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05-08-2003, 06:03 PM
I am have been lifting for about 2 years and am beginning to get more serious with it. I am lean and fairly ripped at 6 ft 162 lbs. However I am still having difficulty getting ripped abs. My diet is clean and i do cardio 3 times at 35 minutes each. I do abs 3 times a week also.I would like to have a shredded abdominal by summer and need help. This brings me to my question, I am taking creatine and I eat 6 meals a day of about 450 calories, I work outside and am fairly active. I recently purcused acetabolan 2 by muslcetech which is a zinc magnesium tribulous stack? It is expensive but I heard it will help lean me out without sacrificing strength. Has anyone used this product? Does it work? or is it a waste of money. Are there negative side affects? Can someone help me please, and perhaps reccomed some supplements for me, and a nutritional plan. My goal is to be ripped with ab definiton at like 170-175. My friend just told me to take anabolics but im very hesitant to do so? Should I go that route, and if so what is a good intro anabolic with minmal side affects? Thanks alot for reading and i appreciate any help in advance

05-08-2003, 06:28 PM
No need to post in both forums:)

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