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05-20-2003, 03:01 PM
not sure if I'm doing this right....but here goes....Goal 170# at least 10%bf or better.....trying something new (to me) ABCDE Program (bulk 2wk-cut 2wk ect.) will try and post as much info as possible with current stats...

age 33 5'10.5" married with 3 boys youngest 6 wks old...so sleeping will suck for the next few months...

diet is something like min of 3500 cal and 280 (or more) pro

routine :
Mon- back & tri off Sat & Sun
Tue legs
Wed off going heavy with 6-8 reps
Thur back & Bi
Fri shoulders

Mon was great....diet and routine was right one
Tue suck got called in at 3am and worked a 12 hr day not a good day will start again tomorrow

bye for now

05-20-2003, 03:40 PM
Just wanted to say good luck, and we both have similar goals!

i did ABCDE once for about a month a few years ago. i didnt get too much out of it, but then again it was only a month.

05-20-2003, 03:54 PM
Thanks....did you follow the plan to the "T"....why do you think I do not work for you.....from what I've read you can gain up to 10# in 2 wks....just curious....

05-20-2003, 04:03 PM
Originally posted by JIG
not sure if I'm doing this right....but here goes....Goal 170# at least 10%bf or better.....

routine :
Mon- back & tri off Sat & Sun
Tue legs
Wed off going heavy with 6-8 reps
Thur back & Bi
Fri shoulders

I suspect you made a mistake in your routine and wrote back twice. Did you intend to say chest & tri on monday?

Good luck with your goals. I am also trying to reach 170lb at a certain % body fat.

05-20-2003, 04:31 PM
Originally posted by JIG
Thanks....did you follow the plan to the "T"....why do you think I do not work for you.....from what I've read you can gain up to 10# in 2 wks....just curious....




I posted some old threads relating to the ABCDE diet that I think you should read. I personally don't put much stock in it and I definitely don't think you can gain 10lbs. of quality weight following that type of diet.

I think a more traditional diet that contains periods of gaining weight and losing weight works the best. Basically focusing on increasing LBM for a while and then focusing on cutting bf.

Best of luck with your goals:)

05-20-2003, 05:37 PM
10 lbs in 2 weeks is not it.. im pretty sure its more like 4-5 lbs.. but you see eating mega amounts for 2 wks for sure will add about 3lbs lbm and 1lb fat, then in the 2 wks after when you realy restrict youll lose say 3lbs fat and 1lb muscle, i have noticed when i go really heavy eating its about 2-3 weeks it feels great.. then i just dont want to eat anymore, and the same on a restricted calorie after 2-3 weeks im fine and then get really hungry, some people it will work for, some it wont, i personally havent really followed it to the T, but i'll be checking in here to see how it goes

much luck! oh and what nationality are you? i have a little theory about this diet working for only certain types..

05-20-2003, 05:39 PM
good luck!

05-20-2003, 08:29 PM
aka23 your right my bad...monday should read chest vice back

bradley thanks...I read those threads plus some on a modified version call delta 1250

kook I'll take 4-5 # its more than what I have gained in the past few months....also hispanic

from what I have read you get your most gain on your second bulk cycle....that is what I'm hoping for....not sure what kind of gains until I try it....will keep you all posted....if it works will post some pics at the end....

05-20-2003, 08:34 PM
Good luck JIG!


05-21-2003, 04:50 AM
welcome, and good luck!

05-21-2003, 09:39 AM
time 10:30 am....up to 1221 cal and 108 grams of pro....feel a little bloated...

sleep last night not good...my 2yr old woke up at 11 and stayed in bed with us kicking my back all night....then my 6wk old was up at 4am....weight and bf did not change today...I didn't think it would....work is slow today....looking forward for squats today!!!!

05-21-2003, 11:04 AM
your weights at 164 right now, have you had a hard time gaining in the past? i mean have u usually had a quick metabolism, all i'm thinking is that 3500 cals might not do it, find out after a week how things are going, if you didn't gain then go to 4000

05-21-2003, 11:34 AM
Kook.....the article had this ...(bw)164# x 12 = 1968 + 1500 = 3468 on a good day following my menu I should hit 3973 cal with 338g protein...carb 456 and fat 191....

