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11-09-2003, 11:50 AM
Right then!!! I`m back in training mode again..starting light and not going to failure yet due to the numerous injuries I have. I shall list them below...

Injury list :

1). Annoying shoulder injury ??
2). scar tissue and lack of elasticity in right pec.
3). " " in right hamstring.
4). Compartment syndrome in both lower legs.
5). Annoying reoccurring pain in sternum after exercise.
6). Scoleosis which causes pain and discomfort in my lower back.

Now, |I`m basically doing a slightly scrambled version of the wbb1 routine as some of the exercises I`m unable to perform. I will train on the following days.

Sunday : legs
Monday : chest and biceps
tuesday : off
wednesday : back
thursday :shoulders and tri`s.
friday and saturday : off

Day 1. BACK light weights for first few weeks.

Pulldowns ( will progress to chins in a few weeks )

40k x 7, 7.


60k x 8, 8.

Barbell row

40k x 8, 6.


44k x 8, 8.

The weight needs to be nice and light for now as I always make the mistake of going heavy too quickly.

Felt really good after first session, lumbar area didn`t hurt the next day and my erectors were fine which is good.

Tomorrow will be shoulders and triceps.

11-09-2003, 11:56 AM
Day 2 : Shoulders and triceps

Barbell press : 35k x 8, 8..surprisingly this felt ok on my shoulder but did thorough warm up first.

seated dumbell press : 17`s x 8, 8..almost failed on 2nd set damn my shoulders have got a lot weaker.

laterals : 5k x 8, 8...these were slow and strict and felt good, ever so slight pain near end of 2nd set.

Skullcrushers : 20k x 8, 25k x 8..good

tri extension machine ( can`t dip due to sternum pain ) : 35k x 8, 8.

Woke up the next day and my tri`s were in agony at the point of origin under the rear delt area...next week will cut sets to 2 instead of 4. Shoulders were not too bad but slight pain in both front delts, seemed strained may need to drop sets on shoulders too.

11-09-2003, 12:00 PM
good to see your lifting smart and not trying to go too heavy with all those injuries of yours, keep it up dude

oh, and..


11-09-2003, 12:05 PM
Day 3 : Legs

Squats..damn tried squatting with just the bar and my shoulders and lower back were hurting before I even started the movement. Shoulder wasn`t comfortable in the retracted position.

Tried on the smith machine ( shock horror ) felt okay but still pain in back down the right side erectors, i thought fu*k it and did 2 sets anyway with :

50k x 10, 10. WEAK, WEAK, WEAK i reminisced on the days when I could squat 220lb easily for reps..ahhh maybe one day.

Leg press : felt a twinge in my right glute and hammy after the squats so decided to go light,

100k x 10, 10 ( sounds heavy but isn`t ).

Leg extension : 50k x 10 , 65 k x 8..hmm felt strange that I could leg extend more than I could squat..never mind.

Lying Leg curls : 25k x 8, 30k x 8 felt real good and were strict as hell using around 3,1,3 cadence.

Calf raises : These I struggle with due to my calf problems but were ok

60k x 15, 14..I think the intensity was a little too high on these I was nearly in tears by the end of the last set.

All in all a decent workout disappointed with the squats but everything else ok.

Tomorrow is pecs and biceps yaaaay.

11-09-2003, 12:58 PM
Good luck man hope your injuries heal up and u can get back to 100%

Scott S
11-09-2003, 06:06 PM

Good luck on the recovery! Do you do any rotator-cuff exercises? They might help.

11-09-2003, 08:26 PM
good luck with ur lifts bro, and i agree with iluded on training smart, hope u recover completely and get back on ur feet

11-10-2003, 05:37 PM
Thanks guys, yeah i`m keeping the weight fairly light but using strict ass reps, usually like 2, 1, 3 cadence.

Today my right hamstring was sore as hell, need to get it seen to soon as it`s pissing me off, Well today was the dreaded chest and biceps day, heres how it went :

Flat db press : 20k db`s x 8, 8 ( the 20`s felt quite heavy and every muscle was shaking like mad, guess it`s just the muscular system getting used to lifting again hehe )

Low incline db press : 20`s x 8, 17`s x 8 ( I started to feel my shoulder twinging so i dropped the weight slightly ).

Cable x overs : I know most people think they`re an inferior exercise but I cant seem to get away with dumbell flyes, dips or any other machine so they`ll have to do...

25k x 8, 30k x 8 ( slight pain in right pec when stretched but felt okay ).

Barbell curl

25k x 8, 30k x 8...damn that 30k bar felt heavy as hell hehe could feel my shoulder hurting too near the last 2 reps so stopped.

Incline db curls

12`s x 8, 10`s x 7 ( damn it !!! Shoulder really beginning to hurt on the nagative portion of the rep..very strange but gave up there ..better safe than sorry ).

