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06-27-2003, 06:27 PM
I'm currently cutting. My routine is WBB1, and I do 25 minutes of cardio (elipse ski-type machine) on off days, 3 days a week. I do the cardio first thing in the morning, empty stomach. My question is: should I drink a shake or not? If so, then immediately after, same as I do for lifting days? If not, how long should I wait before eating a regular meal? Same ingredients? I currently use the same shake which consists of 5g pure creatine, 2 cups gatorade fierce (from powder, 30g sugars approx), 1 scoop whey (17g protein). I know 3:1 ratio sugars:protein is ideal, but i don't like sweet things, and I think I'd hurl if I drank that much sugar. Thanks for any help. You guys have gotten be going in the right direction. I've made tons of progress in only one month!

06-27-2003, 07:10 PM
IMO, i wouldn't have a pre-shake first thing on an empty stomach. It won't be 'absorbed' into the body half as much as it will when your body is crying out for it post workout... You should be looking to get a meal between hour/ hour & half afterwards... JMO. Hope that helps.

06-27-2003, 07:31 PM
I'm sorry, my mistake, I meant Post Workout. Should I have a shake after cardio on off days? or just eat regularly? how soon after for either shake or meal?

06-27-2003, 09:33 PM
Originally posted by manowar669
I'm sorry, my mistake, I meant Post Workout. Should I have a shake after cardio on off days? or just eat regularly? how soon after for either shake or meal?

i have the same shake after a cardio session as i do a weights session

06-27-2003, 11:50 PM
I cut back on the carbs a lil bit after HIIT in my drink, because, like you, i dont like sweet things. ~30g gatorade ~25g whey for me post cardio. ~50g gatorade ~25g whey post weights

06-28-2003, 01:29 AM
After doing weights i usually have a bit more whey than i would after i've done cardio, maybe put a second scoop in, depending on the amount of protein...

06-28-2003, 04:45 AM
I usually do not put much stock in morning cardio on an empty stomach, and IMO you would be just as well off performing cardio at other times during the day. Although morning cardio might be useful if you are trying to get rid of that last little bit of stubborn bf.

I do think you should have a small amount of carbs and protein post workout if you do decide to go this route. Your body will more than likely be in a catabolic state, which is the reason the carbs and protein are recommended. The shake you described above would be fine IMO. Although I am assuming this is low/moderate intensity cardio and not HIIT.

If you were performing the cardio session in the afternoon and not first thing in the morning, then the need for post workout nutrition would not be as important IMO. Although this would all be related to the duration and intensity of the cardio session.

06-28-2003, 12:06 PM
Thanks for the replies guys. The only reason I do all of my workouts first in the morning is because of my work schedule, and I read threads that morning fasting cardio burns a little fat, since glycogen stores are low due to the overnight fast. Intesity-wise, it's not very high IMO. I get my HR up to about 160 (I'm 33 yrs old) and keep it there for 20 minutes. The only reason I do cardio at all is to be consistent in getting up at the same time, and get moving (otherwise, on days off, I might sleep in and then I'd have a hard time falling asleep that night, since I'm a very light sleeper). I'm doing quite well cutting with just my diet, and I figure the extra cardio helps counteract the occasional beerfest. I think I'll keep doing what I'm doing. Results look good in the mirror, progress good in the journal (more weight every week). It's all thanks to this forum. And special thanks to Bradley, who always seems to come through with solid advice. Sorry so long.