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07-03-2003, 02:21 AM
Goal: Drop bodyfat from 17.6% to 12%. Assuming 100% muscle preservation, and starting weight of 184, I will reach this bf% at the weight of 170. Of course, I do not expect 100% muscle preservation, but I'm, aiming for something like 99% ;)

July 2nd, 2003: Day 1
OK, first official day of my cut. New journal time. Fish oil and ephedrine arrived in the mail, so Im gonna run with it. Yesterday morning I weighed in at 184. This morning I weighed in at 182. Either could be my actual starting weight, we'll just have to see at weeks end.

MmmmMMmmm I was aiming for 2600, but came up a few hundered short.
7:00 3/4c. Total cereal 1/2c. skim milk, banana, 1 tbsp pb
9:30 1/2c. cottage cheese, apple, sugar free jello
12:00 1/2 tuna sandwich (tuna, salsa, bread), 18 baby carrots
3:00 1/2 tuna sandwich
5:00 3.5 oz. chicken breast, 18 baby carrots, 1 oz. peanuts
7:00 3.5 oz. chicken breast, apple
9:30 preworkout drink (25g dextrose, 25g whey)
11:00 postworkout drink (25g gatorade, 12g dextrose, 25g whey)
12:15 3 egg whites, 2 oz. mixed nuts, 4 oz. apple juice, 10g whey, 6g fish oil, 1/4c. cottage cheese

Looks like wednesdays are turning into HIIT/Dynamic leg day, just a lil something to give my legs a boost.
Ass-on-the-floor-squats: 135x5 135x5
Done on the smith machine, I dunno why I even tried them, but eh, why not? My real squat REALLY needs to be assistance.
Jump Squats: 95x10 115x10
Also on the smith machine. I thought these might hurt my knees, but I used a wide stance, good form, and took my time. Felt good to explode up. Except when I did just the bar... and it hit the top of the machine. tuttut 115 was very hard and I didnt get much lift. Ill do this weight as my first set next week.
HIIT Stairmaster: 90 sec warm up, 15 min of intervals, 90 sec cool down
Ummmm, ouch. Quads hurt like WHOA earlier than normal, about 8 minute mark, I assume because of the previous leg work. But I stuck it out, approximatly 20 second all out, approximatly 45 seconds recovery. I really like this excercise, feels good. I cant get to a track to do HIIT, its awkward on treadmill (with incline and top speed), I dont have the drive to do it on bicycle, but stairmaster... this i can do:D

Summary: Ephedrine really suppressed my appetite, I had a difficult time eating. And at 5:00 I felt like i was forcing down food. I dont really consider this a good thing, but I spread out my meals throughout the day more than I expected, in order to compensate. Workout was good. Diet was good. Jello mixed with cottage cheese is the best thing since cottage cheese mixed with sugar free jelly! Work was good, school was good, life is good :D

07-03-2003, 05:27 AM

good luck with the cuttin bro

07-03-2003, 05:33 AM
Best wishes for you man


07-03-2003, 08:54 PM
:spam: good luck...keep the posts rollin

07-04-2003, 01:13 AM
Thanks guys! But isnt spam a lil high in calories for a cut? jk keep it comin' ;)

July 3rd, 2003: Day 2

Good stuff for diet today, Didnt have a problem getting my calories in. I resisted the cake at school today. W00t. ~2600 cal
7:00 3/4c. Total cereal 1/2c. skim milk, peach, 1 tbsp pb, 1 egg white
9:30 1/2c. cottage cheese, apple, sugar free jello
12:00 1/2 tuna sandwich (tuna, salsa, bread), 18 baby carrots
3:00 1/2 tuna sandwich
5:00 6 oz. chicken breast, 18 baby carrots, apple
7:00 1 oz. mixed nuts
9:00 preworkout drink (~50g dextrose/gatorade, 25g whey)
10:30 postworkout drink (~50g gatorade/dextrose, 25g whey)
12:00 6 oz. salmon, 6g fish oil, 3 oz. ground beef, .5 oz mixed nuts

