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09-21-2003, 06:15 PM
Lacrosse practice just started at my university and I am in desperate need of cardio endurance...soo I am going to start distance running again :( I plan on easing into it by doing ~2 miles either before or after my weight lifting. I currently have a preworkout shake which consists of 25g Malto/~11g protien for a total of ~155 calories, and a postworkout shake which consists of 25g Malto/25g Dextrose and 23g protien for a total of ~ 310 calories. Which of the following options is better for my workout...

1) Cardio on empty stomach pre weight lifting. Directly after cardio drink my pre-workout shake then lift then post workout shake...

2) Preworkout shake...Cardio, lift, then postworkout shake...

3) Pre workout shake...lift, cardio, postworkout shake...

Which of those options is better? Any other suggestions as to how to work it? I would like to keep catabolism to a minimum...obviously. I am on a slow bulk right now. Eating 2500 cals on non-workout days and 2810 cals on lifting days. I am probably going to increase that to 2700 non-workout and 3010 on workout days. With the addition of the cardio on workout days I will be adding an addition ~200 or so cals to make that aroudn 3210 cals on workout days. (I am still losing weight on 2500/2810 cals). I believe my maintenance be not much higher that 2500/2810. Would Lipoderm-Y on workout days pre workout help to keep my bulk leaner? Or does that ONLY show results on a caloric deficit and should I just save it for the end of my cut? Sorry for the long convoluted post. Any experience with Lipoderm-Y during a slow bulk is welcome.

My current weight is around ~165-169ish at around 9-10% bf Maybe a little less.

09-22-2003, 02:32 PM
I think you probably had your lipoderm questions answered but about the cardio and lifting...

If you are doing cardio, I would do it after working out. If you could, I would drink part of my post workout shake after lifting but before cardio. Realizing that you probably can't but on the off chance that you can, I'd sip the post workout shake during cardio.

My only real question would be why not split up your cardio and lifting days? This would be a better option IMO.

09-22-2003, 02:57 PM
I don't think I can take a shake into my gym...It is my universities gym and they are pretty anal about bring food/drinks in. I am going to do cardio on my off days in addition. But I have to get my cardiovascular endurance up real quickly as lacrosse just started and I havn't ran in over a month.