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05-12-2003, 01:39 PM
Hello. I have been reading this Diet and Nutrition forum for some time now. I have to say that the information that gets discussed here is priceless. I used to post over on Fig's Natural Bodybuilding Board. Sadly he was forced to close down and have since been reading a number of different forums. I have found myself coming back to this board multiple times a day. I don't know why I have waited so long to become registered here, but I guess I was getting tired of being members of different boards and then seeing them shut down unexpectedly; instantly leaving me hanging. Anyway, I want to take this time to introduce myself and to give you a brief history.


I'm 27 years old. I work for the local Police Department her in the City where I live. I am their Network Admin as well as their CFI (Computer Forensics Investigator). As interesting and entertaining as my job can be, I do spend many hours sitting on my butt. Fortunately for me, I take dieting and working out very seriously. Some might even say that I take it so seriously that it can be considered a disorder, but most of the time I am quickly judged and put in the category as a hard core health nut.


I have been around weight lifting all my life (not hardcore, but mostly for athletics), but it wasn't until the past 3 years when I really began getting serious about it. When I first began (3 years ago), I was all about getting as big a possible to lift as much weight as possible. Not caring about how much fat I had on my body. Although I have never taken steroids (and NEVER will), I did take some supplements back then (Phosphate HP, L-Glutamine, Whey Protein, CLA, etc...). At my highest point, about 2 years ago, I weighed in at 215lbs and had a body fat percentage of about 22%. I won't go into much about how much I was lifting except for at the time I had a 285lb bench and a 355lb Squat. Yeah, I was fairly strong, but I was bulky enough to show for it. I had a bulging gut, fat back, and absolutely no muscle tone in my arms. Being 6 foot 1 inches tall, and having some pretty good genes, I was able to distribute my mass fairly well. Looking pretty big in clothes, but bulky and chubby without a shirt.


I don't know exactly what it was that made me want to change exactly, but I know it was a combination of a few things. For one, I was actually getting tired of being big. Not fat ass big, I'm talking about no muscle tone, fat gut, bulky big:) This didn't happen all of a sudden. It kind of just kept building up inside of me. I slowly started to develop the desire to be thin again. Not like when I was a kid (way too skinny), but able to see my muscles again, especially in my stomach. So I decided to quite most of the supplements (creatine, glutamine, etc.), except the protein (I continue to use this, but not in such quantities) and get back to a thinner, healthier me!

So, I spent the last 2 years adjusting my diet, exercise, and workout to eventually reach my goals. Slowly replacing foods and liquids, exercising more, and getting over the max lift "ego" I seemed to get every time I went to the gym. I slowly began losing weight and eventually got down to about 182lbs with 18% body fat. Yeah, I lost a lot on strength and size, but I was beginning to look the way I wanted. I felt completely better and actually the amount of strength I lost wasn't as much as I would have thought I would have lost for losing over 30 pounds. As much as I loved my new look, I became even hungrier for more results. My body started to become used to everything I was doing with it. I had reached a plateau in regards to my weight, body fat, and training. It was time for a change. The thought of me bulking back up still made me sick. So I figured that if I am going to begin cycling my mass building, I am going to get all the way down to what I want. That way when I bulk back up, I don't go that far and I wouldn't end up with a high level of body fat again.

The Diet and Workout

So, that is me and a brief history to help catch you up. Now onto the more recent results I initially began talking about...

Well, it has taken me 8 weeks, but I have finally reached my goal. I have successfully reduced my body fat percentage from 18% to 8%. I first began the diet at 182lbs, now I weigh in at 165. That is a Lean Body Mass of about 151.8lbs.

