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06-14-2003, 12:57 AM
Oooooh this looks like fun. I started lifting "seriously" this sunday, and i want to start puttin on some muscle. The past 7 months I've been on a cut... and lost about 50 pounds. Now's time to fill in the extra skin :D My stats:
Age: 19
Height: 5'8"
Weight: ~184
BF: ~19%(as of 6/8/03 4 point test)
Waist: 34 inches
Arms: 14 inches
Calves: 16 inches
Chest: 42 inches

Lets see... past 7 months my routine has been a lot boxing with my punching bag, doing a "full body" weight lifting routine once a week, and cardio 4 nights a week. I used a lot of machines for weights... and really didnt do any of the important lifts. I always benched on the machine... never squated or deadlifted... so all of my lifts are really weak, but its okay, i know they'll go up in time. Ill post a summary of the week all in this post, and then try to update it daily or semi-daily. Any comments or recommendations are welcome :cool:
Slightly modified WBB routine 1.
"1/2" indicates set done to failure: ie 5 1/2 means i got 5 good reps in, and failed on the 6th attempt.

Sunday 6/8/03
Shoulder Press: 105x5 1/2 95x6 1/2
Seated dumbbell press: 35x6 1/2 35x6 1/2
Lateral Raise: 20x10 20x10
Tricep Pushdown: 270x10 240x10
Close Grip Benchpress: 95x5 85x5
Barbell Curl: 70x7 60x8
Hammer Curl: 30x6 1/2 25x6
I was trying to keep total sets down and figure out how much i can lift... so not all of the sets felt like i worked them hard enough, will increase weight next week!

Monday 6/9/03
15 minutes HIIT on treadmill
basically ran 10 mph (max speed) at 3-5% incline for added resistance. 20 second sprint, 30 second recovery.
5 minutes HIIT on stairmaster
i was just testing this out, and it felt pretty good. 10 seconds on max difficulty burns... followed by 40 second recovery.

Tuesday 6/10/03
Squats: 135x10 165X10 135x10
Hack Squats: 115x8 115x8
Leg Curl: 115x10 130x10 150x10
Straight Leg Deadlift: 135x8 135x8 115x8
Standing calf raise: 90x10 120x10 150x10 180x10
Hip Adductor: 190x20 190x15
Again, i was mostly just testing the waters here... never really done these excercises before. It was a good workout, but i can definatly lift heavier next week.

Wednesday 6/11/03
10 minutes HIIT stairmaster
ouch... was already sore from leg day... ouch...
10 minutes HIIT elliptical machine
15 seconds all out going forward, then backpedle for recovery 15 seconds... ouch again... i think day after leg day needs to be "off day" because damn... ouch... ;-)

Thursday 6/12/03
Bench: 95x10 155x4 1/2 145x5 1/2
Incline Dumbell Press: 25x10 60x10 80x8
Dips: -120x10 -80x3 -100x7
Chin ups (wide, palm facing grip): -100 x7 -90x5
Pull ups (wide, palm away grip): -130x10
Deadlifts: 65x10 105x6 85x8
Bent over rows: 45x8 70x8 85x6
Shrug: 160x10 210x8
Hyper-extension: 100x20 120x10 80x30
Iso-incline: 90x9 90x7
My first try at deadlifts... and i love em. My bench is weak, stupid machine didnt strengthen my stabilizers so i still wobble... gotta work on that... dips/chins/pulls all show the assisted weight... iso incline i threw on at the end because i wasnt tired and my brother said i gotta try it.

Friday 6/13/03
Side bends x 50 with 10 lbs dumbbells
twists x 75 with 10 lbs dumbells

4 sets of....
10 crunches and 4 bicycles
slow and painful, just how i like it ;-)

WHEW that took forever, thanks to anyone who bothers to read through the entire post. I plan on resting saturday, and friday is pretty much a rest day, besides the light ab work. Sunday i start over :D

Saint Patrick
06-14-2003, 01:21 AM
Congrats on the cutting loss. I suggest going w/ heavier weight/lower reps on the weighted twists and side bends. Maybe grab a 25lb DB x 20 or even 40-45lbs x 10.

