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05-10-2003, 06:34 PM
But first I must be small.


30 years old male, 5' 11", current weight 93.3 kg. never lifted before.

some people ask how they can avoid cardio......it's pretty easy really, I watched tv for a decade and never did cardio. unfortunately the side effect was that I became 103 kilograms of blubber.

so I started on atkins and lost 10 kilos in about 8 weeks but then thought to myself....I don't wanna end up a fat thin peron. I'd been a fat thin person once before and it didn't satisfy me.

so I switched to CKD (since I was brainwashed into thinking carbs were poisin by atkins) and started lifting HST style for 3 weeks. I then realised I was a beginner and changed my routine to a basic 5 day split over 6 days with 1 day rest. This means that each body part is worked slightly more than once per week. I also realised I would need some fuel for my training. Carbs.

luckily my father in law is a veteran lifter, so he was able to help me with form and teach me how important it is. Right now I lift between 50-60% of 1rm for 12 reps x 3 sets. I concentrate on form the whole time. On the day of my body part (for instance legs) I will spend the day reading about form before I train at night.

nutrition is 40/40/20 protien/carbs/fat at 10x bodyweight 8 meals per day. I reckon I would be 20-25% bodyfat. I don't bother to measure since the mirror is my measure.

on with the show.

Monday: 2049 cals / 93.9 kg
12 Minutes HIIT - Bike
45 minutes - hams / calfs / abs
30 minutes moderate bike after lifting

Tuesday: 2051 cals / 93.6 kg
12 minutes HIIT - bike
45 minutes - back
30 minutes moderate bike after lifting

Wednesday: 2012 cals / 93.1 kg
12 minutes HIIT - bike
45 minutes - tricep/bicep/forearm/wrist
30 minutes moderate bike after lifting

Thursday: 2028 cals / 93.1 kg
12 minutes HIIT - bike
45 minutes - quads/abs
30 minutes moderate bike after lifting

Friday: 2033 / 92.6 kg

Saturday: 2127 cals / 93.3 kg
12 minutes HIIT - bike
45 minutes - chest / shoulders
30 minutes moderate bike after lifting

Sunday: 2057 cals / 93.3 kg
12 minutes HIIT - bike
45 minutes - hams / calfs / abs
30 minutes moderate bike after lifting

result: 600 gram weight loss.


happy with the progress, bit mystified by the fluctuation in weight, but not terribly stressed about it. It may have been caused by the rest day, but I know I need that rest. In fact I know I need more, but for now 1 rest day is enough. My form was great for everything and I was happy with the isolation. That is apart from chest. I'm having trouble isolating the chest so I'll seek some advice on form since my arms give out before my chest does.

05-10-2003, 07:20 PM
good luck and welcome to WBB!!

05-10-2003, 07:25 PM
Good luck on your goals !! :thumbup:

05-10-2003, 07:28 PM
i like the title of the journal and a traditional :spam: is called for.

good luck and keep up the journal

05-17-2003, 05:25 PM
changes :

made some minor changes this week which I think have helped a little. First off I eliminated my post workout shake...I'll add it back in once bodyfat is low. I don't really have any muscle to protect so I don't think skipping the shake is a big deal.

also altered my cardio routine. I now do 2 sessions per day of 20km's, so 40 k's / day (bout 25 miles) on my stationary bike. This generally takes about 40 minutes, so I have 80 minutes of cardio per day. In the morning session I mix in 10 minutes of HIIT within that 40 minutes. I go 20 minutes normal, 10 HIIT, 10 normal. Best of both worlds ? Probably not, but I'm doing it anyway. I generally sit on a pace of 30-35 km / hour (18-21 mph). The hard part is actually setting the pace, once you've been going for 2 minutes your mind is then in focus, your lactic acid is elsewhere and you can keep going nicely at that pace for your whole session. This has my heart rate at around 120...

I also mentioned that I was having trouble isolating my chest....well depepnding on the bodypart(s) I will be working that day, I read as much as possible on form during the day and do my training at night. So I read a lot about form (relating to chest) on my chest/shoulder day and I did get some feeling in my chest this time.

Additionally, I used a routine that I thought was interesting. First off I reversed the order of my lifts....I did fly, then incline bench, then flat bench. The idea was to pre-exhaust with the fly's. The method also used drop sets with forced reps and no rest between sets. The feeling I got after it was the same as after a leg workout, that sickly where's all my energy gone feeling. So yes, it did work. I think I will use this method every second time I do chest, but I reckon I will do fly's first no matter what for pre-exhaustion on the chest.

Still going nicely on a 40/40/20 but I had been a bit high on the carbs, so this week I forced myself to be a bit higher on protien. I found that I was much more satisfied when eating more protien and even on a 10x bodyweight diet I had to force myself to eat later in the day. Protien = good, but then you all knew that already.


Monday: 2049 cals / 93.3 kg
12 Minutes - HIIT Bike
60 Minutes - Back
20 Minutes - moderate bike after lifting

Tuesday: 1959 cals / 93.6 kg
12 Minutes - HIIT Bike
60 Minutes - Bicep / Tricep
20 Minutes - moderate bike after lifting

Wednesday: 1959 cals / 93.3 kg
40 Minutes - moderate + HIIT bike
60 Minutes - Quads / Abs
40 minutes moderate bike after lifting

Thursday: 1618 cals / 93.1 kg
Morning session missed.
60 Minutes - Quads / Abs
60 minutes moderate bike after lifting

Friday: 2147 cals / 92.6 kg
This is supposed to be my rest day, but I cheated
50 minutes - moderate bike

Saturday: 1990 cals / 92.4 kg
missed morning session, planned to do this while watching footy, but ended up cooking the whole day....here comes the pain.
40 minutes - moderate bike pre lifting
60 minutes - hams / calfs
40 minutes moderate bike post lifting
I had a meal and a rest between pre lifting bike and lifting (20 minuts rest)

Sunday: 2021 cals / 91.4 kg
40 minutes - moderate bike
60 minutes - back
40 minutes moderate bike after lifting

result: 1.9 kg's loss (4.2 pounds)


I may have lost too much weight this week, but I'm not complaining. If I lose the same amount next week I will consider my options. As I said above, I have no muscle to protect.

To give you an example of how little muscle I have, my dumbell curls are 5kg's (11 pounds) with failure on the 3rd set. I could most likely lift more, but not with perfect form. Perfect form is my #1 priority on lifts.

I have a problem with my traps now. I don't seem to be getting isolation happening. I don't understand the form on dumbell rows so I will read up on them today. I also don't have a lat pulldown.

last word:

Thanks to those people that posted a little message in my journal, very encouraging.

05-17-2003, 05:32 PM
thought I might also post my routine and a typical day diet incase anyone is interested or has any suggestions.

squats (3 sets)
lunge (3 sets)
leg extensions (3 sets)
crunch (3 sets)
side crunch (3 sets)

bench (3 sets)
incline dumbell press (2 sets)
fly (3 sets)
Military press (3 sets)
barbell row (3 sets)
side lats (2 sets)
rear lats (2 sets)

leg curls (3 sets)
stiff leg deads (3 sets)
calf raise (3 sets)
seated calf raise (3 sets)
crunch (3 sets)
side crunch (3 sets)

squats (3 sets)
deads (3 sets)
seated row (3 sets)
dumbell row (3 sets)
good morning (3 sets)
shrugs (3 sets)

close grip bench (3 sets)
kickbacks (3 sets)
barbell curl (3 sets)
seated dumbell curl (3 sets)
preacher curl (3 sets)
reverse preacher curl (3 sets)
wrist curl (3 sets)

this is a 5 day split done over 6 days. each bodypart is worked slightly more than once per week.

Weight Watchers Cereal 60 grams
Milk 1/2 Cup
30 grams protien powder
beans and peas 75 grams
veal 500 grams
Parmesan 20 grams
meatballs 75 grams
1 x Apple
1 x Pear
1 x wholemeal salad roll

this will give you around 2000 cals.

the veal is split over 3 meals.

the menu is in no particular order.

05-17-2003, 08:30 PM
As0l0, why so much cardio? Not like there's nothing wrong with it or anything, just asking.

Also, I think your calories are too low for your activity level.

05-17-2003, 09:30 PM
dont skip the PWO shake!!! :spam:

05-17-2003, 10:04 PM
2 reasons for the so much cardio.

1. to burn fat
2. to alocate that time out of my day so that in future I will have a morning and evening lifting session (once I reduce cardio).

