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10-03-2003, 12:15 PM
hi. my name is ashes and i'm new here... so be gentle with me. ;)
this is my attempt at making a log to keep track of my gains. i will be back logging my workouts, so the next however many entries i make will be me doing that. feel free to ignore.

The Lowdown
over the winter, i went through a small bout of depression. i stopped going to the gym, ate away my woes, and gained 15lbs. the defining day was when i ran into my ex boyfriend and he said "what happened to you! you use to be so skinny!" ha. yeah, asshole to the nth degree. feel free to break his kneecaps for me. ;)

BUT, now i'm back.

approximately 14 weeks ago, i started up at the gym again . i started doing all the old wussy, girly training i had been doing before the winter. after only a week back, i made friends with Mike and David, two of the larger body builders at my gym. Mike turned me on to power lifting.

after about 13 weeks of the hard lifting routine he put me on, i look better then i have in a long time. i generally refuse to do cardio (basically i just hate it with a passion), but the lifting i LOVE. i've always had a large frame (broad shoulders, wide hips) for a girl, so i decided that this was a way to work *with* my body's natural state.

while i have been putting on mass and muscle with my new regimine, my ultimate goal is to lose body fat. i have no grande illusions of doing so until i incorporate cardio and do intend to start working on that. today was my first day of putting some cardio into my routine.
my routine is as follows...

The Workouts
Day 1: LEGS (and abs if i have time. if not, i incorporate abs into the rest of the weeks).
bear squats
leg press
hamstring curls
leg extensions
standing calf
seated calf
leg abductor (this is the only one of the list that i am currently doing for higher reps)

Day 2: CHEST and TRIS
flat bench
incline dumbells
cable flys
dumbell extensions

Day 3: BACK and BIS
stiff legged dead lifts
seated rows
cable curls
single cable curls
forearm curls

Day 4: General MIX
true squats
incline bench
skull crushers
machine flys
wide press downs
rear delt dumbelss

The Cardio
my pathetic attempt at inserting cardio into my routine started today. instead of resting between sets, i am jumping rope. it's short enough in each duration that i don't completely hate it, plus it keeps my heart rate up. this is a HUGE step for me,, don't knock it. hehe

The Diet
pretty ****ty. about 3 months ago, i more or less gave up pasta. considering i literally had it for 2 meals a day, everyday (hey, i'm italian, gimme a break) this was quite a huge step for me. since then, i have had only 2 pasta dishes. my chocolate/dessert intake (which was astronomical because i work at a restaraunt... i was having a dessert *everday* over the winter, literally) has been cut severely. i average a sweet about once a week. still too much, but i am an admitted junkie.
not caring about fat intake in general, but more protein and less carbs. drinking habits consist of water and skim milk. no caffeine, no sodas.

ok. this intro was more for my records then anything. sorry to bore ya'll. and if you got this far, kudos to you

10-03-2003, 12:20 PM
woot first to say hi and good luck :spam:

10-03-2003, 12:40 PM
Good luck !

Whats a Bear Squat?

10-03-2003, 12:46 PM
Originally posted by cyclone
Good luck !

Whats a Bear Squat?

a bear squat... hmm... i know there's another name for it....
it's basically a squat *machine*,, you know, where you load on the plates as opposed to free bar-ing it.

thanks for saying hi!

Reinvented: thanks a lot for the first welcoming! you're a peach.

i just threw some pictures up in the Members Pics section.
go here for pics (http://www.wannabebigforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=38008)

paty boy
10-03-2003, 01:22 PM
Good luck to you.

Looking really good in those pics.

10-03-2003, 01:29 PM
back logging...


Day 1:
bear squats: 90lbs, 3x10
leg press: 180lbs, 3x10
ham string curls: 47.5lbs, 3x10
leg extension: 65lbs, 3x10
standing calf: 85lbs, 3x10
seated calf: 30lbs, 3x10

Day 2:
flat bench press: 80lbs, 2x12, 1x8
incline dmbl: 25lbs, 1x12, 1x10, 1x12
free flat flys (with a twist): 20lbs 3x10
dmbl extensions: 15lbs 1x8
12lbs, 2x12
pressdowns: 52.5lbs 1x10 - stopped due to injury in lower, right stomach.