How is it that you're able to press-down 270? That's like your own body weight + 85, which is friggin insane.

Good luck with your goals and welcome to the site. Stick around here and you'll learn a lot.

06-14-2003, 06:52 AM
nice job with the weight loss. and good luck with your new goals. i hope it all goes well! :spam: :D

06-14-2003, 10:12 PM
Originally posted by Saint Patrick
How is it that you're able to press-down 270? That's like your own body weight + 85, which is friggin insane.

Haha i dont know... its probably the only excercise ive been consistant on in the past seven months. Im not sure if perhaps im using bad form, but i sit on the edge of the seat and just press down. It feels like im working my triceps better this way, but maybe it's cheating? because i can hardly even dip my own weight.

And good idea about adding weight, i really didnt think about it, but the 10 lbs dumbbells were what was just lying around the house. gotta go dust off the gym equipment in the garage ;-)

Saint Patrick
06-15-2003, 02:58 AM
Try doing them standing, like this:


06-15-2003, 10:33 PM
haha we are thinking of different excercises... my tricep pushdown is sitting on a seat, using a machine, mimicing a dip like motion. I would call your excercise a tricep pull down, mine a tricep pushdown ;-) hehe

Sunday 6/15/03 Arm Day!
Shoulder Press: 115x6 105x4 1/2
Dumbell Press: 40x6 37.5x6 1/2
Lateral Raise: 22.5x8 20x9
Tricep Pushdown: 270x8 210x18
Close Grip BP: 45x10 95x7 85x8 1/2
Barbell Curl: 80x4 70x6 50x10
Hammer Curl Superset with Preacher: (32.5x5 25x4) (25x8 15x12)

Ok so im not sure i even know what superset means, but basically i did my hammers next to the preacher seat, dropped my hammer weight and picked up my preacher weight and did it right away.
Otherwise, ive increased weight on most lifts, which is nice. I was feeling groggy after work. But juice and whey lifted my spirits enough to get through it ;-)
Diet- Good, except the 3 oatmeal raisin cookies... people at work just cant help bringing baked goods in >_<
Sleep- Not enough, same as always. Im sure my biggest weakness in my routine is lack of sleep, but i still manage to add mass and increase my lifts, so I imagine im getting enough. 5-7 hours of interrupted sleep, normally halfway through. Any tips on getting through an entire night without waking up?

Saint Patrick
06-15-2003, 11:10 PM
kinda like this?


Those are called lever dips. The first pic I posted was Cable Press-downs.

Congrats on the progress, and yes, what you did was a superset.

06-16-2003, 01:12 AM
Haha yap, thats it! Lever dips it is ;) I suppose that is my main tricep excercise, can you recommend a better one? I know when ever i do a cable pushdown, or similar cable excercise, i have a problem keeping consistant form, because im not sure what proper form is. Some people say "dont let your arm come up higher than this" or "make sure it goes down at least this far". but then i just find myself making up something new.
For example, in the pic you showed me, he brings his arms from his shoulder to his leg. My friend swears by never letting his arm go higher than parallel to the ground, and his triceps are friggen huge!! :eek:
What is the proper way? Thanks for all your help St Patrick! (;) anyone else may respond too if they want ;))

06-16-2003, 11:45 AM
Monday 6/16/03 Cardio and Abs!
15 minutes HIIT boxing
Side bends x 50 with 20 lbs dumbbells
twists x 30 with 20 lbs dumbells
3 sets of....
10 crunches superset with 10 bicycles

hehe i just like saying superset ;) I guess next ab excercise ill increase weight for sidebends again, but twists were pretty difficult with 20's. HIIT boxing is pretty intense :eek: intervals varied (probably depending on what kind of punches i was throwing) between 10 and 30 seconds. rest periods were 30-40 seconds, at which time i circled my bag and threw a few jabs. pretty good workout overall. need to go shopping... no food in the house...

to St. Patrick: I just saw your before/after pics, damn, nice job! I hope ive got your ab gene's hiding under my fat ;) i read in your journal that you took animal cuts. what in the world is that?? could ya please explain? thanks