This is the diet I followed for the 8 weeks (Monday - Friday):

8:30am - 1 Apple (80 Calories, 0 fat, 22g Carbs, 5g Fiber, 0 Protein)
- 1 EAS AdvantEdge Carb Control RTD Shake (110 Calories, 4g Fat, 2g Carbs, 2g Fiber, 15 Protein)
11:30 - 2 Slices 100% Whole Grain Wheat Bread (160 Calories, 2g Fat, 26g Carbs, 4g Fiber, 8g Protein)
- 3/4 Can Low Sodium Tuna (113 Calories, 1.5g Fat, 0 Carbs, 0 Fiber, 25g Protein)
- 20oz. Water
2:30pm - 1 Slice 100% Whole Grain Wheat Bread (80 Calories, 1g Fat, 13 Carbs, 2g Fiber, 4g Protein)
- 1/4 Can Low Sodium Tuna (38 Calories, .5g Fat, 0 Carbs, 0 Fiber, 8g Protein)
- 20oz. Water
4:30 - Protein Shake: 1 Scoop protein (130 Calories, 2.5g Fat, 5g Carbs, 0 Fiber, 20g Protein)
- 1 Cup Fat Free Milk (90 Calories, 0 Fat, 13g Carbs, 0 Fiber, 8g Protein)
- 1tbsp Flax Seed Oil (110 Calories, 11g Fat, 0 Carbs, 0 Fiber, 0 Protein)
- 1tbsp Olive Oil (120 Calories, 14g Fat, 0 Carbs, 0 Fiber, 0 Protein)
- 20oz. Water
7:00 - 4 Pieces Extra Lean Chicken Tenderloins (160 Calories, 1g Fat, 0 Carbs, 0 Fiber, 38g Protein)
- 2 Cups Steamed Green Beans (80 Calories, 0 Fat, 16g Carbs, 8g Fiber, 4g Protein)
9:00 - 1 Cup Fat Free Cottage Cheese (160 Calories, 0 Fat, 10g Carbs, 0 Fiber, 28g Protein)
- 20oz. Water

- The only meal that adjusted was my Dinner at 7:00pm. Instead of Chicken I would eat Pork Chops, Extra Lean Hamburger, Fat Free Hot Dogs... Instead of Green Beans I would eat Steamed Peas or Broccoli. Calories and nutrients would be adjusted accordingly.

- I would average around 1500-1700 calories, 35-45g Fat, 100-115g Carbs, 20-25g Fiber, 155-175g Protein, a day.

- I would eat what I wanted (within reason) on the weekend.

I just made sure I was getting about 1500 Carbs, 150g Protein, and 90g Fat for the first day.
Then about 800 Carbs, 150g Protein, and 50g Fat for the second day.

This is the training I followed for the 8 weeks (Monday-Friday)

-I kept weight training of a rep range of 15 and up. I knocked off 2-3 sets of primary exercises. I kept rest between sets short so my heart rate was elevated, turning my weight training session into another cardio session. I avoided doing more than 30 minutes cardio while only doing 3 cardio sessions a week. I left weekends for recuperation.

Monday - low intensity cardio (jogging/walking) for 30 minutes
Tuesday - high rep, lower/mid body workout:
- Squats (3 sets of 20-30 reps)
- Straight Leg Deadlifts (3 sets of 15-25 reps)
- Calf Raises (2 sets of 20 reps)
- Leg Lifts (2 sets of 15 reps)
- Crunches (2 sets of 20 reps)
Wednesday - high rep upper body push workout:
- Flat Bench (3 sets of 20-30 reps)
- Dips (2 sets of 15-20 reps)
- Shoulder Press (2 sets of 20-30 reps)
- Close Grip Bench (2 sets of 20 reps)
- Skull Crushers (2 sets of 20 reps)
- low intensity cardio (jogging/walking) for 30 minutes
Thursday - high rep upper body pull workout:
- Pull Ups (3 sets of 10 reps)
- Back Hyperextensions (2 sets of 15-20 reps)
- Bar Curls (2 sets of 20 reps)
- Bar Rows (2 sets of 20 reps)
- Static Dumbbell Curls (2 sets of 20 reps)
Friday - low intensity cardio (jogging/walking) for 30 minutes

Here is what everything looked like implemented into my daily schedule:

6:45am - Wake Up

7:00-7:30 - Cardio (jogging/walking) on treadmill

7:30-7:50 - Get ready for work, shower, prepare lunch and breakfast

7:50-8:00 - Drive to work. (Yes, I only live 3 miles from where I work:)

8:15-8:30 - Eat first meal.

