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07-26-2003, 06:08 AM
i`m currently trying to bulk and would like some oppinions on this kind of food routine.. i`m not gonna be eating this every day but i just want to know if its a good starting diet for me to work on, its wot im gonna be doin on monday anyway. i`ve no idea of how many cals i`m taking cuz i aint sure how to work it out yet. ok it goes like this..

wake up- 0500
3 weetabix
bowl of rice puddin

cottage cheese sandwich x 2

cottage cheese sandwich x 2
protein bar
can of protein drink

curry on 2 peices of white bread
bowl of rice puddin

work out
post workout creatine drink

omlette and beans on toast
protein shake

sleep = 6.5 hours

ok i know 6 n half hours sleep aint gud but i start work at 6

any help or suggestions would be much appreciated as always ;)


07-26-2003, 06:35 AM
0500- have some more protein. have some eggs or somthing. also, the rice pudding, i dont know what the nutritional facts are on it, but the stuff my mom gets has a LOT of sugar in it.

1600- try to switch the white bread to wheat bread.

is the yogurt plain, no-fat yogurt? also, just be sure to not get a flavored type of yogurt, becuase those seem to contain a good amount of sugar.

07-26-2003, 07:51 AM
More fat (~25% of daily cals), and more specifically more EFAs (essential fatty acids). Might want to throw in some fish oil, nuts, natural peanut butter, olive oil, or flaxseed oil. You could also incorporate some oily fish such as salmon into your diet.

You can use a site like www.fitday.com to help you track your daily calories. Adjust daily calories up or down in small increments until you are gaining a small amount of weight each week (.5-1lb. per week).

07-26-2003, 10:39 AM
ooooh so much stuff to learn! thanks for all your help

07-26-2003, 01:48 PM
Originally posted by madfistbt
Id concentrate on having more carbs in the morning and concentrate on pros in the evening after the gym, as unused energy from eating at night can turn into fat.

This really is not the case, as calorie balance at the end of the day will be the main determining factor as to whether or not you gain/lose weight.

Although I suggest eating protein and fat as your last meal just because the protein will supply the body with amino acids and the fat will help slow the digestion which is ideal because of the overnight fast (sleep). Although it would not hurt anything to throw a few carbs in there as well, if you so desired.