Day 3:
stiff legged dead lifts: 70lbs, 3x10
pulldowns: 80lbs, 3x10
seated rows: 90lbs, 3x10
preachers curl: 40lbs, 3x10
dmbl curl: 20lbs, 2x12, 1x9

Day 4:
true squats: 80lbs, 3x10
incline flat bench: 80lbs 1x7
75lbs 1x10, 1x7 (i messed this all up, because i thought the bar only weighted 40lbs. i was quickly corrected)
skulls: 40lbs, 3x10
machine flys: 55lbs, 3x10
wide press downs: 55lbs 3x10
shrugs: 55lbs, 3x15
rear delt dmbl: 20lbs, 3x10


Day 1: bodyfat percentage taken: 24.6%
bear squats: 100lbs, 3x10
leg press: 195lbs, 3x10
hamstring curls: 50lbs, 3x10
leg extensions: 70lbs, 3x10
standing calf: 90lbs, 3x10
seated calf: 32.5lbs 3x10
abs: light abs done. pain in lower right stomach still.

Day 2:
flat bench: 80lbs, 4x10
incline dmbl: 25lbs, 3x12
free flat flys (twist): 20lbs, 3x12
dmbl extensions: 12lbs, 3x12
pressdowns: 52.5lbs 3x10

Day 3:
stiff legged deadlifts: 75lbs, 3x10
pulldowns: 82.5lbs, 3x10
(superset in obliques)
seated rows: 100lbs, 3x10
preachers curl: 40lbs, 3x12
dmbl curls: 20lbs, 3x12
(superset in obliques)

Day 4:
true squats: 85lbs, 3x10
incline flat bench: 70lbs, 3x12
(superset in obliques)
skulls: 40lbs, 3x12
machine flys: 57.5lbs, 3x12
wide press downs: 55lbs, 3x12
shrugs: 60lbs, 3x15
rear delt dmbl: 20lbs, 3x12


Day 1: 30 minutes on elipse machine
bear squats: 110lbs, 3x10
leg press: 190lbs, 2x10
205lbs, 2x10 (screwed up my weights)
ham string curls: 52.5lbs, 3x10
leg extensions: 75lbs, 3x10
standing calf: 90lbs, 3x10
seated claf: 35lbs, 3x10
(superset in obliques)
2 abs

Day 2: 30 minutes elipse machine
flat bench: 80lbs, 2x12, 1x8, 1x6
incline dmbl: 25lbs, 3x14
free flat flys (twist): 20lbs, 3x14
dmbl extensions: 12lbs, 3x14
pressdowns: 55lbs, 3x10
2 obliques, 2 abs

Day 3: 16 minutes elipse machine
stifflegged deadlifts: 80lbs 3x10
pulldowns: 85lbs, 3x10
seated rows: 105lbs, 3x10
dmbl durls: 25lbs, 3x10
cable curls: 60lbs, 3x10

Day 4:
true squats: 90lbs, 3x10
incline flat: 75lbs, 3x10
(supersetting in obliques)
skulls: 45lbs, 3x10
machine flys: 60lbs, 3x10
wide press downs: 60lbs, 3x10
shrugs: 65lbs, 3x15
rear delt dmbl: 25lbs, 3x10


Day 1:
bear squats: 120lbs, 3x10
leg press: 215lbs, 3x10
ham string curls: 55lbs, 3x10
leg extensions: 80lbs, 3x10
standing calf: 95lbs, 3x10
seated calf: 35lbs, 3x10
(supersetting in obliques)
2 abs

Day 2: 25 minutes elipse machine
Flat bench: 80lbs, 3x12
incline dmbl: 30lbs, 2x10, 1x7
free flat flys (twist): 25lbs, 3x10
dmbl extension: 15lbs, 3x10
pressdowns: 57.5lbs, 3x10

