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11-21-2003, 12:58 AM
So just when I thought I had a solid diet/training split figured out, that would allow me to get in good workouts/build strength/maintain body composition and enjoy the psychological relief of a refeed, the powers that be threw a couple monkey wrenches in my general direction :eek:

Saturday, November 22nd; Ann Arbor, MI: UofM vs OSU
Without a doubt the biggest game in my three years at UofM; one of the oldest and greatest rivalries in college sports, deciding the Big Ten Championship, and determining not only who goes on to the Rose Bowl, but possibly even the Nokia Sugar Bowl. Suffice to say, I'll be there :D

As any current or recent college student of course knows, of almost equal importance to the game itself is the pregame tailgate, which inevitably involves everyone's best friend/worst enemy: alcohol.
Early morning tailgates/four hour football games and planned early morning depletion workouts/refeeds just don't mix.

Thursday, November 27th; Thanksgiving (or did I really just eat 3lbs of mashed potatoes!?)
Obviously, there's going to be a large amount of food consumption on this day-- end of story.

Now I could just say, "**** it", eat clean/workout regularly when I can for the next 1.5 weeks, and get into the new program after the holidays (to be followed a couple weeks later by...more holidays). This would be the easy/intelligent thing to do.
The [/i]interesting[/i] thing to do however, would be to manipulate my diet/training around these events, so as to still be able to gorge myself on glorious, glorious carbs, while not gaining fat.

The Logic
For Thanksgiving, I figure if I cut carbs hard, and restrict calories a bit more than usual, given the right states of depleted muscle/liver glycogen, I should be able to simply use the excess consumption of carbs to restore energy stores; thus avoiding fat gain. As for the football game-- 1.) Tailgating must occur :D & 2.) I feel as if I'm begining to crash, so a refeed is going to be needed soon. As I don't want to void the positive affects of the refeed by getting tanked during it (thus severely disrupting liver functions-- crucial to refeed success), I need to move it to a different day.

The Plan
After wednesday's heavy mass back/biceps/glutes/hamstrings workout was completed, I consumed a whey/egg/oats shake, and then pretty much zeroed out my carb intake (save those from fibrous veggies). I also cut calories by about 200.

Diet: Very low carb, with the vast majority of them coming from veggies (the only other source will be the small amount of non-fibrous carbs in ground flaxseeds, and a small amount from FF cottage cheese). Calories cut by about 200.
Workout: 16 minutes HIIT/4warmup/3cooldown (new bike at the gym, lifecycle 95Ci-- wasn't familiar with the resistance levels and went a "bit" higher than normal-- managed to supress urge to vomit during the last 2 minutes, and continue workout ;)), 30 minutes of ab work.

Diet:Same as Thursday
Workout:Full body resistance training; high volume, 30 minutes medium-intensity cardio

Football Saturday
Diet:Breakfast will be some sort of lean protein, I'm thinking cottage cheese. Most likely ~4 drinks prior to the game (I'm going to attempt to make these gin/vodka & diet sprite-- or something similar). Possibility of continued drinking after the game (I do have an exam on Monday, and should really spend the latter part of the day studying (not likely). Will be avoiding carbs, trying to take in a decent amount of protein, and limit calories overall.

Workout: Same as friday
Diet: Carb load

Workout: Full body resistance training, somewhat lower volume/higher mass, 30 mins cardio
Diet: Same as Thursday

Workout:Same as Thursday
Diet:Same as Thursday

Workout:Same as Friday
Diet: Same as Thursday

Workout: AM cardio (not sure on HIIT or med intensity/steady pace)
Diet: Low fat. Absurd amounts of starchy carbs/turkey

One of my concerns is that Monday's workout follows Sunday's depletion workout. However, as the goal of Sunday's workout is depletion/priming the body for a carb load, I don't think it'll be a huge problem. Same applies to Wednesday's workout that follows Monday's-- same body parts/motions, different goals/stress. In theory, I should be able to fully (very nearly) deplete muscle glycogen stores during the workouts, allowing the 1 day carb-load (on in the case of Thanksgiving: BINGE) to refill said stores with minimal, if any, spillover.

Over elaborate? Yes. Results not worth the effort? Obviously.
But more importantly, I think I'll be an interesting way to see how my body responds to different dietary/training stimuli.


Paul Stagg
11-21-2003, 09:01 AM
Originally posted by fornero

Over elaborate? Yes. Results not worth the effort? Obviously.
But more importantly, I think I'll be an interesting way to see how my body responds to different dietary/training stimuli.


As long as you recognize it.

It might be an interesting experiment, but for me, I'd enjoy the big game tailgating and eat a bunch of food on Thanksgiving and not worry about it.

If I were prepping for a bodybuilding contest in 6 weeks, I'd stay on my planned diet and act as if the game and holiday didn't exist.

11-21-2003, 05:36 PM
Ya-- I'm not prepping for a show or anything, and I'm pretty much at my goals as far as body composition goes. So this weekend/Thanksgiving just happen to be opportunities for me to see how my body responds to rapid depletion/reloading.

And if it means I can eat sweet potatoes until I pass out, while calling it a "carb up", all the better :D