I'm gonna stick with skipping the shake for now......

05-18-2003, 05:53 AM
why are you skipping the post-workout shake? its the most important meal of the day! (or maybe 2nd to breakfast) ;)

05-18-2003, 03:32 PM
I'm skipping it since my training session ends about 30-60 minutes before I go to sleep and I don't think those cals are getting burned up.

I spose it's the oposite of "do cardio on an empty stomach".

Like I say though, if I lose that much again next (this) week then I'll consider my options. Adding the shake back in will be one of the options.

05-18-2003, 03:42 PM
good luck man. ill drop by to check on your progress.

05-24-2003, 03:31 PM

Ironman, you were right. my cals were too low and my body shutdown for the week. I was hungry all week but I was also too stupid to listen to my body or to your advice. I fact even if I had listened to RG or Ghetto and kept the Post Lifting Shake, that may have made all the difference.

Anyways, this was a good lesson. Listen to your body, listen to people with experience. I'm upping my cals to 2800-3000 / week.


As I said in my first post, I've never had any muscle in my life....During the week I reached down to scratch my arm just above the elbow. I felt something strange and my hand instinctively pulled away at great speed. I looked down and there was nothing there, just arm. I felt my arm again and I'll be, it was a muscle. This was a massive shock to me and it cancelled out all the dissapointment of the week. Of course I spend about 2 hours a day now investigating my muscles.

Fixed my dumbell rows. I was lifting to my shoulder...checked up on form, started to lift to my waist and now my back is getting blasted correctly.

Also has some great success with "heavy" weight. I have been squatting about 30kg's for 12 reps, now that I feel comfortable with form on that lift (and some others) I decided to go a bit heavier for 8 reps. Got my confidence up and put 40kg's on the bar (do you count the bar in your lift?). Wouldn't you know it, 40kg's was not a problem and out came 12 reps again. I put another 5kg on the bar....no problem 12 reps again, but this was certainly heavy. I could probably have gone 50kg's, but I didn't want to push it and ruin my confidence.


Monday - Thursday
2000 cals /day
40 mins morning cardio
40 mins lifting
40 mins post lift cardio

3000 cals

3000 cals
40 morning lifts
40 mins evening lifts

3000 cals
40 mins morning cardio
40 mins lifting
40 mins post lift cardio

92.6 kg's 1.2kg gain. (lesson learned)

I'm feeling very re-fed now after 2 days of higher cals with no cardio, so today the cardio goes back in and I stick to the program, which I think is the most important thing. Since I discovered how good muscle feels, I'm not too worried about losing fat as fast as possible. I think eating at 3000 cals will be just fine with my activity level.

post lifting shake is back in and creatine is on the menu. post lift shake is 40gram protien powder, 30 grams dext, 5 grams creatine. I don't plan to load the creatine....I'm not in a huge rush.

last word:
Thanks to those who have posted advice for me. If your advice wasn't at hand I might have gone a bit crazy this week trying to figure things out.

05-24-2003, 03:58 PM
sounds like you are finding out what works for you and what doesnt. thats definately a very good thinkg IMO.

also, with the creatine, dont even bother loading it down the road. its just a waste of money IMO. stick to 5g a day like you said ;)

good luck!

06-01-2003, 06:58 AM
happy with my progress this week. I met a goal and surprised myself with a lift.

a mini goal I had was to squat 50 kg's. It wasn't easy but I got it up for 8 reps, 7th and 8th weren't perfect (my qauds are feeling it today). Either side of the 50 kg set was a 45kg set which is now very comfortable for me. I also have another mini squat goal which is to do a 20 rep set with 50kg. It's a little mental challenge which will be good to achieve.

also beat my 20km stationary bike record of 34:00 minutes. I have it down to 33:38 now. It's a huge effort to get under 34 mins (for me) and I don't go for it every session, just when I'm feeling good. I also do a little warm down after my 20k's now. 20k's burns 450 cals (according to the readout, probably bogus) so now I keep going till it hits 500 cals. So I'm basically spending 1000 cals / day on the bike.

surprised myself today with a 35kg bench press. 2 weeks a ago I could hardly lift 27.5. Very happy about that. I probably couls have gone 37.5 or even 40....maybe next time.

Also went down to 92.1 kg's today, which is 500 grams (1.1 pounds) less than last week.

I have tweaked my cal intake on the 3000 cals / day. I now have an upper limit of 3000 cals. I listen to my body, if it tells me it wants 3000 cals it gets it, but I don't force feed. I figure that on the days when my body is asking for 3000 cals it's saying "I want to grow, give me some cals to work with". This is in line with the Dr. Squat zig-zag, except my re-feed isn't timed or uncontrolled.

so sheet yeah, I'm happy. Every lift is up and my weight is down, I expect that translates to gaining muscle while losing fat.

for the record:

Didn't miss any training sessions (of course).
20km's+ bike in the morn.
lifts in the evening
20km's+ bike, post lift.

I'm also taking in about 20 Fish Oil caps a day and 5g of Creatine after lifting.

thanks for reading

06-07-2003, 04:19 PM

Had a problem this week with my legs....well it actually started to show up last week. My legs were sore every sing le day and night (overtrained?). After last weeks rest day, my legs recovered enough to be able to get through my weeks training, except that on Thursday I decided to rest since I knew it wouldn't help to bash my legs to bits again.

So this week I have had a double rest, Thursday and Friday. After those 2 days my legs are still not fully recovered. I could train them, but at the end of the week my legs would be buggered again.


this week I won't train my legs, I will do Chest/shoulders, back, arms > Chest/shoulders, back, arms.

there will of course still be cardio twice per day which is all legs. I fear that my legs will not recover due to the cardio, but I have a plan for that too which I will unleash next week if required.


Was doing close grip bench the other day and wanted to try and do just under my normal bench weight (37.5 this week). So I slapped on 35 kg's parked myself under the bar and failed at 7 reps. I was thinkin, G-Sus, this is heavy. So I pulled myself out from under and took it back to 30kg's and still failed miserably at 7 reps. I took another 5 kg's off and was down to 25kg's, but then I said "wait up, this is less than my normal.......

....at that point I recounted the weight I had on, only to realise I actually had 45 kilograms on the bar for the first lift and 40 for the second.

needless to say I was shocked out of my skin that I was lifting 45kg's on a close grip, when my normal bench was 37.5. My normal bench has now been increaded to 42.5. It's a lot of mind over matter in this game isn't it.....


The scales tell me my weight is now 91.6 kg's which is another 500 gram loss (1.1 pounds) which is fantastic for many reasons, but mainly because of the consistency.


The mirror tells me that my muscle has grown everywhere and the weights agree.

My belt tells me that I really have to buy a new belt or punch in some new holes.

Last word:

Very, very happy with my progress. Everything is going right (touch wood).

Oh yeah, I also beat my 20k record on the bike by going 31:14. I want to go under 30 mins which means peddaling at 40kph for 30 mins non stop.....that's 25 mph...for 30 minutes.

06-09-2003, 05:43 AM
this just in....

I just finished my cardio and yes, I went under 30 mins for 20 k's. 29:53 was the final time.

that's 12.5 miles in 29:53

that was after a 45 minute arm session...possibly my best session yet.

my new goals for cardio now are to do 25 km's in less than 40 minutes consistently and 25 km's in less that 35 minutes once. that means I will be doing 50 km's (31.25 miles) / day on the bike.

06-14-2003, 04:27 PM
yes, six weeks have passed since I started the above routine.

starting weight - 93.9

end weight - 91.6

2.3 kilograms (5.6 pounds) lost and my muscle all over my body is noticably bigger.

I took 3 rest days this week, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, because I'm switching to a bulk......which I will put in a seperate post.

nb. My end weight was taken on Wednesday morning, my start weight on the bulk was taken this morning after 4 solid days of eating and filling my muscle with carbs, water, protien and whatever else.....

06-14-2003, 04:34 PM
As of yesterday (Saturday) I have started a bulk. My calorie intake is almost the same as my previous routine....3000-3500 and my program is the WBB 1 routine.

Start weight 92.9 kg's

I'll be following the WBB 1 routine exactly and without variation for at least the next 6 weeks. At the end of 6 weeks I'll evaluate my progress and decide what to do next.

The routine doesn't mention cardio, so no cardio shall I do. Well actually that's a lie....I will be taking my dogs for a walk each morning, which is about 2.5 km's (1.5 miles).

