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05-27-2003, 03:45 PM
Random thought: I've come to the conclusion that chicken wings are grown on the back of cows. While this is not a new thought for me, it was stressed even further last night when I went out for wings.. kinda sad, what with yesterday being my first day cutting, but that's a different thought, so stop rambling and get back to the original thought.. Now, while I didn't have too many wings (only 20) that would be 10 chickens that I slaughter on my own. Now, if you consider how many people annually go to bars for wing nights, and how many bars have wing nights almost constantly, then you come up with a rather large number. Impossiblely, and from a economic standpoint at 15 cents a wing or 30 cents per chicken, unrealistically large.

I mean, your slaughetering a chicken for 30 cents? Not likely. Somewhere along the line some scientist (mad or gifted) had to think "You know, we could fit a whole lot more wings on a cow." Now, genetic engineering comes along and presto, wings on the back of cows. Literally hundreds, maybe even thousands, or these little chicken wings. All the farmer has to do is shave them off and keep their mouth shut. The world can't know that cows are sprouting those wings their eating, it'd go crazy with riots.. but now you know the truth. Think about it next time you head out with your friends for a few drinks and chicken-on-cow-back wings.

Anyways, back to the topic at hand. This will be my second shot for a journal (the first is labelled "little smurf" and is hidden in the dust of this place. Was reading it over and am somewhat impressed with the gains from this time to that, and am thinking that if I started another journal I might be able to motivate myself even more. Cause that's what I think I need. Call me weak, call me small.. Actually, don't. I'm sensitive and all that.. But anyways, motivation. Like right now, I'm stalling going to the gym, trying to get into my head the need to deadlift. Don't get me wrong, I give my all, but I don't really think it's my all. Like last time, I was pissed off at the world, and had a tad bit of caffeine and ephedrine (ooh, evil drug) in my system and I was pulling from the floor like I had never done before.

So I get my 335x3 (my dl is bad. My squat ties it, which is another thing I'll ask you all about later) and somewhat come up while I'm still panting hard and staring off into space with what can only be described as a "**** you, world, **** you" expression (which he must have missed) and started asking some questions. I stupidly calmed down and answered them. Three minutes that, I try 345 and can't even budge it from the floor. Mentally blocked.

That said, this is the intro to my journal. I'll be back in a little bit with whether I make the 345 mark or more tonight, or whether I hanged my head and shame and crawled away from the weight. Also, I'll give you a little more about myself, set some goals for myself and all that. Laters journal and anyone that actually made it through the cow-wing story.

05-27-2003, 04:39 PM
Good luck on starting the journal

And by the way.........


05-27-2003, 05:29 PM
good luck man! :spam:

05-27-2003, 07:02 PM
Thanks, guys.. though I'm sure I'll spam my own journal enough.

Diet: Perfect for what I had planned. Still need to find out how many cals exactly I'm getting and adjust accordingly

Anyway, here was the workout for today.
-Leg Day-
225x5, 275x3, 295x3, 315x3, 335x3, 345x1
So.. sorta got my goal and sort of didn't. Didn't get the 3 reps I was aiming for at 345, but least I got 1 rep in this time as opposed to stuck on the floor like last time. Nice and clean rep too. Then I couldn't lift it for the second one.

Hack Squat (machine - to bottom, not par) 2x6-8
200-9, 8
Used hands to push knees in at the very end of first set.. keep weight same next time

Lunges (barbell) 1x8-10
New exercise for me.. still kind of awkward with the barbell

Leg Extension (1 leg at a time) 2x8-10
150-10, 5 (8 on left leg.. tell which one is a little bit stronger)

7 deadly hamstring
Only did partials. For those of you wonder what it is, you lock your feet underneath something and kneel on your knees. Now you lower down you body (keeping everything perfectly straight in theory) till your head touches the floor. Haven't been able to do it yet, and can do even less of it if I don't have someone holding my feet cause my calf starts cramping from gripping the holding point.

