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05-26-2003, 03:41 AM

I've been on the WBB forums for roughly 2 months now. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who had help me with my questions, and offered me advice towards building a healthy life and body.

Please allow me to introduce myself. Iˇ¦m 32 years old, and happily married to my wife of 10 years. I was weighting at 150lbs and 6ˇ¦ 1ˇ¨ right out of college. Needless to say, I was very skinny. In the past 8 years, I hardly exercise any all. I was always sitting behind a desk at work, and in front of a TV after I got home.

A few weeks before my 31st birthday, I was weighting at 195lbs. 8 years of sitting around of doing nothing had put 45 lbs of fat on me, and added 8inches to my waist. (from 29 to 37). I realized not only I was fat, but I was also putting my future health at risk. Therefore, I decided to do something about it and start doing resistance training and cardio.

Anyway, it took me only 4 month to get my weight down to 165lbs. (I was doing morning cardio on empty stomach 5 times week, and resistance training 4 times a week.) My waist-line finally went back down to 30. I was very happy with the results.

From that point on, Iˇ¦ve been concentrating on building more muscle mass. Currently,
I weight 185 lbs with 14 % BF, measured by the trainer at the health club. My short term goal is to gain more mass and reach roughly 200lbs.

My current workout consists of the followingˇK

(Chest, Shoulder, Tri)
after warm up,

Flat DB bench press 2 x 6
Incline DB bench press 2 x 6
Weighted Dip 2 x 8-10

DB overhead shoulder press 2 x 6
DB laterial raise 1 x 6
DB reverse fly 1 x 6

Overhead DB Tri extension 2 x 6
Tri-press down 2 x 6

(Leg and Abs)

Leg-Press 3 x 12
Ham curl 2 x 10
Leg-extension 2 x 10
Calve raise 2 x 15

Declined weighted crunches 3 x 12

(Back and Bicep)

Weighted Pull up 3 x 6
DB bent-over row 2 x 6
DB pull over 2 x 8

Stand DB curl 2 x 6
Hammer Curl 1 x 6
Reverse curl 1 x 6
Wrist curl 2 x 10

Thursday: Rest
Friday: Rest

Saturday: Repeat program


My diet consists of 6 to 7 meals a day. Roughly 40 % Carbs, 30 % Protein, and 30 % fat. I eat at least one gram of protein per lb of my body weight. Also, I get all my protein from real food. I used to take whey supplements, but I found that I gain more muscle by eating real food.


I do not take any supplement right now. I used to take Creatine. I was on it for 3 months. However, as far as I can tell, it had no effect on me. I know it works well for lots of people. However, creatine didnˇ¦t seem to help me at all.

Anyway, itˇ¦s great to meet everyone here. Have a great day.

05-26-2003, 04:37 AM
Good luck with it :thumbup:

P.s Do you get enough protein from food alone?

05-26-2003, 06:50 AM
congrats on the weight loss! and good luck with the journal

05-26-2003, 07:19 AM
Glad to hear you saw the light and did / are doing something about it!

05-26-2003, 12:20 PM
Originally posted by mantis
Also, I get all my protein from real food. I used to take whey supplements, but I found that I gain more muscle by eating real food.

I also get my protein from "real food" and do not take any protein supplements. I have had excellent results so far. I think a good number of bodybuilders overestimate the importance of protein supplements. It is quite possible that the improved gains were not related to the protein, but rather other nutrients that are found in foods and not protein supplements. Good luck with your goals.

05-26-2003, 06:05 PM
Thanks for all the feedbacks!

I try to get all my protein requirements from eating tuna, lean beef, chicken, and egg whites. I always make sure that I get around 30 grams or more of protein per meal. Sometimes a small meal for me is just a can of Tuna and a grapefruit.

05-26-2003, 06:15 PM

Busy running around all day, and I also had to attend a family BBQ. So, I only had about 30 min to workout. My workout was kinda short today.

Back and Bicep day,

Pull up, body weight + 30lbs. 2x 6
DB bent over row, 70lbs x 6, 80lbs x 5
DB pull over, 60lbs x 8, 70lbs x 6

Standing Alter DB curl, 45lbs x 5
Hammer curl, 45lbs x 5
Single arm DB wrist curl, 40 x 8

In and out of the gym in about 25 min.


No problem with Protein in take today. Got plenty of protein from the BBQ. Probably had too much fat too.....

05-28-2003, 12:16 AM

Rest day! Didn't do cardio either. Still in my bulking cycle.

Tomorrow is Chest/shoulder/tri day. Really looking forward to it.

Sleeping: Not much sleep last night, maybe only 6 hours.

Diet: Clean Diet today. No junk food of any kind.

05-28-2003, 06:12 PM

Chest/shoulder/Tri day

Had a good workout today!

