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09-03-2003, 10:40 AM
i'm starting a new routine in a new gym (gold's, next to fenway park, if anyone's from the boston area :))

anyhow, because of the lack of some equipment, and my continuing interest in powerlifting, i need advice on a new routine. here's an outline i have so far (sets x reps):

2x3 clean and jerk
5x4 deadlift
3x6 reverse hyperextension
3x6 good morning
3x6 pull-through
2x6 curls
2x6 shrugs

3x4 bench press
3x6 DB incline
3x6 DB floor press
3x6 close-grip bench press
3x6 military press or DB shoulder press
3x6 face-pulls
3x1 chin-up negatives (can't do them yet)

2x3 snatch
5x4 squat
3x6 overhead squat or front squat
3x6 SLDL
3x6 lunge (walking)
3x6 good morning

i'm thinking of cycling some things... sort of like westside, except not as hardcore. for example, i might do a speed week where i speed bench, squat, and DL, and then a max-effort week where i max out a couple other lifts, and continue that cycle. i need some suggestions from you guys about that for sure

now, there are a couple problems with the new gym... unlike the old one, there is no safety rack, i assume that dropping things is taboo, and there is no chalk allowed (though i never used it before -- but i just bought a 1lb bag). no safety pins means i can't max out my squat till roughly mid-december when i go home and back to my old gym.... and it's hard to do things like static holds (though i can probably do some sort of ghetto version), and can't really go to failure without pissing off the queer pretty boys who run the gym.

any suggestions on the routine?'

edited to add shrugs and chins

09-03-2003, 12:12 PM
Depending on how tall you are, you may be able to do static holds off of a bench press.
Im by no means an expert so i wont insult you by making suggestions on your routine :D