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10-26-2003, 06:22 PM
"Welcome to your nightmare" said the Pecan pie as it walked away from me in my dream last night. I woke up only to realise it wa true, tommorrow begins my agony, or in bodybuilding terms, the dreaded cut.

I am beginning a week early, and you may ask why? The answer is I have realistically gained all the mass I am going to, and frnkly I miss modeling. I needed that period of growth to gain back the weight I lost, to become healthy agai, and I have done just that.
I suppose "bodybuilder" wasnt a realistic goal for me, but I have put on some quality muscle, and I plan to look damn good when I am done with this cut. I am set to endure 6-8 weeks of misery to accomplish my goal, no cheats, no compromise,

I plan to gradually introduce cardio, while decreasing calories by 100-250 calories a week until I reach 1800 calories a day. I plan to begin with morning cardio, and to see how it goes from there. My split will remain the same, but obviously with less volume to compromise for the decreased calories.

The diet:
Meal #1:

1 cup oat meal- 300 calories/54 carbs
protein shake 1 scoop whey + glutamine- 150 cals/ 22 g protein

450 cals

Meal #2:

1 chicken breast- 300 cals 50g protein
1/2 cup cotttage cheese- 160 cals/ 30 g protein

460 calories 80 g protein

Meal #3 (pre workout):

2 scoops whey- 220 calories/ 40 g protein
1/2 cup oatmeal- 150 cal/27 g carbs

370 calories

Meal #4 (Post workout):

2 scoops whey- 220 cal/ 40g protein

220 calories

Meal #5:

2 chicken breasts- 600 cal
1/2 cup cottage cheese- 160 calories

760 calories

Meal #6:

1 serving tuna- 200 calories/ 48 g protein

200 calories

total cals: 2460
protein: 308 g
carbs: 80g

The workout:

3 day split

Monday: chest/tris/calves

Incline bench

Incline dumbbells:

Decline bench superset w/weighted dips

Calve raises

Tuesday: Shoulders/back/abs

Dumbbell press

Lateral raises

Front raises

T bar rows

Behind back military press

Weighted pullups


Dumbbell rows

3 sets russian twists

3 sets crunches

Wednesday: bis/tris/legs

standing curl w/ straight bar
3 sets

EZ bar preacher curls

Dumbbell hammer curls


weighted dips

reverse grip bench/superset w/ pushdown


Thursday: abs/legs/cardio

weight leg raises
3 sets

weighted situps on decline bench
3 sets

3 sets

leg press

hamstring leg curl

front leg curls

30 minutes of early mroning cardio 7 days week

10-26-2003, 06:26 PM
good luck man with your cut. Dont feel so dreadful about going on a cut because when its all threw and done you will be happy you did it. Make all the hard work and suffering of endless days and nights of lifting pay off. Hope that motivates you a little good luck man.

Scott S
10-26-2003, 06:37 PM
That two months may seem long, but if you do it right, it'll turn out well. My only suggestions (mind you, coming from a vast pool of ignorance) might be to not do the cardio in the morning. It sounds like a good idea, but I'd be really concerned that I'd lose muscle exercising while hungry. Also, you may want to incorporate very small amounts of cardio from the very beginning, so you're used to it.

Scott S
10-26-2003, 06:40 PM
Oh, and :spam:.

10-27-2003, 07:50 AM

While it always sucks to see the abs disappear, you have to live it with it a little to make your goals. While becomming a bodybuilder in a month isn't realistic - gettting there by spring is definately possible and Certinately realistic for the next catalog season. Anyway, good luck with the cut, and never give up your goals.

Remember life, like bodybuilding, is a marathon not a sprint


Scott S
10-27-2003, 10:34 AM
Good points Herc. I think it's up to the BBing models to bring back the muscular look and get those skinny wimps out of the catalogs.

10-27-2003, 03:13 PM
Definetly agree, and I am all for that look. My inspiration is Mark Whalberg's CK campaign in the early 90's, he was ripped, yet had size as well. Unfortunatley, the trend has gone away from that, especially in this city, and thus there are limits to the weight I can gain. I will be able to do more once i get more tearsheets, but for the time being, at least I have improved my overall musculature and gained 5-10 good pounds of muscle when all is said and done.

10-27-2003, 05:38 PM
Well it is true, today began my nightmare, but actually it wasn that bad. I changed a few things around in my diet, as I am currently out of tuna, otherwise a good, steady first day. I overslept for some reason, so I threw in cardio after my workout, and I am soaking at the moment. I also threw some yohimburn on my face for the cutting affects, and though I could barley see, I feel it may have done the trick, at least something was happening. I decided to split shoulders/back in to two seperate days to cut down on gym time and volume. Overall it was a good workout, good burn and I dont feel hungry. I am posting my alterations below, so feel free to check em out. I will be a shredded god withinn 1 month 30 days aprox. lets hope anyway.



