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12-06-2003, 12:13 PM
Hard Work, Patience, Dedication.

Say it with me. Hard Work, Patience, Dedication!
That was been my motto for all these months of sweat, toil, sacrifice and pain.

Ok, ****! I'm trying to write this thread here!

My goals are to get big and strong. :)
And so far, I've had some progress.

(6' tall)
Beginning of year, at lowest point. - 134 lbs. BF% ? Had a bit of a guy, little tone.

Now, rather, recently at last weigh in, 2-3 weeks ago at home.

169 lbs. About the same BF%, likely lower.
Since then I'm confident I've gained some more poundage! :)

I think my final goal is to be about 190-200. That is what I'm aiming for by end of April.

Always thought I was a hardgainer.....didn't take care of my diet enough.
But diet is the toughest part I find.
Starting eating, stuffing myself sick at the beginning of the year, finally got some gains. Uh, yeah, I think I got my diet down kinda now....

Here's a pic of me if you want....

And more pictures!


Edit: This thread title is very boring.
I suggest some possible other titles

-"Calorie Whores Unite"
-"My joints hurt"
-"Whine, whine, whine"
-"I shouldn't have had so much to drink last night."
-"Why are supplements so expensive?"
-"I'm too old for this"

12-06-2003, 12:32 PM
Ok, a combination of coming back from various injuries and not having a real gym (since....like forever) had kinda left my lifts crap....

Bench, with dumbells, 60? 70? about?
crappy left shoulder, don't know the cause of discomfort there

Squat - like......80 lbs? my legs are huge from playing soccer for years
(and crappy knees.....)

Deadlift - Haven't done them really....not sure on form.
Hardly 1RM stats...I'm looking for size right now....

Today is chest and arms day for me. Looking to increase and set PRs.

12-06-2003, 12:35 PM
Supplementing with tuna, whole foods, chicken burgers, creatine monohydrate and a weightgainer, Perfect Mass 2000.

Diet is pretty crappy and all over the place.
But I attempt to devour enough protein daily and eat regularly.

12-06-2003, 01:14 PM
Good luck on getting those goals. :spam:

12-06-2003, 01:31 PM
Thank you much!!!!!

I guess the operative word is "Spam me!"?

And yes......strength goals are somewhere, I'm just looking to increase!

Stephen Riddington
12-06-2003, 05:20 PM
Good Luck, man. Sooner or later you'll be paying for damages on the ceiling. :D

12-06-2003, 06:59 PM
Heh. Silence is golden.

2*10 - Lat pull downs - 90
3*5,10,3 - Bench with bar - 50 lbs, shoulders still kinda shakey, the 2nd time around I was very determined.
1*11 - Bench with DBs - 40 lbs just to stimulate growth a bit more hopefully
2*10 - Weighted crunches on bench thing - 10 lb weight
3*10 - Curls, on each side, - 20 lbs

Some other half assed exercises but stopped part way due to shoulder pain.

I think that was it.

Stephen Riddington
12-06-2003, 07:34 PM
If ya have shoulder pain, it might be a good idea to rest the shoulder, no shoulder related exercises for a week or so. Just to let it heal. If still feeling pain, go see a doc.

12-06-2003, 11:07 PM
probably a good idea


erm, i guess bicep day on tues and squat day thurs then i guess that's my plan...

12-07-2003, 08:57 AM
Yesterday, about an hour post workout I went to take a shower.
I almost fully passed out 2-3 times and my legs started spasming.
Really messed up.....

Had tuna, bannana, and some weightgainer mix in water before that.

And did legs way back on Monday, that day I worked my chest and arms.

12-09-2003, 08:13 PM
more of an endurance day for me I guess...didn't / couldn't increase the weight over what I used last time...

3 sets of regular squats
1 set of deadlifts
1 set of sumo squats

Seems I rehurt my right wrist on the bar....
****, this is frustrating. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Gym was busy and had to wait for stuff. Damnit my next workout is around this time as well.

12-10-2003, 03:42 PM
Last night and this afternoon: Fairly extensive full body stretching exercises.

Over 30 min spent stretching and feeling my pains.

12-10-2003, 06:44 PM
Random Thoughts:

Checked myself out in the mirror again, pre-shower.
I'm very happy and satisfied with what I see, what I have.
Got a small gut due to bulking phase, but that can be sucked in. :D

It is a huge ego booster to be able to give compliments to myself on myself!
All the pain, the sacrifices, it was all worth it.
This is a great motivator for me to workout as hard, harder in the new year.