Thursday is Shoulder, Bicep, Tricep Day!
Military Press: 135x5 115x10
Eh, nothing special here.
DB Shoulder Press: 50x1 45x8 40x10
Couldnt pushout anymore 50's, and then, on 45s my shoulder popped. Im double jointed in my shoulder... sometimes it pops out of the joint. Ouch man, never happened while lifting weights though. Still hurts.
Lateral Raise: 20x10 20x10
Low weights, worked on form, will go to 25 next week
Tricep Pushdown: 75x10? 75x7 1/2 65x8 50x8
+10 lbs from last week, could have probably done more. First 75 set was done on different cable than normal, and it felt too easy to believe. Switched back to my normal, and it was more difficult, but maybe just because it was 2nd set?
CGBP: 95x8 95x6
My bro said my form was bad last week, so I kept the weight the same and worked on form.
Skull Crusher(+EZ bar): 20x10 30x6
First time doing these, eh, low weight but ill work up
BB Curl: 80x5 1/2 60x8
+2 reps from last week. the 70 lbs bar dissapeared, so had to drop to 60 lbs second set
Hammer Curl: 30x5 25x7
+2 reps, these burn :D
Preacher(+EZ bar): 20x8 10x10
First time using an EZbar for this, anyone know how much the stupid bar weighs? Weight will increase next week!
add-onFront Raise: 25x7 20x10
Nothing special
add-onCG ChinDown: 100x10 130x10 120x10
I seriously need some extra back work, so here it was. Done quickly, on a lat pulldown. Palms facing. I think ill move this excercise to dynamic chest/back day.

Seriously, I love ephedrine. Some people get mixed results, but not me. I get good appetite suppressant, im alert but not jittery, and because my energy all day, I sleep better than ever. I weighed in at 180 this morning, that is 4 pounds of weight loss in two days... explain that to me. Im just going to guess that my diet is probably lower sodium, so perhaps less water retention? Honestly I have no idea though, 4 pounds is a lot, even of water weight. Maybe I just weighed in heavy on the 1st. Again, I will just moniter progress and adjust as needed. Everyone have a happy and safe 4th of july!!

07-04-2003, 09:59 PM
July 4th, 2003: Day 3

Today has been hard, because my sister is baking and damn... smells... so... good... Food intake still in progress (its only 8 pm) but here's what we've got so far. Today is the first time Ive gotten hungry, and damn am I hungry.
10:30 3/4c. Total cereal 1/2c. skim milk, 2 egg whites
11:30 1/2c. cottage cheese, sugar free jello, 1 tbsp pb
2:00 5 oz chicken, salsa, 2 pieces ww bread, 24 baby carrots
4:30 50g gatorade/dex 25g whey
6:00 50g gatorade/dex 25g whey
7:00-8:00 1 oz. mixed nuts, 3 egg whites, 2c. broccoli, salsa, apple (IM STARVING!!)
(9:00 update, hunger has gone away, whew that was close)
edit/update10:00 6g fish oil, 1c. cottage cheese, 1 tbsp pb, 1 tbsp sugar free jelly
11:15 1 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp pb, 1 piece ww bread, 1 cup milk

Today was dynamic chest/back and abs.
Speed Bench: 95x15 85x15 75x15
Just like normal bench, but light and fast.
Ballistic Incline Bench: 95x15 85x15 75x15
I do this on smith rack. I load up the weight, bring to chest, throw the weight in the air, catch, repeat. I couldnt find the stupid flat bench, so I had to settle for incline. But thats fine, this worked well too.
Speed ChinDown 100x15 110x15 130x15
Just jerked the weight down real fast, as described yesterday. The belt on the machine was buckling on the lighter weights, and i dont think thats good for the machine, so Ill probably stick closer to the higher weights, for the sake of the gym. And it wasnt TOO difficult, so it should be fine for me too.
Weighted twist machine: 90x10 110x10 130x10
This was my first time using the machine for twists, and I like it. 10 bends to each side, each set. So really a total of 60 twisting movements.
Side bend: 50x10 60x10 70x10
I was probably using bad form on the 70's, not going down all the way. But ill fix this next week. I dont have heavy enough weights to do these at home! (note to self: win lottery, buy home gym) Again, 10 done to each side for each set.
Weighted Crunch Down: 80x10 100x10 130x10
Ive never tried this before, so I dunno if im doing them right. If im already doing 130, and the weight stack only goes up to 150, how am I supposed to progress???
10 crunches superset with 10 bicycles x10 x10 x10
These always work me well, so I do em :D
Wrist Curl: 40x10 50x10 50x10
Reverse Wrist Curl: 40x10 40x8 1/2 30x10
Static Holds: 135x15 205x10 205x15x15 225x15x12
Ok, my grip=sucks, so i needed some extra work. I did static holds on a smith rack. Did a semi-deadlift (about 2 inches from lockout) to unrack the weight, and then held for dear life. First two sets were over hand grip, the others were mixed grip. "x15" means 15 seconds. I was timing it on the clock, not just couting in my head ;) When doing mixed grip, I switched hands to work each side equally.