I have had problems gaining in the past but It's due to lack of knowledge....not enough food or training...or even overtraining

Like everyone else trying to find the right formula to have some good gains....thanks for your input....will take all I can get....

05-21-2003, 11:45 AM

Shoot higher ;)

05-22-2003, 06:26 AM
yesterdays diet total....
pro - 364 seems kinda high
carbs- 378
fat - 81
cal - 3626

will looking to upping my intake....

training...was great...seems like I could have gone longer but didn't want to hurt myself....

sleep was normal....10pm- 3:30am baby woke up was able to manage 30 mins before my alarm went off at 5.....

bw was 165# : )

05-23-2003, 06:22 AM
diet for 22may03....was good:
cal - 3677.7
pro - 311

could use more water...but I don't think my body could handle it with all the food....and shakes....

workout was back and bi.....hit more bi (lacking there) not enough energy due to the lack of sleep.....

sleep was better....slept on the sofa....wife got mad but she will get over it....It was her turn to feed the baby....

bw 166# and bf 19%....have gone up 2lb so far (COOL)

05-23-2003, 10:44 AM
just a test.....trying learn....

05-23-2003, 08:34 PM
u my friend eat lots of protien, i am jealous! can't wait to see if the ABCDE works for ya

05-24-2003, 07:13 AM
thanks AdamGberg I try....whats worked for me is I sat down and figured the foods I would be able to eat daily....so for so good...

for 23May03
cal 3602
pro 286....to low

workout was great had to rush cause wife and kids were coming home early
mil press, side lat, t-rows, arnold press and shrugs

bw last night before bed was 169# with 19% bf (wow)
but this morning 167# with 21% bf...guess I made some fat last night (just my luck) but it goes with the diet

I like my numbers at night....when is the best time to check am or pm....hmmm (have been going with the am number)

today is Saturday and my diet goes to s**t....plus out of milk and eggs...not good....

05-24-2003, 08:30 AM
I know I'm a little late, but good luck man :)

05-26-2003, 07:21 AM
geez where to start....its Monday morning....drinking my cup of coffee.... first in a week....home for the holiday....this weekend was shot diet was not even close....sleep was a total of 7 hours (fri 4-sat 3) last night was better 5 on the good side of things....did yard work.... house work...plus chase the dogs and kid all weekend......I was at 167.5 # and 20 BF....don't know how ....eating almost 4000 cal for a week made me hungry all weekend.....I ate what/when I could.... almost out of whey protein...have to wait and see if my shop is open before I use it up...need some for tomorrow(for work).....today is a chest day...might have to send the wife and kids shopping....can't wait to go to work....back to normal....gotta run baby crying....

05-27-2003, 08:22 AM
not enough sleep....was up at 1 am to feed my baby...then could not fall asleep again....then my other boy woke up in all maybe 3 hrs sleep...

diet yesterday was off due to no whey shakes...

chest and tri workout was great...had plenty of energy but workout was over 1 hr long...due to my sons and dogs running around....(home gym)(damn holiday) should be back to normal today....

BW 168# (+4 since I started)
BF 19% (same since I startd)

05-29-2003, 08:22 AM
yesterday 28May03 was an off day...diet was on over 3700 cal need more thou since my bw is going up....sleep was off again woke up at 3:15 was back in bed by 3:45 (baby feeding) then could not fall back to sleep...total of 5 hrs

last night bw 170# 20%bf (this is always better at night)
this morning 168.5# 21%bf

4 more days on my bulking phase....have to say getting tired of eating....How much BF can a person lose in a week???? have to do some research....

today is back and bi

05-30-2003, 06:47 AM
all day yesterday...had not desire to consume any food.....nothing...didn't have dinner....not sure if its my body saying thats enough or what.....forced myself to eat tho....today same problem...with my weight up to 170# and 21% bf...I think thats enough and time to cut...will start this weekend (maybe)

