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10-21-2003, 06:26 PM
6ambreakfeast - largest meal because I cannot get any meals in until 11:10am or until my 7:15am PWO Shake
2 pieces homemade low carb/high protein bread F: 11 C: 5 P: 30
1 scoop whey, 4tbsp heavy cream in coffee F: 24 C: 0 P: 24

7:15 PWO Shake
40g whey
2tbsp/16g flax powder

1oz peanuts F: 16 C: 0 P: 7
2 pieces carb bread F: 11 C: 5 P: 30

1/2 large can tuna F: 0 C: 0 P: 35
1tbsp olive oil F: 14C/P: 0

Before bed/dinner
1/2-1c cottage cheese
1tbsp flax

Totals 1834cals 92f 23c 218p

I will be getting at least 100-110g fats in, keeping carbs under 20 (adding veggies) and getting protein down to 160-180 in feature days. I usually have 40g whey + cream in coffee on the mornings I workout, on non-workout days it stays as I stated above.

2-4 Optimum Whey
.5 tbsp CLA
Vit C 4-6g daily
Calcium 4g daily
Animal cuts in morning and after school

stats in sig.

10-21-2003, 07:20 PM
Looks good to me, assuming your calories are set at the appropriate level. Although a protein blend might be a better choice, as opposed to the 100% whey, since you will be going ~3 hours without a whole food meal after your workout.

How many grams of CLA does .5 tbsp equal? I doubt you are going to get any benefit from the CLA, especially when following a CKD, since there would be a higher probability of the CLA being oxidized for energy. It is usually recommended that CLA be taken with a higher carb meal(s) in order to prevent this.