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10-12-2003, 08:43 PM
Starting this journal is the next step in my road to becoming a healthier, happier person. Thankfully, I have never had a weight problem. Actually, at 22, I have only gained a few pounds since high school, despite my horrible eating habits and lack of exercise. I am a fast-food addict. Since I live alone and am a full time student, it's much easier to swing by Burger King for dinner than to cook at home. By last spring, I was finding it hard to fit in my clothes. I decided to change.

For 5 months now I've been lifting weights. Although I'm certainly not up in "Arnold's" league, I've made much progress. I also do some form of cardio 3 to 4 times per week. Despite my dedication to these areas, I'm still having trouble with my diet. I need to be held accountable for what I eat. This is why I'm beginning this journal. Suggestions about any part of my program will be appreciated. Note: any comments about the weight-lifting should also be directed at homeyield since he helps me in that area.

Here is yesterday's leg workout:

Bar x 7, 10kg x 5 (warm-up)
20kg x 8, then x 7
17.5kg x 7

Bar x 5, 5kg x 5, 15 x 3 (warm-up)
20kg x 6, then x 8

Leg Press:
40kg x 6 (warm-up)
80kg x 6 (PR)
70kg x 14 (max last week was only 8 of these)

60 x 7
80 x 10
70 x 12

Walking Lunges:
24lbs. x 6
30lbs. x 12
40lbs. x 10 (PR)

2 pull-ups and 2 chin-ups (both unassisted) to show-off for HY.

(Just to clear up any speculation, I am the girl HY visits in Charleston.)

10-12-2003, 08:52 PM
Cool goodluck with your new journal!

10-12-2003, 08:52 PM
:hump: :hump: :hump:

Oh, wait... no PDA. :p

It was an awesome leg day, girl! And those pull-ups and chin-ups were badass.

Now lets just get that diet panned out and you'll be golden.

10-12-2003, 09:13 PM
Of course HomeYield is helping you out, I see lunges in there. ;)

Good luck on the goals. With Will helping, you'll definitely make improvements.

10-13-2003, 02:34 AM

Welcome to journal land!

10-13-2003, 06:52 AM
Best of luck

...I hear your deadlift form is perfect - :)


Scott S
10-13-2003, 03:08 PM
So you're the mystery lurker! Welcome to WBB!

If you stick to it, you'll be amazed by how much a journal can help your progress! :thumbup:

10-13-2003, 04:00 PM
Originally posted by rookiebldr
Of course HomeYield is helping you out, I see lunges in there. ;)

Good luck on the goals. With Will helping, you'll definitely make improvements.

Foshow! Lunges are the bomb my Canadian friend.

Oh yeah...


welcome to journal land BD. :cool:

10-13-2003, 04:52 PM
Hey girlie!

I'm so glad he finally got your computer working so that you can post! :clap: You gonna get Sara posting here too?

(And.......are y'all gonna do that show with us next August? Don't try to fib, I know y'all thought about it - especially after seeing that one lady up there! :p If she has the guts to get up there in spandex, y'all can DEFINITELY do it!)

(And what's with the weights in kg? :scratch: It makes you sound like a European or something! ;))

10-13-2003, 09:29 PM
Dedicated: Thanks.

HY: In regards to the :hump: . . . dream on. ;) I appreciate your help on Sat. You are always so encouraging, and that helps me work even harder.

Rookiebldr: We all know HY and his lunges! I must admit, I enjoy the burn myself!

Bruteman: Thanks.

Cocoa: I wouldnít say itís perfect. Then again, if HY says it is, who am I to argue!

Scott S: Yes, Iím the lurker. Iím a bit hesitant to start this journal, but I think itís just what I need to get on track.

Shane: Thanks.

Carolinagirl: It would be great if Sara would post, but Iím still working on that. As far as August, Iím flirting with the idea myself. I doubt Sara would compete though. She has a bit of a confidence problem. Iím working on that too. The weights in my gym are almost all in kg, and Iím too lazy to change them to lbs. Maybe one day Iíll do that.

