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big calvin
07-20-2003, 08:45 PM
i cant take it anymore, im 370-380 and i cant go back to 450 i need someones help. anyone whos willin 2 help me out wit everything how many times 2 eat, wha 2 eat,how 2 eat it,how 2 cook it everything.... training also sets,reps,time between sets, pre workout meals post workout meals cardio fast slow what ever im just askin for someones help i cant do this anymore my way i need 2 have a life outside my house and i dont feel comfortable outside in certain places. all i want is results, thats it ill eat shakes all day if thats wha it takes ill drink flax buy the gallon anything as long as i see results...anyone wishin 2 help PM me please thank u. i dont know wha else 2 do anymore

im 20 years old
370-380 lbs
diabetic type 2 (no pills or insulin)
i take 150mcg of synthroid a day

07-20-2003, 09:04 PM

i'm pretty much in the same boat you are... just remember that there's no magic solution to the problem. we both know that shakes all day isn't going to help and too drastic measures often fail

just relax and take it easy. if you want results, it's not that hard -- you have pretty decent lifts so i would assume that you're not new to training at all

anyhow, the little details of training won't make much difference, but here's a little routine i've been doing that i think gives me a pretty good workout... very little rest in between sets

3x lat pulldown
3x bench press
3x military press
3x squat
3x DL

3x3 hang clean + push press
3x3 power clean + split jerk
(i do 8-10 fast DLs before cleaning the weight)
maybe some cardio after

as for diet, that's something i have trouble with myself. i guess you want 3000+ cals/day, and you should be getting adequate amounts of protein and EFAs. keep it clean and get enough calories, and you WILL lose the weight (you'll slowly lean out rather than dropping it all at once)

i know its hard, ive been trying for quite a while, and havent had much results in terms of weight loss, but body composition has changed drastically. just keep with it and you'll do fine!
(and dont be afraid to PM me!)

good luck! :)

big calvin
07-20-2003, 09:51 PM
thanks bro... my prob i think is like if i do low carbs like midday i start 2 think maybe i should do moderation instead and end up drinkin coke or eating something bad and say ill start moderation tomorrow morning... the next mornin comes and same thing happens about half way through the day i start thinking "man low carbs is the only way imma lose weight" and then cheat and say tomorrow ill start....well its ben a couple years of that "tomorrow ill start" bull****.... even right now i dont know wha 2 do... i like 2 eat the same stuff everyday i dont get bored but its me.. i read so much and learn so much all the studies contridict each other that i have no idea whas "right" ....see like right now in front of me i have a paper wit a line int he middle....one side says :







and the other side says:


2 totally diff diets and both would most likly work....but which would better work for me? thats my prob.. see as crazy as this sounds when i do something i cant do it half assed...it has 2 be the best or it isnt worth it.. i gotta give it my all and expect in return... but which would it be? i have alot of self control but ive ben wrong so many times before bro that now i second guess every thing i do... like in my trainin also..i asked a question like couple days ago and paul said why did i give up westside and right when i read that i thought ... "man i gave up imma go back 2 it".....10 sec.s later. "but wha if im wrong.....hmmm"....thats my biggest prob...self doubt. i know i can do anything i set my mind 2 (sounds corny as hell ) its just i hope im not wrong this time... u know wha i mean?

but thanks for the advice bro, i saw your post aboutt he cleans for weight loss also and thought maybe i should do it lol then i thought about a million other ways 2 workout 2 loL!!!! but thanks 4 real bro

07-20-2003, 10:52 PM
why would you eat hot dogs for breakfast.. they arent the healthiest of foods.

07-20-2003, 11:02 PM
yeah, self doubt is a biatch.

2 different diets...which one works best for you....

got 12 weeks to spare ? devote 6 solid weeks to each one and check the results. you can't lose (apart from losing fat).

07-21-2003, 02:45 AM
You have to figure out which diet is the easiest for you to stick with. Both diets will work, because at the end of the day you are losing weight because you are in a calorie deficit. If you find that the keto diets are the easiest for you to stick with then go with that, but if a more moderate diet is easier then go with that one. It really does not matter that much, and finding a diet you can stick with is really the most important thing.

If you want send me a PM and I will be happy to help you the best I can. In the meantime I recommend sitting down and writing out some goals for yourself. Once you write these goals down you should make a commitment to work hard toward them, while also keeping in mind that it will take a lot of hard work. Maybe start with a couple of small goals and then list one or two long term goals.

07-21-2003, 03:48 AM
It is important to realise that finding how to stick to a diet is more importan than which diet you use. It seems this always was your problem. Good luck

big calvin
07-21-2003, 01:21 PM
k found out wha i can do and heres the plan and goals for the next 12 weeks:

meal 1-4 scoops protein,1 serv. natty peanut butter
meal 2-4 chicken breast
meal 3-4 scoops protein,1 tbsp efa oil
meal 4-12oz. flank steak
meal 5-4 scoops protein,1 serv. natty peanut butter

imma try to find a veggie that i can eat but for now thats wha it looks like im gonna do.

as far as training.... i think most likly imma go back to WSB , so i can monitor my strength while dieting and make sure im not losin alot of muscle.

for the GPP/cardio wha i was thinking was farmers walks and very high rep cleans( thanks unshift ;) ) and on my off days walk 30 min a nice pace.

12 week goals:
under 350lbs at 40% body fat
bench: 350
squat: 350
deadlift: 380

those are my goals and plan for the next 12 weeks. i should start my journal up again also.

wish me luck:burger:

thanks u guys and thanks bradley

07-21-2003, 10:13 PM
the cleans are a bitch, trust me :) they work great! .... perhaps too great.... :D

good luck dude, sounds like you're ready to take control! let me know how your progress goes (i'll definitely be checking out that journal)