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big calvin
07-22-2003, 04:09 PM
k today i didnt cheat but damn i wanna eat some chicken strips like now!!!!...ugh i feel like crap i got a headach im cranky im hot...i hate the way this damn shake taste!!! the whole day has ben "should i go get chicken strips ?.... or should i stay on the diet?..... if i go off it i can start again tomorrow.....if i stick wit it tomorrows gonna be easier....":(

heres wha iv eaten so far:

10:20am- 4 scoops whey,2 cups water

1:20pm-4 chicken breast(bout 1 pound) with ketchup and like 3 cups water

4:20pm- high protein MRP in 2 cups water

im suppose to eat 12oz. steak which im lookin foward 2 at 7:20.. and then another shake at 10:20....

ugh... i want chicken strips and coke omg...coke right now would be heaven..... :(

tomorrow i train and i think imma eat more chicken and less shakes...atleast they taste better:(

big calvin
07-22-2003, 04:11 PM
o and i tested my blood sugar right after my 3rd meal... 179 in the mornin it most likly was around 250-300 cuz i had OJ last night....lil late night binge before the big diet lol

07-22-2003, 08:20 PM
if you have a coke and some chicken strips... why "start over" tomorrow?

do your damage, then get back on track right away. thats the only way you can stay on the diet for a long time... but for your first week or two, try not to cheat at all, and then it only gets easier :)

good job on not cheating though!

big calvin
07-23-2003, 10:29 AM
thanks unshift... the reason if i cheat i say start over is cuz like if i drink coke my blood sugar is high and once it passes 250 its like anything i eat is gonna make it go higher cause im not usin the food properly...somethnig like that so i normally say **** it and cheat the rest of the day and let the nights fast lower my sugar or inject insulin(i dont do that alot)...

but todays ben better and last night..well its not really cheating but its just not wha i planned... i had instead of the shake , 4 slices wheat bread(100% wheat) and turkey... like 30g protein,40g carbs 6g fat...not bad but not wha i wanted...but anyways todays ben good shake in the morn..just ate some chicken with ketchup... good good..not so crazy lol..

07-23-2003, 10:52 AM
damn bro 4 scoops of protein.. shiet i only take 2 a day, but u lookin good so far. cut that weight down.. c'mon u can do it

get that diet up


07-23-2003, 11:02 AM
hey cal - are you on glucophage?

big calvin
07-23-2003, 02:51 PM
thanks ruless :)

tryska: dont take any..i think if i did the headaches and crankyness would be full throttle lol

i wanted 2 add i did kinda cheat again today... i had chicken strips :( BUT no cokes...i ate them wit water AND im already back on the diet :) wha normally happens is i feel like i already ****ed up for the day and say **** it why not eat more crap i already ****ed up...but i didnt today :) so im kinda proud of that..but not of the chicken strips lol

07-23-2003, 03:17 PM
maybe, maybe not. but it would definitely help your sugar levels. i'm testing it out, cuz of some insulin senstitivity (okay i totally threw the fasting bloodwork to get it), but it's been working wonders on keeping my blood sugar low.

big calvin
07-23-2003, 06:02 PM
lol!!!.... maybe ....then atleast ill be able 2 eat some more carbs hehe lol

07-23-2003, 08:28 PM
good job dude, keep up the good work! :D in a little while you won't need the chicken strips, trust me.. .you're getting disciplined, it just takes a while sometimes :)

big calvin
07-24-2003, 08:58 AM
thanks bro ur helpin me out alot :)

went to the gym this morn..didnt do much (was in a hurry) but damn behind the neck presses felt so damn good! i dont go all the way down i just bring the bar to the upper rear of my head (arms parellel to the floor) and just WOW felt great

behind the neck press 65x10,95x10,10,8,8
bench press 135x10,185x8,8,8
close BP 135x10,10

felt pretty damn good... and so far i ate 2 turkey sandwhiches (38g protein,40g carbs,7g fat)


big calvin
07-27-2003, 09:05 AM
....not good past couple days... and today i had 2 eggs 1 hotdog and 2 slices bacon for breakfast...i dont know why but i just felt like doin keto... i dont have anything planned... :(.... i started lookin at books on nutrition i have and i dont know could i have ben eating 2 little? 2000-2500 was where id aim for but everything i read cause of my weight says like i burn 6000-9000 calories a day dependin on if i weight lift and do cardio!! wtf!!??!! i dont know thats like 3 times wha i eat on the "diet".... and then last night i saw a guy at the hangout who weighs less then me but is huge and everyone says i dont look like him cause he looks like he doesnt work out at all and i look like i got more muscle...but damn thats the only reason i didnt eat something really bad this mornin and ate the keto stuff.... i dont know why i cant stick 2 a diet...either my cals or 2 low or i dont have any will power...