I forgot to mention my goals in the first post. I want to have a diet that is the most beneficial to my lifting. From what Iíve gathered, that means high protein, and more complex carbs than simple. I want to get at least 1200 calories a day, if possible, 1500 (some days, I barely get 1000). Any suggestions on how I can spice this diet up would be great since grilled chicken and sweet potatoes get boring quick (I donít know how you people cut weight!).

I lift 3 days/week (pull, push, and leg days) and try to get in 3-4 cardio sessions also.
Iíll be posting this stuff too.

Todayís diet:
Meal 1: Honey Nut Cheerios w/ skim milk
Meal 2: Light yogurt
Meal 3: Turkey sand. (wheat bread), wheat thins
Meal 4: cottage cheese and peaches
Meal 5: Stir-fry w/ grilled chicken (I was starving by then and ate the entire family-sized portion.)

Total Calories: 1511
25% Fat
51% Carbs
24% Protein

Thatís all.

10-14-2003, 07:08 AM
Calories ended up coming out better than you thought they would. That's quite a bit better. :)

Did you keep the filter to my shaker? I didn't find it. I knew you said you wanted a better one but taking mine? :eek:


Good luck on your test today! Are you working out after that or waiting until tomorrow?

10-14-2003, 07:21 AM
Welcome to journal land BD! Good luck with your goals. Having HY help with training and getting your diet in order will help you get there. Diet looked good yesterday!

10-14-2003, 08:54 AM
Originally posted by Belladonna
Todayís diet:
Meal 1: Honey Nut Cheerios w/ skim milk
Meal 2: Light yogurt
Meal 3: Turkey sand. (wheat bread), wheat thins
Meal 4: cottage cheese and peaches
Meal 5: Stir-fry w/ grilled chicken (I was starving by then and ate the entire family-sized portion.)

Total Calories: 1511
25% Fat
51% Carbs
24% Protein

Much as you complain about your diet......this actually doesn't look that bad, girl. The only thing is that your protein intake isn't quite high enough, and some of your choices aren't ideal. I try to get in some kind of protein with every meal. This helps keep the total protein intake up where it needs to be and it also helps limit consumption of useless-type carbs (such as - ahem - Honey Nut Cheerios :p) Here's what I would have changed about yesterday if I were the boss of your diet: ;)

Meal 1 would change to oatmeal and eggs. I know you said you don't cook...even the plain instant kind of oatmeal (with splenda to make it taste good) would probably be better than cold cereal. And if you *really* can't stand making scrambled eggs in the morning, you could hardboil a bunch at a time and eat those - they'd be quick and would also travel well for snacks and stuff. You REALLY do need some kind of protein first thing in the morning - your body's been without nutrients for 8+ hours.
Meal 2 is pure carbs too - if you can figure out a way to add protein here it would be beneficial. (Lots of people seem to like yogurt mixed with cottage cheese; I've never tried it myself, but if you like it, that could do the trick.) Or maybe a hardboiled egg or two toted to school in your backpack. Or even a scoop of protein powder mixed in with the yogurt, or half of a Trioplex, or something. (Mmmmmm. Trioplex.) :drool:
Meal 3 is pretty good; I'd drop the wheat thins (again, non-beneficial carbs, so essentially empty calories) and maybe substitute an apple or a small salad. (And add veggies to the sandwich too...that's an easy way to sneak in extra veggies to your intake.) (Also, most of the fat in your diet probably came from those wheat thins....there's MUCH better kinds of fat for you. I'd rather try to get my fat from fish and fish oil, or from olive oil, than from lousy old wheat thins that are mostly partially hydrogenated oils anyhow! :p)
Meals 4 and 5 are just fine. :) In fact, they're about perfect....except maybe switch the order of them. (Cottage cheese is a GREAT before-bed meal b/c the protein in it is the type that digests most slowly.)

If you're doing a LOT of cardio (I don't remember if you said you are or not) you may actually need a relatively high carb intake....but ideally most of it would come in the form of carbs that add some positive benefit (ie, fiber, vitamins, whatever - like veggies and those ubiquitous sweet potatoes) rather than ones that just fill up calories.

