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08-25-2003, 05:22 PM
Hey all. Well, having spent nearly a year working my ass off and not getting anywhere, through making just about every mistake possible, I'm starting again.

I managed to loose 1.5 inch off my waist. And that's it.

Here are my new starting pics. Laugh, scoff and do what you will, I will not make the same mistakes again.

I found out what the problem was in my diet and I seem to have corrected the mistake so far.

I will post new pics on a monthly basis and see if there are any improvements.

Calves (http://www.aminocreations.com/images/calves.jpg)
Biceps Flexed (http://www.aminocreations.com/images/front_biceps1.jpg)
Front Rested (http://www.aminocreations.com/images/front_rest1.jpg)
Thighs Front (http://www.aminocreations.com/images/thighs_front.jpg)
Thighs Back (http://www.aminocreations.com/images/thighs_back.jpg)
Back (Sporting a nice tattoo) (http://www.aminocreations.com/images/back2.jpg)

There you have it. Nice, scary, hairy pics. (and a couple of tattoos).

Please remember that I'm 6'4" and with having only a little frame to go from it's going to take me a lot longer in comparison to look decent than it took some of the more vertically challenged members. ;)

Be kind!

All the best, and wish me look for a fresh start.


Stephen Riddington
08-25-2003, 07:48 PM
Good luck on your new journal and here's some :spam: to start things off.

08-25-2003, 08:52 PM
TerraChyld, congrats on the new start, we all learn from our mistakes, it only makes us that lil more wiser!

what does your new diet look like? theres alot of intelligent people on this forum, try doing a few searches to help you write your own one up if your still a bit stuck, or post your own thread.

good luck!

08-26-2003, 02:14 PM
Hi guys, thanks for the input. Here are this years measurements.

What I am now:
Height: 6'4" / 193cm
Weight: 226lbs / 103kg
Bodyfat % (Navy Method): 26%?

Neck: 17
Shoulders: 51.75
Chest: 46.5
Biceps: 15
Waist: 38.75
Thigh: 25.25
Calve: 17.25

I start my new proggy over the next couple of days.

7 days a week alternating between cardio and weights.

I'll let you know my progress..