It`s now almost midnight and I can feel my pecs screaming already, may reduce the sets next week for now.

11-10-2003, 10:17 PM
nice bi and chest workout bro, good to see u training smart keep it up. i usually like throwing in a few sets of strict form and boy can u feel that burn!!

11-10-2003, 10:21 PM
( will progress to chins in a few weeks )
I'd just like to pipe in and say I'm very jealous. Going light early is smart man. The last thing you want is to reinjure yourself right when you're getting back into things. You'll be setting PRs soon enough. Best of luck.

11-12-2003, 03:56 PM
I was in a bit of a dilemma today, had to choose from back day or my usual ju-jitsu class. Seeing as though I threw up last time I was at ju-jitsu I didn`t want my teacher to think I was a pu$$y for not turning up so I skipped back day. I`m realising now it wasn`t such a good idea as I feel like I totally overdid it tonight and probably wont be able to train delts and tri`s tomorrow.

DAMN..I`m still making foolish egotistical decisions that i know are no good for my body, Fu*! the macho fighter bull$hit I`ll be doing back next week for sure.

Well tomorrow is delt and tri day hopefully.

11-14-2003, 03:07 PM
Right, shoulders and tri`s day went better than expected.

My traps and back were slightly sore still from ju-jitsu but i decided to go ahead and train anyway. my training partner would have been pretty pi$$ed if i didn`t.

here`s how it went :

Military press : 35k x 10, 10 ( felt good, struggled to get 2 sets of 8 last week ).

Seated dumbell press : Decided to try the 20`s as I felt stronger than last week....20`s x 8, 8 ( same reps as I got last week with the 17.5k bells so a good increase there.

Lateral raises : upped to 6k bells : 2 x 8 ( failed on the 2nd set but all reps were strict as hell ). happy with the whole shoulder routine, niot much pain in the shoulder either which is good.

I decided to do only 2 sets for tri`s due to being sore for days last time so...skulls and ext machine 1 set each.

Skulls : 30k x 8 ( wow..felt easy, could have got about another 3 but stopped just top be on the safe side).

Tricep ext machine : 40k x 10 ( actually failed on 10..I know I said I wasn`t going to failure but I figured I might as well as I`m only doing 2 sets ).

Overall I felt great to have increased on every exercise..I can feel my strength slowly creeping back up.

Next session will be legs on sunday..hamstring is fine now and I WILL thoroughly warm it up and stretch it out before squatting.

11-14-2003, 03:20 PM
I`m noting my ( wimpy ) weight and measurements for future reference.

Current weight : 178lb, Bodyfat % : unsure, theres 2 settings on our tanita machine athletic = 12 % standard = 17% I`m guessing it`s somewhere between the 2.

Measurements :

Chest : 39"
Arm : 14"
Waist : 34.5"
Thigh : 23"
Calves : 14.5"
Neck : 16"

11-19-2003, 07:48 AM
Allright leg day was awesome last week, here`s how it went.

Squat : decided I felt better and added 10k to the bar, got 2 x 10 quite comfortably which was nice but still nowhere near what I should be doing. ... 60k x 10, 10.

Leg press : 142k x 10, 10..again I felt a lot stronger and managed the reps quite easily, hamstring was fine and didn`t bother me once.

Leg extension : 65k x 10, 72.5k x 7 ( failed on 7 reps ).

Leg curls : 30k x 12, 35k x 10..damn these were awesome, was strict as hell on all reps and blitzed last weeks lifts.

Rotary calf machine : 100k x 14 ( only did 1 set to failure and had to start work so rushed off )..good set though.

Good session.

11-19-2003, 07:57 AM
Chest and Biceps yesterday....I`d had a few days rest and felt 100 % here`s how it went.....

Dumbell press : 22k bells x 11...this felt light as hell so I decided to go for the 25`s for my second set 25`s x 10. managed to get the reps quite easily and hardly any pain in the shoulder.

Incline db press : 25`s x 10..all good still felt light so decided to go with the 27.5`s x 10...DAMN my strength is returning and boy does it feel good. Must keep reminding myself not to overdo it too quickly though which is my biggest problem.

cable x overs : 25k x 10, 10....The first set was quite comfortable but the 2nd caused some discomfort in my shoulder which wasn`t nice...may have to skip these altogether.

Barbell curl : 30 k x 8, 8 ( both sets were to failure and it felt heavy as hell but form was spot on 3 up 3 down, pain in shoulder as I neared failure on 2nd set but ok afterwards ).

Dumbell curls : 10`s x 13.... 12`s x 7 ( each arm ) My biceps were already fried after the bar curls so no surprise there although I have improved from last week.

