View Full Version : Need some(alot) tips for a beginner.

Lt. Dan
11-09-2003, 12:47 PM
I tried searchin around but with this diet stuff everyone is different so i figured i would just start a new topic. Anyways, i just turned 20 and i decided its time to get in shape and get big. I used to lift alot back when i was a soph/early junior in hs and it kinda stopped after that. Well now im a soph in college and ive started lifting again a couple weeks ago and now that im back in the swing of things im lookin for some eating tips.

Right now im on your basic college diet of cereal for breakfast, buffet for lunch usually consisting of pasta, chinese, subway, or somthin similar, and then my dinner is about the same as lunch. I also have a few snacks throughout the day like fruit cups, yogurt, etc.

I dont wanna ask for too much but i just need a better diet so i can bulk up alittle and get stronger. My goal is to be toned and somewhat cut by summer but for now im thinkin i just need to get bigger before i worry about gettin toned. If one of u experts could help me get a diet setup i would really appreciate it. Thanks

o yea, right now i am about 5"10 180lbs

11-09-2003, 01:17 PM
basically just eat 300-500 calories above your maintanence level, and increase your calorie intake slowly every week, untill you reach a point where u think your puting on too much fat.. most people start out with a 40pro/40carb/20fat ratio..