06-18-2003, 01:27 AM
Tuesday 6/16/03 Leg Day! (Blessing in disguise?)
Squats: 95x10 145x10 195x8
Hack Squats: 115x8 135x6 1/2 145x2 1/2
Leg Curl: 130x10 160x10 170x10
SLDL: 75x10 125x10 145x4
Calf Raise: 140x10 180x10 200x10 230x10
Hip Adductor: (setting #7) 150x10 190x10 (#8) 190x10

Ok whoa what a messed up workout. I left my record book at home, so i was just guessing what weight to use. When i compared the weights, i noticed that I increased quite a bit. So its all good. Problem though: my arms are weak. Stabilizers are weak. grip is weak. Postworkout my arms were as sore as my legs, and i felt my legs didnt get as good a workout as they could have, had my arms been stronger....

So what do i do? I was thinking about re-aranging my split, from:

the problem here is that my triceps dont get much of a rest after chest day. what ya guys think? too big of a problem? Switching to legs/push/pull is also an option, but right now im following wbbroutine #1 and thats not how its split.

or.... i could just leave things the way they are and go with lighter weights on leg day to build up the stabilizing muscles, though i think combining this and switching my split would be my best bet.

Any opinions? thanks!

06-20-2003, 01:44 AM
Thursday 6/19/03 Chest and Back!
Bench: 95x10 165x3 1/2 115x8
DB Incline: 25x10 45x7 35x11
Dips: -120x10 -70x6 -100x10
Chin ups (wide, palm facing grip): -120x8 -80x4 1/2
Pull ups (wide, palm away grip): -110x9 1/2
Deadlifts: 75x8 125x8 95x10
Upright rows: 55x8 100x6 45x10
Shrug: 140x10 230x`0
Hyper-extension: 105x20 125x10 85x30
Isolateral-incline: 70x10 120x2 1/2
Lat Pulldown: 150x static 15 seconds 170x static 15 seconds
Tricep Cable Pushdown: 35x10 50x2 1/2 40x8

Increased all lifts, I think im finding my groove... the plan, to keep volume relativly low, is one warm up set, one 6-8 rep max set, and one cool down 50% set. I'm following wbb#1, but if i finish in less than an hour, im throwing in extra excercises at the end (today added iso, lat pulldown, and tricep pushdown).

On sunday i will be switching to legs/chest/arms, so my arms will get a little rest. thats why i added tricep pushdown today, but also because ive never done it, wanted to get a feel for it, and an estimated weight. I like lat pulldown better than pull ups because i can jerk a heavy weight into position for a static hold. I was doing about 220 before i started wbb routine, and i plan on slowly increasing back to that weight.

I switched my grip to over/under grip for deadlifts today, to correct the grip problem i was having earlier in the weak, and it works great. Anyone have any idea if my arms will be worked differently because they are positioned differently? In any case, i did sets 1 and 2 with right arm underhand, and set 3 switched to left arm underhand, to try to work them more evenly. Any comments/recommendations of new excercises for me? :D thanks!

06-21-2003, 10:53 PM
Friday 6/20/03: Abs! (of steel? not yet)
Side bends x 20 with 20 lbs dumbbells
twists x 30 with 20 lbs dumbells
3 sets of....
10 crunches superset with 10 bicycles

Same as before, basically, but this time i lifted the dumbells over my shoulders for the side bends, and like whoa it works better. :eek: I also did some hand stands against the wall (im not strong enough for unassisted handstands) and some half cart-wheels (jump on to hands, pause, fall back) just for fun.

Saturday 6/21/03: Im bored, and Ive got a weak chest!
(Im not sure of real names of any of these excercises)
Throwing Bench Press: 75x10 75x15 65x15 95x15 75x20
Jumping dips: -100x10 -140x15 -150x15 -160x15
Pull up up: -130x10 -130x10 -110x10 -110x10 -100x6 -130x15
Throwing Bench Press: 85x20
Upright Row: 35x15 35x15 25x20

OK- i dont know where i got the idea from, but i probably read on the boards, that its a good idea to double train weak points (my chest and back) so I through in an extra day of volume, focusing on low weight and explosive movements. Everything was done fast, but with good form. Bench was done on a smith machine. I threw the weight up, caught it, brought to chest, explode up, wash, rinse, repeat. Assisted dips/chins/pulls were all done at a weight that i could get myself to hover a little bit off the bar, catch myself, and again, repeat. Upright rows were done at a faster than normal speed, with lower weights, and higher than normal reps.
How do I feel? Well my arms and chest feel like they all got a great workout. Im not sure how beneficial it was for my back though. Any comments on this routine? is it okay to do once a week? Would it be better to use an extra normal chest/back routine?