Day 3: 15 mintues elipse machine
stiff leg deads: 85lbs, 3x10
pulldowns: 87.5lbs, 3x10
(supersetting obliques)
seated rows: 110lbs, 3x10
cable curls: 62.5lbs, 3x10
(supersetting abs)
dmbl curls: 25lbs, 3x12
forearm curls: 30lbs, 3x10

Day 4:
true squats: 95lbs, 3x10
incline bench: 75lbs, 3x12
skullz: 45lbs, 3x12
machine flys: 62.5lbs, 3x10
wide press downs: 62.5 lbs, 3x10
shrugs: 70lbs, 3x15
rear delt dmbl: 25lbs, 3x12


Day 1:
bear squats: 135lbs, 4x10
leg press: 230lbs, 4x10
ham string curls: 57.5lbs 3x10
leg extensions: 85lbs, 3x10
standing calf: 100lbs, 3x10
seated calf: 40lbs, 3x10

Day 2:
flat bench: 80lbs, 3x14
incline dmbl: 30lbs, 3x10
free flat flys (twist): 25lbs, 3x12
dmbl extensions: 15lbs, 3x12
pressdowns: 60lbs, 3x10

Day 3:
stiff leg deads: 90lbs, 3x10
pulldowns: 90lbs, 3x10
(supersetting obliques)
seated rows: 115lbs, 3x10
(supersetting abs)
cable curls: 62.5lbs, 3x12
forearm curls: 32.5lbs, 3x10
single cable curls: 20lbs, 3x10

Day 4:


Day 1: sick :(
bear squats: 150lbs, 3x10
leg press: 250lbs, 3x10
ham string curls: 57.5lbs, 3x12
leg extension: 90lbs, 3x10
standing calf: 105lbs, 3x10
seated calf: 42.5lbs, 3x10
leg abductors: 70lbs, 3x35

Day 2:
flat bench: 85lbs, 3x10, 1x9
incline dmbl: 30lbs, 3x12
cable flys: 12.5lbs, 3x12
dmbl ext: 15lbs, 1x12, 1x15, 1x13
pressdowns: 60lbs, 3x12

Day 3:
stiffleg deads: 95lbs, 3x10
pulldowns: 92.5lbs, 3x10
seated rows: 117.5lbs, 3x10
cable curls: 65lbs, 3x10
single cable curls: 22.5lbs, 3x10
forearm curls: 35lbs, 3x10

Day 4:
true squats: 100lbs, 3x10
incline bench: 80lbs, 3x10
skullz: 50lbs, 3x8
machine flys: 65lbs, 3x10
shrugs: 75lbs, 3x15
rear delt dmbl: 30lbs, 3x8

10-03-2003, 02:01 PM

Day 1:
bear squats: 170lbs, 3x10
leg press: 270lbs, 3x10
ham string curls: 60lbs, 3x8
leg extension: 95lbs, 3x10
standing calf: 110lbs, 3x10
seated calf: 45lbs, 3x10
leg abductor: 75lbs, 3x30

Day 2:
flat bench: 90lbs, 2x10, 1x9, 1x5
(burnout: 65lbs, x13)
incline dmbl: 35lbs, 1x8, 1x6, 1x7
cable flys: 15lbs, 3x12
dmble extensions: 15lbs, 2x15, 1x13
pressdowns: 62.5lbs, 3x10

Day 3:
stiffleg deads: 100lbs, 3x10
pulldowns: 92.5lbs, 3x12
seated rows: 117.5lbs, 3x12
(supersetting obliques)
cable curls: 65lbs, 3x12
single cable curls: 25lbs, 2x10, 1x8
forearm cable curls: 37.5, 3x10

Day 4:
true squats: 105lbs,, 3x10
incline bench: 85lbs, 1x8, 1x6, 1x7
skullz: 50lbs, 3x10
machine flys: 67.5lbs, 3x10
wide press downs: 65lbs, 3x12
shrugs: 80lbs, 3x15
rear delt dmbl: 30lbs, 3x10