WHEW that workout took a lot outta me. Actually it wasnt too hard, but made me really hungry. Or maybe thats my sisters fault. I weighed in at 179 this morning, which accounts for a total of 5 pounds lost in 4 days tuttut I know its not actual weight loss, probably water, but it still worries me a little bit. Im uping my calories by 100, aiming for about 2700 until further notice. I know its the 4th and all, and I should be out partying and getting drunk but 1) I havent had a day off from school or work in 6 months (literally) so im going to just relax and 2) Drinking a case of beer is no way to start a cut! But for everyone who is drinking and lighting fireworks, be safe and have fun!

07-04-2003, 10:27 PM
Ballistic Incline Bench: 95x15 85x15 75x15
I do this on smith rack. I load up the weight, bring to chest, throw the weight in the air, catch, repeat. I couldnt find the stupid flat bench, so I had to settle for incline. But thats fine, this worked well too

That sounds kinda dangerous to me...good luck with you cut!:spam:

07-05-2003, 12:01 AM
cphafner:Thanks for the goodluck. Now that I think about it, it does sound kinda dangerous. If I were to miss the weight it would fall on my chest at a pretty fast rate. But I dont see that happening. With the smith rack, the bar stays in a straight line, and when the bar leaves my hands, my arms stay up in the position they left, alligned with the rack. It would take something weird to happen for me to move my arms (like sneezing, I guess). But if something out of the ordinary happens while you are doing any lift (like an earthquake), it could be dangerous too ;)

07-05-2003, 07:45 AM
JM: I didn't realize that it was on a smith. I thought u were just throwing a bar up in the air and trying to catch it.

07-05-2003, 12:12 PM
cphafner: lol, ya, I'm not gonna be throwing any freeweights any time soon ;)

07-05-2003, 01:12 PM
good luck with the cut.

and why not :spam:

07-05-2003, 08:51 PM
Thanks Wu!:D

July 5th, 2003: Day 4

(Mid day post, food intake not complete, but so far-so good)
7:00 1/2c. cottage cheese, sugar free jello
10:45 3/4c. Total cereal 1/2c. skim milk, banana
12:15 3 egg whites
2:00 18 baby carrots, 5 oz turkey, 2 pieces ww bread
3:30 preworkout (25g dextrose, 25g whey)
5:00 postworkout (25g dextrose, 25g whey)
6:15 1 oz mixed nuts, apple
8:45 banana, ww bread, 5 egg whites
9:30 11 oz salmon, ww bread

Rest day... becomes low intensity cardio day
Stationary Bike "Level 7" out of possible 25. 60 minutes. 14 miles ~400 calories
I grabbed a book, took a seat, programmed for 1-hour, and i just rode and read. I could do this every day- seriously. Was very nice. Nothing too difficult. Nothing real intense. Now im not sure if this will provide any real benefit in my quest for 12% because I drank the 400 calories I burned before and after I excercised. I dunno, just gotta wait and see :D

Again, just enjoying my second consecutive day off. I weighed in twice today. I woke up at 7, pissed, weighed in at 180. I ate my cottage cheese and went back to sleep. I woke up at 10:30, pissed again, weighed in at 179. So now Im guessing this is where I'm at officially. Its interesting how difficult it is to eat 2700 calories while only eating clean foods (and cutting). I cant believe I actually had olive oil before bed last night. But so far so good. If I can lose weight with this current calorie/food intake, I will be very pleased. I am semi-worried about over training. I am sore, but not too bad. I want to do so much... in only one weeks worth of time. I want dynamic excercise days, but dont want to stray too much from my current routine. Im trying to develop something new, but we'll just see!

07-07-2003, 01:02 PM
July 6th, 2003: Day 5

Eh, i recorded everything I ate, but times were hard to record because I was at work. According to fit day, I was slightly over 2700 calories, which I can live with. Something like 2712.

