View Full Version : Is this diet OK for my goals (long post)

11-29-2003, 10:16 AM
Yo!!! Im 65kilos with 9.6% body fat

I wanna get big natch... But lose fat (all my fat is located at my midsection so looks... Fat)

Im pretty buff already (according to chick friend sources) as went to real gym for about 6 months before they liquidated


3 days a week I do a grueling cycle to college, always on toughest gear & always standing (about 1 mile up a steep incline) (started doing this 3 years ago and its great for abs & thighs i think... Its tiring anyway)

Then cycle about 3 miles to/fro work 5 days/week

about 5/6 days a week workout for an hour, thou only have 65Kilo multigym.. Till failure + silly noises

Every day do pullups with rucksack with 22kilos weight in (can do about 10 then diminishing returns until failure)

I eat a bowl of porridge for breakfast with middle fatness milk

Stay hungry till about 2, then have 2 pieces of brown bread & can of tuna/grilled chicken with onions & tomato sauce.. Eat some vegetables

Snack on rivatas cracker (brown things) and cereal & dried fruit

SOrry if i sound like an imbecile. As i am

Is this ok??? Will i lose fat & gain muscle???

11-29-2003, 02:23 PM
You're simply not eating enough. Most likely you'll lose a fair bit of muscle. For your weight, you should be getting about 1800 cals a day if you want to lose fat and retain muscle.