11:30 - Eat second meal.

2:30 - Eat third meal.

4:30 - Eat forth meal.

5:30 - 6:00 - Workout

7:00 - Eat fifth meal.

9:00 - Eat sixth meal.

10:00 - Bedtime

The Results:

Starting Week - Weight = 182, BF% = 18%, Fat = 32.76, LBM = 149.24
Week 1 - Weight = 178, BF% = 15%, Fat = 26.7, LBM = 151.3
Week 2 - Weight = 175, BF% = 12%, Fat = 21.24, LBM = 155.76
Week 3 - Weight = 172, BF% = 11%, Fat 18.92, LBM = 153.08
Week 4 - Weight = 170.5, BF% = 11%, Fat 18.755, LBM = 151.745
Week 5 - Weight = 170, BF% = 10%, Fat 17, LBM = 153
Week 6 - Weight = 167, BF% = 9%, Fat 15.03, LBM = 151.97
Week 7 - Weight = 165, BF% = 8%, Fat 13.2, LBM = 151.8

Results - Total Weight Lost = 17lbs., Total BF% lost = 10%, Total LBM Increased = 2.56lbs

You can see that I now that even though I have lost overall weight, I now have more LBM than I did when I first began.

Now I will increase my total daily calories a little, not much, but enough to try and let my body adjust for a couple of weeks to new me before I begin my muscle building cycle.

Well, there you have it. I do have to admit, the first 2 weeks are hell. It was tough getting used to everything. It was extremely hard to cut out the food at night while watching TV, but I did do it. When I did eat the cottage cheese at night, I would eat it extremely slow. Making it last. That helped! Now, I feel like I have the discipline to do anything in regards to diet and exercise. I am now in complete control of my cravings and have the up most discipline while eating and controlling proportions.

Currently, for the past couple of months I have been doing some HST while eating for maintenance. My weight now is up to around 170 with about 9-10%bf. Maybe soon, I will post some pics to see what you guys here have to say. As well, as my results with my current diet and HST. As for now, I am working on my muscle building plan....

05-12-2003, 02:00 PM
i think we need a new forum for "success stories"

sounds like you have discovered what works for you and stuck to it -- congrats and welcome.

05-12-2003, 02:50 PM
Thanks raniali. Although it wasn't as easy for me as it may appear:) It was rough and there was a lot of trial and error going on before I found a routine that worked for me.

05-12-2003, 03:42 PM
shouldn't you be eating more carbs in the morning?

05-12-2003, 07:04 PM
Originally posted by Pipimo
shouldn't you be eating more carbs in the morning?

IMO, you should spread out your carbs evenly throughout the day.

And congrats Bobby!

05-12-2003, 08:03 PM
congrats on the weight loss!

05-13-2003, 12:45 AM
Congrats man.

05-13-2003, 03:21 AM
Originally posted by Ironman8

IMO, you should spread out your carbs evenly throughout the day.

And congrats Bobby!

I would say go with more carbs centered around training, but then again the way he has it layed out above has obviously worked for him.

Excellent work by the way:)

05-13-2003, 06:48 AM
I agree, and definately well done! Welcome to the board! :)

05-13-2003, 07:46 AM
Thanks for the replies everyone. It is nice to finally be a part of this board. As for the carb question, at the beginning, I thought I was going to have to eat more carbs too, but it wasn't working as well as I thought it would. It seemed like when I ate more then 100-115 carbs/day there was a big difference (slower) in how fast the weight/fat would come off. With that eating plan and activity level, I was able to sustain a fairly rapid reduction in fat/weight without sacrificing much muscle. My diet as of now doesn't resemble that above at all. Same goes for my training.

Again, thanks for all the replies everyone!

06-21-2003, 02:25 AM
wow thats freakin inspirational, i'm going to add it to my subscription list just so i can come back and read it