View Full Version : Could Carbs Have Gotten Me Thicker?

09-14-2003, 06:30 PM
I bought a bathroom scale that also measures your body fat. I only bought it because I want to measure my progress more accurately, when I feel better about my weight I will get my body fat tested under water. Anyway, the point is I had to take some measurements in order for it to tell me my body fat. One of which includes my waist. When I measure, my waist is now 39. I also weighed myself and weigh 209.

If you recall, I posted my weight on Friday, which was 200, I carbo-loaded that evening and all day Saturday. I figure I ate about 350 grams of carbs. A good chunk was also sugar carbs because it is my understanding that I want some to spill over to fat cells. I ate potatoes, cereal, low fat ice cream, spaghetti, bread, bread sticks and bagels. I may have eaten even more then 350 grams. Anyway, could my carbo-loading have given me a thicker waist? I know that I would weight more because that happens according to Lyle McDonald. What do you guys think?

My body fat by the way shows up as 23%.

Never mind, I just realized that I might have taken my first measurements incorrectly. My waist is 38, I thought it was 36 because of my belt but I was all mixed up. I guess I am not doing as well as I thought, but I will keep on working. As I mentioned before, even with my flab you can see some abs. I guess all is not lost then.

09-15-2003, 02:19 AM
I would recommend taking your measurements before beginning your carb load, due to the fact that you are probably bloated and/or retaining water after the large calorie intake.

If you kept fat to a minimum I doubt that you would gain any significant amount of fat, consuming that amount of carbs (assuming full depletion). You have to expect the large increases in weight after a carb load, due to glycogen/water weight.

There is no need for spillover into fat cells unless you are <15% bf.

Also I would not put much stock into the bio-impedance scales, but they can be a useful tool in tracking your overall progress. Just make sure to weigh yourself under the same conditions each week.