My last workout in a gym will be tomorrow, then I won't have access until the new year since I'm moving out of residence and back home.

I will be doing some grappling, possible visiting some martial arts classes, and sparring with other Toronto area people I've meet on www.bullshido.net .

Hopefully I can eat right and keep gaining poundages.
I plan to do body weight exercises and use the meager weights I have at home.

12-11-2003, 10:58 AM
Find a Muay Thai school and run to it. Quickly!!

12-11-2003, 04:10 PM
Heh, the Muay Thai style is very influential on my own style.
I DO plan/need to train in it at some point in my life.
To perfect my kicks.


12-11-2003, 04:42 PM
(As I sit here eating a can of tuna....)

Clover Leaf brand, chunk light tuna.
107 cal/450 kJ
Protein - 25 grams
Fat - 0.8

Well I finished my final final exam this afternoon.
And my last workout before I go home tonight.

Today's workout is, or was dedicated to my maternal grandmother, who is in a state of deterioration due to esophagas cancer. :(

1 minute on the eliptical (sp?) machine, then got bored of it and my buttocks were hurting.
Then went to this pad things where it is a little more absorbant and did 90 secs more of running. Then arm circles.....

Mmmmmmm, tuna.

On the sitting bench machine, 75, 120.
Went to the REAL bench, put 60 on the bar.
1st set - 6 reps.
2nd set - 3 reps, and failure. Good thing this bench had safety wing things, and a gym guy came over and picked it up "off" me.

This was my first time pinned. Interesting. I feel stupid. :D

Then I can't remember the order...

3 * 10 Incline bench @ 60 lbs (no problems.....)
2 * 15 Decline bench crunches @ 10 lbs weight on chest

1 * 10 military presses @ 50 lbs
1 * 10 shrugs @ 50 lbs

1 * failure curls @ 25 lbs
1 * failure curls @ 20 lbs

Something like that. I'm seriously considering getting a notebook now.....

Saint Patrick
12-16-2003, 12:11 AM
1 * 10 military presses @ 50 lbs
1 * 10 shrugs @ 50 lbs

1 * failure curls @ 25 lbs
1 * failure curls @ 20 lbs

Heavy Volume, eh?

Seriously though, I'd suggest doing like 2-3 sets for all those excercises. That is if your shoulders can handle it after the benching.

12-19-2003, 07:05 PM
Pfff, my shoulders felt tired....
Decided to do a quick set of those then move on.

Dec. 19, 2003

- A WHOLE 15 MINUTES OF CARDIO jogging!!!!
Didn't know I could go that long! :)

1 * 10 ATF body weight
1 * 10 ATF front squats 50 lbs
25? variation of crunches
1 * 10 presses 50 lbs
1 * 10 ? hammer curls

Coupla pushups.

Have a fight tomorrow. Just did something to get the blood flowing again.
Had a crap week since coming home last Thurs from university residence.
Real messed up sleeping hour and as a result, messed up appetite.
Dropped 3-4 lbs since coming home.
I gotta eat more.....

(And have a fight Sunday if I'm healthy...)

12-22-2003, 12:51 PM
Journal entry for Dec. 21, 2003 Written 1:03 am

OW! I feel good, like I knew I would now!

Had a coupla fights last day, Sat.
First was standing kickboxing, I worked my low kick roundhouse magic a lot.
Used my own patented move the dart kick (modified toe kick) and got a guy hard in the solar plexus. TKO!

Then some groundwork grappling on a hard tiled floor.
Did pretty bad there, still can't put much force into my wrists.

Appetite has totally returned, weighed in at 171 before bed.

12-22-2003, 12:52 PM
Been sore for a coupla days now, I need to get off my ass and stretch more.

Stephen Riddington
12-22-2003, 08:36 PM
You got into fights??? street fight, training or what??? You must be an upcoming UFC or Pride star. :D

12-23-2003, 10:14 AM
These were K-1 style full contact kickboxing fights.

I spar NHB/MMA style for realism and enjoyment!

"You must be an upcoming UFC or Pride star. "
LOL, I'm not that good.