I have to say my workouts were better...I felt stronger and was making improvments in my lifts....but my pants do fit tighter in the waist line....thats why I feel enough is enough....plus I'm still sore from tri which I hit Monday....not enough of something....still going for my goal....170# 10% bf.....I know it takes time and hard work.....

total of +6# in 12 days.....and 2%bf....next cut "BF"

05-30-2003, 08:38 AM
good luck with w/e you try to do. do you have any current pics?

maybe you are just gaining too fast. maybe if you slow down a bit and try for .5-1 pound gains a week you wont gain BF as fast?

also, how often do you weight yourself? and is it at the same time, place, etc.?

05-30-2003, 11:49 AM
also, how often do you weight yourself? and is it at the same time, place, etc.?

I weigh myself before bed and in the morning after a shower....I like the numbers at night....

maybe you are just gaining too fast. maybe if you slow down a bit and try for .5-1 pound gains a week you wont gain BF as fast?

I agree but first I'm going to get my BF down some....at least I can see what needs improving... will try and get a pic up when I get home....

06-02-2003, 06:00 AM
cutting starts today.....
bw 167
bf 20%

started taking hydroxycut....good engery boost....not even 7 am and already hungry

lets see what happens....JOY!!!

06-05-2003, 11:33 AM
well back to square one....
this morning
bw 164#
bf 19%

what's killing me is cardio....it's been over 10 yrs since i've done cardio....my diet is good...cut my calories in half...taking hydroxycut (which works great) It's only been a few days and I have lost 6# and bf stayed the same....will continue cutting and try to get my bf down as much as possible for another week...then I will bulk again with a different diet (with less fat) to try to keep my bf down....

I start 3rd shift monday might have to make more changes to workout and diets....its hard for me to eat at 1am, 3am and 5am

06-11-2003, 07:30 AM
been awhile since my last post....nothing to post cause I have now workedout for over a week due to this damn cold/flu....head hurts...runny nose....cough...etc.....diet not good.....been eating alot of soup...and blan foods...figured I'd try and post a pic...its not the best pic (to dark) but I like it....pic is few weeks old was around 169# 19-20% bf.....

06-16-2003, 11:06 PM
back and feeling better.....hit the weights today....going to try a new routine....chest and back on Mon...legs on Wen....and arms and shoulders on fri.....with cardio on tue, thur and Sat......

whats going to set me back now is that I started 3rd shift 11pm-7am...which makes it harder to eat and train....thats why I'm changing things up....

after 2 wks of cutting 162# and 17%bf....I need to work on my cardio (alot).... dropped 8# and 4%bf....going to stay off the scale for awhile and let things ride.....

06-17-2003, 05:59 AM
nice job with the loss so far. what type(s) of cardio do you plan on trying?

06-17-2003, 10:46 PM
going to try HIIT.....seems to work for aka....found this article on musclemedia.com that starts out slow(30 sec intervals)....I started today felt good will increase my intervals next time....

diet was good could use better whole foods (to many shakes)

sleep 7hrs....with help from a little pill....unisom

06-22-2003, 10:35 PM
this graveyard shift is killing me.....sucks....

my diet is not good....still hard to eat at 1am 3am etc...

works have been good but also suffering.....the only good thing is my cardio....went for a run Sat morning with my 2yr old that was fun....nice and cool at 6am....will try and do it every Saturday...

going to take these next 3 months (due to this shift) to try and cut my BF down....since I can't eat good (eat alot to bulk)...will have low cal intake and keep doing cardio 3 days a week...with weight training 3-4 days a week (depending on my sleep)

my bw is down to 162 and my bf (flux) is 17-19% depending on the time of day...... will its 11:30 pm I guess I should start working only 7.5 hrs to go....yea....

06-24-2003, 01:29 AM
nothing new to post....did not work out on Monday due to the 2 hrs of sleep....was ready for bed when I got out of work....
sleep was good almost 8 hrs
going to double up today with cardio and chest/back if possible

will post my diet just cause it really sux and maybe seeing online will make try harder....