Military press:

135lbs 10x

155lbs 6x

145lbs 8x

Dumbbell Shoulder press:

80lbs 8x

90lbs 6x

80 8x

10-28-2003, 09:34 PM
Back day today, which was easy when split up. I added in some additional ab work as well, which I will post below. My diet was good today, though I ate cottage cheese in place of a few things, which I am mildly annoyed about. I also upped my cardio by 5 minutes, but I dont think this made any significant difference. I work my chest tommorrow, which should be interesting given it will be my 3rd day of decreased nutrients. In any case, we will see.

Ab work:

Weighted situps/superset w. russian twists

45lbs 10x
4x twists

45lbs 8x
4x twists

Hanging leg raises:




10-31-2003, 07:55 PM
Hey all,

As bad as I have been with this journal so far, I decide to update it before I gout for Halloween, how strange.

One reason for my absene is the fact that I decided to get a job. I have been laying around sleeping all day, and I came to the conclusion if I am going to meet people in NYC, this may not be the best move. I will spare you the rather pathetic detils of my employment, but it is a diversion while I get certified as a trainer and cut, even though I am around disgusting food all day, but no I dont work at a fast food place! I still have some measuyre od dignity left..

The last 3 days were chest, biceps, and triceps in that order. As I said in earlier updates, I have decided to switch to a 5 day split, as it is less time in the gym, and a bit of decreased volume to prevent over training. I cut a et or so off of each exercise, and I am so far maintaining my strength.

My cardio is going well, I have been running 25 minutes after my workout, and I am already achieveing noticeable results in my abs and face. This is in no small part, thanks to the yohimburn. This stuff is amazing, and is really bringing back my definition. I am extremely pleased by it's effectiveness so far as a cutting supp.

All in all, everything is good. Diet is going strong, though I have replaced several meals inadventantly with cottage cheese, at the same basic number of calories. I am about to hit week 2, and I plan to up my cardio lightly, while perhap cutting calories by 100 or so. I will weigh on Sunday, and post the results. Hopefully I can get a bodyfat check as well, interested to learn the results of that.

11-02-2003, 09:19 PM
Well here I am, a week in to my diet, and everything is going superbly thus far. My diet seems to be yielding frighteningly efficient results, and I have not had a single craving. This was my largest fear, yet it has been entirely manageable, so I am quite pleased.

My new job has forced me to make a few changes to my schedule this weekend. I was going to work abs, and od cardio tonight, but I was forced in to only cardio because of proximity to gym closure. I took this weekend off, so to speak, doing just extra cardio, which seemed to hasten my weight loss. I am posting the specifics on my cardio below, though they are fairly standard. I feel 6-8 weeks will be ideal to get my back in modeling shape, and I am quite pleased I went through this bulk. I needed to gain back the muscle I lost this summer, and this bulk was ideal for those purposes.

I am really pleased that I will be able to get back to it soon, for I am here in NYC after all, and it is one of my greatest ambitions. In any case, week 2 is about to begin going strong, and I plan to increase my cardio to 30 minutes a day of running. I will up the intensity a bit, and perhaps toggle my calories a bit based upon content. I will keep you posted.

42 minutes running 7/8/9 mph pace

6 miles run

700 calories buned


32 minutes running

4.75 miles run

600 calories burned

11-05-2003, 07:15 PM
2 day update:

My cut is going well, I have found a diet which I can live with day and day out, and I really feel in control of my nutrition. I have turned to cottage cheese as a staple in my diet, and it has really made a difference, it is both filling and slow digesting, whih makes the keto so much more bareable.

I book a shoot for Monday, as my cut seems to be occuring more rapidly then I intially planned for. In any case, I feel my bodyfat has dropped as I am seeing renew definition and vasculairty throughout my body. Running is a tremendous form of leaning cardio, and it has really been the defining variable so far in this weightloss.

I have essentially maintained my strength, as my lifts are so far remaining the same, however I find that I do fatigue faster. This justifys my 5 day split, as I can cut down on olume and time in the gym.

The shoot is 400 bucks, which I desperatley need, so I will definetly share the results. Today was chest day, and I maintained my max in both dumbbells and bench. I am giving myself less rest in between sets, therefore maintaining my level of previous intensity, in short bursts.

Ill keep you updated.

11-08-2003, 07:10 PM

Seems as if I am updating this thing in incriments of 2 and 3, hopefully I wont make it 4 next time. One reason for not reporting in, is that I am temporarily maintaining my weight for my shoot on Monday. I am getting paid 500 bucks, and this is probably one of my only chances to shoot like this before I am forced to become leaner again.

