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10-10-2003, 08:52 AM
Ok So I am starting on online journal hopefully this will be helpful.

Ok So here is the history, I a 21 male living in Canada. I have been very skinny all of my life and just thought hey this is the way I am oh well and acept it.

One day I won a month pass to a local golds gym for month. I though hey well lets give this a try. First morning decided to go before work. Didn't have a clue what I was doing. At wayyyy to much right before working out, didn't have any water. And made myself sick.

Had to pull over in the car and throw up on the way home.

I thought "Well that's no good, I gotta do some research"

So I did and I found a good 3 day a week routine online and learned about how I should eat like 6 meals a day etc. I started to impliment these things. Got some protein powder. And decieded I would go to the gym after work.

So This was Sept 1st I started, I jumped on the scales 137 pounds oooohh, not good considering I am 6'2 and 1/2. So I was like ok this is where I start.

So stayed focus all sept 3 days a week tons of food a day. End of september I weight in at 150 lbs and I can actually see some meat on these bones.

So now I am serious dieting much better changed to wbb routine one. And wow if you are goind leg presses instead od squats do squats. I thought a basically the same excersise same muscles, first month did leg presses at a pretty heavey weight. I did squats yesturday at a lot less weight cause I was just figuring them out them later I was sitting on the couch and I tried to get up. My legs were just like no and I sort of fell to the floor lol.

Well so I will put my lifts on when I have them here but this is the first step to getting this thing going

10-10-2003, 08:59 AM

Good luck.

10-10-2003, 09:11 AM


Sounds like you are on the right track doing a WBB routine and eating 6 good meals a day and squatting too! :thumbup:

10-10-2003, 12:12 PM
Nice gains up to this point - :thumbup:

...best of luck with packing on some pounds which you clearly are in need of dude! - :D

10-10-2003, 12:18 PM
Good luck man. It's good to have another Canuck on board. Way too many Yanks. Especially from the Carolinas. :D

10-10-2003, 12:30 PM
Originally posted by tcraigscott

My legs were just like no and I sort of fell to the floor lol.


Always good to see another journal, goodluck!

Saint Patrick
10-10-2003, 12:56 PM
good luck w/ your goals and welcome to WBB

10-10-2003, 01:13 PM
Good luck and welcome to the forum

10-10-2003, 07:00 PM
thanks for the support guys,

So I figured I should start out with some goals. so I know where I am going.

Ok so overall I want to do a massive bulk through fall and winter and come spring do the cutting.

Current weight 155 lbs (woo hoo looking less anemic)

Nov 1 - 160
Dec 1 - 168
Jan 1 - 176
Feb 1 - 184
Mar 1 - 192

Basically 2 lbs a week

then it is time to start cutting. and will probably cut down to 185 ish.

All natural no steroid cause I like my nuts the size they are.


I also have pectus excavatum (concave chest) so it will be a little more challenging to get a real built chest (I don't want surgery or anything crazy like that) but I found some streting and breathing excersis to help reduce the appearence of it. I can see by my gains now a huge improvment in it when I flex so I am looking forward to seeing what I can do with that.

I need to get me lifting journal out of my car to enter my lifting numbers as sad as they are right now but the future is bright.

Well tommorow is arms and shoulders day so I will put in stats there.

10-11-2003, 12:16 AM
Make sure the goals you set are attainable....jumping from 135 to 192 in 7 months isn't something I' recommend....

it MIGHT be possible to do, but I'd question how much fat ur putting on....

start reading up on diet as its just as important as the training itself....

some things I've learned from lifting over the last 9 years:

1. Count your daily intake, no matter how annoying it is to do
2. Low volume works for me (6-9 sets per body part)
3. Rotate workouts every 6-10 weeks works best for me
4. Protein after a workout is critical
5. attitude is everything...once you have a positive/aggressive attitude you'll hit ur goals
6. do legs
7. dont focus on just 1-2 body parts
8. limit alcohol

10-11-2003, 12:14 PM
thanks for input,

I just discovered www.fitday.com so I will start counting cals again. I know that 192 is a big jump but it is not from 137 anymore it is from 155. Still a lot for 6 months but I have read several different sources that say gaining 2 lbs of muscle mass a week is doable. I agree that I am setting my goals high, but that is how I put on 18 lbs in the last 6 weeks. And yes I may put on some body fat but right now I can afford it.

Well I'm off to the gym.

10-11-2003, 02:46 PM
Good luck sounds like your current plam is working so stick at it. Oh and lets see some workouts!:thumbup:

10-11-2003, 03:54 PM
Todays workout,

my legs are still killing me from Squats and hack squats 2 days ago. but today is arms day so that's good. My mechanical pencil I have attached to my trainng log broke so I couldn't write te weights I was using down but I have a pretty good Idea what I did.

2 Sets military press 8 reps
2 lets lateral raises 10 reps
2 sets barbel curl 6 reps one sey 7 the other
1 set hammer curls (8)
2 sets french press 6 then 7 reps
2 sets close grip plat bench
has some energuy left so I threw in these
1 set pulley curl machine
1 set tricept pushdown pulley machine

I promise myself I will get my trainng log out of the car and put the acutal weight amounts in tonight or tommorow.

Major milestone today, First time since I started going to the gym where I say another man lifting less than me. I daw not only one but two. Not a huge thing but it is nice not to be the weakest person in the gym for a change. I will look back onthis and laugh when I am lifting more than anyone in the gym.

I am going to some swimming for cardio tonight and then some soaking in the hot tub so sooth my aching legs. I love swimming for cardio, Your not all sweaty when your done and helps build some muscle.