Weight might not be such a good indicator on this program so I will measure a few of my lifts (do you count the bar ?)....and use them as a guide for progress.

Bench : 45kg's
Deadlift : 55kg's
Squat : 65kg's
Military Press : 40kg's
Barbell Curl : 20kg's

Yep, as I saw the muscle growing on my body I quickly became addicted and now......well now I want some of those n00b gains I keep hearing so much about. If I don't gain too much fat then I will likely extend this program out for 12 weeks total.......

06-16-2003, 05:45 AM
just finished my wbb1 leg lifts and man was that intense....I mean I can see where I was going wrong with 3 fancy sets of not much weight....when you only have 2 sets to work with you give it your all on both sets....

....then again, 3 months from now I'll probably be say'n, man now I'm lifting intensely, I didn't even know what intense was before.....

it's all about experience I spose....

just eatin some chicken tit and brown rice then it's off to bed....

06-18-2003, 04:59 AM
Also forgot to post my goals for the 6 weeks.

Bench : 70kg's
Deadlift : 80kg's
Squat : 90kg's
Military Press : 60kg's
Barbell Curl : 40kg's

just finished my last session for the first week and yeah....I'm looking forward to 2 days rest. My entire body is now destroyed in every way....great training regime.

06-21-2003, 04:16 PM
Wbb1 routine is great. Everything is nicely timed with the amount of rest required so that by the end of the week, your whole body is in pain....and when day 1 comes around your fully recovered.

Just had one potential problem in that I almost didn't come back up from a squat.....and I have no spotter......it's going to happen one day.....

Also couldn't do the dips and chins properly, but I did them as best I could and I hope that by the end of 6 weeks I will be able to do them both properly.

Weight is up in a big way, I don't know or care what's up with that....but it's most likely that my metabolism had completely stopped from months of cutting.

my weight: 95.6 kg's (+2.7 kg's (6 pounds))

lift weights:

Bench : 50kg's (+5)
Deadlift : 65kg's (+10)
Squat : 75kg's (+5)
Military Press : 30kg's (+2 reps (there's no way I did 40kg's last week, it MUST have been 30))
Barbell Curl : 22.5kg's (+2.5kg's for one set only)

lifts are up so far and that's all that counts for the next 5 weeks.

06-27-2003, 04:26 PM
weighed in this morning at 97.9. You better believe that I'm flinching and starting a cut from today...I'll post more about that tomorrow.

06-29-2003, 06:17 PM
no, really....I DO wanna be big, but since I'm still the original fat bastard it's gonna have to wait a while....6 kg's (more than 13 pounds) gained in 3 weeks is too much for me to handle psycologically.

So yes, it's back to cutting. I will be continuing the WBB1 program since I think it's fantastic and I will continue posting my lifts...

I'm back to 2000 cals / day now with WBB1 for lifts, moderate intensity bike for cardio no less than 5 times / week and more if my legs don't feel too sore.

start weight 97.9 kg's (215 pounds) (lots of water in there no doubt)


Bench : 55kg's (121) (+5kg's (11) for one set, back to 50 for the second set)
Deadlift : 70kg's (154) (+5kg's (11) for 8 reps)
Squat : 80kg's (176) (+5kg's (11))
Military Press : 35kg's (77) (+5kg's (11))
Barbell Curl : 20kg's (44) (-2.5kg's (5.5)

lifts are still up which is to be expected, I will refeed with 200 grams protien and 400-500 grams of carbs once every 7-10 days...the refeed should keep the metabolism ticking (thanks to leptin) and may even allow for some muscle growth since the refeed is a calorie surplus.

side note...after only 1 day of calorie deficit I went from 97.9 (215) to 95.9 (210)....amazing how much non tissue weight the body can hold....

Saint Patrick
06-29-2003, 06:25 PM
You really gotta get rid of that pesky metric system

Ounces and pounds are where it's at!!!

06-29-2003, 08:48 PM
first time stopping by. Nice journal! good luck on your goals. I plan to stop in here more often.


07-05-2003, 04:24 PM
My diet for this week was based around 2 smaller meals during the day and one large meal in the evening.

6:00am 1 x Masters Iced Coffee
12:30pm 2 x Sirena Tuna Sandwich on Lekkerbrot bread made by Bakers delight
evening 100g scotch fillet, 150g chicken breast, 150g Barilla pasta, 200g Bolognese Sauce, aniseed (fennel) salad, 11g Metamucil.

giving a total of 2000 cals and 180 grams of protien. That's what I ate every day, except yesterday I swapped out the pasta and sauce for beans, carrots and brocoli, had 2 extra sandwiches during the day giving me 2000 cals and 140 grams of protein.

Training for this week consisted of

Saturday: Moderate morning cardio (22km's) + Chest and Back
Sunday: 2 x Moderate cardio (22km's)
Monday: Legs (don't mess around with your leg day, keep it free)
Tuesday: Moderate cardio (22km's)
Wednesday: Shoulders and arms + Intense cardio (11km's)
Thursday: Moderate cardio (22km's)
Friday: Mixture of mederate and HIIT cardio (22km's)


Bench: 50kg's (110) (-5kg's (11))
Deads: 80kg's (176) (+10kg's (22))
Squat: 80kg's (176) (+0 very difficult to lift)
Military Press: 40kg's (88) (+5kgs (11))
Barbell Curl: 20kg's (+0)

You will notice that my bench was down 5kg's. I'm not sure what that's from, maybe I just felt like superman last week, maybe my muscle's were cold, I don't know.....this is the first time a lift has gone down and I didn't like it much.

At first I thought it might be because I did HIIT during the day, but then my deads were up 10kg's (22 pounds) (almost made me faint (problem with breathing)) and for the first time I actually did 6 dips....so that ruled out the HIIT.....

Start weight: 97.9
End weight: 95.1

I lost 2 of those kilos in the first day (water) so I'm counting this as a loss of .8 kg's (bout a pound).

The hardest part of this week has been resisting the urge to do extra cardio, everything else has been relatively easy.

changes for next week.

I'll add 4 morning HIIT sessions (to the existing cardio) starting with a 10 minute session. Every second session I'll add 1 minute to that time, so on my 3rd session I'll be doing 11 minutes, my 5th 12 minutes and so on.

I'll replace the pasta for brown rice (equivilant cals) and I'll take the bolognese sauce as a side.

I need to watch out here since I'm increasing the cal deficit, if the scales move too fast I will take in an extra 250 cals....if not then onward and downward. Had a nice refeed yesterday (Saturday), took in 3500 cals with the extra coming from carbs.

on to week 2.....

07-07-2003, 08:15 PM
pruneman, thanks for stopping by. much appreciated !!

07-12-2003, 04:21 PM
week 2
swung things around a little bit this week on the diet (intentionally) so that I was eating more around midday and smaller amounts in the evening....I reckon that the difference between 6 meals and 3 is this.

6 meals: you have to be a little bit hungry all of the time
3 meals: you have to be very hungry for a short amount of time

that's my take on it...

I ran out of lekkerbrots (whole grain bread) and couldn't be arsed with brown rice this week (takes an hour to cook, as you would know), so I just made sure I got my protein and kept within my cal limit, made sure I got some fats in there , but there was nothing terribly clean about my diet....

...y'know white bread low fat yoghurt with the ton of sugar they put in it, crap like that....so what happened ?

start weight: 95.1
end weight: 93.5

for a 1.6 kg loss which is a little too quick and I'll up my cals by 250 (at least) this week to try and bring that closer to the 1kg mark.

Training for the week was:
Saturday: Morning Above Moderate Cardio (22.5km's) + Chest/Back
Sunday: Morning HIIT (10 mins) + evening Above Moderate Cardio (22.5km's)
Monday: Legs (this hurt a lot)
Tuesday: Morning HIIT (10 mins) + evening Above Moderate Cardio (22.5km's)
Wednesday: Morning HIIT (11 mins) + Arms
Thursday: Morning HIIT (11 mins) evening Above Moderate Cardio (22.5km's)
Friday: evening Above Moderate Cardio (22.5km's)

Bench: 50kg's (+0)
Deads: 80kg's (+0)
Squat: 40kg's (-40kg's + 14 reps)
Military Press: 20kg's (-20kg's +14 reps)
Barbell Curl: 20kg's (+0 kg's)

for a total of 3 lifts, 5 moderate cardio and 4 HIIT's.