Sunday- Leg Day!
Box Squat ~parallel: 135x8 235x8 225x6
On 235's I couldnt get all the way down to the box, but I stuck the set out anyways, dunno why. Dropped to 225 and everything was fine. Ill reattempt 225 next week for more reps.
HackSquat: 90x8 140x10
I did this on the machine this time, instead of BB because I couldnt get down to parallel with it. Im not sure which muscles this works honestly, doesnt feel much different from a leg press!
Leg Curl: 130x8 110x8
I did this on a different machine than normal. The old one hurt my shins and ankles and it just wasnt comfortable. This one felt good, and worked out better too.
SLDL: 185x8 185x8
+20 pounds from my personal record, and i did it twice!! W00t. My grip was starting to slip on the second set, but I think the extra grip work on Friday helped out.
Calf Raise: 270x10 290x10 200x10 200x10
290 is +20 and it started to burn, which is a new feeling for my calves. I then did 200 with toes pointed in, then 200 with toes pointed out. Both burnt well ;)
Hip Adductor: 190x10 190x45 seconds
Stack only goes up to 190, and I got tired of doing so much volume just to feel anything. So second set I did a static hold. I think Ill keep doing it this way
Good Morning: 45x8 95x8 115x8
Is this even a leg excercise? I have no idea. It works my back! Oh well, maybe Ill move this to back day in that case. But this is only my second time doing them. Maybe as I go up in weight it'll work my legs more.
Leg Press to Chest: 270x10 180x20
Nice and deep, ouch, ouch, ouch

Good fun, good progress. In other news- anyone else getting all hot and wet over the prospect of gary payton and karl malone playing in LA? Cmon, the games two best players, plus the second best point gaurd in the league, plus the best power forward of all time? PUHLEASE. That lineup + mark madsen could win 80 games. Shaq could take the first 15 games off, Kobe could go on his typical mid season funk, and they could still pull of 75 wins. If mitch pulls this thing off, he may win GM of the year. Ok I know BB around here stands for bodybuilding, not basketball, but please, someone make this happen.

Oh and I dun wanna hear devean george should be starting over madsen. Despite being four of the leagues best players, GP, malone, kobe, and shaq can all be selfish at times. Need a guy who works hard, hussles, is unselfish 100% of the time. MadDog is that guy.

07-08-2003, 10:25 PM
July 7th, 2003: Day 6

Damn me- Im getting lazy with my posts. I recorded my diet on paper, but to retype it... eh so lazy. I ate ~2800 calories today, slightly above normal, but I did double excercise today, so I will live with that/

10:00 AM
This class is awesome after leg day, to keep me stretched out and DOMS not so bad. PLUS im the only guy in the class. [i]PLUS[i/] the instructor is hot. PLUS there is a fine ass asian chick in there. So anyways, ya dont knock me for doing yoga ;)
10:00 PM
Stationary Bike "Level 7" out of possible 25. 60 minutes. 12 miles ~350 calories
Same as last time, just read "chicken soup for the teenage soul" and rode my bike. Yes, i said CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE TEENAGE SOUL. Its a good book damnit

Nothing important. Is this what they call active rest? I guess thats what im doing

07-08-2003, 11:07 PM
jm: i prefer sldl's over good mornings. They both work your hammies and your lower back. I prefer SLDL's beccuase I can go heavier. I would perform either on your leg day.

Lakers are gonna be stacked. If Kidd(or even Andre Miller) goes to San Antonio, the east is screwed. If the heat can get Miller and Zo, and the Nets can get Kidd to stay the east might have a couple of decent teams. I root for the T-wolves(Wally Szerbs went to my hs) and hope they can add some fire power this off season. Looks like Juwan Howard is their man, but I don't think he is what they need.

07-09-2003, 12:00 AM
July 8th, 2003: Day 7

Sometimes when something sits in the refridgerator for a long time, it becomes less apealing. It gets older. You dont want old food do you? Well a piece of cheescake has been sitting in my fridge for three days. It wanted me to eat it. I'd been fighting it for three days. I broke down... I ate it... but all is not lost! Its still 930, and I havent reached 2700 calories yet, so calorie intake was not exceeded because of it.
7:00 banana, 2 ww bread, 3 egg whites, 4 oz cheescake
12:0018 baby carrots
1:15 1/2 sandwich (200 calories- 100 bread, 50 meat, 50 misc)
1:45 1/2c. cottage cheese, sugar free jello
3:45 3 oz. chicken breast, 18 baby carrots
6:15 apple
7:00 preworkout drink (~50g dextrose/gatorade, 25g whey)
8:30 postworkout drink (~50g gatorade/dextrose, 25g whey)
10:00 6 oz chicken, ww bread, 3 egg whites, 6g fish oil, 1.5 oz mixed nuts, 1/2c. cottage cheese, 1 tbsp pb

