View Full Version : Liver Problems, just like that. Please help

08-23-2003, 09:18 AM
i am not using AS,phs nothing!!
thats what i use:

Optimum 100% whey
Dextrose PWO
Multi-vitamin (Lanes)
Optimum Amino 2222 pills
flax seed oil

Now i cant explain it but my liver has a problem! its not only that the ALT and AST enzymes are increased(which can also be caused from intense exercise) GGT is normal, it hurts in the liver area. a feeling like inserting a needle. U/S showed that it is enlarged. no stones nothing.
its not hepatitis. I've been tested for it 3 weeks ago. it was negative.

i dont think i am taking too much protein either.

i am 80kg (170lbs) and i am taking 180-200grs a day.. thats about 2.3gr/kg.. its not much..
i drink about 2 gallons a day of water.

Now i have been using loads of anti-oxidants to help but nothing. that what i have been using:

Milk thistle(3x150mg/day)

MRM liverX(also known as Liver Performance) (4 a day). it contains NAC,Milk Thistle,ALA, choline and a couple of herbs in very small doses.

Vit C(about 2gr a day split to 4x500mg)


Please help it bothers me big time.. what can i do..?

08-23-2003, 09:26 AM
why not try to stop supplementation completely for a month or so to see if that helps, or if it doesn't affect it at all?

08-23-2003, 04:48 PM
Do you drink much diet pop? Doctor told my mom to stop cause of aspher??. Just a shot in the dark