It was "difficult" for me to fit in the 5 moderate sessions and I'll allow my self to swap one moderate session for an extra HIIT session if required.

I'll be adding 1 more HIIT session this week and also adding a minute every second session. Next session will be 12 mins, last session will be 14 mins....

Also got my ASN xtreme cuts yesterday and I will start on them tomorrow. 3 caps 2 times. 3 in the morn, 3 in the evening....doesn't mention anything about "take them with food" so I'll assume you don't have to....I'm not taking them to increase the cal deficit, but to antagonise the beta2 receptors....

Work put out a pretty big spread with pies, sausage rolls, pastries of all kinds, fruits, got knows what else....I took a look at the food, glanced at the people eating it and walked back to my desk for my grilled chicken sandwich...

alright, that's 2 weeks, which is just a drop in the ocean, so I'll see how things go again next week...

...onto week 3

07-19-2003, 04:18 PM
week 3

had a bit of cold and flu like symptoms this week, but I didn't miss a second of training because of it. I was actually less sick than "usual" which I put down to vitamins and level of fitness (despite my fatness).

also started on ASN xtreme cuts this week. I was going to take 3 caps 2 times, but went back and read the instruction again and ended up taking 2 caps 3 times. It certainly does give you a wack when taken on an empty stomach, but hey, so does nuerofen plus.....the wack from the xtreme cuts though, makes it "easier" to do cardio....so cardio is likely more effective.

start weight 93.5
end weight 92.9

for a loss of 0.6 kg's which I'm slightly upset about....but it's still ok. probably shouldn't have raised my cals and probably had too much spillover from my last refeed.

just wanted to outline the structure of my longer non HIIT cardio sessions. I'm going to call them MIIT (medium intensity intervals) and I'm not saying I invented it, or it's revolutionary or anything like that...just describing it. My bike has 8 resistance settings, during my "MIIT" sessions I do 500 cals (which obviously isn't accurate). 50 cals on level 7, 50 cals on level 8....so basically 5 of each keeping the speed above 30.

Saturday: Morning HIIT (12 mins) Chest n Back
Sunday: Morning HIIT (12 mins), Eveneing MIIT (22.5k's)
Monday: Morning HIIT (13 mins (couldn't resist), Legs
Tuesday: Morning HIIT (14 mins), Evening MIIT (22.5k's)
Wednesday: Morning HIIT (14 mins), Mid-day MIIT (22.5k's), Evening Shoulders n Arms
Thursday: Morning HIIT (15 mins), Evening MIIT (22.5k's)
Friday: Morning HIIT (15 mins), Mid-Day low intensity bike (20k's), Evening moderate instensity bike (22.5k's)

Bench: 50kg's (+0)
Deads: 80kg's (+0)
Squats: 40kg's (-40 + 14 reps)
Military: 20kg's (-20 + 14 reps)
Curl: 20kg's (+0)

You'll notice I halved my weights during the week...this was because of sickness, I just couldn't lift heavy, so I used HST principles to make sure I still trained and hopefully increased joint/ligament strength.

Which leads me to my lifting routine change. I've been on WBB1 for 6 weeks now and it's time to switch. I'm moving over to a bastardised HST routine for the next 3 weeks, full body, 3 times / week, but I'm using the 15rm and 10rm and then 15rm again. primary goal is to deplete glycogen, secondary goal is to strengthen ligaments / joints / tendons.

I also think I've made a mistake that I can't go back and fix. I reckon I started my cals too low....should have started at 2500 and adjusted down each week, but that's not an option now. I'm going to adjust my cals down to 1800 this week. I'll adjust them down next week and the week after too and since I have a weeks rest before the challenge, I don't think this will be damaging...time will tell.

Going to skip my refeed today, in fact I doubt that I will be refeeding again for the next 3 weeks. A good sign of requiring a refeed is hunger and hunger hasn't been as strong this week.

Started "learning" posing this week. Sure I don't have anything to show off, but I think it's worthwhile to get a head start on these things....I feel it's like using good form from the start...it will help you down the line. I expect posing will be the same. I'll do 4 minutes each day, on a front "relaxed" pose (ok I don't know what it's called......

alright. that's the half way mark for a loss of 5kg's minus 2kg's of water....so 3 kg's which is great since it's a kg a week...I'm happy so far....bit apprehensive about next week though...gotta keep those scales ticking over.

....onto week 4

07-27-2003, 04:43 PM
I'm calling this cut to a close. cold and flu are just too strong and I can't afford any more days off work. I'll just eat like a sane person , take my dogs for a walk, lift and be merry for a little while.

I consider this a failure, but at least I proved (to myself) that the reduction of carbs is not required and GI doesn't mean jack, neither does carb timing or 5-6 meals a day.

Another "gain" from this little experiment was going high reps. it corrected some form that was slipping and becoming dangerous.

ended at 92.0 for a loss of 5.9 kg's in 4 weeks. 2 kg's would be water, so it's more like 4 kg's in 4 weeks or around 2 pounds per week.

08-10-2003, 04:06 PM
well, I've been doing as I said I would, taking the dogs for a walk, lifting, eating and being merry...that's been going nicely except for the last few days since I've been quitting smoking....after 15 years...

this is my 4 th day now....the first 2 days I didn't walk the dogs or lift or wake up at my normal time or do anything remotely resembling my previous life.....I ate all kinds of crap, I don't care, so long as I get my protein then at least some muscle will build despite fat gain.

the 3rd day I was able to wake at my normal time, took my dogs for a walk, didn't eat as much as the 2 previous days, lifted in the evening (just a little) and felt alright..

today is my fourth day, I'm up at my normal time again, can't walk the dogs today since it's raining. I just borke the news to them and they've gone off to sulk.....this is the longest I've stopped smoking for...some times i've done a day, half a day, a couple a days or whatever....I don't feel very good, I'd love to have a smoke, but that would just kill the hard work I've already done, so I'll stick at it.

should be able to lift a bit heavier / more intensely tonight...might even lift a few things this morning just to get some blood pumping...

I'll just keep rocking and rolling now, keep on top of walking the dogs, doing my lifts, eat whatever for a while longer.....then try to pull my eating back and hopefull swing around to another round of cut...

08-10-2003, 10:21 PM
Hiya, just stopping in. Sounds like you are on the right track.

Good luck with stopping smoking.

08-16-2003, 02:52 PM
Thanks for stopping by, much appreciated.

Well, I've been stopped smoking for 9 days now, which is fantastic. I still want one really bad and I'll kill anyone who comes near me just for a taste of a sweet, sweet smoke...

...but anyways, I don't see myself turning back now. Unfortunately my fat cells have been having a party since I have been eating every tasty treat I like (and often) to help with my smoking....

...so as of yesterday I jumped on Keto. At worst I won't gain (as easily) and at best I will shed some fat. Today is my second day, so another day or 2 after this before I reach Ketosis.

I was thinking about Keto diets and the "metabolic advantage". I understand that it takes 3 weeks for your muscles to get used to burning fat directly ? and during this 3 weeks ketones are burned by muscle and organs alike. The benifit of this being that ketones are expesive for the body to produce, giving a "metabolic advantage". After 3 weeks the "metabolic advantage" is gone....

...so I'm thinking...well now why wouldn't you do 21 days Keto then 7 days "carb up".

so you've been keto for 21 days and lifting so your muscle is damaged....then for 7 days you eat above maintenence carbs n protein (minimal fats) and don't lift....meaning that

a. Your muscle gets used to burning glycogen again, so when you go back to Keto you maintain the "metabolic advantage"

b. There's some chance of gains since you allow your muscle to repair for a full week of "carb up".

it's probably not something that will work, but I might ask about it in the nutrition forum some time. for me right now though, I won't be carbing anything for some time. I'm not lifting right now since it's a major trigger for smoking. just walking the dogs in the morning (perfect exercise for Keto)...

well anyway....onward to victory

edit: oh yeah, my start weight is 99.7 kg's

08-16-2003, 06:37 PM
Hey congrats on the smoking...that's quite an acomplishment. Keep up the hard work. Also I would think that quitting smoking is far more important than a perfect diet for the time being. If there is some comfort food or something that makes quitting smoking easier, I don't see anything wrong with endulging in it.

good luck man

08-16-2003, 07:05 PM
Originally posted by as0l0
well, I've been doing as I said I would, taking the dogs for a walk, lifting, eating and being merry...that's been going nicely except for the last few days since I've been quitting smoking....after 15 years...