Day 1:
bear squats: 185lbs, 3x10
leg press: 275lbs, 3x10
hamstring curls: 60lbs, 3x10
leg extensions: 100lbs, 3x10
standing calf: 115lbs, 3x10
seated calf: 47.5lbs, 3x10
leg abductor: 75lbs, 3x35
2 abs

Day 2:
flat bench: 90lbs, 3x10
one rep max: 115lbs
incline dmbl: 35lbs, 3x10
free flat flys (twist): 25lbs, 3x12
dmbl extensions: 15lbs, 2x15, 1x12
pressdowns: 62.5lbs, 2x12, 1x7

Day 3:
stiffleg deads: 105lbs, 3x10
pulldowns: 95lbs, 3x8
seated rows: 120lbs, 3x8
(supersetting abs)
cable curls: 67.5lbs, 3x8
single cable curls: 25lbs, 3x12
(supersetting obliques)
forearm cable curls: 40lbs, 3x10
(supersetting abs)

Day 4:
true squats: 110lbs, 3x10
incline bench: 85lbs, 3x8
skullz: 50lbs, 3x12
machine flys: 70lbs, 3x10
wide press downs: 67.5lbs, 3x10
shrugs, 90lbs, 3x15
rear delt dmbl: 25lbs, 3x10
(supersetting obliques)


Day 1: upset tummy :( also, my b-day (sept 15)!
bear squats: 200lbs, 3x10
leg press: 290lbs, 3x10
hamstring curls: 60lbs, 3x12
leg extensions: 105lbs, 3x10
standing calf: 120lbs, 3x10
seated calf: 50lbs, 3x10

Day 2:
flat bench: 95lbs, 2x8, 1x7
one rep max: 120lbs
incline dmbl: 35lbs, 1x10, 1x9, 1x7
cable flys: 20lbs, 3x10
dmbl extensions: 15lbs, 3x15
pressdowns: 65lbs, 3x10

Day 3:
stifflegged deads: 110lbs, 3x10
pulldowns: 95lbs, 3x10
(supersetting abs)
seated rows: 120lbs, 3x10
cable curls: 67.5lbs, 3x10
(supersetting obliques)
single cable curls: 27.5lbs, 3x8
(supersetting obliques)
freeweight forearm curls: 25lbs, 3x15

Day 4:
true squats: 115lbs, 3x10
incline bench: 85lbs, 2x10, 1x9
skullz: 55lbs, 3x8
machine flys: 72.5lbs, 3x10
wide press downs: 67.5lbs, 3x12
shrugs: 95lbs, 3x15
rear delt dmbl: 20lbs, 3x12 (going back down in weight and up in reps.)


Day 1:
bear squats: 225lbs, 3x10
leg press: 315lbs, 3x10
hamstring curls: 62.5lbs, 3x8
leg extensions: 110lbs, 3x10
standing calf: 125lbs, 3x10
seated calf: 52.5lbs, 3x10
leg abductor: 75lbs, 3x40

Day 2:
flat bench: 95lbs, 3x8
incline dmbl: 35lbs, 2x12, 1x11
cable flys: 22.5 lbs, 3x10
dmbl extensions: 20lbs, 3x10
pressdowns: 65lbs, 3x12

Day 3:
stifflegged deads: 115lbs, 3x10
pulldowns: 97.5lbs, 3x8
seated rows: 122.5lbs, 3x8
(supersetting abs)
cable curls: 70lbs, 3x10
single cable curls: 27.5lbs 3x10
freeweight forearm curls: 30lbs, 3x10

Day 4
true squats: 120lbs, 3x10
(burnout: 45lbs x30)
incline bench: 85lbs, 3x10
(burnout: 45lbs x25)
skullz: 55lbs, 4x10
machine flys: 75lbs, 3x10
shrugs: 100lbs, 3x15
rear delt dmbl: 12lbs, 3x15

10-03-2003, 02:34 PM
Talk about planning ahead...