12-24-2003, 02:08 PM
street fights are bad....too many variables and it isn't glorious to beat on drunks

12-24-2003, 02:09 PM
Reflection On The Year And Progressive View on the New Year

Dec. 24, 2003
A lot has changed this year. It was late last year that I said enough with this being skinny ****, it’s time to get bigger and gain some weight. And so it began, I resolved to stuff myself more and choke down food when normally I would say I had enough. It was very difficult because I’m not a big eater normally, which accounted for my constant weight of 135 lbs for several years. I only had access to a few weights that my parents got for me, but I made them work. I had previously worked out for endurance, taking martial arts and all my aim was more to tenderize the heavy bag. Admiring the impact from my fast fists, knees, elbows and shin is very satisfying. Researching and reading articles online I changed my workout from doing high reps medium weights to lower reps with more weight to stimulate more muscle hypertrophy. It worked; combining this new different workout with higher calorie intake I gained about 25 lbs quickly to be at around 159 lbs middle of June from my lowest point of the year at 134 lbs. I look back now at a picture I have on computer…I was disgustingly underweight. I am hovering around 170 currently, with the goal to be 190-200 when I “finish.” I am slightly disappointed for I did not reach my unofficial goal of gaining 50 lbs in a year, which would have been pretty incredible. Yet I am happy with the way I look now, people noticing I’ve gotten bigger. Yeah I may have some image issues but I’m getting better. (Read “sexier.” Muahahahahah!) I HAVE gained 37.5 lbs from my lowest point in the year to very recently.

No matter, when I return to residence at university I will have access again to machines and heavier weights. I will need to pace myself, so as not to strain my bad shoulder, wrists and knees too much. Due to some uncertainty with her schedule in the coming semester my residence area soccer team co-captain did not send in another application to continue the soccer team in the coming semester. And horrid as I am with my timetable I paid no attention to this at all, assuming the application date was later. So, no residence section soccer team is organized next semester. Good thing as my team had little actual skill and I can only do so much. This will allow me more time to workout, work on schoolwork, and look for work. I am still tempted to join a soccer team next semester as an extra player if they need me but at least I won’t have to get anyone organised. I have also decided not to do Japanese Jujitsu next semester. This will give me more time and save me some calories but the main reason is to shelter my decrepit body from the wristlocks and dumb newbs. :D I still plan to drop by at times to beat people up, er, get beat up that is.

At the beginning of the year I also rededicated myself to martial arts training. I had previously for two and a half years treated martial arts as a weekend hobby that I couldn’t really care for. I began absorbing all I could, researching other styles and discovering how convoluted Wing Chun lineages were. I joined a discussion forum and have learned a lot from the various viewpoints and experiences. Now injuries and re-injuries due to training with injuries have made me realise (after so long) that I’m not young anymore and I need to take some time off. Interesting cycle I’ve noticed, from being red-hot interest wise for martial arts to being fairly cool about it now. I still have a couple years ahead of me in my old bones so I can afford to take some time off. In the next 3.5 months of the upcoming semester I plan to try to gain some weight, increase my lifts and come back strong and healed up. I will also force myself to study as the past semester I have been slacking too much.

12-31-2003, 09:08 AM
Good luck on your goals in 2004.

01-01-2004, 02:37 PM
Merci mon ami.

I weighed in at 163 this morning after some morning bodily functions.

I guess due to a lack of appetite at dinner last night combined with alcohol comsumption. So maybe I lost about two (?) meals last night. Had a very small breakfast then a huge lunch and now I'm back to 169. Gooot. Veddy gooot.

01-02-2004, 03:38 PM
Bought a whole bunch of cookies and stuff. Gonna eat them for a dirtier bulk at university.

01-04-2004, 02:05 PM
How are your shoulders currently feeling?

I believe eating is a seperate training regime in itself, especially for 'hardgainers' like yourself and I. Do you plan to create a solid diet any time soon? I like you did not previously have a diet as such, and have noticed a massive benifit in structuring and monitoring what I eat (eating certain meals at set times throughout the day). This normally ensures that you can get the requred amount of calories per day.

01-04-2004, 02:24 PM
I like this very nice journal hahhaa

01-04-2004, 02:25 PM
Back at university! Got the heavier weights and gym equipment.

Jan. 04, 2004

Crap warmup. Should have done more.

Chest and arms day.

1*10 warmup 40 lbs dumbells
3*10-12 DB BP 50 lbs
1*10 shrugs 50 lbs
1*10 shrugs 60 lbs
2*10 overhead press 50 lbs
1*10 hammer curls 50 lbs
2*7 curls then negs 25 lbs

About 7 sets of 10 wrists curls in various directions.
1*10 pushups warm-down

01-04-2004, 02:29 PM
Thanks Exnor. My shoulders seems fine atm. No/little discomfort during the workout.
Very slightly right wrist though.