06-22-2003, 10:42 PM
Sunday 6/22/03: My legs are going to fall off! :eek:
Squats: 95x10 165x5 215x2 115x15
Hack Squats: 115x8 155x7 115x10
Leg Curl: 140x10 180x10 150x10
SLDL: 115x10 155x8 135x10
Standing Calf Raise: 140x10 250x10 190x10 200x10+static hold
Hip Adductor: #7 160x10 190x10 #9 150x10 170x10
Leg Press: 100x10 180x10 270x10
Barbell Curl: 60x10

WHOA ok hehe. Increased all lifts (pat's self on back). I graduated from smith machine to normal squats :clap: Im using over/under grip for hack and sldl, and its working great! hooray No more droping the bar for me ;) I had some free time at the end of the routine, so i threw in leg press (because i still dont feel i am squatting to my potential) and barbell curl (because i had to skip an arm workout to rotate into my new split). But eh, my arms are still tired from my last chest workout. Diet- good, i guess. Picked up some natty pb. Ate tons of cottage cheese. No cheats-yet. :evillaugh:

06-23-2003, 01:10 PM
First, I think its time I established some goals. I am currently happy with my size, just not my composition. When i was down to about 174, i think i looked too small. At 200, I looked too big. So 180-190 is what im shooting for. My goal is to drop ~10 pounds of fat, and gain ~10 pounds of muscle. That is according to my 6/8/03 stats (184, 19%). If i were to drop 10 and gain 10, that would put me at ~13-14% bf, which i believe i would be happy at. Some time this week, I will retest bf and weight to see how its coming along.

And just an update on my extra chest day :eek: chest is still swollen and sore, feels good, and looks better. I know after one day of work, it probably isnt new gains, but still, damn.

Monday 6/23/03 Yoga and Abs
Yoga- 1 hour
Various sidebends
Various twists
3 sets of....
10 crunches superset with 10 bicycles

So they finished doing the floors at 24 hour, and i got to try yoga again after a 2-3 month lay off, and damn :eek: the instructor is FIIIIIIIIIIINE :redface::hump: k so if i needed any motivation, i'll have it every monday at 10:00 am ;) My legs were so sore from yesterday, it was very nice stretching them out today. As for my abs, Im still trying new sidebends and twists at different weights and speeds and etc etc to see what works best. Crunch/bicycles are staying the same because they work :D
Hiho, hiho, off to work I go...
Until next time, MiNt OuT~

06-25-2003, 01:25 PM
6/24/03 Tired, but i still try chest and back!
Bench: 95x10 135x8 185x0 165x1 135x6
Incline: 25x10 50x5 35x10
Dip: -120x10 -60x6 1/2 90x9 1/2
Chin: -120x8 -7x3
Pull Up: -100x6
Deadlift: 95x10 145x8 95x10
Chest Supported T-rows: 50x10 105x5 80x10
Shrug: 180x10 270x10
Hyper Extension: 110x20 130x10 90x10
Ballistic Bench: 75x15 65x15 55x30
Seated Row: 110x15
Lat Pull: 140x static 15 sec 170x static 10 sec 110x8

Wow this workout sucked. I was tired to begin with. Then my chest and back were still sore from my volume workout. Then my brother didnt want to come along so i didnt have my normal spotter. Then blah blah blah excuses excuses. I stuck it out anyways, which may or may not have been smart when i know i needed rest. My lifts were blah~ My frame of mind recovered right when i started doing deadlifts, so the second half of my session was enjoyable. Amazing how this affects your lifts. My add-ons for today were ballistic bench, seated row, and lat pull, because i dont think i worked them hard enough in the first half. After failing at 185, my confidence dropped. And it wore me out! Anyways, a few days rest will cure what ails me. I may even skip my arm routine and go straight to a ballistic leg routine next workout, gotta see how my body feels.

