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08-22-2003, 10:14 PM
Thought I'd throw my new macrocycle up for all to see. Questions or commends, especially from the gurus appreciated.

Phase 1

Workouts 1-6: Double Tri-Sets (Accumulation)

Day 1

A1) Incline Barbell Bench 3x6-8 (31X1) 0s
A2) Dumbbell Bench Press 3x4-6 (31X1) 0s
A3) Incline Barbell Bench 3x4-5 (31X0) 120s
B1) Dumbbell Row 3x4-6 (31X0) 0s
B2) Cable Row to Neck 3x4-6 (31X0) 0s
B3) Dumbbell Row 3x3-5 (31X0) 120s

Day 2

A1) Deadlift 3x6-8 (X1X0) 0s
A2) Single Leg Press 3x4-6 (31X1) 0s
A3) Deadlift 3x4-5 (X1X0) 120s
B1) Standing Good Morning 3x4-6 (31X0) 0s
B2) Standing Leg Curl 3x4-6 (3110) 0s
B3) Standing Good Morning 3x3-5 (31X0) 120s
C1) Swiss Ball Situp 3x6-8 (31X1) 0s

Day 4

A1) Lying EZ Triceps Extensions to Forehead 3x6-8 (3110) 0s
A2) Close Grip Bench Press 3x4-6 (3110) 0s
A3) Lying EZ Triceps Extensions to Forehead (3110) 120s
B1) Paused, Standing, Narrow Reverse Grip EZ Curls 3x4-6 (5010) 0s
B2) Seated Zottman Curls 3x4-6 (4020) 0s
B3) Paused, Standing, Narrow Reverse Grip EZ Curls 3x3-5 (5010) 120s

Phase 2

Workouts 7-12: Patient Lifter's Routine (Intensification)

Day 1

A1) Barbell Bench 6x2-4 (30X3) 120s
A2) Chin Up 6x2-4 (31X3) 120s
B1) Hammer Grip Incline 6x2-4 (31X3) 120s
B2) Barbell Row 6x2-4 (31X3) 120s

Day 2

A1) Power Snatch 6x2-4 (X0X5) 120s
B1) RDL 3x4-6 (3111) 120s
B2) ATF Squats 6x2-4 (31X5) 120s
C1) Hanging Leg Raise 3x4-6 (3110) 60s
C2) Saxon Side Bend 3x4-6 (3110) 90s

Day 4

A1) Close Grip Barbell Scott Curls 6x2-4 (5010) 120s
A2) Close Grip Triceps Dips 6x2-4 (5010) 120s
B1) Seated Dumbbell Hammer Curls 6x2-4 (5010) 1200s
B2) Seated Half Rack Presses 6x2-4 (2210) 120s

08-23-2003, 12:39 AM
What's the purpose of incline benching?

08-23-2003, 11:52 AM
Variation. I'm never going to compete in any kind of powerlifting or olympic lifting, so the exercises I use are not always geared to driving up the big three, nor will I perform the full olympic versions of any lift.

08-23-2003, 09:26 PM
OK. I know LAM does incline. I was just wondering if it helps ur bench.

08-23-2003, 11:59 PM
Oh, of course it helps your bench, if you increase your incline, I would *expect* to increase my flat bench, but I think the carryover would be different for everyone depending upon personal weakness.