Monday (which started Sunday night due to shift work)
Enchilada cassarole (twice) Sunday night and leftovers at work
(corn tortilla, lean groundbeef, sauce and cheese)
apple and yogurt some water and diet coke
slim fast before bed

Tue (which started monday night)
Teriaki chicken with steamed rice and green beans (twice)
apple and yogurt some water and diet coke
whey shake (post workout) with creatine

still hard to eat....

06-25-2003, 01:47 AM
did cardio today.....1 min intervals at 5.0 - 6.0 (i think) for 10 mins could have gone longer...need to setup my cardio...I will try for broke on Thursday....

no weights...muscle spaz on my right shoulder...didn't hurt but was twitching like crazy.....

sleep fair....7.5 hrs....woke up once (DAMN DOGS)

whey shake with cretine/glutamine (post workout)
pasta with ground venison(twice leftovers at workx2)
diet coke and some water

need to lift more and eat even more

07-02-2003, 11:26 PM
Back in the gym today... have been working out at home need something new and more motivation.....lots of changes in the gym (been 6 months since I last visited) I don't understand why some guys have to use flat benches to do bicep curls and one guy was resting his weights on a flat bench... while he did standing curls....I guess he couldn't bend down to pick them up....the gym has plenty of other benches with back support for curls and mil press.....

did a full body workout due to not knowing where I stand so this was more of a note taking workout for next week.....plus this was the only workout for the week...cardio until monday....

as for motivation...2 hot chicks....one grey bottom was on the treadmill....busting some major cardio sweat dripping off her....2nd was wearing white bottoms....with an a$$ you can bounce a quarter off.....and she was doing legs/glute workout....all I can say it was intense/hardcore..... hope this motivation is there every morning....

better workouts and better diet coming soon.....

07-07-2003, 11:50 PM
July 7 (Happy B'day to me)
my day starts on the 6th due to my graveyard shift.....
had 2hrs sleep ate dinner then another hour before I went to work total of 3 hrs....

Cardio for 5 mins x-glider
DB flat bench press 50*8, *8
felt good will up it next week
DB incline bench press 35*8, 40*7
I had at least 2 more in each set but stopped
Assist dips...pin set at 60*9, 50*10
can do normal dips but I did these at a slower pace for more of a burn
Cable pull down (behind the neck) 120*6, *7, 125*7
got a cramp on the 1st set could have done more
cable rows 120*6, *5
starting to feel the lack of sleep
DB rows 40*7, *7
did these slow 2sec up hold 2 sec then down 2sec will go up next week
assist chins pin set at 50*5
again did this slow for more of a burn
abs....leg lits

DIET day started sunday the 6th
dinner lean ground beef pattie with sizzlean & swiss cheese and grilled zucc (wife cooked what can I say)
the rest if the night was mainly snacks
1 can tuna
2 egg whites
carrots w/light cream cheese and cott cheese
1 mozz cheese stick
1 20oz diet coke
gatoraid with creatine, glutamine
1 yogurt
post w/o whey shake with creatine and glutamine

supp 2g flax, 2g fish oil and 1g vit C
this the longest entry I've made more to come for better tracking

07-09-2003, 03:14 AM
July 8th
sleep 5.5 hrs woke up 3-4 times...not good
diet (started dinner July 7th)
pork loin chops pan fried w/olive oil with mashed taters (had this meal twice leftovers went with me to work)
carrots w/light cream cheese
mozz cheese stick
2 whey shakes (one post w/o)
gatoraid with creatine & glutamine
pre work slim fast (yes slim fast wife has a case sitting there worked great plenty of energy)

workout Legs ( I really sux on legs at one time was my best body workout)
squat 115*7, 135*6, 145*6
could gone heavyer or done more reps will adjust next week 1st time doing squats in over 4 yrs will go slow with this one)
leg press 90*10, 140*10, 160*9
again will add more weights next week
leg curls 25*6, 30*6, 30*6
this machine is odd each leg is done seperate (will new to me) put a strain on my knees
calf raise machine 200*12, 220*10, 240*6

supp 1g flax, 1g fish oil

good work plenty of energy maybe the slim fast. Had to make it a quick w/o, met the wife and the boys for imunization. Got home late after some shopping went to bed late (11:30am)