Starting today I had planned to write down what I eat.
Structured meal plan? Not sure yet. Give me a week. I'll see how my workouts fit around my class schedule, which starts tomorrow. I've already typed out what I've eaten today. Counting cals should be fun........not!

01-06-2004, 07:12 AM
Good to hear they have recovered.

01-06-2004, 10:40 PM
Well, to some extent. A bit of strain today.

Worked legs.

A couple minutes on the bike, exceedingly boring but it has to be done.
1*10 BW squats
1*1 Talked with high school friend who goes to the same university
1*1 Talked with guy I did JJJ last semester with. His name is Will.
1*10 BW squats
1*10 Some barbell weight I grabbed. 10 lbs?
1*10 BW squats
3*8 combination of front/ATF squats @ 60 lbs?
1*10 BW squats
Couple more minutes of stationary biking. Went to other part of gym/ weight area. STAIRS!
2*10 leg curls 55 lbs
1*10 BW squats
2*10 standing calf raises 280 lbs
1*10 standing calf raises 320 lbs
2*10 leg extensions 75 lbs
1*10 rear leg lift thingy, one of each leg, 80 lbs

A lot of sets I know, but my legs weren't really hurting and I wanted more.
3/4 through I had several small waves of nausea and to chill for a bit.
I like 10. Seems a nice rounded number.

01-07-2004, 01:35 AM
Just curious, if you wanted more for your legs, why didnt you add weight instead of doing so many BW squats?

01-07-2004, 07:46 AM
I'm not sure. I think the weight I used for actual weighted squats was too much for me. I wasn't at my best anyways, the BW squats were just to get the blood flowing more.

I maybe should have lowered the weight a bit more then did more reps but my legs are HUGE compared to me rest of me wee body. I guess I'm training them for strength right now......

01-07-2004, 10:37 AM
good job putting on some size but if you do all of that karate and lift you need to eat alot of calories to make any gains if the karate is just for kicks ha ha you may take a few weeks off and make some good bb gains i think the body reacts well to that just a thought but if you really enjoy the stuff do it

01-07-2004, 12:06 PM
Where did I say I did karate? :)

I am retired from martial arts right now anyways, due to injuries. So weight training is my only real exercise. I did Wing Chun Kung-Fu and Japanese Jujitsu with some training in Brazilian Jujitsu.

Also I must note that I did a lot more BW squats because I wanted to take my legs slow. I have a strained right knee MCL. From a heel hook submission!

01-08-2004, 12:42 PM
O.K. thats enough of a reason not to continue ha ha . keep up the good work and get your knee back to 100%. martial arts are all about the same to me since i have no experience in them just some h.s. wrestling
remember lift big get big ............................................................right
eating helps to or so they so.

01-09-2004, 02:05 PM
Damn, last night the gym closed early and I couldn't do anything.
Typing this with a good forearm burn.

I feel weird working out in pants.....and not doing a warm-up.
I was originally gonna go crazy on my back but I have other plans for tonight that will take up my time and energy. She's blond and damn cute.

1*10 20 lbs hammer curls
2*10 wrist curls alternating hands every set
1*10 20 lbs curls sitting one arm at a time.
2*10 wrist active resistance radial deviation, to a lesser degree ulnar was worked
1*10 20 lbs curls sitting one arm at a time.
1*20 hammer wrist curls
1*20 "flashing lights" each hand

Some of the resisted forearm pronation and supination exercises I did my wrist feel like it was poping out.....which I think it was. Oh well.....I'll have to take that part especially slow.

I have seen distinct positive growth since I did my wrists last Sunday on the 4th.
Now I hope to continue to improve wrist strength, size and endurance.

01-09-2004, 02:35 PM
Observations at this point:

My elbow joints definatly feel a lot stronger. Had minor problems with them late fall.
There were A LOT of attractive girlies at my university gym. TASTY!!!!
But I didn't come there to make out, only to work out. :hello:
And I have my date tonight anyways!
There are two sections, separated by a gym, a 45-second walk.
Weights and cardio/circuit room. I went to the cardio/circuit room with mostly exercise machines there.
Seems some people have gotten some New Year's resolutions.

01-11-2004, 08:34 PM
Quiet in the gym tonight....

