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06-27-2003, 05:54 PM
Monday – Chest & Back

Chest -
- Bench Press – 4x5 at 85% of Max.
- Incline Press – 4x12 at 75% of Max
- Dumbbell Flys – 2x30 at 40% of Max
Back –
- LAT Pull down 3x5 at 85%
- Seated Rows Elbows Out 3x12 at 75%
- Seated Rows Elbows In 2x30 at 40%

Tuesday – BI’s and TRI’s
- Lying TRI CEP Ext. 4x5 at 85%
- TRI CEP Pulldowns 4x12 at 75%
- Underhand TRI-CEP Press downs 2x30 at 40%
- Straight Bar Curl 3x5 at 85%
- Preacher Curls 3x12 at 75%
- Hammer Curls 2x30 at 40%

Wednesday Legs and Shoulders
- Squats 3x5 at 85%
- IcaTran Hamstrings 3x12 at 75%
- Leg Extensions 2x30 at 40%
- Military Press on Smith Machine 3x5 at 85%
- Upright Rows 3x12 at 75%
- Lateral Raises – 2x30 at 40%

Thursday Calves, ABS and Cardio
- 30 minute Cardio
- 4 sets of sit-ups
- Calf Extensions 2x20 at 45%

- Incline Dumbbells 3x10 at 65%
- TRI-CEP Extensions 3x10 at 65%
- Standing Dumbbell Curls 3x10 at 65%
- Decline Flys 3x10 at 65%
- TRI-CEP Dips 3x10 at 65%
- Close Grip Bicep on EZ-BAR 3x10 at 65%

The next part of this is getting my dieting more documented. My diet isn't particular bad. I can list some the various supplements I use from time to time.
Here is a partial lists:

Nature's Best Protien
v12 Creatine
Nature's Best Glutamine
Sometimes a Detour Bar.

Breakfast consist of
Special K Cereal and Protein Shake
Sometimes V12 Creatine

Mid Morning
Yogart and Fruit

Chicken Or Tuna Fish

Mid Afternoon.
Tuna Fish Snack

Before Leaving for work.
Protien Shake or Detour Bar, with Apple Juice.

Varies quite a bit since my wife or her mother cook dinner. Usually some very exciting Sweedish food.:D

Go to GYM and workout.

V12 Creatine
Juice with MaltoDextrose and Dextrose.

I drink water with every meal. Sometimes a Pepsi about once a week.

I need to track specfic calories and grams of carbo and protien. I am welcome to any suggestions or recommendations.