Welcome aboard. :spam:

10-03-2003, 02:36 PM
Shane, read the thing! She said back loggin! :p

Oh yeah and more :spam: for the new journal.

Welcome! :D

10-03-2003, 02:40 PM
Good luck and best wishes!


Saint Patrick
10-03-2003, 02:44 PM
allow me to be the first to :hump:

oh and welcome to the board :D

10-04-2003, 01:03 PM
Just out of curiosity, are you planning on competing in either bodybuilding or powerlifting anytime?

10-04-2003, 03:33 PM
Originally posted by HomeYield
Shane, read the thing! She said back loggin! :p

Oh yeah and more :spam: for the new journal.

Welcome! :D

Right. My bad. :redface:

10-04-2003, 11:56 PM
Built. Nice pics in the forum!

Shane, I suggest beer to prevent that kind of mistake in the future.

10-05-2003, 04:01 AM
Good luck! Great pics in the journal. Triceps are awesome!
:drooling: :hump: :hump: :hump: :hump: :hump: :hump: :hump: :hump: :hump: :hump: :hump: :hump: :hump: :hump: :hump: :hump:

10-05-2003, 07:22 AM
Well Ashes I just looked at your pudge pic and I must say DAMN I wish Mistress Dee had pudge like that.

Awesome workouts and some:spam: to help that pudge along.:D

10-05-2003, 07:37 AM
yo- bear squats, lmao. reminds me of a woman here who told me she was doing bear hugs. i couldnt figuire out for the world what she was talking about so i had her show me.
d.b. flys? she said because it was lik yo were trying to hug someone


10-05-2003, 09:45 AM
Paty Boy, Saint Patrick, d-bol Dale, MixmasterNash, HomeYield, Shane, and Cocoa:
thanks for the warm welcomes and wishes. and for all the Spam. mmmm... spaaaaaaam... </homer>

BigChaseyChase: uhhh,, hadn't really thought about it. i am far from being able to do so right now, but if i keep it up, who knows? my aunt was a professional body builder in her day, so maybe that'll rub off a little.

midee1: ha,, thanks. that put a smile on my face. fortunately, angle and lighting in the pic helped hide the squish. ;)

YoBrickWall: yeah, except i was told that name (bear squats) by one of the muscle heads at my gym - so blame him! although he calls it by two names... and i really just can't recall the other. maybe Hack machine? or maybe my memory just really blows. i'll ask and post it later on.

Isaac Wilkins
10-07-2003, 06:43 AM
Another Maine lifter! Excellent. I also see that you know Ericg, even better.

Your workouts look very good. A lot of women struggle just to bench 95 lbs, and you're doing it for 3x8 already! :thumbup:

There's getting to be enough of us here to have a Maine meetup and lifting session!

Welcome aboard, I look forward to following your progress.

10-07-2003, 07:50 AM
Sweet, you have a journal!! Cant wait till I am in the office more so i can ask you a ton of questions and give you a bunch of ****!! :evillaugh

10-07-2003, 02:34 PM
Originally posted by Borris
Another Maine lifter! Excellent. I also see that you know Ericg, he is the stud muffin of WBB.

aww thanks Borris :D

Looks like a nice split you got Ash - looks like a push/pull/legs. You are making some nice progress so far, kudos to you! Dont you just love SLDLs (stiffleg deads). Just make sure you got someone watching your form.

Oh you start posting your diet on here as well.