2-4 min on stationary bike
1*10 lat pull down 70 lbs
1*9 lat pull down 100 lbs
1*9 lat pull down 90 lbs

3*12 weighted crunches on decline bench, 10 lbs plate

2*10 probably poor form deadlifts 50 lbs

2*10 bent over rows on machine, 90 lbs

2*10 shrugs, 70 lbs

Whole bunch of wrist exercises. 12 sets of various movements.
Biceps got a nice indirect workout.
Back feels great!!!

I gotta review my exercises, and set up a good routine.
And bring a notepad to record my lifts because I'm getting old and my memory is fading.

01-13-2004, 10:39 AM
Wow....I have got to cut down on my drinking.
Missed too many training days so far. Like.....2 now.
I feel like crap right now and my body wants to throw up.

I will not drink until two Fridays from now. Training must come first.

01-13-2004, 07:11 PM
Jan. 13, 2004

Attended a Muay Thai/ Karate class on the invitation of one of the instructors. He is a friend of a friend from Toronto.

Worked the bag for a couple minutes. Did some jumping jacks, pushups, crunches and many drills/ free-sparring drills.
Lower back is sore. Gonna rest 48 hours, that be my plan.

01-13-2004, 07:14 PM
How is your weight comign along?

01-13-2004, 07:17 PM
I'm really not sure. I have no scale in my room and haven't bothered with the changeroom ones yet.

I'm guessing about the same weight....170ish.
I'll find out next time.

01-14-2004, 02:45 PM
Wrist work again. Gonna try to make it daily.

Worked with 12 lb dumbbell.
For each hand.

2*20 wrist curls
2*20 wrist hammer curls
2*20 active resistance radial deviation
2*20 active resistance ulnar deviation
2*20 turning wrist movements (combination of pronation and supination)

Forearm burn is great.

01-16-2004, 11:16 PM



01-19-2004, 02:08 PM
Total sleep time: 4 hrs

Back to the gym after missing a whole 8 days.
Whoa. I wanted to work the bag but the door was locked, yet I prevailed and found another door! Me so smrataatata!

20 mins on the punching bag...as warm up

3*9,8,4 incline bench press 60 lbs
3*12 weighted crunches on decline bench 10 lbs (I will increase next time)
1*10 seated machine bench press 105 lbs
1*9 incline bench press 60 lbs
1*5 hammer curls 50 lbs
1*10 drop sets curls 25 lbs each arm (arms are way tired from the punching bag)
1*10 seated machine bench press 105 lbs

During the punching bag workout, a local newspaper photography, who was watching me outside the room, came in when I was working the bag. So basically I had my first photo session. :) I may be in the local newspaper! New thread if/when it happens.

I'm sure I did more stuff, I just can't remember. Need a notepad.

Edit: Oh yeah!
2*15 Wrist curls 15 lbs each arm
2*15 Active Resisted Radial Deviation

Then too lazy/tired/bored/feeling strain to finish the rest of them.

Edit 2: Forgot again,
1*10 machine where you close your arms together to work chest 100 lbs

01-20-2004, 02:02 PM
2*20*10 lbs Active Resistance Wrist Flexions (Wrist Curls)
2*20*10 lbs Active Resistance Wrist Extensions (Wrist Hammer Curls)
2*20*10 Radial Deviation
2*20*10 Ulnar Deviation
1*20*10 Pronation and Supination.

All once for each hand.

01-23-2004, 05:44 PM
Jan. 23, 2004

7.5 hours of sleep
I seem to be battling a bit of sore throat and cold.
Yet since I haven't actually been seriously sick in year,
I seem to be dealing with it fairly decently.

Still have very little appetite in the morning.

3*10*30,60,60 Barbell Olympic Front Squats (Parallel)
2*8*60 Barbell ATF squats
1*7*60 Sumo squats
2*8*60 Barbell ATF squats
2*10,8*70 Leg Curls
3*10*340,360,400 Standing Calf Raises Machine
2*10*70 Leg kick backs each leg

Almost threw up all over the floor. I think I need bigger pants now!

01-24-2004, 11:10 AM
Hey pizdoff...one thing you may want to try for counting the caloris is www.fitday.com this is what I use and it helped me out a lot. Not sure if you figured out the calorie counting this just read something about you needing to count calories and not looking forward to it.

01-24-2004, 11:57 AM
Jan 24, 2004
Medium stretching in the morning.
That whey supplement helps a lot, got it Thurs.
Last night was crazy horrible, I was sneezing a lot and feeling like crap.
I feel a lot better this morning, 8 hours sleep.