Hamstring Curl 2x8-10
Up a little on this, probably because I didn't do the 7 deadly like normal. Or not till the same point anyways

Standing Calf Raise
Long pauses at top and bottom. Been a while since I've done the standing version

Decline Static Hold Crunch 2x4-6 -- 4 5second pauses down and up
BW - 5, 4

Russian Twist
100 - 8, 8

And that's it. Bought some mint chocolate protein, got asked if I was using anything (which is sad at 180 that people have to ask.. even if I do look a little bit bigger for that size, it says alot of their work ethic. Whether they be smaller or bigger then me. And NO, just in case you were wondering. After a year and a half of training (appx) I don't I'm even close to my natural potential).

note: new personal trainers should not try to introduce themselves to you after you just finished a deadlift set, staring off at the mirror with glazed up eyes and kneeling on the floor like a monk. Think he got the point after I gave him two one word answers and went back to staring off blankly at the mirror. Least he bugger off.

Last note of the day: You can stab yourself with a butterknife. Crazy.

05-27-2003, 11:51 PM
Whooooa, never thought I'd see you keep a journal....i remember a post where you said you NEVER read the journal sections....

So with that said, good luck with your goals and welcome to journal land.... ;) :D

05-28-2003, 07:11 AM
"I'm a man. I can change. If I have to." - The Red Green Show

Hey Fanji.. I know, I know. I said I NEVER come here, and that's pretty much been true from that day to now but I thought I'd give this place another shot. Like I said, I need the motivation. And also, with every single homework assignment due, and finals coming up rather quickly I figure it's only natural that I try to find something to distract myself. Well, it's either that or I actually do the work. Yeah.. right.

Anyways, I'm off to breakfast (see if I can stomach them eggs) then school.. after that I'll attempt to finish all those assignment at once.

05-31-2003, 11:01 PM
Fun day today, but I'll tell you all about that later on. Let's start at the beginning though.. Woke up a little bit later for gym today, brother deciding that he had too much homework to do to go, so he didn't wake me up per normal. Which kinda sucks, cause I changed my schedule from going on thursday to today because he couldn't make it then. And I don't like the large gap of boredom between leg day and back day. But on to the workout.

Pull down
WGC (40)
16, 9, 7, 6 = 38
Those sets have about 30s rest between them

bent over rows bb (2x6-8)
205-7, 185-11
First set was too much weight.. Thought it was my grip before, because it felt like it was sliding, but tried it with chalk this time, and found I was still lacking height and I'd noticed a slight "hop" at the beginning.. so drop weight, perfect form.

1 arm db row (2x8-10)
95-12, 100-8
Should have upped weight first time, but never really read last weeks journal. Oops.

2x Pulldown (1x10)
(for those of you looking at the name like a weird math question, you do a normal pulldown to chest. Now, keep your arms there (and weight), you pull your body down so it lays flat. Now once again you pull it all the way down)

hyperextensions (3x8-10)
Skipped. No partner, and back was.. ok, no lies. Didn't feel like doing it.

1.5 Preacher Curls (2x6-8)
65-7, 60-4
Think lack of rest between major back things and these didn't leave bis time to heal.. or something. Cause I didn't do nearly as well. Anyways, asked some kid if I could work in with him on these, and think I scared him. (He ran off and never finished the 4 or 5 sets he said he had left)

Hammer db (2x8-10)
35-6, 5
**definitely down

Close grip 275-15, behind back 135-20, 185-15
Use to doing these different (hold for 5 second pause at top), so kinda weird.

05-31-2003, 11:11 PM
Anyways, my day. Like I said, woke up late, but that's no biggie. Showed up late for work, but that's not my fault (I phoned in and asked.. just asked the wrong person, apparently). But, here's the fun parts. Was doing a carry out on a entertainment unit, and was too lazy to get a two-wheeler to carry it.. after I was done carrying it, every place that it had touched me was completely welted up. Still looks weird now (about 6 or so hours later).

Later on during the day, there was someone trying to steal something.. I hear the page for it happening, so bolt through the store, dodging terrified parents that snatch their children out of my way, and leaping over those too slow for my liking.. and I was wearing a cape, if you wanted to know.. but back to the story. Get outside, see them running off already in the not-so-far-distance, so I turn sharply to follow them anyways.. Knee caves completely. I mean, I thought it popped out of it socket.

Which brings up the fact that my knee still hasn't healed (like I thought it had) from two winters ago skiing trip where I decided not to kill a kid that was sitting there in the ramp section, instead deciding to twist and take the fall on myself. So, enough of the "it'll heal on it's own" attitute, I'm going to a doctor. Roomie and a few people at work, not to mention all those that say the skiing incident, think it's a screwed ligament. Which probably means fun surgery so I don't have to wonder when it'll pop out like that everytime I'm cutting an angle to the right. Great times. Sad thing is, all I'm thinking is "surgery? that means no more leg workouts for like a month.. ****"

Oh, and yesterday was nice. Went out driving to the mountains with the gf, headed up in Deadman's Flat (a place I went camping last year) wander through the trees and then head back to my place not long after. Just hang out and have fun from there. Was, like I said already, rather nice.