DB flat bench 75 x 7, 75 x7
Incline DB bench 60 x 6 , 60 x 4
Flat DB fly 40 x 8

DB overhead press 45 x 5, 45 x 7
Laterial raise 25 x 8, 25 x 6

Overhead tri-extension 60 x 10, 70 x 8
Dip + 30 x 8, +35 x 7

Diet: Tuna, Tuna, Tuna..... No junk food so far.

Sleep: not enough! only 5 hours. Gotta get more sleep......

05-28-2003, 07:48 PM
Your workouts are lookin good! Keep it up, and stay away from that junk food! Although too much tuna might make junk food irresistable. :)

Noticed you didn't have any spam to go with that tuna, so here ya go! :spam: :D

05-29-2003, 03:16 PM

Thanks for the kind words. I'm about tuna out. I have to find another source of protein soon. Canned tuna are easy, but it gettings really boring after a while.


I'm sick! Coming down with a flu or something. Hopefully it's not SARS. :-) Probably got the flu or cold from my kid.

I'm too weak to workout today. I can hardly get out of bed. I guess Leg and Abs will have to wait until tomorrow.

Speaking of training legs, I didn't start training legs until a few month ago. I can honestly say after I start working on my legs, I got bigger everywhere. Not just legs, but all the muscle group seems to grow faster. So, train your legs....

Hopefully, I will feel better tomorrow.

05-29-2003, 07:15 PM
Sick already!!?? that's not a good way to start a journal! ;)

i hope ya feel better man! rest-up!

05-30-2003, 05:40 PM

Thanks! I'm feeling better today! Not 100%, but much better than yesterday.

I lost 2lbs after being sick for only 1 day. Sad.....


Leg and Abs

Leg Press Machine 3 x 10 full stack.
Hamstring Curl 2 x 8, 7 stack
Leg extension 2 x 8, 7 stack

Calve Raise 3 x 15, 280 (on the machine)

Declined Crunches +30 lbs 3 x 12

Had a okay workout. Still feeling kinda week. I wasn't sure if I should've gone to workout today. However, just couldn't resist the urge of going to the gym.

Diet: Tuna, Tuna, Tuna, and Rasian Bran.

I wanna to learn how to do Squat soon. No one ever do them at my gym. I tried to do it once, and my face almost ended up on the floor. Smith machine is always in used....

05-31-2003, 09:38 AM
Hey mantis, glad to see you're feeling better!

I lost 2lbs after being sick for only 1 day. Sad.....

Don't worry, it was only water weight. You definitely didn't lose any muscle that fast. Keep on eating! ;)

I wanna to learn how to do Squat soon. No one ever do them at my gym. I tried to do it once, and my face almost ended up on the floor. Smith machine is always in used....

It will be well worth your time for you to learn Squats. One of the best exercises out there! Heres a link to help you out...you might want to do them in the rack though just to be on the safe side.


Good workout too by the way!

05-31-2003, 01:14 PM
Originally posted by mantis
I lost 2lbs after being sick for only 1 day.....

I agree with Wibble about the weight loss. The weight loss was probably almost all water and glycogen. It is common for weight to fluctuate by a few lbs from day to day. This is especially common when you have a cold, since it often results in water loss. It takes about a 3,500 calorie deficit to lose a lb. It takes about 7,000 calories to lose 2lb. You could not have built up a 7,000 calorie deficit in a single day.

Doing sets with the stack on 3 leg exercises while "feeling kinda weak" is quite impressive. Nice work.

06-02-2003, 07:31 PM
AKA23 and wibble,

Thanks for the kind word and encouragement. Thanks for the link also. I just wish someone who show me how to do squat properly. I asked a Person Trainer to show me once, but he said he doesn't do squat because it hurts his back.


I should not have gone to workout on Friday while I was still kinda sick. I was running a fever on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I felt like crap. Finally, my fever broke on Sunday night.


Feeling better, but still not 100%. Should not go to workout because I don't wanna get worst again. Well, guess what.... I went to the gym agaist my better judgement.

I guess I have this weird feeling in my head that if I don't go workout I will lose muscle and all the work I put in so far will go down the drain. I know that's not the case, but for reason I just have this fear. Man, I hope I don't go crazy...

Back and Bicep,

DB Row... 3 x 6 80lbs
Pull up... + 35 x 5 , bodyweight x 7, bodyweight x 6. (Not doing well on this one today) :cry:
DB pull over 2 x 7 70lbs

DB curl 2 x 5, 40 (weak) :cry:
Hammer Curl 1 x 5, 40 (weak) :cry:
Rev curl 1 x 5, 40

Terrible workout..... I hope I will feel better tomorrow.....

06-02-2003, 07:45 PM
Not such a bad workout for being sick with a fever for 3 days. Goes to show you have a lot of dedication though! Just think how good things will go when you're back to 100%! :thumbup:

Take it easy! :)