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11-04-2003, 10:28 AM
I am 5'7 and weight 132 pounds,my shoe size is 9us.
I want to get bigger and taller and stronger..
what should i eat or wat should i do to get bigger

11-04-2003, 11:11 AM
Taller? How old are you?

Eat. Get lots of protein. Start at 130g per day (or 1g per lb of weight). Start eatig about 2600 cals a day. Clean, whole foods. Fish, chicken, turkey, eggs, nuts, seeds, milk, yogurt.

Are you lifting? Do you have a routine? If not, check the WBB routines on page 1 for some direction.

11-04-2003, 08:05 PM
I am 15 years old..my dad is about 5'11 and my mom about 5'3.i play bball,need to get a lot taller,bigger and stronger

11-05-2003, 05:15 AM
height will only go as heigh as your genes allow it.. unless your gay and wanna wear high heels. weight will increas as a function of the amount of food you eat ( yes.. i got a math class in a few mins :P ).

Seriously, at 15 you should grow some more.. no one knows how much tho.

11-05-2003, 11:34 AM
You don't stop growing until you're around 21-23. Unless you're me and I stopped when I was like 17 and then I think I shrunk.

11-05-2003, 12:18 PM
YOur only 15, you will def. grow more. Just read some of the wbb routines, and get on one of them and start eatin, youll be glad you st uck with it(if you do) when your 18.

11-08-2003, 01:40 AM
Where do i get the WBB routine?err...where?

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11-10-2003, 10:15 PM
I take protein powder,vitamin B,c,Fish oil,calcium..Does those help?