10-07-2003, 06:36 PM
kind of fell out of my routine for the week. sequence wise, i mean. i went to the Y yesterday with a friend who is a personal trainer. we did a back and bi's day, even though that is typically my leg day. so now i feel all off for the week.
i didn't chart my work at the Y because, 1: i forgot my book, 2: while i worked my ass off and walked out sore, i was considering it more of a learning session.

so since i didn't do them yesterday, today i did legs.

bear squats: 270lbs, 3x10
leg press: 360, 3x10
hamstring curls: 65lbs, 3x8
leg extensions: 120lbs 3x10
standing calf: 135lbs, 3x10
*JR*(supersetting abs)
seated calf: 57.5lbs, 3x10
*JR*(supersetting obliques)

(*JR* indicates jumping rope between sets)

per ericg's order, here is my diet...

yesterday: cheerios w/skim milk & banana
yogurt and nectarine
6 inch turkey Subway sandwich
pizza and pink lemonade (i was on a date. bite me ;))

today: cheerios w/skim milk & banana
open face tuna sandwich on wheat
salad with lite vinagrette dressing
one roll
dinner not eaten yet.... and i feel a little sickly, so it probably won't be much.

i should also mention that i take 2-3 tabs of Maxidrine a day. yes, with ephedra. why? cause i'm insane and don't mind a few holes in my heart. i took ephedra once a few years ago, and i swear it helped in me losing 15 lbs. i just started taking it again one week ago.

Borris, thanks for saying hi. it's always good to hear from other people in the area. where in maine are you from? and ya, we could definately have a Maniac lifting session. of course, i'd hate for you and i to show ericg up. he's so sensitive. ;)

10-07-2003, 07:51 PM
Originally posted by ashes

pizza and pink lemonade (i was on a date. bite me ;))


Where would one bite you at?:angel:


10-07-2003, 08:09 PM
Lol. So subtle midee.

10-07-2003, 08:17 PM
Hey Chase a married man hasta have some fun somewhere.:D

Trust me ashes I'm totally innocent and harmless.:angel:

10-07-2003, 08:32 PM
Originally posted by midee1
Trust me ashes I'm totally innocent and harmless.:angel:

of course you are.... if by "innocent and harmless" you mean "perverted and depraved".
:D ;)

10-07-2003, 09:30 PM

My parole officer thinks i've been cured.:zipit:

:D ;) :p

10-07-2003, 10:27 PM

good luck

whoa, look at those weights, way to go!

10-08-2003, 01:06 PM
doing Day 2's routine today, cause i'm still all messed up...

flat bench: 95lbs, 3x10
incline dmbl: 35lbs, 1x12, 1x9, 1x10
cable flys: 27.5lbs, 3x12
dmbl extensions: 20lbs, 3x15
pressdowns: 67.5lbs, 3x10

incline dmbl's sucked ass today. they actually went down in reps from last week, which kind of pisses me off. made gains everwhere else, so i guess i shouldn't complain.

last night's dinner: fried haddock... but cooked, you know, the healthier way.

todays diet (so far): yogurt
6inch turkey Subway sandwich on wheat

diet tonight will suck ass because i am going out, and dating puts a serious cramp on my eating habits. maybe i should become a nun.
~ponders this~
...on second thought... screw that. :hump:

10-08-2003, 01:10 PM
Eat what you want then at the end of the night make sure you do some " CARDIO" :hump: :hump: :hump: :hump: :hump: :hump: :hump: :hump: :hump: :hump:

10-13-2003, 03:24 PM
last thursdays routine: DAY 4 (back on track,, whee!)

true squats: 130lbs, 3x10
incline bench: 90lbs, 3x8
skullz: 60lbs, 3x8
machine flys: 75lbs, 3x12
wide press downs: not done. shoot me.
shrugs: 105lbs, 3x15
rear delt dmbls: 12lbs, 3x18 (going up in reps, not weight,, for now)

today: DAY 1

bear squats: 290lbs, 3x10
leg press: 380lbs, 3x10
hamstring curls: 65lbs, 3x10
leg extensions: 125lbs, 3x10
standing calf: 140lbs, 3x10
seated calf: 60lbs, 3x10

no jumping rope the last two sessions. so much for inserting cardio. gaa.

diet: sucks. ate cake. in mass quantities. one of the hazzards of working in the restaraunt biz.

Isaac Wilkins
10-13-2003, 06:33 PM
I'm in Orono, doing grad work at UMaine.

