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11-17-2003, 05:39 AM
I am training for fitness and strength, not competition or to look like the guys in the magazines. This would be great, but it is not feasible for many reasons, foremost among them is budget, time and lack of the dedication necessary. I cannot bring myself to drink a shake for a meal (cant afford it either), cant see myself adding flax oil to stuff and the other die hard stuff I see here and in the mags. More power to those of you that can, but right now I am not in that spot. That being said, I would like some advice for someone with my degree of motivation and budget.

I work 12 hour shifts, so when I am awake during the week, I am at work. I work the night shift and basically am munching on something all night. I take a big lunch bag and it is filled. This is what I took last night.

1 cup of corn
2 cups of green beans
2 tuna sandwiches on wheat
turkey breast
2 sweet potatoes
bag of small carrots
3 tangerines
2 apples
small cup of spaghetti
4 boiled eggs (yolk and all)

with that I drink about 5-7 liters of water throughout the shift.

I am constantly having to take a leak, but that is easy...its dark, so I just pull over and go...

I am looking to slim down some while still putting on muscle...is there anything in this list that is killing me? or something that I can reasonably add to help me?

Thanks in advance for the help and advice...I am sure that I will have plenty more questions in the future.:help:

11-17-2003, 01:31 PM
that list doesn't look too bad, really

the carrots and the corn aren't doing much for you, and it seems like you're light on protein compared to carbs as a total, as well as missing a good source of EFAs; keeping in mind that you need things to remain portable I'd consider cutting out:
- the carrots
- the corn
- the tangerines
- the spaghetti

and adding in:
- a cup of raw whole almonds
- 5-10 flaxseed or fish oil capsules
- more meat/fish
- some celery or other veggies for munching

if you want to slim down, you need to run a caloric deficit...

11-17-2003, 03:41 PM
thanks for the reply callahan. I will do that. I put the corn and carrots in their because of the "eat your vegetables" mantra I grew up with. I can take them out easily.