View Full Version : lets make a stew

09-14-2003, 12:44 PM
last night my bro cooked me up a huge stew and it was amazing so Im going to tell you guys what was in it

your going to need the biggest pan you have got for this cos were bulking

slice on whole onion and fry it in the best olive oil

next put in

sliced potatoes, 4 baking potatoes per person

sliced carrots, 4 large carrots per person

put this lot on the boil with some added gravy powder

next throw in one can of kidney beans per person

next is the secret indredient, one can of baked beans per person, it might sound gross but this makes the meal

what we want next is sausages, I have quorn cos I want my protein very low fat, but you guys can add the real thing.
If its quorn I have the whole packet, thats 6 sausages, but if its the real thing thats a lot of fat so its your choice.

Next cook for 25-30 minutes.

Then reduce it down if its a bit soup like and add some corn flour.

We have just cook an amazing stew, if you cant eat it all then your a big baby girl.

Protein shake for dessert;)