(Oh, and since you said you're a fast food junkie....Galileo was telling me last night that Burger King has a new chicken mustard baguette thingy that's actually darned good, nutritionally. If you really get stuck without anything good to eat, you might try that!)

Isaac Wilkins
10-14-2003, 10:32 AM
Welcome to posting on WBB!

I look forward to meeting you in January, make sure Will brings you. I need to meet the woman that puts up with his sh*t. ;)

I'd agree with Heath's assessment of your diet. It's not bad. That being said, she is correct with her recommendations, assuming your goals are similar to those that she has (I think they probably are within reason). As you are new to this, you may not want to leap right into what she suggested, though. Try fixing one meal at a time, starting with meal one.

Congratulations on making the change!

10-14-2003, 06:29 PM
HEY. You sound like I was trying to Diet-Nazi her ass. I was being totally reasonable!!

All I said was, try to eat protein at every meal and try to get carbs/fats from good sources. I didn't say she has to start eating perfectly clean right now. ;)

(Oh...You did say you're kicking around the idea of doing the show with us, right, J? :clap: Woo hoo!)

Isaac Wilkins
10-14-2003, 08:17 PM
Don't worry, baby-doll (Heath). I agree with you 100%, like I said. I am only suggesting that if she's a junk food addict, she may have an easier time slowly adjusting.

Much love to you. ;)

10-15-2003, 03:32 PM
HY: Yes, I do have your shaker filter. Unfortunately, it doesnít do me any good without the top and bottom.

Mik: Thanks.

Carolinagirl: Thanks for all the advice! Usually I eat eggs, cottage cheese, and fruit for breakfast, but this week has been a bit out of the ordinary. I donít have a lot of time between my classes to eat (only 10 mins.), so thatís why I usually ďsnackĒ on things like wheat thins so not to starve before lunch. Iím planning to get some Triplex bars so I can cut out the snack foods. It really takes some planning to pull all this off!

Borris: Thanks for the welcome and Iím looking forward to meeting you too!

Tuesdayís diet:
Breakfast: Frosted Mini-wheats (I know its bad carolinagirl)
Snack: Yogurt
Lunch: Peanut butter/jelly sand.
Snack: apple
Pre- and post- workout shake
Dinner: Grilled chicken sand., lett/tomato, 1 beer

Calories 1393
Fat 23%
Carbs 46%
Protein 26%

The past few days have been horrible! I had a huge exam yesterday (Tuesday), and my food intake reflected the stress. After staying up most of the night (studying and worrying), I found myself eating a lot of sugar to stay awake during the day. I know now to plan better next time. I also went out with a friend to celebrate his birthday last night. It was a lot of fun but it added even more time to my recent sleep loss (Iím starting to sound like Will)!

Tuesday workout:
Pull-ups-(Wide grip) 10 x 6, 9x 9, 9x 8
(Narrow grip) 8 x 8, 8x 7

DB rows- 12lbs. x 8
20lbs. x 8
15lbs. x 10 (twice)

Machine rows- 60 x 10
60 x 6
50 x 12

Bicep curls- 11lbs. x 6
16.5lbs. x 7
16.5lbs. x 6 (numbers look odd b/c plates are in kg)

Hyperextensions- 5.5lbs. x 10
11lbs. x 12
16.5lbs. x 8

Another set of narrow grip pull-ups- 8 x 10

My workout partnerís boyfriend told her that she is starting to look like a man since sheís been working out. The girl might weight 105 lbs. so you can imagine how ďmanlyĒ she looks. Itís in her head now that she shouldnít work out as much, and she wonít listen to reason. She looks great and has made such improvements in the gym. I just wish he would stop being jealous of her ability to curl more than he can, and just support her!

Isaac Wilkins
10-15-2003, 03:45 PM
That diet looks awfully low cal, otherwise it's really not too bad.

