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09-14-2003, 12:58 PM
Sunday 9/14/03


alt. db curls, seated - 35x10, 60x10, 60x8, 55x10
seated db tri extension, seated - 60x10, 60x10, 55x8

ezbar curls, standing - 90x10, 95x10, 95x9
ezbar tri extensions, laying - 90x10, 95x9, 95x9

cable curls, standing - 180x10, stackx8, stackx10
overhead cable extensions, bent - 80x10, 90x10, 100x5

forearm bar roller - 25x up&dn, 25, 25
wrist bb curls - 35x10, 35x10, 25x12

to dos:
get bf% reading
make template for cut and paste for criste sakes!:rolleyes:

09-14-2003, 01:09 PM
:spam: Hehe. Making a template makes writing journal entries take a lot less time. :D

Good luck with the journal Lefty.

09-14-2003, 02:09 PM
Hey, Shane thanks.

from the looks of it keeping the journal is the tougher part or at least the cold stare of the facts on the page keeping it real :read:

re: bf& - not the most thorough but an easy to use site, that requires registration. bf% = 11.98% which sounds too low, but OK for the ego

http://www.mybodycomp.com/members/home.asp (http://)

09-14-2003, 04:44 PM
Starting WBB Routine #2 Tuesday,
as a test I'm estimating the weight/reps and will see how it turns out -

routine goal - estimate - actual

Day 1: Chest and Back

Dumbbell Incline Press
2x9-11 - 60x10, 70x10 -

Close Grip Chins
2x9-11 - Bw, undergrip - 9, 8

Flat Dumbbell Flies
2x9-11 - 50x10, 60x10

Wide Grip Pull Downs or Deadlifts
2x9-11 - dl - 90x10, 90x20

Decline Barbell Bench Press
2x9-11 - 200x10, 220x10

Seated Cable Row or T-Bar Rows
2x9-11 - scr - 180x10, 180x8

09-16-2003, 08:07 AM
Tuesday 030916 - how do they loose the 50's?

Incline DB Press - 55x11, 60x8
Close Grip Chins/bw - 10, 8, 9
decline bench crunches/bw - 20, 16
Flat Dumbbell Flies - 55x8, 45x9
Wide Grip Pull Downs - 90x12, 140x15, 180x8
Decline Barbell Bench Press, busy so tried...
Decline DB Press 55x11, 55x8, 55x8
decline bench crunches/+10 - 15, 12
Seated Cable Row - 160x10, 180x6, 160x8

30min treadmill @ 145 bpm

so I had my little piece of paper and pen for taking notes, I felt like some kind of bird watcher… guess I'll need a notebook or printouts for each workout or maybe some speacial drug for improving the memory and just leave all this crap in the car!

09-21-2003, 09:47 AM
Sunday 030921 - too early or too late the night before

legs - :rolleyes:

press 180x10, 270x10, 270x10, 360x6
extensions 180 x10, 180x10, 180x9, 180x8
curls 90x10, 120x10, 120x9, 120x6
hip/open 90x10, 90x10, 90x8, 90x8
hip/close 120x10, 120x10, 120x8, 120x6
standing calf (wide+ narrow) 300x20, 300x20, 300x18, 300x16
seated calf 90x10, 140x10, 140x19, 140x8

09-22-2003, 08:33 AM
Monday 030922

chest - pirate day holdover

bench - 90x11, 110x10, 140x10, 10x8
decline bench - 110x10, 130x10, 110x8, 110x6
pecdec - 200x10, 200x11, 200x8, 200x6
incline bench - 70x10, 90x10, 90x8, 70x5
decline db flys - 20x10, 25x10, 30x10, 35x6

first stretching, tight legs from yesterday
ab/crunch machine - 50x15, 50x12, 50x15

started working with a buddy who's stronger but prefers more reps so hope this will push me some to keep up

should have time for cardio tomorrow

09-22-2003, 08:54 AM
Goodluck with the journal bro it looks like youve got a fair idea of what your doin. Ill keep checkin in

09-22-2003, 10:07 AM
d-bol - Thanks for the encouragement, the journals gonna be good as a motivator and reality check.

I'm surpirsed right off what a difference better form makes not just the lower weights (lol) but focus too.