07-10-2003, 02:34 AM
sleep 5.5 hrs again woke up 3-4 times
diet dinner...chicken breast with green, yellow and red peppers some onions....(crockpot yummy) grilled zucc... ate this twice leftovers at work
mozz cheese sticks
whey shake
gatoraid with creatine/glutamine

two main meals everything else was snacks ...wow looking at this day sucks....

need to get a short term goal...other than my orginal goal 170# 10%bfn (leaning to lowering my bf due to my crappy diet)

training off day

07-11-2003, 03:33 AM
sleep 5 hrs woke up few times
dinner FAST EDDIES BURGER :drooling: loaded with avacodo, jalapeno and cheese yummy
cott cheese w/mandarin oranges
lean courmet frozen dinner (not good I know)
diet coke 20oz
cott cheese w/mandarin oranges
pre w/o yogurt and banana
gatoraide with creatine/glutamine
post w/o whey shake
before bed....3 egg whites 1 whole, 2 corn tortilla's jalapenos, cheese and a splash of tomato sauce.
1g flax, 1g fish oil, 1g vit c

cardo elliptical 5 min, 5 min and 10 min....still trying to figure out this damn machine ...it keeps telling my heart rate is to high...need to figure out what my heart rate should be or need to figure which is more important sweat or heart rate????

d/b curls 25*10, 30*7, *5
will start with 30 next week
ez cable curls 70*7, 80*8, 90*5
will try machine preacher curls next week
con. curls 20*5, *5 (no rest between sets)

tri 'v' bar pulldowns 110*10, 120*10, 130*4
these punk kids strarted woring out next to me...got boost of energy and went for 130.
o/h d/b extensions 20*6, 20*6
these hurt my elbows
kick back 20*10, 25*10
will try and up these next week

07-11-2003, 10:41 PM
sleep 5.5 hrs
dinner Tombstone pizza
cott cheese mandarin orange
weight watcher meal (thats all could find to bring to work)
diet coke
handfull of cashews (walmart was out of almonds)
mozz cheese stick
pre w/o banana and yogurt
post w/o whey shake

Cardio elliptical machine 20 mins 201 cal 1.73 distance not good but for future reference

military pres machine 50*10, 60*7, *5
first time using this machine was odd but I will use it more often and hope to go heavy and be safe
arnold press 40*5, 35*5, *5
the first set was difficult I think use my shoulders were spent from cardio (holding the handles)
side lat raises 20*6, 20*6
again same as above....next week will do shoulders first then cardio
abs leg lifts 2 sets and crunches 2 sets

hot chick from last week was there today but no white shorts was wearing warm-ups...

Scott S
07-12-2003, 03:24 PM
Umm, JIG aren't you married?

The hot chick reports are cool, but usually it's single guys that keep them... tuttut

07-12-2003, 03:43 PM
Originally posted by JIG
cardo elliptical 5 min, 5 min and 10 min....still trying to figure out this damn machine ...it keeps telling my heart rate is to high...need to figure out what my heart rate should be or need to figure which is more important sweat or heart rate????

HR forumulas such 220-age are just estimates. They do not work well for everyone. There are many alternative forumulas, which are also estimates. You might want to rely on perceived exertion, if you do not trust the HR measure. You can read about the Borg percieved exertion scale and associated MHR% at http://healthandfitness.com/newsartic/DisplayArticle.asp?ArticleID=43&fromhome=true

07-13-2003, 11:08 PM
Scott S....dude I'm not dead...I still have eye ball liberty. when I retire and the sands of South Beach guess what I'll still have eye ball liberty. Which my gym had more hot chicks....I have better workouts when theres a hot chick in the house.