Keep it up. My wife and I quit 01-22-2002 after 18years. I believe the best thing is to have a support group to help you along. We will all be here to support you.

BTW workouts look great.:thumbup:

08-23-2003, 06:29 PM
another week of no smoking.

as I said I was going Keto. during the week I started getting sick and wanted to kill people (for lack of smokes) so I jacked it back to eating whatever.

wasn't able to walk during the week since I had conference calls to 12 am or longer every night.

back on the walk this morning and jumping back on the WBB1 routine. I'll probably go light(ish) to take advantage of progressive overload and deconditioning.

weight / gut size has stopped increasing, so I've turned the corner.

08-23-2003, 06:36 PM
Originally posted by as0l0
another week of no smoking.

Keep it up cause it does get easier.

I agree with starting back slowly we took about 3 weeks off (not by choice) then hit it hard yesterday. Got the DOMS from hell today. But it is great to get back into it.:cool:

08-23-2003, 06:37 PM
thanks a lot mate, I appreciate you dropping by and offering some encouragement !

08-23-2003, 07:12 PM
No problem man. Just take all that anger and frustration from the nicotene withdrawals and pour them into your workout.

My problem with stopping was I was a lazy ass and did not do anything because of back problems. I gained about 25 lbs and boy was that hell to get off.:cry:

08-23-2003, 08:03 PM
Yeah, smoking is bad mmkay. My mom and dad have both smoked since I was born and I hate cigarettes to the point that i get mad every time I see one. Sometimes i'm biased against smokers. But those who quit, that's a whole other story. Good luck on meeting your goals and being victorious bro.

08-30-2003, 04:02 PM
alright, just wanted to draw a


right here since I feel i'm back on track with my bodybuilding efforts. I'm not "restricting" how much I eat, but I am keeping it clean and have made a few rules....but I'm jumping ahead now.

I'm using this http://www.asn-nutrition.com.au/MITintro.htm lifting program. it's one that changes slightly every 4 weeks for 52 weeks. That fits well with my plan since I think that taking things in 4 week bites is an excellent method. In my case calorie restiction is difficult since it will trigger smoking, so I will be cycling HIIT.


5 days lifting
7 days walking 60-120 minutes (with dogs)

week 1 - 0 x HIIT
week 2 - 3 x HIIT
week 3 - 4 x HIIT
week 4 - 5 x HIIT

This is similar (and will have the safe effect) as calorie cycling.

This is the routine for the next 4 weeks.

Rules for the next 4 weeks. Drink no calories.
Recomendations, Eat clean, get my protein, don't pig out.

Week 1 being done I have of course completed my 5 lifts and my 7 walks.


Cals = 2893
F = 86.81
C = 382.21
P = 158.34

I would like to have eaten some more protein, but it didn't work out that way.

Cals didn't work out as bad as I expected. I had some days over 3000, particullarly one day when I broke the rule and drank 360 cals of iced coffee.

alright, so on to week 2 of 52 now.

09-06-2003, 07:37 PM
week 2
MAX-IT week 1-4 program

Barbell Bench 32.5 Incline Bench 32.5 Decline Bench 32.5

Leg Extension 32.5 Leg Curl 22.5 SLDL 42.5 Squat 52.5 Standing Calf Raise 22.5 Seated Calf Raise 22.5

chins 1 x 3 n 2 x 1 bent over rows 22.5 deadlift 42.5 wrist curl 12.5 reverse wrist curl 12.5

Military Press 22.5 Side Lat Raise 5 Bent over Lat Raise 5 Shrugs 12.5

Barbell Curl 12.5 Dumbell Curl 6.25 Curl Bar Curl 12.5 Close Grip Bench 22.5 Lying Dumbell extensions 6.25 Kickbacks 6.25

6 days walking 120+ minutes
1 day walking 90 minutes


2593 calories / 85 fat / 236 carbs / 220 protein

sample diet:

6 eggs + 6 slices Italian sausage

10:00 AM
150g boiled chicken breast + 150g sweet potato

12:00 PM
150g Italian Sausage + 200g rice

2:00 PM
150g boiled chicken breast + 200g Rice

5:00 PM
150g boiled chicken breast + green salad

8:00 PM
100g grilled fish + green salad

Total 2403 91.6 122.8 267.6

Body Composition:

23.8% fat Tanita 74.3 LBM / 23.2 FAT / 97.5 TOTAL

22.17% fat mybodycomp.com 75.88 kg's LBM / 21.62 kg's FAT / 97.5 kg's TOTAL

I was able to get my eating under control during this week and now I have a pretty solid diet (slightly altered ASN diet). I'm craving junk more and more each day but the nicotine lozenges help with that. Sweet Potato is starting to taste sweeter than the counter top at a Darrel Lea store. Did a lot of walking this week, somewhere in the realm of 70-80km's including 10km's of soft sand beach walking. Raining this morning so I can't walk, probably good to rest mine and my boys legs for a day. Obviously I messed up the mybodycomp measurements last week, but now it's more in line with the Tanita.

09-13-2003, 03:18 PM
week 3
MAX-IT week 1-4 program

Barbell Bench 35 Incline Bench 35 Decline Bench 35

Leg Extension 35 Leg Curl 25 SLDL 45 Squat 55 Standing Calf Raise 25 Seated Calf Raise 25

chins 3 x 3 bent over rows 25 deadlift 45 wrist curl 15 reverse wrist curl 15

Military Press 25 Side Lat Raise 5 Bent over Lat Raise 5 Shrugs 15

Barbell Curl 15 Dumbell Curl 7.5 Curl Bar Curl 15 Close Grip Bench 25 Lying Dumbell extensions 7.5 Kickbacks 7.5

6 days walking 100 minutes


2249 calories / 75 fat / 144 carbs / 242 protein

including one day cheat / refeed of 3500 cals and 450 carbs.

Body Composition:

22.9% fat Tanita 74.9 LBM / 22.3 FAT / 97.2 TOTAL

24% fat mybodycomp.com 73.87 kg's LBM / 23.33 kg's FAT / 97.2 kg's TOTAL

Couldn't prepare my lunch on the day that the new MS patch was released, so I turned it into a half refeed half cheat. into week 4 of the program now and then the lifting routine changes.

09-20-2003, 04:32 PM
week 4
MAX-IT week 1-4 program

Barbell Bench 37.5 Incline Bench 37.5 Decline Bench 37.5

Leg Extension 37.5 Leg Curl 27.5 SLDL 47.5 Squat 57.5 Standing Calf Raise 27.5 Seated Calf Raise 27.5

chins 1 x 4 n 2 x 3 bent over rows 27.5 deadlift 47.5 wrist curl 17.5 reverse wrist curl 15

Military Press 27.5 Side Lat Raise 6.25 Bent over Lat Raise 6.25 Shrugs 17.5

Barbell Curl 17.5 Dumbell Curl 8.75 Curl Bar Curl 17.5 Close Grip Bench 27.5 Lying Dumbell extensions 8.75 Kickbacks 8.75

5 days walking 100 minutes
1 day walking 40 minutes


2190 calories / 56 fat / 140 carbs / 290 protein

including one day refeed of 3150 cals 300 grams portein and 350 carbs.

Body Composition:

21.8% fat Tanita 75.64 LBM / 21.08 FAT / 96.7 TOTAL

22.63% fat mybodycomp.com 74.87 kg's LBM / 21.83 kg's FAT / 96.7 kg's TOTAL

rained pretty hard yesterday, so I missed a walk. It's raining pretty hard today too. I will just wait till later in the day, since I need to take my dog for a weigh in anyway. That's the end of week 1-4. The routine changes now. My legs are getting hammered with all the walking. Going to start loading the creatine from today, I also have some UMF on the way. Protein intake is getting good....I want to try and keep it above the 300 mark....powder will help. I was even able to wake up for a protein drink in the middle of the night (twice).

Enjoyed week 1-4. I like the fact that the lifting doesn't take too long and that it happens 5 days a week. It felt strange doing the routine this week, knowing it would be the last time I'd be doing those lifts in that order for a while.....and also knowing that that's 1 and now I have to do that 11 more times. Dropped a couple of inches off my gut. My arms and legs especially have leaned and shown the muscle underneath. I'm looking forward to going below 20% BF. Cals have dropped a little low in the last week (sometimes in the 1700-1800 range)...I think there's no need for that and I'll try and bump them a touch through week 5-9. Time to write up my new program.