Tell your friend to get rid of the boyfriend. If he's curling less than a 105 lb girl, that's one thing (embarassing, but I'm not one to throw rocks, being another weakling ;) ). However, to say something vicious to her because she's trying to improve herself... tuttut

10-15-2003, 05:00 PM

coolz, another journal for me to entertain myself with at work :)

your friend's bf is a big dork. he's prob worried that she'll look so good, he can't withstand the competition from the dudes.

good luck


10-15-2003, 06:03 PM
Originally posted by Belladonna
My workout partnerís boyfriend told her that she is starting to look like a man since sheís been working out.....I just wish he would stop being jealous of her ability to curl more than he can, and just support her!

:eek: I'm going to be less tactful than Borris was, here. (Not that you'd expect anything else from me. ;))

Sara looks great. He's just a big insecure moron. He's probably afraid of her being the best that she can be, because he's probably afraid that she'll leave him when she realizes that she's better than he is. And that's just sad.

I thought she was an amazing girl. She's got so much on the ball, and she handles all her many, MANY responsibilities so well. She certainly doesn't need to be wasting her emotional energy babysitting another "kid", instead of getting support and respect and love from a partner.

Grrrrr. :mad:

On another note.......that diet wasn't that bad, for a test day! (Those Trioplex bars will save your life...I'm buying two or three BOXES this weekend! ;)) How'd that exam go?

10-16-2003, 07:55 AM
Happy Birthday, girl! :D :D :D

Hope its a good one!

You might want to mention that on barbelll exercises you tend to forget to count the weight of the bar. Adds a bit to those curls. ;)

And does that shaker filter not fit into yours? I thought you took it to use in yours.

We all know Sara's bf is just jealous. He tries to workout and it just upsets him that she's more ripped and stronger than he is. Not to mention better looking.

Have a great day and I'll talk to you later! :D

10-17-2003, 10:30 AM
Borris: I agree that Iíve been lower in calories than I should be. I never get hungry until late at night, and by then Iím starving. Maybe I should start force feeding myself! My goal was 1500 calories per day, but Iím thinking I might need more like 1800. What do you think? I am 5í4Ē and weigh 118lbs.

Chops: As long as the entertainment is not at my expense! :D Oh, the beer was what I had while celebrating my friendsí birthday. Since I am usually lacking in the calorie area, Iíll claim every bit that I can!

Heath: I was so proud of Sara yesterday after our leg workout. She actually said that she wanted her legs to get larger! Sara has never said she wants to be bigger! Seems sheís starting to ignore him a little! The test didnít go as well as I had hoped (I got a C). I was disappointed because I did so well on all other exams. For some reason, this one just stumped me.

HY: I will certainly remember to add the bar from now on! Thanks for reminding me.

This is actually the second time Iíve tried to post these replies. Last night I spent 30 mins. writing everything out, just to find that I had been logged off during that time. The whole entry was lost. I guess Iíll have to start writing posts in Word then copying them into my journal. Iím a bit behind so below is Wednesdayís and Thursdayís stuff.

Wed. diet (10/15)
Meal 1: Oatmeal
Snack: Wheat thins
Meal 2: Pasta and sauce, steamed broccoli/cauliflower
Meal 3: roast beef sand.
Meal 4: tuna, sweet potato
Snack: cottage cheese

Calories: 1551
Fat 37%
Carbs 35%
Protein 28%

Cardio: 30 minutes on elliptical machine
15 minutes on bike

My heart rate stayed in the upper level of my target, and the cardio felt great!

Thursday (10/16)
Meal 1: egg whites, toast w/ low sugar jelly
Meal 2: tuna w/ relish, mustard
Snack: Ĺ of a detour bar
Meal 3: Pre- and post- workout shakes
Meal 4: grilled chicken sand. w/ lett/tomato
Snack: cottage cheese, banana

Fat 21%
Carbs 28%
Protein 51%

I had a much better protein intake on Thursday, but the calories are still really low (especially on a day when I had a hard leg workout). Force feeding is starting to look like the answer.

Thursday leg workout: (bar weight has been added)
Squats: Bar x 6, 30kg x 4
40kg x 10
40kg x 9
37.5kg x 7
(Increase of a couple of reps from last week. Think I should increase weight.)