AKA23...thanks will try the 220-age since I don't understand Borg's RPE scale. Lets say I'm a 13-14 somewhat hard now what. What do I do with this number? A person who is not condition could say there 15 mins of exersice is 19-20 very, very hard for them. Maybe I justed understand the scale. The 220-age gives me a good starting point.

Thanks for the input and thanks for reading my journals.

07-13-2003, 11:14 PM
Diet over the weekend not to bad. Had some fast foods....a grilled chicken breast buger and a BBQ burger...sleep was not good since I worked overtime Friday night was up for almost 30 hrs. Had a 3 hrs before work tonight.....Everyone here is waiting to see whats going to happend in the Gulf of Mexico. Yes I'm down here in south Texas. Will need to start working now....

07-13-2003, 11:26 PM
Originally posted by JIG
Lets say I'm a 13-14 somewhat hard now what. What do I do with this number? A person who is not condition could say there 15 mins of exersice is 19-20 very, very hard for them. Maybe I justed understand the scale.

You multiply the perceived exertion by 5 to get the estimated pecent maximum. So 13-14 would be 65-70% of your estimated maximum. I agree that the scale seems very subjective and may have poor accuracy.

Originally posted by JIG
The 220-age gives me a good starting point.

The 220-age formula works farily well for me. According to the article, the formula is +/- 12 for 68% of the population. Some alternative formulas and ways to estimate max hear rate are listed at http://www.brianmac.demon.co.uk/maxhr.htm and http://www.heartmonitors.com/exercisetips/maximum_heartrate.htm .

07-13-2003, 11:36 PM
AKA23...thanks....for the websites will check these two out later, they seem to have alot of info.

also forgot to say I did sleep Saturday night for 7 hrs... after reading my post It looks like I slept 3 hrs all weekend.

Scott S
07-14-2003, 06:37 PM
Ha-ha, JIG I was just messing with you. It's impossible not to check them out! BTW, nice job with the cut!

07-14-2003, 10:56 PM
14 July 03 sleep 3 hrs before work (graveyard shift) Monday's are the worst day.
dinner was early chicken breast, grill zucc and spinish salad
then bed for 3 hrs
popcorn 98% fat free
wieght watcher meal
apple, cashews, banana, yogurt, mozz cheese stick (snacks not all at once)
post w/o gatorade....before bed whey shake with creatine

cardio (elliptical machine) was good 25 mins 286 cal 2.34 distance (for future ref.)
got my heart rate up around 181bpm(10 min into cardio) but could not keep there dropped down to 170bpm which was a bit better for me to keep (for the last 15 mins).

chest: flat d/b press 50*10, *7
incl d/b press: 35*10, 40*5
pec deck: 60*7, *5 drop set 45*4
abs: leg lifts 2 sets and crunches 2 sets

was a bit tired due to lack of sleep. chest training (if you call it that) was lagging today. I think its due my cardio and using my arms on the elliptical machine. Not sure if I'm working out tomorrow depends and the tropical storm in the gulf. I live west of Corpus Christi.

07-16-2003, 01:07 AM
sleep 6.5 hrs good sleep woke up once
dinner was beef tenderloin with a salad fat free dressing
cott cheese w/ pineapple
weight watcher meal
diet coke
2oz leftover beef
apple, banana
post w/o whey with splenda (not sure if this count for dextros & malto but its all I could find in small town USA) will hit the city this weekend
fitday says cals 2165 pro 111 21%, fat 91 38%, carbs 238 41%

cardio was at home treadmill did 1 interval 8 mins long @1 min intervals....then a 4 min @ 30 sec intervals...could have gone faster on the sprints but went with my last settings.

no weights today

all in a good day had to rush home due to Claudette making landfall soon. Lucky for us it was north of us. Got only 1 in of rain and mild winds...

someone at work saw me eating cott cheese w/pineapples and said "dude is that how you stay SKINNY" I said yea....he then said "I wish I could be SKINNY" which I replied WILL DO SOMETHING ABOUT FAT ASS....he didn't like that.... I didn't mind be called skinny cause I'm trying to lose some bf. BULK LATER after I see my abs.