Seemed to have strained my knee joints a bit on fri, but they are better now.
Definately noticing a loss of ROM in my legs from all the muscle growth....

Heh, thanks brian. I actually DO have a fitday account, but I hate entering stuff into it...

Still getting life in order before I figure out my diet, things ARE returning to "normal" though.

01-25-2004, 02:57 PM
Things are returning to normal eh?
For fvcks sake as soon as I say that.....

Someone close to me, just recently told me they are taking these meds...and it is making them sick as a side effect.
I have a random nosebleed in the changeroom as I'm getting ready to work out.
There is ****ing blood on the punching bag.
I tear open a recent wound from the forces on my hand, don't think I got any on the bag though.
I have just sprained my right wrist, the same one I fractured and sprained in the summer, again......

I just got changed shortly after that, and just went home.
Wasn't in the mood for weights....

Everything else is fine but I don't know how to take the news about the meds this person is taking.....

In other news.....I have recovered VERY quickly from my Friday night bad crappy cold case. I haven't otherwise kept good health in the last year.

foooooooook aHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

01-25-2004, 03:02 PM
At least I am fairly self-satisfied with my appearance right now.
Chest and arms could use a couple more inches though.

So no panic here concerning my body anyways.....though the wrist IS hurting and annoying.

01-29-2004, 09:42 AM
ROM in wrist has returned, still weaker than before though.
My sleep habits have been so messed up.

Slept at 6am the night before and 4am this morn.
Feel weak, crappy, and tired.
Doing a bit more cardio than is helpful for a bulk.

01-31-2004, 03:24 PM
Hmmmmm, Judo and wrestling comp at the university Atheletic Centre.

2 min stationary bike
1*0.5*70 1/2 rep bench press. My wrist gave out damnit...
3*10*120,135,135 Seated bench press. 135 PR.
3*10*20 Weighted crunches. 20 lbs PR.
4*10*200,400,460, 500 Standing calve raise. 400 lbs was previous PR.

Crappy workout. Wrist hurts. Punching bag room locked.

01-31-2004, 03:37 PM
What kind of wrist problems do you have?

02-01-2004, 08:49 AM
BEFORE it was a fractured right wrist, then "dislocated" left wrist.
These didn't heal due to my silliness.

Then last Sunday I sprained my right wrist on the bag. Don't give me advice about the bag I know what I am doing, a freak accident it was.

Hmm, I missed putting in a short short wrist session on the 29th.

02-02-2004, 12:42 AM
Oh, I don't know the first thing about boxing, but I was curious because I've had tendonitis in both hands, and it feels like its flairing up in the left hand again.

02-02-2004, 05:29 PM
"Don't give me advice about the bag I know what I am doing, a freak accident it was."
That wasn't meant to be said in spite by the way.
I'm a "cool" calm guy. (COULD YA TELL!?!?! :D )

Beer, martial arts and slippery surfaces do not mix.

Sat night, I got back to residence at 1:30 am after seeing UFC 46 at a bar.
I went tray-bogganing with some friends. Then showed them some grappling attacks and defenses.
I showed the school yard trip aka O-soto geri to some people.
I planted my left foot, stepped around him with my right, then slipped on the deep packed snow we were on. So he fell on my extended leg and twisted it a bit sideways.

So......****....same bad knee. Good stuff.

02-03-2004, 09:52 PM
**** man, You are having some bad luck. I wish you a quick recovery and ****. good luck! and try to stop breaking yourself.

02-04-2004, 05:31 PM
Thanks bro.... :D
Doesn't look like I'll be fighting on the 15th. Too busted up right now and I don't need to further my injuries.

Well, I couldn't use the bag room because a shotokan karate class was using it.
I bowed as I entered, politely asked the instructor, and he politely declined, saying it would disturb his class, which it would. I politely left.
I forgot my gloves anyways... :(
Saw a ninjitsu guy working out in his black gi, nice guy, we talked a bit.
Between sets of course....

30 secs on stationary bike - wasn't very comfortable and I was warmed up already
Gave my girl a massage before I came to warm up my hands. :angel:

4*10,8,6,10*135 Seated bench press machine PR
3*10*100 Lat Pull Down machine PR
2*10,4*100 Seated rows, machine PR
4*10*250,500,500,520 Standing calf raises machine PR

A shorter session. But I liked my intensity level.....and I was on the verge of throwing up. I've been really pushing it hard recently.

02-06-2004, 02:28 PM
Feb. 06, 2004 Friday.