A guy at max muscle next to my work said he had an extra caliper sitting at home that i can HAVE (for free!!) woohoo so BF% should be coming soon. Heres my other measurements 6/25/03:
Waist: 33.5 inches
Arms: 14.5 inches right 14 inches left
Calves: 16 inches
Chest: 43.5 inches flexed 40.5 unflexed
Leg: 25 inches (not sure where im supposed to measure this though)
I carry a lot of fat on my legs, so i can see this measurement going down in the future, even if i gain some muscle. Drop in waist size is surprising, considering I have been chowing down tons of food in an attempt at a bulk. And my weight seems to be at about 186 every night. 0.0 who knows. I plan on making my own eca in a week or so, whenever 1fast400 delivers. And im programming fitday to be easier to use for myself (ie plug in typical meals for me, so i can one click add a meal, instead of one food at a time) and ill start tracking my diet.

06-29-2003, 10:09 AM
Whew long time, no update. Im sure all my fans missed me... ehhh ;) suuuuuuuuure. Anyways, Ive been tracking my diet a little bit, to attempt to find my maintainance. I found it to be in the 2800~3200 cal range. I know this isnt too specific, but for the short amount of time ive been tracking, it will work. June 1st I'll start my cut (and a new journal). I'll aim for ~2400 cals daily, for ~1 pound per week loss. Adjusting weekly. My week is starting to shape into this:
Sunday: Legs
Monday: Yoga + HIIT boxing + abs
Tuesday: Chest + back
Wednesday: *insert cardio or dynamic excercise session*
Thursday: Bicep, Tricep, Shoulder
Friday: HIIT stairmaster + abs
Saturday: REST

Eh, looking at it like this seems kind of daunting, but I'll be fine. I plugged in a hypothetical daily intake for my new cal intake, and it gave me a macro breakdown of 40/35/25 carb/protein/fat including 209 grams of protein and plenty of EFA's. Oh, and it was on a workout day, which is why the carb intake is so high (pre and postworkout drinks). Also, I re-test my BF% at 24 hour and the estimate it at 17.6% now, but im not sure if it is accurate since i had a different person test me from last time. When I get my own calipers, ill be able to track my progress better
Anyways.... here are the updates I missed

6/25/03 WTF!?? I took a day to rest!??? ;)
6/26/03 Shoulder and Arms!
Military Press Smith Rack: 135x3 115x6
First time trying this, but its basically the same as shoulder press machine. Or at least it feels that way. But because i went to a different 24 hr, i had to use this instead. I think i'll continue to work my shoulders this way
DB Press: 45x8 40x7 1/2
Increased weight by 5 lbs, plan on going up to 50's next week
Lateral Raise: 25x5 20x10
I think I have bad form, or Im doing something wrong, I have no idea. I wonder why I struggle so bad with such low weight. Im going down to 20's next week, and work on form and add some more reps
Tricep Pushdown: 55x8 65x8 1/2 35x8
First time I used this as my first tricep excercise, so I've yet to find my 8 rep max. Ill work up higher next week
Close Grip BP: 45x8 95x10
After getting the bar stuck on my chest that one time... im kinda worried about going up in weight. but 95x10 was a rep max for me, so Ill go up in weight next time. Maybe I wont be such an intravert and actually ask someone for a spot.
DB Nose Crusher: 20x7
Both of our gym's ez-bars were being used, so i just tried it with DBs, didnt like it, will try ez-bar next time
Barbel Curl: 80x3 1/2 60x9 40x10
Wasnt able to squeeze out the 4th rep, but oh well, there's always next week
Hammer Curl: 30x 4 1/2 25x10
ehhh all of my bicep excercises are getting weaker, I think because Im hitting triceps harder
add-onPreacher Curl: 30x8 40x10
Again, the ez-bars were being used, so i just did straight bars, just to get a feel for it
add-onFront Raise: 15x8 20x10
I used to do these back in the day... decided to re-incorporate them as long as I have time
add-onSeated Calf Raise: 105x20 150x20
Didnt reach the 1 hour mark, so wanted to try some new excercises... this was just okay. I might mix up seated and standing calf raise in my leg day
add-onIso- Row: 140x10
This looked kinda cool, and Ive seen some huge guys using it, so I gave it a shot. I'll probably use it as an add-on for my back day