09-24-2003, 10:10 AM
Wednesday 030924

streching and floor ab crunches

hammer shoulder press - 90x10, 110x10, 140x6, 110x8
cable rows - 150x12, 180x8, 150x10, 150x8
lateral db raises - 20x10, 30x10, 35x10, 35x6
shrugs - 40x10, 45x9, 40x10, 35x10
front bb raises, seated - 30x10, 40x8, 30x10, 40x8
standing isolation raises - 10 failurex3

the last two exercises are new to me:
the bb front raise is just like db but using both arms at once holding the bar about shoulder width apart, using both arms keeps the focus on form = less cheating.
i have to find the real name for holding the weights extended to the side with small rotations until failure. goofy looking but a killer (small circles? sounds worse than snow angels or airiplanes)

the plus of working with a buddy is slightly off set by going a little slower so I'll need to schedule more time to fit the cardio in or pick-up the pace :scratch:

09-25-2003, 07:11 AM
Thursday 030925
arms - superset pairs

seated db curls - 35x10, 45x10, 50x8, 40x10
tricep extention - 50x10, 50x10, 50x8

ezbar curl - 90x10, 90x8, 80x10
skull crusher - 90x10, 90x9, 80x10

cable pressdown, single - 60x10, 80x10, 80x8
cable curls, double - 180x10, 200x8, 180x8

09-25-2003, 10:35 AM
Lefty....Good lookin' workouts. Just a thought, with the other weights you're handlin', you need to up the poundage on your shrugs. I think yer goofin' off on 'em. :D Them seated DB curls are killer. Check in with ya later.

09-25-2003, 03:29 PM
busted tuttut -

Volcamp - Hey thanks for stopping by and for the input.:thumbup:

Now that you mention it the shrugs do look lame but I remember that it didn't seem easy at the time! They'll be rollin' back in just a few days so no slacking this time. I had been doing single shrugs with heavier weight (oh sure you were) but the dual version is tougher so I went with lower weight.

(doing smilies and such on a laptop w/o a mouse is no fun :-))

09-26-2003, 07:51 AM
Friday 030926


10min, warn-up
40min, hr=141+/- 4.5 speed 5.0 incline
10min, cool down

turns out the treadmill does read the strap monitor so i don't have to hold the handles to get a reading...Astro gets a longer leash.

:french: my interest in smilies should soon wane but i do wonder why there's a french one and no serbo-croation, for example.

09-27-2003, 08:39 AM

some treadmills are more equal than others

10min - warm-up
30min - 4.0 speed, 4.0 incline
10min - wind down, decrease incline first then speed in 2min increments

no reliable HR readings on the treadmill used today, neither the monitor strap nor the hand grips gave believable readings jumping fom 50 to 110 or going blank so just entering time etc.

09-30-2003, 08:11 AM
Tuesday 030930 -

legs -

press 90x10, 180x10, 270x10, 360x10
curls, seated upright 90x10, 120x10, 130x8, 130x6
extensions 180 x10, 180x10, 180x9, 180x8
squat, smith 90x12, 110x10, 110x8, 110x6
standing calf (wide+ narrow) 320x20, 350x20, 350x18, 320x16
seated calf 90x10, 140x10, 140x19, 140x8

the squat # are really lame but as a practice it's a start. i've seen a lot of comments about hating smith squats so have to try regular squats next. i can imagine part of the squat is control and balance the straight up and down with smith feels strange not sure if feet were too forward or not.

yow, walking down the stairs afterwards was almost the toughest part, outside front of thighs.

10-06-2003, 09:19 AM
Monday 031006

legs - where the hell have you been all week?

press 180x10, 270x10, 360x9, 180x10
extensions 180 x10, 210x10, 210x6, 180x6
curls 120x10, 120x10, 150x8, 120x9
hip/open 90x10, 90x10, 90x8, 90x8
hip/close 120x10, 120x10, 150x6, 120x8
seated calf (mach?) 250x12, 250x12, 210x20, 250x8
seated calf (hammer) 90x10, 140x10, 190x8, 90x12

there's an early yoga class tomorrow give that a try after chest and before voting.
i'll probably not write-in Sunny von Bülow after all...
http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0100486/ (http://)

10-07-2003, 10:32 AM
Tuesday 031007

back (not chest)

cable pull downs - 100x10, 120x10, 140x10, 140x8
hammer seated pull, each - 90x10, 125x10, 150x8, 135x9
hammer seated row, each - 90x10, 125x10, 150x8, 135x9
cable row, wide - 100x10, 120x10, 110x8,
bb row - 35x10, 50x10, 70x9, 50x10

30min cardio, treadmill waiting for -

yoga class 90min - 'socks are your enemy'
the instructor was very methodical, i think he could tell most of the class were newbies so more form less stress and no surprise bare feet don't slip as much.

10-10-2003, 09:10 AM
Friday 031010


db curls- 25x10, 35x10, 35x10, 20x10
reverse grip bb curls - 35x10, 50x10, 50x8, 35x10
consetration curls (over back of bench) - 25x10, 30x10, 22.5x10, 20x10
cable rope pushdowns - 40x10, 100x10, 100x10, 90x10
seated db tri raise- 20x10, 25x10, 20x10, 20x10
tri kick backs - 15x10, 15x10, 15x10, 15x8
ezbar curls- 50x10, 60x10, 70x10, 50x8

getting advise on form makes the exercises tougher for sure but it's sobering to type in the lower weights ;-(
and the 22.5's generated a snicker from the buddy, something about splitting hairs...