20 min bag work. Medium to high intensity level. Semi-satisfied at preformance.
Focus on close range elbow strikes and power generation.

Was semi-drowsed by depressing WW2 movie in class right before.

02-06-2004, 02:57 PM
Pizdoff, good job on the prs bro. :thumbup:

02-06-2004, 03:03 PM
Thanks man. Progression is my goal!

Forgot to mention the nice bruises on my knees and shins from the bag.

02-06-2004, 05:53 PM
wow man have you ever thought about taking a month off of the whole fighting/punching bag thing and just do nothing but heal up and lift weights? seems like your body's tryiing to tell you to simmer down...

but then again, i dont know you well enough to provide "good" reccomendations.
good job and good luck!

02-06-2004, 06:14 PM
well......i'm not actually training martial arts right now
so, less injury potential there

and I love to hit the bag, great stress relief

i DID try to limit the punching....more emphasis on other stuff but i want to compete/fight/spar hard on the 15th.....

02-10-2004, 10:29 PM
Feb 8th workout

4*10,11,7,10*90,135,150,150 Seated bench press machine. PR
2*10*20 Decline crunches weighted.
2*10*100 Lat pull downs
2*10,10*80,90 Pec Fly PR
3*10,10,6*90,100,110 Read Pec Fly PR
3*10,10,0.5,0.5*300,500,600,600 Standing calf raise. Failed at 600lb PR. Oh well.
1*10*80 Kickbacks

Kickbacks to bug my girl about how my solid my ass is! :D
I worked to improve my max lifts again. I had some nausea after a couple hard sets.
Like my stomach was hollowing itself out and wanted the stuff to come out my mouth.
Almost passed out a couple times.
My girl worked out with me, though we were doing separate routines.
She's tasty. :D

02-10-2004, 10:32 PM
Feb 10

Feb 15th is coming up (bunch of us getting together to spar), I need to train for endurance. I am pumped to see old friends and make new ones. Beating on each other really brings you closer to one another. Er.....as long as it is in a friendly manner. :D As I discovered on the bag I had very crappy aerobic and anaerobic endurance.

25 Min bag session with a short rest to hold the bag for someone else.
Focus on punching, wrist seems semi-fine.
3*12*70,70,60 Leg Extensions
3*12*80 Leg Curls
3*12*200 Leg Press
2*12*300 Calf Raise
2*12*80 Kickbacks each leg
2*15*10 Wrist curls each hand
2*20*BW Hindu Squats

I should stop being such a pussy with those hindu squats....I could have done more, but I guess collapsing in front of all these girls....and a few guys would make me look less cool.


02-14-2004, 06:37 AM
Feb. 13

How many hours of sleep?
Ugh, I did most of an all-nighter trying to work on school work.
Really felt like sh1t.
One comment I got "You look really really tired."

Didn't/wasn't able to work out....
Too tired/messed up, only two real meals the whole day.

Back in Toronto, I fight Sunday.
Weight 173.5 lbs. Gone up a bit. :)
Bodyfat down a bit too, doing a bit of cardio once in a while.
Will do some more cardio/ light callisthenics on the morrow.

02-14-2004, 07:30 PM
Feb. 14

Hmmmm, Valentines day. :#
Slept 7 hours 45 min. Most sleep in a row I've gotten in a long while.
Woke up feeling good. Need to get a mouthguard still.

Later on.....got a mouthguard, will play with it tonight and get it set.
Good full body stretch session before I sleep as well...and wake up earlier to do the same.

02-16-2004, 05:32 AM
I'm lazy so I'll just repost from www.bullshido.net

I had ONLY three "matches." For some reason people were way too social.
At the last meet we trained for 6 hours, this one was ONLY three hours......with more than twice the people there.

Slightly disappointing day training wise, and I was lightly injured in my first actual contact match too. And in the first grappling match the guy fell on my nose with his shoulder and made that bleed for 10 min.

Originally posted by PizDoff

My Matches - Here I will speak freely and you better take it as constructive critcism.....because it is.

Shumagorath (Grappling) - Hard to takedown a bigger guy with some grappling knowledge isn't it?
My legs have definately gotten stronger since the last time I played around but my guard game isn't good. You need to work on your passes. :D
Also, workout more to gain weight. And strength...

Saba (sp? SubTerran's friend) - (SubTerran pass along my thoughts too please.)

Disclaimer: I'm coming in here with pretty much only a wrist injury slowing me down.
I was still a little hesitant to throw combinations with my hands.

