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08-26-2003, 07:13 PM
Hey.. I've been reading a lot lately in here about bulking, cutting, calorie intakes and basically just about everything and anything trying to learn more. I posted some stuff about trying to lose body fat and some weight and such and got some good replies. Now I have a new question..I recently had my body fat checked at my gym with one of those caliper things. It ended up I'm about 21 to 22% according to the guy that did it and his chart. Now, I believe the 4 readings he took were like this..on my tricep..4...biceip was 11..love handles were...40...and on my back somewhere i forgot the number. Needless to say..I have A LOT of extra chub packed on around my belly button. My arms aren't too bad for never really working out or anything. I've been cutting now for about 4 weeks. Also at the gym, they had me shove this thing in my mouth an breathe for a while and it told him how many calories i burn a day based on my metabolism and it said like 1740 or so on average. So I figure..ok 1750 or so would maintain my weight..I want to lose weight..I figure with my cardio and weight lifting I burn roughly around 500 calories or so each day. So that means about figure..2250 or so a day to maintain my weight with the excercise and my metabolism right? So to lose weight..I need to reduce that by 500 or so? I've been eating about 1600 calories a day..spread out usually in 5 to 6 smaller meals..50% carbs..30% protein and 20% fats are what my calories are. I keep track of it all with this little computer program thing. Now, my question is, with all this wonderful info and everything..And my new healthy eating habits and excercise..And taking in less calories than needed to maintain my weight..why is the fat all still there? I havn't even lost a pound yet. And it looks like my belly is gaining more fat. And my triceps are gaining some flubber too it looks like..and my back and sides are gross...do I just need to keep going for a long time like this until I'm down to about 12% or so body fat? Have I not given it enough time to start losing weight? Basically..my chest is fine..forearms have no fat really..legs are fine up to my butt..where its all fat..then my belly is big and round and sloping..my love handles are even larger than my belly..they hand down with a fold on each side and are gross..and you cant really see any muscles on my back...upper or lower..How long should all this take? Should I reduce my calories even more? I dont think I could because I'm still so hungry all the time. I use to be 6' and weigh 165 and be skinny and now 3 years later..I'm 6' 1 and 205.. also..to show how easy I gain fat..in two weeks time..no lie..I went from the 190 up to 200. Just two weeks. And I changed nothing in my diet at that time and did nothing different that I know of. Anyone got any suggestions or ideas I could try and do? Sorry for such a long post I just wanted to try giving some info..Thanks for any replies.

08-27-2003, 03:35 AM
I think your cals are too low, and your metabolic rate has decreased in response to the low calorie intake. If you weigh 205 you should be taking in more than 1600 cals per day, especially with your current activity level. I would recommend slowly increasing your cals over the course of a few weeks until you are taking in at least 2000 cals. I think you are going about it the right way, but I would not concern myself with what that machine says. Go with what you body is telling you, and it is obviously telling you that you need more cals.

08-27-2003, 08:21 AM
Alright, I'll try that. Thanks for the reply.

08-28-2003, 07:36 AM
Yea you should never be hungry. You could also try an ECA for a few weeks. I took an ECA for like 12 days or so maybe more, and it gave me the energy to shed off some inches off my waist it seems, I had to buy a new belt:). Just keep at it, remember you will lose fat all over and since you have more on your stomach like me it will seem like it's taking longer. Also stick to the weights, so you don't lose that muscle. Even though I've lost inches off my waste my weight has almost maintained for the past 2 weeks it seems, cause of lifting weights I'm guessing. So stick to the weights and don't always use weight as a guideline, you could be building muscle:) Goodluck!