07-27-2003, 09:52 AM
Keep workin hard big c, you've stuck to this for a long time now and I wanna see you reach your goals man. You're very dedicated to this and if you need to cheat occasionally do it man. Just remember this is a long process, so if you eat good 350 days in the year and cheat 14 days....well I think you see the point, you're still winning the battle as long as that cheat day isn't 20,000 calories :D

big calvin
07-27-2003, 12:33 PM
20,000 lol!!! nah just 18,000 ;) lol...

thanks dawg i just gotta find something i can live wit for now atleast till i can gain some will power

big calvin
07-29-2003, 08:45 PM
i was just reading a fitness mag thebill phillips one muscle something..anyway i was lookin through it and found this in big bold letters "KNOWING IS NOT ENOUGH, YOU MUST DO" and i know this sounds hella -before and after letters- lol but i started reading it and read the whole artical..and i think i came down wit some really good ...stuff or hints or wha ever u call them...

the artical is called TOP 10 TRAINING BASICS by charles staley and it lists 1-10 things.. well the ones that stuck out 2 me the most i used and these are them:

here it says theres alot of elements of in gettin a high level of fitness and they give examples like :

it say to rate them from 1-10 and choose the lowest 3 and work on those so my lowest 3 where DEIT,HORMONAL BALANCE and EQUITMENT ... diet cause i cant seem 2 stick 2 anything so wha i came up wit was 3 things i can do and can live wit and it will help me alot... first thing is no more coke for me its the biggest thing in the word...this comin from a guy who can drink up 2 a 6 pk of coke with lunch thats 210g sugar in 1 meal + wha ever i ate.. that alone will help me in so many ways ...second thing is every morning have a good meal...oats or a meal replacement shake... for lunch and dinner ill eat wha ever but with water...for now anyways and i can leave wit it... and 3rd is eat every 3 hours...good meal or bad.. a yogurt or chips..wha ever every 3 hours so i get in the habit of eating often and dont binge out on something..........now hormones cause im diabetic(insulin),have hypothyroidism(thyroid) and my testosterone levels are low... so i came up wit things i can do 2 make sure they are runnin good... insulin? make sure to take my glucovance and if it becomes 2 strong i can lower but im going to start wit it again maybe it will releave some cravings or something... thyroid? make sure i take my 150mcg of synthroid every mornin first thing when i wake up. and test..well only thing i can do is i heard traingin heavy low reps can increase it? so i will train with low reps as well as high..... now the next thing was equitment, now its not that i dont have it its just i dont really like goin to big gyms cause i feel like everyones thinking wha am i doin here, and i know everyone thinks that but im 380lbs... its diff... and sometimes...well most of the time ill park and see its packed and just go back home ..so its a problem i realize... so the only things i can think of where look for a small gym or less packed gym.... look for a time where this gym has less people.... or save up for a home gym... i like that idea but i left alot and id need a power rack...and wit everything its gonna be around $400 atleast... i can save up but thats in a couple weeks... so for now the first 2 are my options...

here it talks about help and motivation...either from a partner or trainer or online support... and thats where u guys come in ;) lol so i just wanna say everyone can reply and id like it alot of u would, makes me feel like someone does look at myjournal :)

here it just talks about the importance of keepin a journal and its so tru cause back when i did stick 2 a diet i wrote down everything and when i stalled id go back and see wha i changed...wha workd.. and go back to wha workd.. so this rule is just write down everything!

here it just talks about overtraingin and resting... and 2 measure your wakin pulse if its 8 beats higher lay off the trainin...

here it just talks about people can be scared of tryin a program but do try it thats the only way of knowin for sure if it works for u or not.

well this is a long ass post lol those who do read it and post thanks i really think that artical was a good read for me...or maybe it just clicked for me who knows but im really excited about it u know not doing a diet the whole thnig... i just well we'll see how it goes tomorrow :)

o and i just wanted 2 add i went to the gym today and did pretty good... tried the WBB part 1... didnt finish cause i felt like a dumbass tryn to do chins on the damn machine assested chins and dip thing.. :(

bench press 135x15,175x10,245x8,245x7
low incline db press 50x10,60x8
assested dips 200lbs helpx8,6
assested chins 230lbs helpx8

and then i left.... chest was pumped like crazy but now my back hurts a lil :(

08-01-2003, 06:47 AM
245x8 bench? thats pretty good, i can't even do 225x1 :(

08-01-2003, 09:09 AM
hey cal have you thought about joining a big gym and getting a trainer?

a good trainer can help keep you motivated, kinda sheild you while you are at the gym, and will also help with support.

it's just a thought.