View Full Version : havnt eatin since saturday evening!

Bam Bam
09-05-2001, 09:00 AM
well i have had a few crackers and tried to take a protein shake or 2 but ive had the worst case of the flu (its probably not helping that my white blood cells count is low) anyways i need to eat something what should i try

also i was cutting and how detrimental is this to my body?

09-05-2001, 09:31 AM
chicken soup?

i mean flu recovery protocol would be clear fluids til you can stomach more.....will it hurt your cutting? in that you may have lost some muscle mass, yeah......but what are you gonna do? besides get better and get on solid food again.

sorry you were sick.

the doc
09-05-2001, 09:34 AM
try to eat small amounts. Your undoubtedly losing muscle mass but that is natural during sickness. Your body is mobilizing all its resources to biological warfare. Try to eat anything you can. Bland food and soup are great. some cals will help your immune system. take your vits

best wishes for a speedy recovery!

09-05-2001, 09:35 AM
Eat food. Just do it. Even if you yack it up, chances are some of it will stay down. Here are some foods that I like to eat when I'm sick:

Wheat bread

Then again, I NEVER puke, so I'm an exception to the rule...

09-05-2001, 09:37 AM
gino...you can have the flu and eat tacos dude?


guts of steel.

09-05-2001, 09:57 AM
if you ever feel sick, just picture a bacon and egg mcmuffin covered with mayo.

09-05-2001, 11:05 AM
Tryska - Yeah, I have a cast iron stomach. I didn't even puke when I got alcohol poisoning a few years ago. I wish I had...

09-05-2001, 11:07 AM
ouch...that had to suck. so if you couldn't throw it up, what happened to you?

09-05-2001, 11:11 AM
Degeneration Tryska(and me)tuttut

It was bad...

09-05-2001, 11:16 AM
doh. sorry y'all.

09-05-2001, 12:33 PM

Fried rice also gets me back to eating better before I resume with a regular appetite. This happened the last couple of times I was sick with a cold/flu virus.

Bam Bam
09-06-2001, 01:23 PM
thanks for the help guys its thurs and just this morining i was able to eat 2 ritz crackers! most of the time i cant hold water down which is really worring me. I find it hard to even move my arm over to reach for the glass of water.

bbahhahaha i want my mommy baabababhh

Bam Bam
09-07-2001, 09:24 AM
its been almost a full week now and yesterday i got down some chicken noodle soup but i cant stay hydrated to save my life last night i woke up every 30min or hour and was so dry ! i usualy piss a couple of times anight but havnt ofr a week when i finially do pisss it comes out dark yellow. I normalyy shrug offf bugs in a short b=period of time but i suppose this could be hindering me because of my white blood count. If i m not better on monday i am going to admit myself into the hospital