SLDL: Bar x 5, 27.5 x 5
40kg x 10
40kg x 4
35kg x 6
(Iíve done 45kg before, I just have a grip problem. That should be taken care of since Will gave me some straps.)

Leg Press: 40kg x 6
80kg x 10
80kg x 8
(This was awesome since I only did 80 x 6 last week. I think I could move up here too!)

Calves: 60 x 8
80 x 10
80 x 10

Lunges: 12lbs. x 6
20lbs. x 10
20lbs. x 8

This was one of the best workouts Iíve ever had! For some reason, I was full of energy. Even Sara (my workout partner) increased her leg press by 20kg (44lbs)!! HY and I are going to visit our parents this weekend and celebrate birthdays. Iím sure Iíll have a piece of cake but it wonít kill me.

10-17-2003, 11:43 AM
Happy Birthday! Y'all have a great time. (And yes, eat cake.......you still have to have a life too!) Y'all have fun at home.

(I just figured out that your screenname is probably after Bella. :p That cutie.)

That's great about Sara. (Get her to start a journal too!) And.....you KNOW you'll kill the next test. I wouldn't worry too much.

Have fun this weekend! (And don't forget Will's strainer thingy to his shaker cup or none of us will EVER hear the end of it!)

10-17-2003, 12:02 PM
*drinks out of shaker with appropriate filter* :D

*tries to think of something else witty to say*

*fails miserably* :(

Some damn good workouts! I'm so proud of you and those squats and the leg presses and the lunges and everything else. Some massive jumps from last time and should do real well in getting your confidence boosted up so you can get closer to a suitable weight where you'll really start seeing the results come out. More so than they already are.

*flexes rear double bi* ;)

10-17-2003, 02:23 PM
Um, I think you meant <double guns>.


10-17-2003, 02:25 PM

Close but actually that is the one she was doing last night. And I must say there is some awesome definition coming out in her back. :D

10-20-2003, 05:55 PM
So where's the diet update from the weekend with all that cake and pie? :p just kidding

Lets hear about those intervals you did today! ;)

10-20-2003, 08:49 PM
HY: Sorry that Iím not fast enough for ya! :) Hope your new schedule is going well for you.

This weekendís diet was as expected for someone celebrating a birthday. There was a lot of cakes and sweets (a total of 8 desserts at my house on Saturday night alone). Surprising, I didnít engorge myself the whole time!

Todayís meals:
Meal 1: Egg/cheese English muffin, fruit
Meal 2: Turkey sub. w/ lett/tomato, baked chips
Meal 3: protein shake
Snack: cottage cheese, small piece of pumpkin pie
Meal 4: grilled chicken sand. w/ lett/tomato, mushrooms

Calories: 1728
Fat 41%
Carbs 35%
Protein 24%

Had a bit too much fat today, and not enough protein. For once though, Iím not hungry at 10:30! I ran 10 sprint intervals today. The most had been 8 before today, so Iím pretty happy about that. I usually run sprints on Sunday, so my week is already messed up. Itís time to get back on schedule.

10-20-2003, 10:27 PM
Heya, welcome and stuff. I'm sure HY will keep you in line, but don't let him prance around in his thongs too much. He can get a bet over-zealous with that.

10-21-2003, 04:30 PM
Oh she loves it when I do that. :angel:

Just a tad more protein and you should be fine. Get some studying done and good luck on your test tomorrow!

10-22-2003, 12:40 AM
Heya Jess...welcome to the boards. HY's turned you into 'one of us' :evillaugh That's great!

What are you studying?

10-22-2003, 10:52 AM



10-22-2003, 10:08 PM
Fuzz: I think I keep Will in line more than he does me! By the way, howíd you know about him and his thong? :confused:

HY: Iím trying to work on getting more protein and food in general. I think the test went okay today.

Tank23: Six months ago I would have laughed at the thought of me lifting weights and posting in a journal. I guess you can say that Will has had quite an influence on me! :whip: I was studying Pharmcokinetics (itís much easier than it sounds).

JustinF: Thanks! Iíve never been spammed before!

