, they are excellent. Thanks for that. when you say lateral delts are you meaning my rear delts, sorry mate just want to indentify the exact muscle part so i can give them some hard work.

Thanks to you all for your comments.

04-30-2003, 08:15 AM

Medial delts, my bad lateral raises is the exercise used to hit them (I think)


Remember, lower ab exercises won't "spot reduce" just tighten up the muscles below so hopefully the tire doesn't sag so much.

04-30-2003, 11:20 AM
A little cardio, some ab work and you'll be there in no time!


05-01-2003, 08:28 AM
*waits for pic approval*

05-01-2003, 08:44 AM
Have you attached a pic Herc? or are you waiting for more pics?

05-01-2003, 12:25 PM
I attached one, but no mods have seemed to notice yet...


05-01-2003, 03:02 PM
damn Herc, you are good with that morphing stuff.

great stuff!

05-02-2003, 12:52 AM
Cheers Herc wish muscle gain was as quick as that. Im a designer by trade so i use photoshop etc, maybe i should give myself a total work over.

Cheers mate.

05-02-2003, 09:34 AM
It's always good for a little motivation.