Yeah, I remember when he thought he was going to catch me on some lifts. ;)

Scott S
10-13-2003, 06:47 PM
Hey nice journal! :spam:

Looks really hardcore, too. One of these bulking cycles, I'm gonna try something closer to powerlifting.

10-13-2003, 06:55 PM
Originally posted by Borris

Yeah, I remember when he thought he was going to catch me on some lifts. ;)

~giggles insanely~ ahem,, i mean,, you don't say..

Isaac Wilkins
10-13-2003, 06:57 PM
Originally posted by ashes

~giggles insanely~ ahem,, i mean,, you don't say..

Yeah, my thoughts exactly. Except no giggling. Chuckling. Even a chortle, perhaps.


10-13-2003, 07:00 PM
VERY nice lifts, especially considering how short a time you've been lifting.

I'm jealous already. I've been lifting for a year, and you already /pwn me on skulls. :mad: ;)

Welcome. It's always nice to get more girl lifters, especially serious ones.

10-13-2003, 07:13 PM
Originally posted by Borris

Yeah, my thoughts exactly. Except no giggling. Chuckling. Even a chortle, perhaps.


right. cause real men don't giggle. ~thumps chest~

carolina girl: hey, thanks for stopping in. i love hearing about other female lifters. and don't feel bad, i'm built like a guy, so i should be able to lift like one too. ;)

Isaac Wilkins
10-13-2003, 07:15 PM
Originally posted by ashes

right. cause real men don't giggle. ~thumps chest~

carolina girl: hey, thanks for stopping in. i love hearing about other female lifters. and don't feel bad, i'm built like a guy, so i should be able to lift like one too. ;)

Well, that's mostly true unless they manage to laugh in falsetto. ;)

You and Cgirl could make quite the spitfire tandem if we're not careful.

10-14-2003, 06:22 AM
Haha, yall wait - my diet is back in order, just a matter of time before my strength goes through the roof. We shall see who shows who up :swear:

10-16-2003, 08:57 PM

flat bench: 97.5lbs, 2x10, 1x9
burnout: 65lbs x 20

incline dmbl: 35lbs, 1x12, 1x11, 1x10
cable flys: 30lbs, 3x10
dmbl extensions: 20lbs, 1x18, 1x16, 1x15
pressdowns: 67.5lbs, 3x12

DAY 3 (weight at 152lbs,, new low!)

stiff leg deads: 125lbs, 3x10
pulldowns: 60lbs, 3x10
seated rows: 125lbs, 3x8
(supersetting obliques)
cable curls: 75lbs, 3x8
(supersetting abs)
single cable curls: 30lbs, 3x10
free forearm curls: 30lbs, 2x12, 1x10

NOTE: went down dramatically on weight in the pulldowns. am taking a much wider grip (thustly less strength) and am fixing my form to more straight backed (i was leaning back too far).


true squats: 135lbs, 3x10
incline bench: 90lbs, 1x10, 2x9
skullz: 60lbs, 3x10
machine flys: 77.5lbs, 3x10
wide press downs: 72.5lbs, 3x8
shrugs: 110lbs, 3x15
rear delt dmbls: 12lbs, 3x20

NOTE: big plates on either side for my squats! so long sissy weight....

have an appointment with Karen from the gym to get my body fat percentage redone tomorrow at 2:15. it's been about 10 (11?) weeks since my first one which checked in at 24.6%

~crosses fingers~

10-20-2003, 02:19 PM
I lost almost 4% body fat

i was last checked in July. i was at 24.6%.
today, i checked in at 20.8%

life is good.

have decided to jump my day 1 routine all to endurance training. lower weights, at reps of 20s.


bear quats: 140lbs, 3x20
leg press: 230lbs, 3x20
hamstring curls: 35lbs, 3x20
(supersetting abs)
leg extensions: 65lbs, 3x20
(supersetting obliques)
standing calf: 75lbs, 3x20
seated calf: 35lbs, 3x20

reps of 20 are HARD, yo. i think my lungs may very well declair mutany.

DIET: sucks.