Meal 1: Oatmeal w/ splenda and cinnamon
Meal 2: BBQ baguette (wow Heath, you were right; these things are great!)
Meal 3: post workout shake
Snack: ľ of a detour bar
Meal 4: grilled chicken, onions, sweet potato
Meal 5: more grilled chicken, peppers/onions
Snack: cottage cheese, handful of Kit-Kat bites

Calories: 1661
Fat 22%
Carbs 47%
Protein 31%

Workout: Pull day
Pull-ups: (wide grip) 10x6, 9x9, 9x8
(narrow grip) 7x7, 8x5

DB rows: 15lbs.x 7, 20lbs.x 8, 20lbs.x 7

Machine rows: 60x10, 60x7, 50x10

Curls: 16kg (~36lbs.)x6, 18.5kg (~40.7lbs.)x8, 18.5kg x7

Had to skip hyperextensions due to lack of time.

Meal 1: egg/cheese English muffin, pears w/ cottage cheese
Meal 2: Turkey sand. w/ garden salad
Snack: more Kit-Kat bites (I wonít be eating any more b/c theyíre now gone!)
Meal 3: Chili
Meal 4: cottage cheese

Calories: 1538
Fat 38%
Carbs 35%
Protein 28% (probably should have eaten chicken to increase this a bit)

I ran what I believe to be 2 miles today, improving my mile time by ~3 minutes. I usually jog on a treadmill, but today I jogged outside. Maybe thatís why there was such a large decreased in time. Nonetheless, I will recalculate the route to make sure it was truly 2 miles b/c a 3 minute reduction is quite substantial.

Iíve started seeing more positive results in my body lately. It really helps to have others notice too. The compliments seem to come right when I need the encouragement.

Oh, and to all following the Sara saga (my workout partner), sheís currently no longer concerned about what anyone thinks, and is set on increasing her strength. Itís about time!

10-22-2003, 10:59 PM
nice leg workout, i see that u have had strength increases already. That is amazing that you are on such a strict diet now, since you used to eat the fast food junk every day...much props for that! Keep up the hard work and dedication.

10-23-2003, 02:18 AM
Hey, nice back workout gal.

What exactly is Pharmcokinetics?

Running outside is so much better than on a treadmill!! :)

...and yeh...more chicken!! :D

10-23-2003, 05:35 PM
You might want to try doing some unassisted pull-ups on pull day. Even though you can't do 6 or whatever, its probably a good idea to at least try to get as many as you can. These might actually be more beneficial in the long run. I also thing you can do a bit more on the db's row. Make sure you at least try the 25's next time. :)

Diet is starting to look a bit better. Just cleaning it up as much as you have is awesome. I wouldn't worry if you cheat here and there.

Now lets hear about your leg workout today. :D

10-23-2003, 08:38 PM
Wow, I missed this one!

*has nothing witty or helpful to add*

<double guns>


10-23-2003, 11:05 PM
Jiin10: I wouldnít say my diet is strict yet. I still get a little crazy now and then. I really push myself on leg day. I want to have that same level during all workouts; itís just easier on leg day.

Tank23: Pharmacokinetics is the statistical study of how drugs are absorbed, distributed, and eliminated in the body. In other words, it's a waste of four hours every week. Actually, I think this class will be beneficial in my career (pharmacy), but right now itís really boring. I plan to start running outside from now on, at least until it gets cold (in Charleston, that should be another 3 months).

HY: Iíll start doing some unassisted pull-ups from now on. Should I warm-up first? My new goal is to do an unassisted dip. Be prepared to be impressed! ;)

Belial: It was nice of you to stop by.

