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08-27-2003, 08:55 PM
i maxed out my squat yesterday (hit 335, failed 350 -- but overall a 100+ lb improvement from the start of the summer!) and today my right knee is feeling a bit out of whack. is it time to start wearing knee wraps? what exactly are knee wraps good for? and if i should get them, what kind of wraps are good and competition legal?

also another slightly humerous note, i missed the peg when i was re-racking a 300lb warmup lift :( i didn't drop the weight, but came damn close

08-27-2003, 09:19 PM
It basically makes everything around your knee really tight, so that when you are bending it down, it reflexively wants to straighten back up, which of course will aid you off the bottom. It is more or less effective on heavy lifts, and shouldn't be used otherwise.

I think 2 feet in length is competition legal in the IPF, but I can double check. I just got a pair, the Inzer Zs from monstermuscle.com, they are the black ones with red horizontal stripes and are quite common. Not sure if I'll train much with them until I am near ready to start competing, just to get used to them but not wear them out.

08-27-2003, 09:25 PM
They instantly added about 50 lbs to my max squat when I first tried them.

How much of that was mental I don't know; I only use them very rarely, for heavy squat attempts

08-27-2003, 09:33 PM
so i shouldn't be using them for everyday squats? basically only 1RMs?

i think i should get a pair anyway, so i don't injure myself, and that way i'll get used to them

08-28-2003, 06:51 AM
No you can use them for heavy sets, so maybe up to a triple, but after that probably not. The more they wear out they also become less effective.