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09-04-2003, 09:14 PM
Hey im 16 years old and im bulking now, Some of you may know me i had a journal here at Wbb before but im making a new journalwith new goals. i weigh 162 pounds and i have gained 4 pounds last month on my diet. My goal is to have a clean bulk up to 170 then cut. But my main focus is to just get to 170 for now. My Bf% was tested at 19.3% but its not that accurate the trainers say. On my jounal im going to be recording all my workouts, my foods i eat everyday and my Total Daily Intake for Calories, Fats, Carbs and Protein. My nutrisional goals are to eat 1 g. of protein per pound of weight at least, 25%-30% fat and 50%-60% carbs, and i want to eat 3500 calories a day. I have been playing around with difrent calorie amounts and ive found out that i gain 1 pound a week on average at the calorie intake for a week. The reason im bulking is to get maximum stengh then cut down to show what i have worked for. I am trying to also get stronger, faster, and more powerful for my upcoming High school baseball team in march so that is my deadline to bulk and cut. ( approximatly 7 months from now)

My max lifts 1 ROM


Bench Press- 140,

Deadlift- 185


Upcoming Goals


Bench Press-180

Deadlift- 250

Squat- 225-250??

Bf% Goal-19%

09-04-2003, 09:17 PM
Tuesday's Training Log


Meal 1- 3 eggs/ 4 slices of wheat bread
Meal 2- White Roll/ turkey/ 1 slice of american cheese/ skim milk
meal 3- Cereal Bar/ Protein Shake w/ water
Meal 4-Cheese Rice/ Cereal Bar/ plum/ 2 slices of wheat bread/ 1 tbsp. of P.B
Meal 5- Bowl of grape nut cereal w/ skim milk/ 3 eggs/ 4 slices of wheat bread
Meal 6-Protein shake w/ skim milk/ 1 slice of wheat bread 1/2 tbsp. of P.B

Total Daily Inake:

Carbs- 342

Supplements- 5 g of creatine, 1 multivitamin

Cardio- 20 minutes of intense Bike riding

Lifting-Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps, Forearms

Standing Military Press 65x10,65x10-It felt really weird while doing this exercise. I had a twitching sensation in my right arm. I used to have this feeling before i had my surgery. It starts at my elbow and goes all the way up to my little pinky. Otherwise from that this exercise felt really good. I felt it on my back.

Concentration Curl Machine-80x12, 90x12- Could have done more weight but this was the first time on this bicep machine. I felt a really good burn in my biceps. But next week i think i want to do preachers curls instead.

BB Bicep Curls-55x12, 60x10- My veins in my arms were pumped like crazy while doing this exercise. I got a great burn in my biceps and i really felt it. I felt that i got more of a burn doing 12 reps then 4-6 reps. This was a great exercise today.

Close Grip Bench Press-110x8,115x7- This exercise felt really good while i was doing it. 115x8 is an all time record for me on close grip bench press. I improved from last weeks 115x6 to 115x8. I felt really good about this exercise. My left wrist still gives out in the later reps because its weaker from when i hurt it a few months ago.

NewsPaperRollUp- Failure, Felt a great burn.

Front Raises- 15x12, 20x8-I felt like i got a good burn in my shoulders and 20x8 in a record high for me.

Lateral Raises-12x12- This is an exercise i need to improve on. I could have done more weight but i didnt want to hurt my rotator cuff since i previously hurt it 2 days ago playing baseball.

Hammer Curls-20x12- could have and should have done more. My biceps were really tired so i only did 20x12 but i think i might have been able to pull of 25x12. Im going to try that next workout.

Tricep Pushdown-100x12, 110x12- This exercise felt really good and i felt a pretty good burn in my triceps. I think i could have done more weight but this was the first time i had been on this machine and i was taking it a little easy.

Wrist Curls-25x12- Felt good

Static Holds-Failure- Felt the burn in my forearms and fingers

Farmer's Walk-Walked back and Fourth twice across gymx60llb. I felt an incredible burning sensation while doing these. It was a wonderful feeling. After doing these my forearms had a huge pump and i loved it.

Walking Wrist Killers-Failure- Did a pretty bad set only did it for about 10 seconds, i was worried about stressing my shoulder and i was way too tired. These are crutial for building mass in my forearms next week i will try harder and accomplish them.

Comments- Today was a pretty good day. I had a good day on the diet. And i had a great day at the gym. Today was an overall good day.