Meal 1: cottage cheese and yogurt
Meal 2: pre-workout shake
Meal 3: chicken w/ veggie stir-fry
Snack: Ĺ of a tri-o-plex bar
Meal 4: Chili (I donít think I can take any more of this stuff)
Meal 5: eggs/cheese, little bit of hash browns, one piece of raisin toast)

Calories: 1593
Fat 37%
Carbs 29%
Protein 34%

Leg day
Squats: Bar x6, 25kg x 5, 30kg x 4
42.5kg (93.5lbs.) x 5
40kg (88lbs.) x 8, then x 8

SLDL: Bar x 6, 27.5kg x 4
45kg (99lbs) x 3
42.5kg (93.5lbs) x 8
40kg (88lbs) x 6

Leg Press: 40kg x 6
85kg (187lbs) x 10 (New PR) :D
85kg x 8
75kg (165lbs) x 8

Calf raises: 60 x 8
80 x 10
80 x 8

Lunges: 24lbs. x 5
40lbs. x 10, then 10

Wow, leg day today was awesome! Iíve been sore ever since I left the gym, so I can only imagine how bad Iíll be hurting tomorrow! It would be upsetting if there wasnít any pain though. Now, if I could only feel like I do today after push and pull days.

One of the fraternities at my school held a swamp party tonight. I didnít drink but instead indulged in one of my favorite meals at the Huddle House afterwards (Meal #5). Sara and I did get in a karaoke song. Everyone was so drunk they actually thought we were good! Tomorrow is push day, so Iíll start working on my new goal (unassisted dip).

10-24-2003, 05:38 PM
Things are looking great in here, Jess - diet wise AND workout wise. (Yes....do as many unassisted pullups as you can. It will get Will all hot and bothered. ;)) And you'll have that unassisted dip (and MORE) way sooner than you think.

(Now to get Sara to start a journal..... :evillaugh: )

10-24-2003, 05:49 PM
Everything about her gets me all hot and bothered. ;)

*ahem* :D

Squats are looking good. Try to get a rep or 2 more next time and then you might benefit from increasing the weight. Definitely bump up the weight on those leg presses and lunges. Especially lunges since that's actually 10 reps per leg you're doing. I think you'd see even more results going heavier on those.

Bump up those calf raises too.

I really like you having a journal. This way I can see everything written out and see if you are cheating or not. ;)

10-24-2003, 06:25 PM
CG: Iím still working on Sara. Today she was worried about one bicep being bigger than the other. :rolleyes: If she wasnít worrying about something, she wouldnít know what to do!

HY: Who me? Cheat? :angel:

Meal 1: oatmeal w/ cinnamon, eggs
Snack: Ĺ of a tri-o-plex
Meal 2: Chicken baguette (didnít eat all of the bread)
Meal 3: post-workout shake
Meal 4: grilled chicken sand, fried mushrooms

Calories: 1453
Fat 37%
Carbs 35%
Protein 28%

Protein was down today. Iíll probably eat some cottage cheese before bed, so that might help. Yes, I had fried mushrooms for dinner, and they were great! I wonít do that again for a while though.

Push day
Bench press: Bar x 5
27.5kg (61.5lbs.) x 5 (PR) :D
25kg (56lbs.) x 8

Shoulder press: 12lbs (per arm) x 7
20lbs. (per arm) x 1 (I got one up Will!)
15lbs. x 10, then x 13

Seated chest: 20 x 12, then x 9, then x 9

Dips: 9 x 6
8 x 10 (PR) :D
8 x 8
(I have not done dips in a while b/c of a nagging shoulder pain. I certainly didnít expect to go up a plate. Only 7 more plates to go!)

Triceps: (rope) 5 x 4
4 x 7
3 x 12

I left the gym filling like I had actually done something today. My bench press and dips increased much more than I was expecting (actually most everything is getting better). Could it be because of the diet? Iím a little disappointed in the shoulder presses. If there were 17 or 18 lb weights, I could transition into the 20ís. The 15ís are too easy, and the 20ís too difficult. Iíll just keep working.

10-27-2003, 07:06 PM
Originally posted by Belladonna
If she wasnít worrying about something, she wouldnít know what to do!
LMAO!! Oh, now that sounds familiar. :p

I really think the difference in those shoulder presses are in your head. If you can do the 15's for 10 reps you should be able to get at least 4-6 of the 20's, without a problem. If you want, next time I'm down there, I can spot you through it them just for general confidence on the issue.

Good job on the bench and dips, btw!

10-30-2003, 05:24 PM
HEY!!! :mad:

Get to posting!! If you haven't tonight, you will be tomorrow after I get there. :D