Overall every lift went up in both reps and weight with only mild pain on crossovers...lets hope I can keep progressing as I am now....DOES MUSCLE MEMORY REALLY EXIST ???? seems too good to be true but I guess i`m seeing it first hand.

11-21-2003, 11:25 PM
Nice workouts, I dunno if muscle memory exists because ive never lost enough muscle to test it myself. :newbie: here

12-08-2003, 04:38 PM
Right then !! i haven`t updated my journal for a while as i`ve been really busy with work, christmas shopping, girlfriend trouble and all that jazz but i`m pleased to say all of my lifts have soared in the past few weeks. Here`s my last 3 workouts......


Squats : 220lb...My training partner made me try this and I wasn`t convinced at all as i was doing only 60k on the smith. However I went for it as he watched my form and managed a set of 10 reps but shoulder was in agony so only did one set..WELL IMPRESSED though as I haven`t squatted that for months and surprisingly enough after a good warmup my hamstring felt ok the next day..BONUS!!!

Leg press

385lb 2 x 12...2nd set was to total agonizing vein busting nut cracking failure, again i felt a lot stronger on the presses, excellent.

Leg extensions

160lb x 7, 7..both sets were to failure as I had no choice my training partner was calling me a bunch of names and pi$$ing me off big time. I felt sick immediately after set 2 and proceeded to lie down for a minute.

Leg curl

88lb x 8, 7..again both sets to failure and felt fookin sweet apart from the fact that i could hear and feel every sinew in the muscle popping and tearing hehe.

Rotary calf

full stack..(forgot to write the weight about 340lb) x 12..agony calves cramped for about 5 secs when i finished the set.

Standing calf raises

330lb x 11..i got off the machine and my fookin spine was in agony...felt like it had been totally compressed, ( probably had )..think I`ll skip that one next time!!!

Overall brill workout and increased loads since last month.

12-08-2003, 04:47 PM
Next session a number of days later was...Back!!

Now remember at the start I said I was working my way up to doing chins well today I thought i`d try them as I felt pretty strong...

Chins ( close grip uh ) x 8 ...hmm not bad seeing as though i havent done them in a good while. I decided to do a set wide oh and only got 6...( Shoulder was in pain next day and i think this might have been the culprit ).

Deadlifts 220 x 6, 176 x 8.

Like the complete to$$er I am I loaded the bar up to 220lb after a good warm up and thought I`d get at least 10 boy was I wrong after 5 my spine felt like it was about to snap, my grip went and my form was awful..I managed 6 before realising i am infact a minge and dropped it to 176lb and still only managed 8 because Id knackered myself out doing 220. FOOL !!!!!!!

Barbell row

99lb ...2 x 10...felt good and form was strict, couldn`t seem to get into position properly but felt okay.

Dumbell shrugs

55lb bells 2 x 10..good slow reps squeezing at top but grip was wasted from the deads and could have done better, never mind next time eh !!

Again a good session beating all previous lifts..very pleased.

12-08-2003, 04:59 PM
Tonights session was Chest and biceps..heres how it went !

Dumbell press

felt strong this week and went for 72lb bells 2 x 8...DAMN my strength is nearing it`s original level before my training ceased for months excellent. 2nd set was to total failure.

Incline db press

dropped to 66lb bells and got 2 x 8 again 2nd set was to failure.

Wide grip dips..12, 10.

Now this exercise I really shouldn`t be doing as im 90% certain they caused my sternum injury and maybe something to do with my shoulder injury too but training partner was doing my nut in so tried a set and managed 12...hmmm a little pain in the collar bone after the set but nothing too major, got 10 on 2nd set. Pecs were fried now biceps next...


barbell curl 77lb 2 x 8..(both sets to failure)wow i expected them to be weak tonight as I`d done a couple of rounds on the focus mitts with a workmate earlier in the day and they felt a little strained..can`t be bad !!!

Dumbell curls

33lb bells x (each arm)8, 5. a little disappointed with the 2nd set but hey my bi`s were fried after the bar curl anyways.

I walked out of that gym feeling a million dollars..things can only get better...next session will be shoulders and triceps in 4 days time...HEHE LONG REST PERIODS OWN...I belive that`s what you american dudes would say..own...or is that just kids ?? never mind see y`all soon x

12-13-2003, 08:33 AM
Shoulders and triceps.

well today was supposed to be but my shoulder was hurting from the previous night when i did a few sets of external rotations with on the cable xover the night before, decided I`d just do a quick triceps session...

Skull crushers - 35k x 8...during and after the set I couldnt feel anything in my tri`s just sharp pain in my elbows so dropped the weight and only dropped to 90 degrees......30k x 8..a little better.

Pushdowns - 40k x 8, again more pain in elbows so dropped to 30k x 10...bah felt awful and decided to call it a day. I should be raring to go for next session which from what i remember will be legs.