09-20-2003, 04:41 PM
Just dropped in to look around again.

All is in order so far ain't it. Keep it up.

I didn't notice so hows the whole smoking thing going?:)

09-20-2003, 04:57 PM
smoking has been given the boot mate..i'm addicted to nicotine lozenges now :) ...thanks for asking.

09-20-2003, 05:08 PM

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

09-27-2003, 03:25 PM
week 5
MAX-IT week 5-9 program

Squats 60 Leg Extensions 40 Front Squat 50 Barbell Lunge 30 SLDL 30 Standing Calf Raise 30 Seated Calf Raise 30

Incline Bench 40 Dumb Bell Bench 20 Dips 2 x 6 Lying DB Tricep Extension 8.75 Setaed BB Tricep Extension 17.5 Kickbacks 8.75

Deads 50 Cable Row 50 Wide Grip Chins (less than 1) Close Grip Chins 2 x 3 Shrugs 20

Seated DB Press 15 Seated Military 30 Seated Alternate DB Lateral Raise 7.5 Bent Over lAteral Raise 7.5 DB Wrist Curls 20 BB Wrist Curls 20

DB Curls 10 Straight BB Curls 20 DB Hammer Curls 10

4 days walking 100 minutes


2097 calories / 49.91 fat / 102 carbs / 302.69 protein

including one day refeed of 2877 cals 326 grams protein and 261 carbs.

Body Composition:

23.3% fat Tanita 75.09 LBM / 22.81 FAT / 97.9 TOTAL

21.19% fat mybodycomp.com 77.16 kg's LBM / 20.74 kg's FAT / 97.9 kg's TOTAL

So yeah the Tanita shows my BF% higher this week. Anyone who uses a Tanita knows they can be that way...MyBodyComp shows progress...good enough for me, glad I'm using 2 methods.

So anyway, this was one of those great weeks where I noticed my muscles were bigger, particularly in the arm, quads and calf area. It takes a while for those weeks to roll around, but when they come they're very rewarding. Only walked 4 times this week since we had a lot of rain days here last week. Even one of my 4 days was pretty rainy and I got wet for 5 of my 10k's worth of walk.

Most of my lifts are now at my max, so training is getting much harder. Leg day last week was killer (for me), but I'm looking forward to ripping it up again today. Changed a few lifts to suit my equipment, for example front squats, which I couldn't do (form problem) and wide grip chins to replace lat pull downs. I couldn't do them neither...I'll get there.

10-03-2003, 03:33 PM
week 6
MAX-IT week 5-9 program

Squats 70 Leg Extensions 60 One Leg-Leg Extensions 40 Barbell Lunge 32.5 SLDL 55 Standing Calf Raise 32.5 Seated Calf Raise 40

Incline Bench 42.5 Dumb Bell Bench 22.5 Dips 2 x 6 Lying DB Tricep Extension 10 Setaed BB Tricep Extension 20 Kickbacks 10

Deads 60 Cable Row 70 Wide Grip Chins 2 x 2 Close Grip Chins 2 x 3 Shrugs 25

Seated DB Press 17.5 Seated Military 35 Seated Alternate DB Lateral Raise 10 Bent Over lAteral Raise 10 DB Wrist Curls 22.5 BB Wrist Curls 20

DB Curls 10 Straight BB Curls 20 DB Hammer Curls 10

3 x walking 100 minutes
3 x walking 60 minutes
4 x stationary bike 60 minutes


2527 calories / 68.56 fat / 255.74 carbs / 220.16 protein

Body Composition:

23.1% fat Tanita 74.14 LBM / 22.26 FAT / 96.4 TOTAL

19.92% fat mybodycomp.com 77.2 kg's LBM / 19.2 kg's FAT / 96.4 kg's TOTAL

Sample Day

3:50 - Wake up
4:20 - Walk 100 Minutes
7:00 - 1 cup oats, 1 tablespoon honey, 6 eggs with yolk
7:30 - Go to work
10:00 - 100 grams boiled chicken breast, 100 grams sweet potato
12:00 - 125 grams boiled chicken breast, 150 grams sweet potato
2:00 - 125 grams boiled chicken breast, 150 grams sweet potato
4:00 - go home
5:00 - Lift
5:40 - 28 grams HP-100, 1 tablespoon honey
6:00 - 160 grams fillet steak, 250 grams lettuce
6:30 - Bike 60 minutes
8:00 - 10 ml Ultimate Male Fuel, 30 grams MAX PM
8:30 - collapse and go to sleep

I'm posting a day early since I'm having an all out cheat day today for sanity. I pushed it pretty hard this week....not only by introducing 60 minutes bike (bout 30km's on second from the top resistance), but by upping my lifts to max or near max. Some lifts can still go higher.

Also made a change to diet, introduced Oats, which helped to get cals up to 2500 and also increased carb intake. Protein intake dropped a little.

I have a big problem with my right knee. Looking down on my knee the top right sector above the kneecap is in pretty serious pain when I do squats. The pain isn't there on leg extensions. I'm thinking about strapping my knee this week, but if that doesn't help i'll need to rest from squats for a couple of weeks which really sucks.

I figured out why I couldn't do front squats right. it's because I have no muscles to rest the bar on, so it's just sitting on bone. I've abandoned them for the time being. Speaking of muscle, I really noticed growth in my pecs this week...not only that but I noticed a bit of leaning out in the gut area.

The next 2 weeks should be pretty exciting and then it's a full week of strategic deconditioning, AKA rest.

10-04-2003, 01:34 AM
Ah. Nicotine Lozenges.

I sometimes take those but its not so much a lozenge as it is a CIGARETTE.

I dont do it often, but I assure you when I take a 'lozenge', my trip to flavor country is far longer than yours.

Ditch the **** altogether. I know those damn lozenges arent cheap, thats money you could be using to buy chicken breasts.

10-05-2003, 01:44 AM
thanks for the tip mate...for me too the lozenges are a cigarette. if I ditched them now I'd be back on the smokes in a flash. I've only been off them for 8 weeks.

10-11-2003, 04:09 PM
week 7
MAX-IT week 5-9 program

Squats 80 Leg Extensions 70 One Leg-Leg Extensions 45 Barbell Lunge 35 SLDL 65 Standing Calf Raise 35 Seated Calf Raise 60

Incline Bench 42.5 Dumb Bell Bench 22.5 Dips 2 x 6 Lying DB Tricep Extension 10 Setaed BB Tricep Extension 20 Kickbacks 10

Deads 70 Cable Row 80 Wide Grip Chins 2 x 3 Close Grip Chins 2 x 3 Shrugs 30

Seated DB Press 20 Seated Military 40 Seated Alternate DB Lateral Raise 10 Bent Over lAteral Raise 10 DB

4 x walking 100 minutes
2 x walking 60 minutes
4 x stationary bike 60 minutes
1 x stationary bike 40 minutes
1 x stationary bike 30 minutes


2267 calories / 57.48 fat / 258.58 carbs / 177.24 protein

Body Composition:

20.8% fat Tanita 76.35 LBM / 20.05 FAT / 96.4 TOTAL

17.2% fat mybodycomp.com 79.82 kg's LBM / 16.58 kg's FAT / 96.4 kg's TOTAL

Well that was a hell of a week. I have aches and pains in every part of my body, not to mention that mentally I'm about to crack....the last few weeks I've thought of this program as a set of 8 reps, 1 week = 1 rep. So now the question I'll be asking of myself is, can I bang out one more rep to complete the set.

The fat loss figures for this week might seem excesive, but they are completely expected caused by the Usniate component. The LBM numbers are also expected because of the Sodium component.

Rest is close enough to smell, just need to keep my diet, mind and training in order for 1 more week.

10-19-2003, 10:32 PM
week 8
MAX-IT week 5-9 program

Squats 40 Leg Extensions 70 One Leg-Leg Extensions 45 SLDL 70 Standing Calf Raise 35 Seated Calf Raise 60



Body Composition:

22.1% fat Tanita 76.8 LBM / 21.79 FAT / 98.6 TOTAL

17.95% fat mybodycomp.com 80.9 kg's LBM / 17.7 kg's FAT / 98.6 kg's TOTAL

Well. I lost it on that last week. The Sodium Usniate really fux'd me up bad and on Tuesday my vision tunred green. After that I stopped taking it all together and a few days later my vision returned to normal. Sodium Usniate destroyed me at the higher doses, to the point where I couldn't function correctly and was sweating like a pig after even the most trivial activity. No matter, I know what it is and what it does now.

