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Gyno Rhino
08-24-2001, 10:40 AM
Are Chick-Fil-A sandwiches bad? Their nutrition looks pretty good, actually. Whaddaya think?

08-24-2001, 10:41 AM
well other then being floured and fried and being on a sugar loaded white bread bun.....

umm...you could do worse...did you check their website for the nutrition info?

Craig James
08-24-2001, 10:59 AM
I used to love Chik-fil-a's little chicken nuggets. About ten years ago, when I was an employee at a local mall, and I was bulking pretty well, I used to order like 3 or 4 dozen of these nuggets and their largest coke for lunch. I would sit down, scarf up all of these nuggets, drink the entire coke and just fill myself to the bursting point. Problem was, there was so much sodium in those nuggets that even after drinking that huge drink, I was still totally thirsty - and I couldn't drink anymore for fear of puking! It was complete and total discomfort for about 30 minutes...

Just thought I would share that, as I hadn't thought about Chick-fil-a for years...

08-24-2001, 12:02 PM
They aren't the healthiest thing to eat, but probably good for bulking. Try Wendy's; I always get the Grilled Chicken Fillet Meal and chicken nuggets. ( You get 5 chicken nuggets for only 99 cents ). At least here thats how much it costs.

08-24-2001, 03:36 PM
I usually get their chargrilled deluxe: a bun, a piece of grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato. Simple, sweet. Compliment with a salad if cutting, or something else ;) if not.


08-24-2001, 03:41 PM
Yeah, the grilled ones are fine for you. I'm assuming you're smart enough to laugh at the fried shite.

08-24-2001, 04:41 PM
yeah I laugh at it, still eat the stuff mind :)
he he

what actually is a chik-fil-a? guessing like a kfc?

I'm quite supprised noones made a dodgy joke about the name yet

Gyno Rhino
08-24-2001, 06:24 PM
The fried **** isn't as fatty as you'd think. Yeah, I've looked at their website and they look surprisingly healthy. Lots of protein, fairly high fat but not very high saturated, the buns could be improved, but oh well.. Thing is I'm on eating plan in college and the cafeteria food is impossible to count calories and they never have the same ****. With the chick-fil-a sandwiches, I could include them as part of a meal plan.

08-24-2001, 06:29 PM
flake..better than kfc...all white meat chicken and it's pronounced like chik-filet ;)

gyno.....well you could go with the chargrilled, but you've still got that sketchy bun which i don't trust, but if you insist on the fried, perhaps do their fried chicken salad thing?

08-24-2001, 07:17 PM
"sketchy bun" lol :D

Do not trust the evil hamburger buns :)

08-24-2001, 07:20 PM
they are vil - chock full of sugar, sodium, and trans fats.

08-24-2001, 07:23 PM
sugar? transfat? seriously? I had thought that they were bad cause they were white processed bread product-crap but I didn't know there was sugar and trans involved. They probably make your insulin shoot through the roof.

08-24-2001, 08:16 PM
well that's the plan for the fast food giants....load the food up with addictive, "yummy" tasting chemicals and people will crave it and want more. the buns are the worst.

Gyno Rhino
08-24-2001, 09:57 PM
There's no sugar in the Chick-Fil-A sandwich. I dunno bout trans fat and I'm sure the GI is high, but as long as my cals are set to gaina bout a lb a week, it won't matter too much.

the doc
08-24-2001, 10:01 PM
they are fried in trans fat. that is why they "appear" to be low in sat fat because they are soaked in vegetable shortning (trans fat),

THey are still some good tasting nuggets and fries. I swore them off a while back and pounds seemed to melt like butter.

08-24-2001, 10:03 PM
there's sugar in the bread too...i can guarantee that.

08-24-2001, 10:21 PM
Most commercially made breads contain sugar.

Gyno Rhino
08-25-2001, 10:27 AM
I'm just going with the nutrition info posted on their website. *shrug* The trans fat is certainly possible.