09-04-2003, 09:18 PM
Wednsday's Training Log

Meal 1-4 slices of Wheat Bread
Meal 2-White Roll, turkey, cheese, Skim milk
Meal 3-2 Cereal Bars, cheese rice w/ tab of butter
Meal 4-2 cups of pasta w/ velvida cheese/ cereal bar
Meal 5-2 cups of pasta w/ velvida cheese/ icee/ 20 oz. powerade during my baseball game.
Meal 6- Whey Protein Shake( 2 serving of whey protein powder) w/ skim milk

Total Daily Intake:


Supplements-Multivitamin, 5 g of creatine

Cardio-Bike Riding 15 minutes


Comments- Today was a pretty good day on my diet, but i should get some more protein and some more good fats in my diet and lower my carb intake, but besides that i had a pretty desent day. Friday is my chest/back day im excited.

Baseball Update**- Today we lost our second game of the season 7-1 to manchester, we played at the silkworms field and it was pretty kool. Today i was the designated hitter because my arm was sore the game before so they wanted to give me a rest. I went 2-3 today with 2 solid infield singles. My first at bat i hit a hard ground ball in the gap between 1st and 2nd and the first basemen got it and i slid head first into first base and beat it out. My next at bat i hit a hard grounder between 3rd and shortstop and the shortstop dove and caught it and threw a bad throw to first and i beat it out. My last at bat a hit a solid linedrive/ high pop to right field, but i felt good about it since i went with the pitch and hit it hard.

09-04-2003, 09:18 PM
Thursday's Training Log

Meal 1- 2 eggs, 4 slices of wheat bread
Meal 2- white roll, turkey, cheese, skim milk
Meal 3- Protein bar
Meal 4- 1 1/2 cups of pasta w/ pasta sauce
Meal 5- Cheeseburger w/ ketchup, 2 slices of wheat bread w/ P.B
Meal 6- Large Bowl of white rice w/ cheese mix. Protein shake w. water
Supplements- 5 g of creatine, 1 multivitamin

Lifting- None

Cardio- None


Baseball Update**- Today we lost out game 8-0, i went 0-2 with a ground out to third and a stike out. I made a few plays in the field. But i was taken out in 5th innings because my rotator cuff was really hurting me again.

09-04-2003, 09:59 PM
Good luck with the new goals. I am glad to see you making journal postings again.

Stephen Riddington
09-05-2003, 12:30 AM
Good luck... hope the shoulder gets better.

09-05-2003, 03:50 PM
Friday's Training Log

3000-3500 calories today

Supplements- 5 g of creatine, 1 multivitamin

Cardio- Rode bike

Lifting- Chest/Back

Bench Press- 150xmiss, 145xmiss, 145x1, 115x8, 115x7( Improved Max from 140 to 145)

Pec Deck- 80x12, 90x12

DeadLift- 155x6, 185x3, 205x1 (improved max from 185 to 205)

Lat Pulldown- 100x12, 110x12

Seated Row- 100x12

Bent Over Row- 85x10, 85x11

Comments- O.k day on the diet had a few handfuls of chips today. Good Workout today i improved on 2 core maxes.

Baseball update**- None

09-07-2003, 05:09 PM
Saturday's Training log

Had a bad diet... I snacked on some chips at night and had some icecream sandwhiches. The rest of the day was ok.

Calories- 3000

Supplements- 5 g of creatine, 1 multivitamin

Cardio- Rode bike for 15 minutes

Lifting- None

09-07-2003, 05:15 PM
Sunday's Training Log


Meal 1- Bowl of Cheese Rice/ Powerade
Meal 2- 4 eggs/ 4 slices of wheat bread/ 2 cups of milk/ Grape nut Cereal
Meal 3- Bowl of white rice
Meal 4- Bowl of pasta w/ pasta sauce
Meal 5- 1 1/2 tbsp. of P.B/ 2 slices of wheat bread
Meal 6- Country fried chicken, mashed potatoes, small corn on the cob, and gravy tv dinner, protein shake w/ milk

Supplements- 5 g of creatine, 1 multivitamin

Cardio- None

Lifting- Legs

Leg Press- 185x122, 235x12

Calf Raises- 4x105xfailure

Leg Extention- 100x12, 110x10

Leg Curl- 60x12, 70x12

Comments- Today was a good workout but i should have done more stuff but i was rushed because i had a baseball game right after. Next workout im adding in some squats and hack squats possibly and upping the sets, reps and intensity.

Baseball Update**- Had a game today vs. somers. We lost in 10 innings to them. I went 2-5 with 2 singles. My season Batting average is now 6-13=462% With 2 walks, and my OBP is 10-15=667%, 1 stolen base.