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Chris Rodgers
02-04-2001, 10:01 PM
I'm too small. I'm bulking. Here it goes:


Wake up- 1.5 scoops of CellTech, water

Meal 1- 5-6 oz. hamburger on whole wheat bread, 50 gm. carb oatmeal, 1 tsp. flax, multi, water

Meal 2- 6-7 oz. chicken breast, 70 gm. carb brown rice, carrots, peanuts, water

Meal 3- 5-6 oz. hamburger on whole wheat, baked potato, carrots, water

Meal 4- same as meal 2, plus multi

Meal 5- chicken, hamburger, or eggs, 50gm. carb oatmeal, 1 tsp flax oil on a salad, water

Meal 6- Met-rx shake w/scoop of peanut butter, 5 gm. glutamine, water

On training days I will be having a post-workout meal including the Celltech and adding 3/4 serving Nlarge, 10 gm. glutamine, 2 gm. vit c, 400 iu vit. e, 1 banana, water

I am not worried about getting fat. If I lose my abs it is ok! I have to keep reminding myself that. I was not gaining much with 3,300-3500 cals. This plan will give me approx 4,600 cals on training days and about 4,150 on off days. I will equal those cals on the weekend, but with a diet that is more free. I will drink at least 1.5 gallons of water and more like 2 on training days. I will train three days per week, heavy compound exercises. Time to grow! This will be my first true bulk. Wish me luckand feel free to offer suggestions. Thanks

P.S.- I am not a big fan of veggies, hence the carrots and salad. Oh yeah, the approx. % are 45% carbs, 27% protein and 28% fat. Thanks

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02-05-2001, 09:45 AM
Just out interest why are you having more calories on training days and dropping them for your off days. I asked this question a while back on mm.com and Miss Abs cleared i up for me

02-05-2001, 09:52 AM
Looks decent, hope you enjoy eating 4500+ calories. :)

02-05-2001, 10:30 AM
Fran, I think (but don't quote me on this) that the difference in cals on trainning and non-trainning days may be because of the serving of CELL-Tech.

I'm not positive though...

02-05-2001, 11:45 AM
i would eat less protein and fat and up the carbs a bit more as you you are eating over 300 grams of protein and nearly 150 grams of fat on training day. that amount of protein while eating that level of carbs you will be leaving some of the protein straight down the toilet.

02-05-2001, 06:31 PM
I think it looks very good. Run with it and see what happens on it.
truth be known having to eat that many calories and taxing your digestive system, I would just skip the lettuce and take a good multi-..but that is just me...

Plus I am not your mama...so you don't have to eat your veggies..

Chris Rodgers
02-05-2001, 09:45 PM
Thanks everyone! :)

The added calories on training days are from the Nlarge shake and banana added in after training. On my rest days I just sleep in longer and start from meal one. Celltech is taken daily.

02-06-2001, 02:02 AM
All forgive my damn English ignorance but, whats with the hamburgers ..... what are they fat free or something ... or are they steak burger .... coz if I told someone to eat burgers to get big ... they'd think I was taking the p!ss.


02-06-2001, 10:56 AM
Hamburgers are ground beef, cooked normally served with pickles chips and diet coke.... on a hot summer day....

Ok so not if you are a bodybuilder.....

It is just ground beef. Like ground steak only cheaper and more fats generally.

Good source of grow food if you can get the 95% fat free stuff.

No worries Yates......
I just barely learn what is is to "shag"...... silly me, who would have know.....

02-06-2001, 11:18 AM
Originally posted by MissAbs
I just barely learn what is is to "shag"...... silly me, who would have know.....

Lol,:) Us Brits will have to teach you some more of our phrases:D

And U will have to try some of the Brown Ale:D

02-06-2001, 11:58 AM
Damn right!


02-06-2001, 03:42 PM
chicken i do not think half the people on here will have tasted this geordie delight.
I think the american should learn some metric at school as well as most of the data i read i have to convert into imperial. especially when they eat in ounces and drink in fluid ounces. what happneded to grams, KG.

chris mason
02-07-2001, 07:42 PM
Hamburger in the morning? Maybe something else to start the day, but otherwise it looks good.

Chris Rodgers
02-07-2001, 09:06 PM
Can you explain why a hamburger in the morning is bad? It happens to be one of the few things I actually crave at that moment in the day.

02-07-2001, 10:46 PM
I could go for some beef in my scrambleds in the morning.

Chris Rodgers
02-07-2001, 11:25 PM

I'm going to start using flax as my main fat source instead of peanuts. The peanuts are not being kind to my system. I'm going to start taking flax 4-5 times a day. Let me know if you think this is a bad idea.

02-08-2001, 01:27 AM
Originally posted by MissAbs
No worries Yates......
I just barely learn what it is to "shag"...... silly me, who would have know.....

ohhhh ..... behave baby !!!!!!!!