CARDIO: skipped the jump rope today due to excessive wheezing. ha. instead, hit the punching bag for 15minutes at the end of my routine.

10-20-2003, 02:54 PM
Sweet news about the test chica!! Awesome :thumbup:

Scott S
10-20-2003, 06:01 PM
Good work on the fat loss! :eek: :thumbup:

10-27-2003, 05:22 AM

Anyone out there. Get hoppin woman and post some stuff.:D

10-27-2003, 05:25 AM

Hi girl!

10-30-2003, 11:43 AM
wow, my updating skillz suck HARD, yo.
thanks cocoa and midee1 for the bumps. i haven't slacked off on my workouts, just the posting, promise!

okay,, here's to catch up....

last week,


flat bench: 100lbs, 2x8, 1x7
burnout: 65lbsx23
incline dmbl: 40lbs, 3x8
cable flys: 17.5lbs, 3x20
-supersetting abs-
dmbl extensions: 20lbs, 3x18
pressdowns: 70lbs, 3x8


stiff leg deads: 130lbs, 3x10
pulldowns: 32.5lbs, 1x20
*JR* 37.5, 2x20
seated rows: 65lbs, 3x20
-supersetting obliques-
cable curls: 40lbs, 3x20
single cable curls: 17.5lbs, 3x20
free forearm curls: 15lbs, 3x20


true squats: 75lbs, 3x20
incline bench: 45lbs, 3x20
skullz: 35lbs, 3x20
machine flys: 40lbs, 3x20
wide press downs: 40lbs, 2x20
shrugs: 100lbs, 3x20
rear delt dmbl: 15lbs, 3x20

and this weeks so far.... (i've been sick with a cold, so i skipped some jump roping sessions, and my bench SUCKED)


bear squats: 160lbs, 3x20
leg press: 250lbs, 3x20
hamstring curls: 37.5lbs, 3x20
leg extensions: 70lbs, 3x20
standing calf: 80lbs, 3x20
seated calf: 40lbs, 3x20


flat bench: 102.5lbs, 1x8, 1x7, 1x4 :( :(
burnout: 65lbsx20
incline dmbl: 35lbs, 2x12, 1x9
cable flys: 20lbs, 3x20
dmbl extensions: 20lbs, 1x20, 1x18
--knocked down to 15lbs, with elbows much closer for 1 x12--
--no more today, too sick--

DAY 3 (today!!)

stiff leg deads: 70lbs, 3x20
pulldowns: 42.5lbs, 3x20
seated rows: 70lbs, 3x20
cable curls: 42.5lbs, 3x20
single cable curls: 20lbs, 3x20
free fore curls: 17.5lbs, 3x20
-supersetting obliques-

yay, now i'm all caught up again. most of my routine has been switched over to endurance training (higher reps, lower weight) for now. i've been doing the strenth training solid for four months, and i really just need to switch things up because i was feeling like i was plateuing. the only thing i am keeping my strength on is my bench, because i want to try to go for my one rep max still. endurance training will probably go for another month and a half, and then i will be going back to strength.


~ahem~ sorry. halloween is to me like christmas is to little kids. i'm such a geek.

thanks again to all who have stopped in to say hi and congrats.
ericg where the hell are *your* recents posts babe? tuttut

Saint Patrick
10-30-2003, 02:44 PM
Nice workouts Ashes.

10-31-2003, 08:18 PM
Originally posted by ashes
wow, my updating skillz suck HARD, yo.
thanks cocoa and midee1 for the bumps. i haven't slacked off on my workouts, just the posting, promise!

First off you are very welcome for the bumps young lady.:angel:

And at least you do your workouts and just don't post them. I miss mine and blame the brats for it.;)

11-12-2003, 03:07 PM
hey gal, looks like you are getting stronger - will pass by me in no time ;)

i havent been into it lately and that is not like me, it sucks but i am dealing with it.

keep up the hard work!!!

Stephen Riddington
11-12-2003, 06:19 PM
Whoa, impressive workouts you got there. Keep it up:thumbup: