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09-07-2003, 10:45 PM
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The Report of Russian coach Yuri Ustinov about a test of training program of Boris Sheiko on drug free lifter of average level.

Sheiko Training Programs. Do they work on regular people? After these programs of Boris Sheiko have been posted on the net, and also in some powerlifting magazines, the huge wave of different opinions about it came up. Will the natural powerlifter be able to handle all the work and volume? Or the mega-dose of steroids is required? Or, right after lifter has started to follow the program, he will definitely get chronically overtraining stress? And how to rehabilitate after, if beside of that some other things present, such as job (school), family? Totally, there were many questions and arguments about the program. There was only one method – a test.

I made an experiment (I can’t find another word) in my hometown Novorossiysk, of prospective progress in the results of average lifter by working on Boris Sheiko program.

In the beginning I would say about the sportsman, the major person in my experiment. Alexander Barabash. He was born in 1972. Master of Sport in track and field. Was specializing in running for 400 meters over boards. His height is about 2 meters (!). Weight – 97 kg. By that time he was already a candidate to Master of Sport in powerlifting, working out with weights since 1998. As you can see from this information, he does not have any special benefits or advantages for doing powerlifting. Long muscles, “running”. Beside of that, Alexander works very hard (he has his own business) and has a family.

The program for two months has been chosen. One month from preparation period, and second from competition period of candidates to Master of Sport and Masters of Sport. At the last contest (Novorossiysk’s Summer Championship) he has lifted in squat – 222.5 kg, bench press – 122.5 kg and deadlift – 235 kg. Therefore the percentage was taken of these weights. But in the process of training after the test Alex has increased these numbers by 5 kg in squat and bench press.

As very responsible and “hard” man, Alex was following every point of all workouts. It was extremely hot. In that summer in Novorossiysk the temperature was getting +50C in shadow! Our gym is located right under the sun and is not equipped with airconditioners.

But Alex was working out without any problems and did not miss a one workout.

We planed to get him up to pick of shape by Krasnodar regional championship, but it was not held. Especially for Alex we have made a City Records Day.

The result was phenomenal. I will repeat, a person is 2 meters high, with body weight of just 97 kg! Hands are long, legs are even longer. Just imagine, how comfortable he is!

Without any competitors, you will agree that it is very important; Alex’s squat was 245 kg, bench press – 142.5 kg and deadlift – 240 kg. In deadlift he was “soft”, because of competitors absence. He had some extra kilos to lift in squat. In bench press his attempt for 145 was redlighted by referees.

47.5 kg within two months! I think it is a good increase in total.

So, now you have to judge. Does the system work or not? It is important, as I think, to count the percentage correctly. For the maximum weights you should take a real numbers, but not those that you want to lift after. And one more thing: Alex had worn knee wraps during the hard day in squat, and easy day – without them. All the rest he has done without special uniform. He had worn the special uniform only for the test and contest. Also, a power of spirit plays the major role during workouts such as those. Each workout takes more than 2.5 hours. But if this system has worked out with the lifter without any advantages for powerlifting, so I think, it will work on every other lifter.

Honestly, I don’t know how this system will work on a lifter of highest level, because the weights are absolutely different. But the experience of Sergey Mor, Alexey Sivokon and Maxim Podtynniy says for itself.

P.S. Six months later Alex has participated at the 2000 Open Moscow’s Cup and lifted the following: squat – 250 kg (very easy), bench press – 152.5 kg, deadlift – 250 kg. He is still following the training programs of Boris Sheiko, and does not plan to stop on this level.

Yuri Ustinov