Anyways, I'm hobbling downstairs now. Diet has been gone for the last few days. Missed a meal yesterday, going to have pizza tonight (I deserve it).. Might have to re-evaluate how many cals I'm getting. Down 4 pounds in a week, and while most will be simply change in water weight.. that's still probably a few pounds lost sharply.

Random Thought: Insanity is a small price to pay for happiness. Don't know if someone else said that originally, or if I made it up. Maybe someone will be able to tell me.

06-01-2003, 06:07 AM
looking good so far man.

i noticed on leg day you did DL's. did you ever think of trying DL's on back day, and then doing squats on leg day? just a suggestion :)

06-01-2003, 10:27 AM
Yeah, I've done it that way before, and was honestly considering doing it that way again now that leg and back day are seperated by so far.. but the problem I had with it before, is squats and deadlifts together in one week were killing me. During squats, I knew it was legs that were giving seeing as they'd shake even when I was at the bottom and definitely didn't seem stable on the way up. So, for now I'm going to concentrate on deadlift alone.

Workout today - skipped. The fact I'm cracking my knee out rather nicely means doctor.

06-01-2003, 06:44 PM
And knee is officially screwed. Doctor says one of the ligaments are out of whack (my words, translation of true scientific meaning). Surgery to repair + 4 weeks walking with the help of crutches + 2 months rehab were what he was thinking is going to do. Either that, or I make the choice not to do any sports, be aware that any sharp turns while running or anything like that can drop me to the floor with a lot of pain to follow through.

I don't think there's much of a choice.. so surgery and all that it is. Though apparently working out since the original injury has not screwed me up (was wondering why it didn't cave on a squat) is because of the fact it's a controlled motion.

06-05-2003, 04:09 PM
Random Thought: We've all been taught the evil nature of polluting, how it ruins the world and how it corrupts the environment that one day our children (for those unlucky enough to spawn) will inherit. We've been taught that it's "wrong" for companies to spill that infested smoke into the air, to dump chemicals into the sea, and for even the common man to drive a car. After all, deadly chemicals are floating up in the air and blocking off the suns rays, or opening holes in the ozone. We've been taught that people that would intentionally do this are "evil", that they are the "bad guys".

Bull****. They aren't evil. Second of all, it isn't even their/our fault. It's natures fault. Nature is some weak little creature. Nature needs to get out there, grow some damn endurance and maybe even kick back a little. You know what I'm saying? Chances are you don't.

I'm talking about Super Trees. I'm talking about genetically modified trees that suck that bad air in and kick out some fresh air like no other tree around. Ones that grow so damn quick we don't need to have damn hippies chaining themselves to trees to protest clear cutting, or deforestation, or any of those causes. In fact, as an added bonus, I say we toss claws on our trees just in case any hippie even considers it.

I mean it. It's about time nature got off her fat hinney and hit the gym. She's been stepped over a few too many times, and quite frankly, she ain't pulling her weight. Weak little bastard needs a shot of science to help her out.

06-05-2003, 04:52 PM
My life as a curl junkie: For those of you that have read it, I've got an ACL tear, which makes leg workouts really hard to do. Makes running or stretching hard enough to do, actually.. but since I can't work legs, I figured it's time I dedicate myself to the things that really matter. Curling hundreds of sets so my bis get huge, and benching endlessly so I can brag how much I can do. Course, I'll lie on that part but still..

***This is from memory, so numbers could be a figment of my imagination


Arnold Press
45x16, 55x8

Lateral/Front Raise (1 lateral + 1 front = 1 rep)
40x7, 6

Rotate DB Raise
**Arms out straight, bent at elbows to make 90 degrees, rotate shoulder so that you bring the palm up so it faces out.. hands now above head instead of dangling down.. do a normal press

**Superset next two exercises + slight burnout**
Cable Curl
110-15/100-8, 120-12/110-7
Cable Pushdown
110-14/100-10, 120-8/110-4

1.5 Preachers

Upright Row
80-8 **Never done before

Hammer Curl

Db Skull crushers

06-07-2003, 11:12 AM
Brother (training partner) is really, really starting to piss me off. First off, when I change my schedule around, working out on saturday before work so that you can "spend time" with your girlfriend on thursdays, so that you can be her slave and change yourself to something you know you aren't because she says so, then have the decency to at least come to the gym. After all, it wasn't me that wanted to work out on saturdays, so tell ya what.. if your going to miss the day, at least tell me about it in advance, instead of simply not saying a damn word about it, and not waking me up so we can go. Don't let me guess by the fact your showering and it's way past the time to go that you aren't coming.

