View Full Version : 8 weeks to prove to myself I can do it..

Joe Black
09-10-2001, 02:55 AM
As some of you know my training has been off for the last 2 weeks due to exhertion headaches.. I took this time off and now everything seems ok :)

I have not been dedicated with my diet for a long time.. I got 8 weeks left till my holiday.. Can I get cut up for then? I hope so.. Right now its my only goal. To be lean..

So lets see if I can prove to myself I have it in me to diet consistently and get lean. If I get back in the routine I know when I return from holiday I can get straight back into dieting consistently for weight gain.

So heres what week 1 and 2 of 8 looks like.. I will do this for the first 2 and then perhaps lower some carbs depending on weight loss.. Here we go..

(BTW meal one has been downed already today.. Now I know why I have cheated for so long.. dry oats, egg white and horrible shakes..... uuuurrrrghhhhh,, lol)

Meal 1

55 grams of oats
1 slice of wheat
6 egg whites
1 scoop of prolab whey

Protein = 49 grams
Carbs = 55 grams
Fat = 8 grams

Calories = 488

Meal 2

Can of Tuna
2 teaspoons of Mayo
Slice of bread

Protein = 35 grams
Carbs = 15 grams
Fat = 8 grams

Calories = 272

Meal 3,4 and 5

150 grams of Lean Turkey
30 grams of Oats
10 grams of nuts

Protein = 40 grams
Carbs = 19 grams
Fat = 8 grams

Calories = 308

Meal 6 (Post Workout)

2 scoops of Prolab Whey
60 grams of brown Rice

Protein = 49 grams
Carbs = 56 grams
Fat = 6 grams

Calories = 474

Meal 7

150 grams of lean turkey
30 grams of oats
1 teaspoon of flax oil

Protein = 38 grams
Carbs = 18 grams
Fat = 9 grams

Calories = 305


Protein = 291 grams (1164) 48%
Carbs = 201 grams (804) 32%
Fat = 55 grams (495) 20%

Calories = 2463

09-10-2001, 03:27 AM
Good luck Dan, we'll be here 100% to support you:)

Where are the veggies?

Joe Black
09-10-2001, 03:29 AM
opps veggies are with 3,4,5 and 7..

I forgot to put them down :)

Joe Black
09-11-2001, 04:20 AM
ate pretty much exact to my diet above today..

I missed the oats from the last meal as my meal times shifted a bit towards the later side and I wasn't up for eating oats so late at night.

Water coulda been a bit more.

Goals for tommorow: Drink 3 litres of water.. Stick to meal times..

Feel good for a good day eating though..

Mystic Eric
10-08-2001, 01:24 AM
i want an update.

Joe Black
10-08-2001, 02:34 AM
screw you term.. lol

I stuck on it for 3 days and then just went back to eating crap again.. Well not crap but not good..

Anyway I am now 5 weeks out and last week I ate really good and did cardio twice. This week I intend to eat the same and do cardio 4 times :)

I will try and keep it updated a little more..

Mystic Eric
10-08-2001, 03:53 AM
Originally posted by Hulk

I will try and keep it updated a little more..

a little more?? hell son, you haven't updated for a month t'ill now

Joe Black
10-09-2001, 02:41 AM
had the best leg workout EVER last night :)

I am finally back to what I was squatting b4 my headaches lay off...

I got 220 x 20 (all deep, just below parellel) on squat

then I leg pressed 550 x 10 (a record)

I will only not these.. My leg ex's and curls were up too as were my calve raises..

I had to move legs forward a day so I got chest today!

I feel ok though so I am hoping for a good chest day too!

10-09-2001, 06:54 AM
Thats some good squatting there partner.

chris mason
10-09-2001, 07:28 AM
Now Hulk, ponder what you are saying and its implications. You said that you had a layoff for a week or more, right? I also assume your last workout for legs was at least a few days before the layoff, right? Did you adhere to your diet during this layoff, or just eat? Now, you gave your legs some extra recovery time and what happened? You had your best leg day ever! Maybe you need to consider taking more days off between leg sessions, and more rest overall, eh?

Joe Black
10-09-2001, 07:50 AM
hmm I took close to 2 weeks off to shake my headaches..

I also slipped into eating whatever I want...

When I returned 2weeks off and bad eating meant I was squatting 220 x 4/6 :(

It took me 2-3 weeks to build up to 20 again... I knew it would come back quick.. But the last 2 -3 weeks have been every 7 days..

So I have not increased the rest in between each session..

Did you misunderstand what I meant?

Next week I am going for 230 x 15.... :)

chris mason
10-09-2001, 08:05 AM
Actually, yes I did misunderstand. However, how were the sessions going before the layoff, were you making great gains like these or not? By the way, I misunderstood because I have actually had some of my best leg sessions after a brief layoff for one reason or another.

Joe Black
10-09-2001, 08:19 AM
yeah it was going well before the layoff..

Remember I told you just bvefore it I had squatted 220 x 20 and was really pleased. That was to be my last leg session for 2 weeks :(

Also I have been more motivated as of late so that could play a part :)

I am experimenting with my time off though as you suggested. I am not as strict about the days as I once was. If I don't feel recovered I don't go in.. :)

chris mason
10-09-2001, 11:49 AM
Sounds good mon!

10-09-2001, 12:55 PM
dan, quick, lose 20lbs now before i get angry.

Joe Black
10-18-2001, 03:48 AM

Had a great leg workout last night..

As I reached my 20 reps on 220 last night, I moved up to 230..

I got 230 x 13.. again all deep and controlled.. Next week I am going for 20 .. nothing less.. thats a 10 lb in crease in 2 weeks :)

Also i upped my leg press 10 lb's and went for 560 lb's and got 8 reps. (2 reps away from my last weeek lighter set)

So next week I will go for 12 reps on that weight.

Leg extensions were 143 x 10 (up 4 reps)

Can't remember the weight I did leg curls (have it written down though) but i know it was up 3 or 4 reps..

Calves 115 lb's x 18, then 15 reps.. again up..

Diet also has been really, really good this week and I plan to keep it like that up untill the day I leave for America..

It is as follows..

Meal 1:

3 egg whites, 30 grams of dry oats

Meal 2:

Can of tuna, 2 x teaspoons of mayo and some tomato

Meal's 3,4 and 5

150 grams of chicken, veggies, 10 g's of nuts..

Meal 6 (post workout)

2 x whey drinks and a small amount of oats..

Sometimes I eat some celery b4 bed too..

I will keep everyone updated :)

chris mason
10-18-2001, 07:24 PM
Keep it up!