Just to recap, Im aiming to keep my gym time under 1 hour. If im done with my core excercises in, say, 40 minutes, I'll use the next 15-20 minutes to do some additional work for whatever group im working that day, as well as try out some new excercises to be used on a later date. Over all, was a very good workout, despite struggles with biceps

6/27/03 Ouch, my legs, again, ouch
HIIT stairmaster 90 second warm up. 20 seconds level 14, 40 seconds level 3, 15 minutes of intervals, 90 second cool down.
Holy hell this burns right around the 8 minute mark. Then I had this little kid on the machine next to me who was all impressed when i went on my turbo interval, so I had to keep it up to look cool for the little kid. Plus the hot asian check on the other side of me, who probably thought i was a freak. But some chicks dig freaks, right?? RIGHT!??! ;)
Well anyways my legs are already numb when my friend calls me "Hey we're getting together to play tennis, you in?" Ah shiet, cant turn that down, so I play tennis for two hours. My ankles stopped reacting after an hour. But I kept on. I looked so out of shape, despite probably being in the best shape of my life... ya but the guys havent seen my in like 3 months, so they were like :eek: "where did the rest of you go ??" That's why I workout :nod:

6/27/03 Abs!
Did the side bend thang
Did the twist thang
Did the 3 sets of....
10 crunches superset with 10 bicycles thang
and then did
Pushupx15 two sets. Just because I was bored

I added weight to the last crunch set, but couldnt continue past 7, so i just dropped the DBs and continued through. Good stuff, Later today(6/28/03), Ill do leg work and repost an update!
Mint out~

06-30-2003, 09:56 AM
6/30/03 8 a.m. home weight: 184
Ya so my dad just bought me a scale for home... but it doesnt measure tenths of pounds = sucks. But it was free, so Ill take it. To better measure my progress, I think im going to be weighing myself every morning. No calipers yet, hopefully tommorow, no EC yet, hopefully tommorow. Here's the update on yesterday~

6/29/03 Legs
Good Morning: 45x10 45x10
Just to stretch out, when I got home, i found out i was doing these wrong though. Straight legged instead of bent knee. Oh well, will correct next week. I like these.
Box Squat: 135x8 225x4 225x4 135x10
I set up aerobic steps to use as a box, but again, i found out when i got home i was doing these wrong. Westside recommends a much wider stance than i was using, on that puts me right over the box instead of in front of it. Also, on the first 225 attempt I almost FELL FORWARD shiet that was scary. I re-racked, took a minute and tried again. But that wore me out! Next week= better
BB Hack Squat: 115x8 165x8 115x8
Im not sure if Im doing these far down enough, or even with proper form. I wish I had a training partner, or better yet, a coach haha ya right... maybe ill just try the hack squat machine next time.
Leg Curl: 120x10 180x10 120x10
I gotta be doing these wrong too! hurts my ankles and knees. damn i suck at this game (weightlifting)
SLDL: 115x10 165x7 115x10
GRRRR my grip slipped on rep 6. I tried to regrip mid air, and pulled out another rep, but then dropped the weight after that. Probably should have set down to regrip. Oh well.
Standing Calf Raise: 150x10 270x10 200x10 210x10
Is this good? Bad? I dunno. Its an increase over last week, I guess thats all that matters.
Hip Adductor: #7 160x10 190x10 #9 150x10 170x10
Not sure why I do these, I think its because I carry a lot of fat on my inner thigh, and hopefully making that muscle bigger will make the fat less noticeable, yap thats it.
add-onGood Morning: 95x10
Again, wrong form. Just wanted to try out a higher weight.
add-onLeg Press: 320x10 270x10
Personal Record, will keep on adding weight to strengthen my legs while I continue to work on squat form.

Not much time left for add-ons today. Moved a lot more plates today, kinda wore me out. Over all was a good workout. Monday I am going to do some grip excercise I think. Im sick of dropping weights!