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07-19-2003, 11:09 AM
I wish I had access to a digital camera for pics of what I look like, but ah well, try and scan some in at another time. I'm 17 and a half years old, I'm 150lbs at 5'6''. I've been training seriously for about two and a half years now. Before I lifted, I was around 130-133lbs. I've been as heavy as 155. I've packed on nearly 20lbs of muscle throughout the duration of my stint on weight lifting. I also have been wrestling for 2 years. I wrestled 135 last year and was the biggest 135 pounder in my county. This year I'm hoping to go 140. Loosing weight has been an easy thing for me, so looking leaner is a somewhat easy task for me. I work on a 5 day split, 3 days on, 1 day off, 2 days on, 1 day off. I use no supplements, just raw eating.

Sunday - Legs

Leg Extensions

135x12 for 5 sets

Leg Press

450x10 for 5 sets


225x12 for 5 sets

Leg Curls (squeeze at the top)

80x10 for 5 sets

Hack Squat

180x8 for 3 sets

Calf Raises

385x10 for 7 sets

Monday/Thursday - Chest/Back

Chins with wide grip

25 for 2 sets

Barbell Rows

185x10 for 3 sets

205 til failure for 2 sets

1 Arm Dumbell Rows

85 x 10 for 3 sets

1 Arm Cable Rows

150 x 10 for 3 sets


225x12 for 2 sets (warm-up)

275x8 for 2 sets

315x1 for 1 set

Incline Barbell Press

155x15 for 1 set

155x12 for 1 set

185x 8 for 2 sets

Incline/Decline/Flat Flyes (I like to switch things up every workout. I do one out of the 3 when I do flyes)

50 x 10 for 5 sets

Cable Cross overs

80x12 for 5 sets

Dumbell Pullovers

85x10 for 3 sets

Tuesday/Friday - Shoulder/Tricep/Bicep

Military Press

105x10 for 2 sets

125x6 for 2 sets

Seated Dumbell Lateralls (usually on a bench)

30x10 for 3 sets

35 til failure for 2 sets

Dumbell front raises

35x10 for 5 sets

Cable Lateralls

40x10 for 3 sets

50 til failure for 2 sets

Rear Barbell Shrugs

135 x 8 for 4 sets

Dumbell Shrugs

85x12 for 3 sets

95x10 for 2 sets

Tricep Pulldowns

80x12 for 4 sets

Weighted Dips

25lbs strapped on and do 3 sets til failure

Tricep extensions (skull crushers)
(I'm guessing the E-Z bar weighs 25lbs)

75x10 for 3 sets

E-Z Bar Barbell curls

95x12 for 1 set

95x10 for 1 set

105x8 for 1 set

105x6 for 1 set

Seated Dumbell curls (to the outside)

35x7 for 4 sets

Seated Preacher Curls

75x10 for 3 sets

Somedays on shoulder days, pending how I feel, I clean and press. I usually do 135 for 3 reps for 1 or 2 sets.


07-19-2003, 11:12 PM
Welcome to journal land! You've got some good strength for your size! Do you have and easy time overpowering people when you wrestle?

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07-20-2003, 12:34 AM
:spam: Good luck with your journal compadre. :D