Up until my stagnation, I had been rediscovering my form and pace in running. Just like lifting, I find it additive, and challange myself with each session. This may not be neccisarily the best thing for maintaining muscle, but as an athlete it is my nature. I am enjoying the challange of becoming lean, and defining my body. Its so strange, so many people seem to have trouble losing weight, but it drops off me like water for ome reason, but I suppose it is both a blessing and a curse.

One goal I have set during my cut, is to build a set of badas abs. I m really stepping up my ab workouts in duration and intensity, as I feel I have been neglecting them during my bulk. I am up for an underwear ad at the end of this week or next, so I am really stepping up the cardio and ab work.

My lifts have remained virtually the same I am pleased to report. My strength has remained constant, with the major variriable being my fatigue, though I have cut down on this by decreasing volume. As you know, I have changed to a 5 day split, with 2 days off on the weekend for just cardio. This has been effective so far, though I have nothing to compare it to as a point of reference. I am going to make more of an effort to seperate my cardio and my workouts, in an attempt to better preserve muscle, and get my PWO shake and meal down. I feel this should make a difference, and hopefully maintain at least some of this hard earned muscle I have gained. I will post the pics from Monday, and Ill keep everyone posted.

Until then...stay strong.

11-09-2003, 08:35 PM
good luck with the cut bro!! nice workouts so far everything looks good man.

11-10-2003, 08:00 AM
Hope all goes well with the shoot. Cutting's a b!tch 'aint it?


11-10-2003, 10:34 AM
good luck with the cut? what do u weigh at now? and what bf%?

oh, and :spam:

11-11-2003, 09:34 PM

Well here is my commentary from the photoshoot. First the good news...

My body looked great on film, it photographed really well and I looked big. I was cut enough to get some great bodyshots (I think), and therefore I have achieved my goal.

Bad news...

It isnt so much bad news, as a wake up call I suppose. My face is really filled in and looks big on film. I have alot of weight to lose in my face in particular, and I know it now. I am hoping much of this is water weight tho, as my diet is etremely high in sodium, and this is something I am in the proccess of altering.

All in all, I got what I needed from this bulk, great bodyshots, and thats really all I can ask for. It is time to unleash the full fury of my cut, whih entails kicking up the cardio and cutting carbs and calories in general. I will be cutting down to near 1600-1800 calories, as I need to lose as much as I can in the next few weeks, but I plan to keep my meals spaced, and also throw in vitamans b12 and b6, in order to keep my metabolism high. I am considering an ECA stack, though I would prefer to keep this as a last resort.

I will begin later this week or possibly next by incoperating morning cardio, which I feel should really help to speed along the fat loss. All in all, my goal has now become getting my fae back in to modeling shape. It is going to be a hard grueling 6-8 weeks, but through this pain will come my salvation, and the realisation of the dreams that I desire.

11-16-2003, 09:10 PM

Slowly, but surely, my weightloss is proceeding. I have done alot of soul searching over this process, as it dictates so much of my amibition, and I have come to several conclusions.

I remember during my last cut and several pervious cutting phases, I would become anxious and switch from a semi structured diet, to 1 meal a day. While this resulted in rapid weightloss, much of the weight I shed was muscle, and I dont even feel my bodyfat level came down dramatically. On top of that, I was ravenous all day, my every thought consumed by my 1 meal that occured once every 24 hours. During thi cutting phase, I have truly come to appreciate the virtues of the 5-6 meal a day model. Not so much for it's metabolic properties, though I feel it does make a difference, but most importantly, for it's role in keeping me sane. I can honestly say I have not cheated once so far since i began this cut, nor have I had the desire to, and that is a monumental achievement in itself. By spacing my meals ever 2-4 hours, my hunger remains satiated, and I never really think about food. This has made it much easier, and my temperment, and energy level are far more even as a result. Additionally, I feel I am losing weight at a reasonable pace, and ultimatley shedding more fat as a result.

With regard to my workout, not much has changed. My lift remain constant, and so far I have lost nearly 10 pounds. I am beginning to ee the results in my face, and I have held on to a good bit of mass, so I am pleased at the moment. I still have a way to go, but I know by ontinuing this method, I am losing the right way, rather than unevenly. I am going to throw in some morning cardio this week, and see how that affects me. I am hoping it will kick things up a notch. I am becoming more defined, and I am noticing my ab in particular are starting to how as they did before. I am down to 1800 calories a day, so now my diet remains constant, only manipulating cardio. I should be back in model shape in a few weeks, and I am really looking foward to that.

This entire process (bulking and cutting), has been a healing experience for me, to regain much of what I lost this ummer. Most telling though, I lost prespective, and that rediscover from this process will make this experiene the most worthwhile of all. How ironic that my agent' instructions of "Stop working out", screwed me so badly. Working out has been my salvation, and when I return, I will be far better off for this experience, and have a far greater appreciation for the atruggles whih must be endured for its achievement. In any case, ill keep you posted.