So that was unscheduled rest week, this week is a scheduled rest week. I may do some light cardio, not sure yet. I got on this whole let's buy a house thing....rocked up to land sales at 4 am yesterday for an 8 hour wait to get a block of land that I can't even build on until april :) ...so now I need every cent possible to go towards that and I'm looking for cheap protein....

10-25-2003, 04:11 PM
week 9

REST (for lifting)

3 x 1 Mile run
3 x 3 sets of 5 push-ups
3 x 3 sets of 10 sit ups
3 x 3 sets of 2 chins
3 x 15 minutes walking


the exact opposite of what should be eaten.

Body Composition:

23.1% fat Tanita 77.75 LBM / 23.35 FAT / 101.1 TOTAL

20.41% fat mybodycomp.com 80.46 kg's LBM / 20.64 kg's FAT / 101.1 kg's TOTAL

Alright, week off is over....and enjoyed, today I'm back into things and I've got a couple of plans to put in place.

and it goes a little somethin like this

S - 3000
M - 2000
T - 2000
W - 1000
T - 3000
F - 2000
S - 1000

Average of 2000 cals / day - minimum 1 gram / pound for protein - 10 fish oil caps / day

MAX-IT Weeks 10-14 (of course)

and this program they call the Navy Seals program...go ahead and take the piss...I'm doing this program for these reasons two...1-It's challenging 2-Increase endurance conditioning

I've swapped one thing out of the program, I've changed swimming to walking. I'm not sure how this will all fit in on the later weeks...i'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Week 1

Running: 2 miles, 8:30 pace, Mon/Wed/Fri
Pushups: 4 sets of 15 pushups, Mon/Wed/Fri
Situps: 4 sets of 20 situps, Mon/Wed/Fri
Pullups: 3 sets of 3 pullups, Mon/Wed/Fri
Walking: Walk continuously for 15 min. 4-5 days/week

Week 2

Running: 2 miles, 8:30 pace, Mon/Wed/Fri
Pushups: 5 sets of 20 pushups, Mon/Wed/Fri
Situps: 5 sets of 20 situps, Mon/Wed/Fri
Pullups: 3 sets of 3 pullups, Mon/Wed/Fri
Walking: Walk continuously for 15 min. 4-5 days/week

Week 3

Running: No running
Pushups: 5 sets of 25 pushups, Mon/Wed/Fri
Situps: 5 sets of 25 situps, Mon/Wed/Fri
Pullups: 3 sets of 4 pullups, Mon/Wed/Fri
Walking: Walk continuously for 20 min. 4-5 days/week

Week 4

Running: 3 miles, 8:30 pace, Mon/Wed/Fri
Pushups: 5 sets of 25 pushups, Mon/Wed/Fri
Situps: 5 sets of 25 situps, Mon/Wed/Fri
Pullups: 3 sets of 4 pullups, Mon/Wed/Fri
Walking: Walk continuously for 20 min. 4-5 days/week

Weeks 5-6

Running: 2 / 3 / 4 / 2 miles, Mo/Tu/We/Fr
Pushups: 6 sets of 25 pushups, Mon/Wed/Fri
Situps: 6 sets of 25 situps, Mon/Wed/Fri
Pullups: 2 sets of 8 pullups, Mon/Wed/Fri
Walking: Walk continuously for 25 min. 4-5 days/week

Weeks 7

Running: 4 / 4 / 5 / 3 miles, Mo/Tu/We/Fr
Pushups: 6 sets of 30 pushups, Mon/Wed/Fri
Situps: 6 sets of 30 situps, Mon/Wed/Fri
Pullups: 2 sets of 10 pullups, Mon/Wed/Fri
Walking: Walk continuously for 30 min. 4-5 days/week

Week 8

Running: 4 / 4 / 5 / 3 miles, Mo/Tu/We/Fr
Pushups: 6 sets of 30 pushups, Mon/Wed/Fri
Situps: 6 sets of 30 situps, Mon/Wed/Fri
Pullups: 3 sets of 10 pullups, Mon/Wed/Fri
Walking: Walk continuously for 35 min. 4-5 days/week

I've already done a Week 0...trying to get used to the running part....

wish me luck....

11-01-2003, 03:40 PM
week 10
MAX-IT week 10-14 program

Bent Over Lats 5 Standing Lats 5 Military 20 Shrugs 20

Leg Extension 60 Hacks 40 Squats 50 Leg Curl 20 SLDL 40

DB Bench 15 Incline DB Bench 15 Fly's 5 Seated Calf Raise 40 Standing Calf Raise 20

Bent Over Row 30 Cable Row 60 Chins x 4 reps Wrist Curls 20 Reverse Wrists 20

Preacher Curl 20 Seated DB Curl 10 Standing BB Curl 20 Close Grip Bench 40 BB Tricep Extension 20 Kickbacks 10

3 x 2 Mile Run | 3 x 4 sets of 15 pushups | 3 x 4 sets of 20 situps | 3 x 3 sets of 3 chins | 2 x 15 mins walking


1980 calories / 50.68 fat / 188.59 carbs / 178.89 protein

Body Composition:

23.8 % fat Tanita 75.14 LBM / 23.46 FAT / 98.6 TOTAL

17.25% fat mybodycomp.com 81.59 kg's LBM / 17.01 kg's FAT / 98.6 kg's TOTAL

Back on track, feeling good...those 1000 cal days aren't very nice, but the 3000 cal days are most rewarding.

11-01-2003, 03:49 PM
nice journal keep up the good work

11-08-2003, 01:55 PM
week 11
MAX-IT week 10-14 program

Bent Over Lats 10 Standing Lats 10 Military 30 Shrugs 30

Leg Extension 70 Hacks 50 Squats 60 Leg Curl 0 SLDL 0

DB Bench 25 Incline DB Bench 20 Fly's 10 Seated Calf Raise 60 Standing Calf Raise 30

Bent Over Row 40 Cable Row 70 Chins x 5 reps Wrist Curls 20 Reverse Wrists 20

Preacher Curl 20 Seated DB Curl 10 Standing BB Curl 20 Close Grip Bench 45 BB Tricep Extension 22 Kickbacks 10

3 x 2 Mile Run | 3 x 5 sets of 20 pushups | 3 x 5 sets of 20 situps | 3 x 3 sets of 3 chins


2059 calories / 50.81 fat / 213.12 carbs / 146.25 protein

Body Composition:

23.1 % fat Tanita 75.82 LBM / 22.77 FAT / 98.6 TOTAL

17.01% fat mybodycomp.com 81.83 kg's LBM / 16.77 kg's FAT / 98.6 kg's TOTAL

Yep, I'm absolutely seeing a change in body composition. The mirror was kind this week, my guts is getting smaller (still big though). I also noticed an increase in bicep and hamstring muscle, at the same time noticed how small my chest is(due to less fat..so good and bad on that one)....

...speaking of hams, they were really tight from running so I had to skip them on leg day but did an extra set on each quad lift. Knee started hurting on squats again, think it's a form problem, going to drop the weight back to 50 or 55.

Had to skimp on protein this week (powder and solid) due to low funds :/

Endurance is increasing. Just reminding myself that endurance is the key goal for this 8 weeks.

A couple of things I want to "say out loud"

-Sometimes I want to pick up the Tanita and smash it into a million bits and then take those million bits and smash each one of them into another million bits. During the week it was reading 20%, it just wants to f$&k with me on the real weigh in day....

-It seems to not matter how many cals I eat, my body wants to hold this amount of mass. I know there's theories about BF% setpoints, but weight setpoints?