Tell you what, if you do it that way, I'll go on my own and not waste my damn time.

Anyways, worked out alone, couldn't make it to the gym as reason above + the fact my car is dead right now. Worked out using my roomies stuff. Little bit different.

Flat bench
Because of the way his rack works, had to go with a rather wide grip.. which felt wrong because I'm use to almost a close grip. Really felt it in my shoulders. And I know, I'm weak.

Floor db press
55-21, 15
Less weight then normal, because it's all roomie adjustable db will hold. Also, did it laying on the floor because.. well, I don't like his bench..

Pushups (replaces flies - couldn't do cause collars on the adjustables kept falling off.. not safe feeling)
35, 13

Arnold Press
25-21, 18
25-12, 10

Thinking shoulders are still sore from my play workout on tuesday, as are tris going by the chest part of the workout today.

06-19-2003, 09:57 PM

WGC (~40)
3/4/5/6/7/6/5/4 -- 40
(did it this way cause.. well, wanted to try it out. The / represents about 30s-1min rest. The time it takes for my partner to do the same)

bent over rows bb (2x6-8)
195-9, 7
Form = good again. No hop, skip and a jump.

1 arm db row (2x8-10)
100-10, 8
Had to use wraps on the second set. Felt bad doing it, but it was really starting to slip on me during the first.

2x Pulldown (1x10)

hyperextensions (3x8-10)
85-10, 8

Preacher Curls (2x6-8)
80-8, 5
Did full reps just for something different, instead of standard 1.5s. Just for those looking at the weight differences.

Hammer db (2x8-10)
35-8, 6

Close grip 285-11, behind back 195-13/6

06-19-2003, 10:09 PM
-Leg Day-

Ok, for those of you following around, this is the first time I've been back since reinjuring myself (ACL tear). Now, some of you may think it's kind of stupid to continue to train when still hurt, but to you I say that I've been doing it for the last year and a half, and not even known. So take that. That, and I was planning on taking it light.

Anyways, I'm stupid. Started off with doing squats just for a warmup, to see if I could. Person in the cage beside me was showing off to his buddy about his squat (a whole 1.5 plates) and was going maybe a quarter of the way down. I did the same beside him and touched my butt to the floor. Nice and controlled like. Then I went on to deadlift after the guy shut up.

315-3, 325-1
Down from last time, but felt a little bit shaky on my knee. Not bad enough that I had to quite, but didn't feel like pushing it if you know what I mean.

Hack Squat (machine - to bottom, not par) 2x6-8
180-9, 7
Dropped weight a bit again, once again for same reason.

Lunges (barbell) 1x8-10
Skipped - It's a new exercise that I'm learning balance on. I don't want to be learning balance while my knee is slipping.

Leg Extension (1 leg at a time) 2x8-10
150-7, 6
Down a little in reps, slight pain while doing.

7 deadly hamstring

Hamstring Curl (one leg) 2x8-10
Knew this would be the problem child. Last time I hurt my knee these were killers to do and this time didn't change a thing. Will continue working at it.

Standing Calf Raise
--forgot all about.. damn memory of a gold fish--

Decline Static Hold Crunch 2x4-6 -- 4 5second pauses down and up
BW - 6, 6

Russian Twist
100 - 10

Overall, rather good for a sore knee. I'm happy again, because I got to workout. Finals, endless homework, knee and lack of car have all held me back for the last bit so I was starting to feel like crap. Now I feel good again. Damn obsession.

06-19-2003, 11:36 PM
Your deadly hamstring exercise is a GHR. Used in the Westside method of training. ;) To increase the range of motion, use a lat tower, and lock your feet in the knee holding apparatus, and put your knees on the pad and do them. I personally am working up to one full rep by doing limited range of motion, adding range each session.

06-21-2003, 04:40 PM
That's exactly what my plan for doing the full range of motion on them was too.. keep working at it by going a little bit lower each time.