Chest and Back
Bench Press: 155x4 135x8
I decided to kick back the weight a little bit, so i can shoot for the 6-8 rep range. I'll reattempt 155 next week, aiming for more reps before moving on up.
Incline DB Press: 50x8 45x7 1/2
+5 pounds, felt good, and by good, I mean ouch
Dip: -50x6 -60x5 1/2
I dont really feel any "assitance" at all on the lower weights. I think my triceps are too into all of my chest excercises, and by the time I get around to dips, my triceps are torn up and useless. But anyways, this was a measly +1 rep, but Ill take it
Chin Up: BWx6 BWx3 120x8
I did unassisted chinups (closer than machine grip) for the first time in my life :eek: I couldnt get more than 3 on second set, so I dropped to the lat pulldown and did same width grip on the machine.
Dead Lift: 185x8 195x6+2
This is +30 lbs from last week, nice jump Id say, and im sure i could go higher by 10 or 20 or so. But thats for next week. Second set... my grip started to slip, the gloves are too thick. I dropped the weight after 6, tore off the gloves, pulled out two more reps and Im good. I need small gloves or maybe Ill just be a man and take the callouses.
Chest Supported Row: 65x8 75x8
All of today I was thinking about how my arms get an awesome workout from my "lat" excercises. So I dropped the weight and focused on the feeling my back, and I think this was better than last week at 95
Hyper Extension: 125x10 115x10
Eh, nothing.
Shrug: 180x10 270x7
Grip failed, doh. I repicked up, pulled out a couple more reps to work my traps more. Bleh stupid grip.
Standing Lat Pulldown: 100x10 90x10
Just wanted to hit lats from new angle, tried it, liked it, will do it again next week.
Full Incline Fly: 20x8 25x10
OOOOh this was good shiet. New excercise, liked it, will add again next week. I got a lot of stares when my chest and arms were flexed out. They were the good kinda stares ;)
Bench Press Negatives
Man, I was worked by the end of this session, and I couldnt lift worth nothing for negatives. My bro got a nice arm/deadlift/whatever workout getting that stuff off my chest.

Good diet despite cheescake, good workout. I weighed in this morning at 182, which is 2 pounds heavier than the day before, but 2 pounds lighter than 1 week ago. So eh, whatever, seems things are starting to balance out. I know that last night i ate about 800 calories right before bed, so that could explain the weight jump, but its all relative. I dun care how much I weigh now, as long as im losing bf%. Im looking into HST, as a bulking routine once i reach ~170-175 lbs, to jump me back up into the 180's, but that wont be for a few months.

And in basketball news... gary payton has commited to signing with the lakers.... oooh ya I wet myself when i heard that. (not really guys, cmon). Tell me what the odds in vegas are for the lakers winning 80 and Im on it... but I'll pass on declaring them the next NBA champs... I can see it now... First round of the playoffs, everyone wants the glory. Kobe refuses to pass, throws up bricks. Shaq refuses to pass, gets fouled everytime, misses his free throws. Karl Malone throws them 'bows everytime he touches the ball, fouls out in 3 minutes. And gary payton gets outhussled by oooh lets say stephon marbury. The only guy we got left is our superhero, maddog, who gets triple and quadruple teamed everytime down the court, cuz lets face it, why bother gaurding anyone else but shaq, and all you need to guard shaq is someone who isnt fouled out....
okay im starting to talk like a lakerhater, but i can see it all crumbling already...
but if that doesnt happen, and if san antonio signs kidd, well spurs vs lakes 2004 could be the baddest ass series of my life... *fingers crossed that everything falls into play*

07-09-2003, 12:20 AM
cphafner:ya man, as if the east didnt suck enough as it is. I think san antonio would be better off getting someone like 'dre and another big instead of kidd, but what do I know? Ive only been real into the NBA for a the past 5 years, and I cant think of any time that two teams have been so stuffed with talent, this is good stuff.
and as for sldl's, I agree. I like them better. I read somewhere that goodmornings were good to help your squat out, because if you start to fall over in your squat, there you are, in a goodmorning position. And my squat is fairly weak. I dont know, maybe Ill stick good AM's in with my dynamic leg/hiit day.