11-15-2003, 02:29 PM
week 12
MAX-IT week 10-14 program

Bent Over Lats 10 Standing Lats 10 Military 35 Shrugs 35

Leg Extension 75 Hacks 55 Squats 50 Leg Curl 30 SLDL 50

DB Bench 25 Incline DB Bench 20 Fly's 10 Seated Calf Raise 60 Standing Calf Raise 30

Preacher Curl 20 Seated DB Curl 10 Standing BB Curl 20 Close Grip Bench 45 BB Tricep Extension 25 Kickbacks 10

3 x 2 Mile Run | 3 x 5 sets of 25 pushups | 3 x 5 sets of 25 situps | 3 x 3 sets of 4 chins | 1 x HIIT session


2372 calories / 112 fat / 183 carbs / 142 protein

Body Composition:

22.4 % fat Tanita 75 LBM / 22.4 FAT / 97.4 TOTAL

16.66% fat mybodycomp.com 81.18 kg's LBM / 16.22 kg's FAT / 97.4 kg's TOTAL

numbers are a bit screwy this week since I turned keto during the week. had to skip my back day because of it, we will see what happens next

11-21-2003, 08:07 PM
week 13
MAX-IT week 10-14 program

Bent Over Lats 15 - Standing Lats 10 - Military 40 - Shrugs 40

Leg Extension 80 - Hacks 60 - Squats 50 - Leg Curl 30 - SLDL 50

DB Bench 25 - Incline DB Bench 20 - Fly's 10 - Seated Calf Raise 60 - Standing Calf Raise 30

Bent Over Row 40 - Cable Row 70 - Chins 4 - Wrist Curl 20 - Reverse Wrists 10

Preacher Curl 20 Seated DB Curl 10 Standing BB Curl 20 Close Grip Bench 50 BB Tricep Extension 30 Kickbacks 10

2 x 2 Mile Run | 1 x 5 sets of 25 pushups | 1 x 5 sets of 25 situps | 1 x 3 sets of 4 chins | 2 x 3 mile walk


2228 calories / 170 fat / 23.5 carbs / 151 protein

Body Composition:

21.7 % fat Tanita 74.54 LBM / 20.36 FAT / 95.2 TOTAL

16.60% fat mybodycomp.com 79.4 kg's LBM / 15.8 kg's FAT / 95.2 kg's TOTAL

say no more? (damn keto)

so anyway, I'm going to have to break off the navy seals type training, I can't repair with all that extra work...power walks with some light jogging thrown in are all the rage.

I'm off for a depletion workout and a massive pig out of carbs...er, I mean a refeed.

11-28-2003, 03:11 PM
week 14
MAX-IT week 14-18 program

Seated Military 35 - Seated lats 10 - Bent Over lats 10 - Close Grip Bench 50 - Skullcrushers 30 - Kickbacks 10
Wide Grip Chins 3 - Close Grip Chins 3 - T-Bar Row 80 - Deads 50 - BB Shrugs 40
Incline Bench 40 - Bench 50 - Flys 10
Squats 50 - Leg Extension 80 - SLDL 50 - Calf Raise 20
DB Curls 11.25 - BB Curls 22.5 - Hammer Curls 12.5 - Revers Preacher 15 - Wrist Curls 22.5

2 x 3 mile walk


2271 calories / 190 fat / 20carbs / 163 protein

Body Composition:

24.4 % fat Tanita 73.02 LBM / 23.57 FAT / 96.6 TOTAL
22.37% fat mybodycomp.com 74.99 LBM / 21.61 FAT / 96.6 TOTAL

Body Fat % says I suck, but mirror and belt says I'm doing great, so whatever. I have a nice carb up planned this time round, today looks like so
4022 cals
37 fat (20 from olive oil)
780 carbs
140 protein

Yep, my protein has been low, because I just can't afford it right now. After Christmas the pressure will ease a little....but anyway, I continue as always.

12-05-2003, 02:36 PM
week 15
MAX-IT week 14-18 program

Seated Military 37.5 - Seated lats 10 - Bent Over lats 10 - Close Grip Bench 50 - Skullcrushers 30 - Kickbacks 10
Wide Grip Chins 3 - Close Grip Chins 3 - T-Bar Row 85 - Deads 60 - BB Shrugs 50
Incline Bench 50 - Bench 50 - Flys 15
DB Curls 11.25 - BB Curls 22.5 - Hammer Curls 12.5 - Revers Preacher 15 - Wrist Curls 22.5

4 x 1 mile walk + 2 x 20 km stationary bike


2233 calories / 184 fat / 26carbs / 134 protein

Body Composition:

27 % fat Tanita 69.64 LBM / 25.75 FAT / 95.4 TOTAL
20.59% fat mybodycomp.com 75.76 LBM / 19.64 FAT / 95.4 TOTAL

well the random number generator (AKA Tanita) is having some fun with me. again, the mirror and belt are telling a different story.

more importantly, I've got a couple of "injuries" going. 1 in the elbow, 1 in the lower back. 2 weeks away from a week off...I hope I can carry myself through to that time. I think the chins are doing all the damage, so I'll skip them next week.

might have a filthy carb up today....maybe

12-12-2003, 08:16 PM
week 16
walking 1,2 and 5 miles + 3 x 30 km (60 min) and 1 x 20km (40 min) stationary bike


2271 calories / 183 fat / 25carbs / 183 protein

Body Composition:

24.4 % fat Tanita 72.42 LBM / 23.37 FAT / 95.8 TOTAL
18.69% fat mybodycomp.com 77.9 LBM / 17.9 FAT / 95.8 TOTAL

so I didn't lift this week because injuries are (were) taking a toll. even now I still have that problem with my elbow. I'm going to take a short break from the max-it routine and do some higher reps in 3 sessions...sat night, sun morning, sun night....which keeps everything within my carb-up times. I will resume max-it at week 19 of the program shortly.

feel really "good" this week about fat loss. starting to really see it in my face and my guts now. raised my protein a bit. will try and raise it again next week.

carb up last week was clean. will see what happens today. time to go do a depletion workout.

12-19-2003, 02:10 PM
week 17
Saturday morning Depletion workout
Saturday night Chest and back
Sunday morning legs
Sunday night arms and shoulders
walking 1,2,3,2 and 1 miles + 5 x 30 km (60 min) stationary bike


2143 calories / 136 fat / 25 carbs / 207 protein

Body Composition:

23.3 % fat Tanita 73.1 LBM / 22.2 FAT / 95.3 TOTAL
19.43% fat mybodycomp.com 76.78 LBM / 18.52 FAT / 95.3 TOTAL

this week was 95% perfect. I just have one small change to make which is to move shoulders to Sunday lunchtime and add sets to shoulders and arms....oh and I will remove the starburst worms from the carb up...

despite attending a conference with many sweets, pastries and whatever else on Wednesday (I brought my own food) and having lunch with my boss at a nice restaraunt yesterday (I ordered keto style even down to getting a custom made (strawberries and cream no sugar) desert), I stuck with my plan....and results have come. I couldn't be more pleased since actual weight is now being lost. I should be in the 94's next week.

on the flip side this week was hell and today I am as spent as I have felt in a long time....

'tis the season to eat too much, but I won't falter or stumble. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good year.

12-26-2003, 02:44 PM
week 18
walking 2,1,2,3, and 2 miles + 4 x 30 km (60 min) stationary bike


2530 calories / 150 fat / 31 carbs / 259 protein

Body Composition:

25.2 % fat Tanita 71.14 LBM / 23.96 FAT / 95.1 TOTAL
18.72% fat mybodycomp.com 77.29 LBM / 17.81 FAT / 95.1 TOTAL

no cheats this week, not a single one, despite the festivity. didn't get into the 94's as expected and put in a lot of effort to drop .2 kg's. No matter, next week I'll be in the 94's no doubt....I may not carb up today....

All injuries are healed apart from my elbow, which is better, but not healed....might have to see the Doc for that one....happy new year

01-02-2004, 02:32 PM
week 19
Saturday morning Depletion workout
Saturday night Chest and back
Sunday morning legs
Sunday night arms and shoulders
walking 2,2,2,5, and 2 miles + 5 x 30 km (60 min) and 1 x 20 km (40 mins) stationary bike


2168 calories / 113 fat / 31 carbs / 255 protein

Body Composition:

23.1 % fat Tanita 72.83 LBM / 21.87 FAT / 94.7 TOTAL
19.57% fat mybodycomp.com 76.15 LBM / 18.55 FAT / 94.7 TOTAL

so yeah, I got into the 94's and it was torture. The worst part was that my gut size went up 1cm...No carb up and less bike this week....I'll fall over if I keep doing that much bike.

anyway, I thought I might just throw up my weekly weight numbers since I started ckd


next stop, the 93's.

01-13-2004, 03:06 PM
I am a HST Warrior. just finished 15's.

01-17-2004, 02:38 PM
99.6 22%

01-25-2004, 04:34 PM
97.0 20.6%

05-07-2004, 12:29 AM

05-07-2004, 12:31 AM
lozenges are gone.