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09-07-2003, 08:55 AM
Rich Daniel's
Record Breaking Deadlift Routine

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Rich Daniels
I would like to share with your readers how I achieved a Florida state record. I was born in Orlando, Florida. I have been training for 14 years now. I have competed at 198 pounds and as low as 165. I currently hold the state record with a deadlift of 515@160 and have actually locked 530. I have only competed twice in deadlift and broke the state record in my second competition. My best bench press in a double poly is 425 @ 165. I am ranked in the top10 by monstermuscle magazine, top 20 by the American Powerlifting Association, and in the top 100 in the United States. I have always felt that I had a good bench, but when I trained for my first deadlift contest I learned a lot. My training is a mixture of Westside Barbell and old school techniques. My workout is as follows:

Box Squats-8 doubles w50%
Glute Ham Raises
One other assistance move (front squat, leg press, hack squats, barbell lunges, then calves)

We pull a light sled - 4 trips for recovery

Reverse-hypers, abs(standing abs,kneeling abs,etc)

Sled-60% of what we pulled tuesday

Abs (this time either leg raises w/chain,decline w/ plate behind your head,spread eagle situp)

Goodmornings, Pullthroughs,and either Back Extensions or Reverse Hypers

We don't do any regular deadlifts between meets. We do speed deads every 4 weeks only. We use 60% for s singles, 45 second rest. We do these standing on 2-2x6 boards. This is the exact program I used to break the state record with no previous deadlift training. I am also currently preparing for a bench meet with a record in mind. I will write about my bench press training in a future article.

Thank you,

Rich Daniels

09-07-2003, 08:36 PM
wow that sounds pretty good.... but why are you telling us this too make us feel bad that ur better than us lol jk good job tho

09-07-2003, 08:52 PM
that article is as convincing as saying i will play basketball better if i wear michael jordans shoes

for gods sake it doesnt take much more than simple common sense to throw together a training regimen to add strength

09-07-2003, 09:39 PM
its a copy of an article not my writing for one and for two i thought it would be a good debate starter not an opportunity to flame...