Well I gotta go eat now

10-12-2003, 12:53 PM
Ok So I got my training log from car and decided to put what I was lifting in last week. Definitalty not where I want to be but I gotta start somewhere. And I need to be able to look back and see where I came from.

Saturday Arms Day

Military press
40 + bar (not sure what it is yet) 6
40 + b x 7

Seated dumbell Press
40 x 7
40 x 8

Lateral Raises
30 x 10
30 x 10

Narrow Grip Bench
40 x 10
50 x 8

French Press
20 x 8
30 x 8

Barbell Curls
50 x 8
50 x 6

Hammer Curls
25 x 5

Tuesday CHest and Back Day

Flat bench
50 x 8
65 x 8

*this is first time I did this I was using dumbells before

Incline Dumbell Press
50 x 6
50 x 6

Dips (this was new this day too but I like them)
bw-60 x 8
bw-60 x 8

Chin Ups

Did not do deadlift this day as I did not know how at the time, now I do.

Barbell Back Row
35 x 8
40 x 8

50 x 10

Thurday Legs

Squats (first time ever doing squats)
70 + bar (really gotta find out what that bar is) x 9
90 + bar x 8

Hack Squats (first time for these babies to)
70 + bar x 8
80 + bar x 6

Standing calf raises
70 + b x 10
120 + b x 10
140 + b x 10
150 + b x 10

this was a first time for using a barbell so I was experimenting with weight I think I will do one leg at a time from now on, less strain on back and shoulders

I was supposed to do traighted legged deads this day but didn't know how. Now I do.

So that was my last week. This is all about 6 weeks after picking up weights for the first time in my life. I like the new routine. I couldn't walk normally the next day (or get off the toilet without major help from my arms) after leg day so that is a good sign.

So that is that, I weighted in yesterday night at about 157 so I am still gaining weight.

A little about diet.

An average day of diet looks like this

1 bowl of oatmeal
1 tbs sugar
protien shake

Breakfast 2
Thick PB an J sandwich on whole wheat bread

This varies from day to day (eggs, turkey, tuna, beans, etc)
Glass of milk

Lunch 2
Couple handfulls of trailmix
Sometimes a hotdog (I know bad stuff)
usually anything to fill my stomach

Variers (Pasta, Chicken, Potatoes, ect,

Dinner 2
After workout protein shake
USualy consists of 2 scoops protien powder 350 mls milk 2 tbs of PB t tbs of honey, 1 bannana. O so good and like 550+ cals woo hoo

Before bed snack.
PB and J on Toast

I know there is quite a bit of fat from the PeanutButter in my diet and hotdogs etc, HOwever right now I am not concerend about putting on a little extra fat. I am going to start tracking my diet very close again I started doing that in the begginng to ensure that I was eating like 3000 calories then stopped when I realized I could do it without any real effort.

OK So that's it for now. I think I am going to do abs today (which I slip in wherever I can usualy on arm days and chest/back day. 2 days a week but abs recover fast. Then I will go swim some laps. I went to do that last night but ended spending most of my time in the hot tub.

10-15-2003, 12:01 AM
Tues Oct 13,

First day back form long weekend (at work that is) Canadian Thanksgiving. Good oportunity to consume a lot of food.

Anyway today was chest and back day. I made gains on the weight in all my excersises. I think I have to double check I think where I say barbell row I am doing dumbel bent over row. I will have to check that.


Flat Bench
75 x 6 + 10lbs from last week
75 x 4

could have finished last set but didn't have spot and didn't want to humiliate myself by being stuck under a 75 lb barbell

Incline Dumbell Press
50 x 8 + 10 from last week
50 x 6

BW - 50 x 8 (+10 from last week)
BW - 40 x6 (+20 from last week)

Chin Ups
BW - 40 x 6 (+ 10 from last week)
BW - 40 x 3 (I got distracted and weak only did 3)

80 x 10
90 x 9
first time ever doing dead lifts I know I could have done at least 30 - 40 lbs more but first time with new excicise I want to be able to get out of bed tommorow morning)

Barbell Rows (actually dumbel bent over row I need to find out how to do this if it is just like upright dumbell row or what)

40 x 8 each side
45 x 6 (+5lbs from last week)

110 x 10 (+ 10 lbs from last week)

I also threw in abs today but didn't record them as they are just sort of a bonus 2 days a week and forgot to put in my training log.

Diets been good I get paid tommorow so I can buy food again which is good.

Current weight 156.5.

All in all I am totally pleased with todays workout and progess. I am starting to see a myself putting on a little fat around the stomach. Probably not a huge concern as I am gaining more a lot mroe muscle and will do a but come spring time. Just sort of odd to see for the first time in my life. Crap I haven't been keeping very close tabs on exact diet with fitday.com that will be my next goal to consistantly get on there. Tuesday of next week


Oh Yeah I am also trying to work on my posture (as I notice I am super slouched in chair (*sits up strait*) so I will see how I am next time I write

10-19-2003, 10:34 PM
Ok so I was out of town this weekend and did not make my saturday workout which is arms and shoulders. I think I will do it tommorow instead and do mon tues. I don't like messing with my schedule but I had no choice.

So no workout to report but good news is that I stepped on the scale 10 minutes ago and was 160lbs on the dot.

Sweet! I love when you get to the 5s and tens it just seems like such a bigger improvement.

So yeah still on track for my long term bulk. I will write tommorow after I go to the gym

10-19-2003, 10:44 PM
nice work since you started working out. i would keep eating if i were u and not worry about the fat intake too much right now if you are trying to bulk up, as long as you are staying loyal to the gym. train hard!!!!