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08-13-2003, 02:10 PM
Umm guys Ive been around the game for a while, but I have no idea what the purpose of the chains, when it comes to powerlifting. And I know what bands, do but if somebody mind explaining them too.

08-13-2003, 02:21 PM
I am by no means an expert but I believe they are used for like progressive resistance. Like as you lift more "links" come off the ground adding weight as you move through your ROM.

08-13-2003, 02:26 PM
I think they're pretty much the same as bands but not quite as versatile.

08-13-2003, 02:36 PM
Yeah, what they said. Sorta like bands in that they add isometric resistance, so the further away from the floor the resistance becomes progressively heavier.

08-13-2003, 04:33 PM
Ahh makes sense now. Hmm now i wanna add some chains. :)

08-24-2003, 09:17 PM
yea someone told me to do some chain work now i understand

08-24-2003, 09:22 PM
where can u find chains or get them

Paul Stagg
08-25-2003, 06:50 AM
Topper supply or elitefts.com sell them as sets.

who says you need them, and why?