07-16-2003, 10:40 PM
16 July 03
sleep 6 hrs
dinner lean ground beef with zucc and cheese (twice leftovers went to work with me)
cott cheese w/ pineapples
diet coke
post w/o whey shake mixed with 12 oz skim milk
fitday says cal 1902 fat 81 (39%) carb 159 (31%) pro 139 (30%)


CARDIO elliptical machine
25 mins. cal 295 distance 2.55
got my hr up to 170 and keep it there for about 75% of the workout due to warm-up and cool down all in all good. Will do another 25 min tomorrow then take friday off to do legs

ISO pulldown machine 50*10, 70*12, 90*10
1st time using this machine didn't know what kind of weights I needed. Will diffently increase next week.

lat pulldown (in front down to the chest) 95*10, 105*9, 110*6

assist chins pin set at 50*5, 60*6

HOT CHICK REPORT. will refer to her as hot blonde chick (same girl as before) she was late today and her workout partner was upset. "where the hell you been, your late" dumb ass...He was still upset at the end of the session cause he just left when he was done and left her there to finish. In my former pimping days I would have been all over that (when I was single).

07-17-2003, 11:24 PM
sleep 5 hrs
dinner Fast Eddie's burger at only 1/2 cause it sux today. Every since Eddie sold it and moved on there burgers have down hill.
fat free cott cheese w/pineapple
weight watcher meal
diet coke
apple (1.5 hrs b4 w/o)
banana(1 hr b4 w/o
yogurt(30 mins b4 w/o)
post w/o whey shake with creatine/glutamine
1g flax, 1g fish oil, 1g vit c

cardio 25 mins cals: 313 dist: 2.70
cardio has gotten better not a struggle to keep my hr up. Might try some sprints next week or just run on the track

db bi curls 30*10, 35*6, *5
preacher curl machine 35*7, *5
this machine is old and worn. no pad for the elbows and was very painful will have to find something new next week

tri V pulldowns 130*7, *5 drop set 120*3, drop 110*3
the last set hurt in a good way....
db o/h tri extensions 25*5, 20*6
the last rep on the 25s was difficult so I dropped to the 20's

hot chick report: another blonde today was surprised. she did some running on the track, then worked her tri's and abs. this gym could use more hot chicks.....

07-18-2003, 12:34 AM
forgot this

cal 2290
fat 65 26%
carbs 307 51%
pro 125 22%

will work on my diet next week

07-18-2003, 08:39 AM
not sure if this will work.....a few pics ...I had to hide my face or the wife said noway....they are 6 months apart. I have not been working out serious for 6 months...on and off....and when I did my diet/routine sux....

07-18-2003, 08:41 AM

07-18-2003, 08:43 AM

07-18-2003, 08:55 AM
18JUL03 sleep 5.5 hrs
dinner grilled chicken and steamed brocc (leftovers went with me to work)
mozz cheese stick
fat free cott cheese w/pineapple
diet coke
2 cups WHATABURGER strawberry milk shake :drooling:
apple, yogurt and post w/o whey
fitday: cal1800 fat 33 17%, carbs 198 42%, pro 178 41%

supp 1g flax, 1g fish oil, 1g vit c

Cardio warmup 3 mins x-glider

Leg press warmup 90*10, 160*8, 180*10, 200*10
on the 160 something was wrong the weights were moving had to stop

leg curls 35*5, 4 1/2, 25*8
the second set sux....this machine does each leg seprate

calf machine 240*12, 28*11, 300*6
the last set did not get full ROM need to go higher

mil press machine 65*6, *7, *3
this is a strive machine where you can move the weights into three different sets ...the last set kicked my ***

finished off with abs
today is my friday worked all night and no I have to stay awake all day....really sux

07-21-2003, 08:30 AM
I am a female who currently works out 5 days a week.....I hope to be someone's motivation someday for going to the gym