I took a nice jab to the chest when I was off balance and that knocked me down but I was up right away. Throw harder punches! I'm not sure you would have hit me at all with the combination of my head movement but you tapped me a couple times with the huge 16 oz oven mitts and the headgear. Which adds 4-6' ? of reach! Though I do have poor vision I could still see the punches and moved my head slightly to get out of the way. The head punches barely affected me.
Yes, yes I know I barely hit you with punches but you kept running backwards.
That time caught your leg, I lifted upwards, so that is part of the reason why you went so far back.

Those whipping leg kicks I used on you SHOULD NOT be blocked with your forearm.
Lift your leg up and take it on the calf/shin.
First time for me using 16 oz gloves and first time in a long time I've used headgear.
I don't understand why I was gaggin on my mouthguard though, I was totally fine last night when I was setting it.
I got a cut probably from your toenail on my left forearm, I suggest cutting your nails before sparring to reduce the possibility of small scratches like this. Saves your nails too. I did the day before...

I hope the clips have audio so I can hear those smacking leg kicks I did on you! :D
Hope to see you on here and in person sometime soon again.

Edit: Oh yeah, learn more grappling and grappling defenses.

Repulsive Monkey (Grappling) - Wear.....like different shorts or something. I got my fingers jammed and hooked in your belt loops a couple times!
BE MORE AGGRESSIVE! You have the skills but it seems like you don't want to win enough!
You can train with your girl too!

And I want to see some capoeira takedowns on me! :)

Damage report:
I went to sleep at around 8pm and woke up 6 am today. Oh my!
Left knee stiff. Right toe (hurt AGAIN!) weird from Saba blocking with forearm twice hard. Right ankle stiff from misplaced kicks?

Pulled left bicep from grappling with Shuma. Odd.
Sore neck and back from grappling with RM.


Bam Bam
02-16-2004, 10:03 AM
i hate headgear

what were the sizes of these guys

02-16-2004, 11:16 AM
Disclaimer, I'm not training right now, so anyone actually training has an advantage.

First guy
150, Judo orange? belt, +black belt shotokan karate (no laffin!)
160, Goju-Ryu karate, pretty newb
160, wrestler, Tai chi (which does have good stand up grappling)

The MAN to beat didn't/wouldn't spar. I know he had broken a guy's arm recently and wasn't comfortable with his control. Good for us, he was working the pads with another guy and has incredible power.

02-18-2004, 10:22 AM
174 lbs!!!!!

Seem to be still gaining.
Cutting to a slow bulk now and maybe reduce some bodyfat %.

Left knee, left hip flexor, left shoulder, right wrist, right ankle still damaged from Sunday.

On the other hand, 4 of the coworkers at the place I'm filling in at have noticed I have gotten bigger. Ouch, my DAMNED knee! :confused:

02-18-2004, 10:08 PM
Damn!! You are catching up to me! keep it up!

02-20-2004, 08:01 AM
175.5 lbs!

I guess reguar rest = growth!

02-21-2004, 12:19 AM
Thought I'd drop in and check out teh journal :) . LOL, man you are falling apart! Let your body heal would ya'. I do have a question, what are active resistance radial/ulnar deviations?

02-22-2004, 10:33 PM
Healing definately sounds interesting!

active resistance radial deviations -
Hold your fist vertical, thumb up, move it toward you with your forearm not moving, only your fist. Then away from you.....

active resistance radial deviations -
Just the same, with your pinky in the air, normally I hold it kinda behind me.
It stresses different parts of the wrist.

If you really have difficulty with this I can post a picture somehow....

02-24-2004, 09:32 PM
Greetings to all who view my non exciting journal!

25 min bag work....wow, too much I pre exhausted myself for my weight lifting WO.
2*10*110 Pec Deck
2*10*40 Flat Bench Press DB (wow, the bag work REALLY exhausted me)
2*10*100 Close Grip Lat Pull Downs
1*10*20 Decline Crunches
1*10*BW Decline Crunches
2*10*20 Curls Each Arm! (ewwww)
1*20*12 Wrist Curls
2*10*12 Wrist Hammer Curls
2*10*90 Kickbacks PR

Ugh.....oh well, I'll just avoid the bag work next time. But it is so much fun! :D

02-27-2004, 09:54 PM
Got ya' on the deviations. Thanks!

Just do your bag work after the workout. It's good to practice trying to stay loose when you are fatigued. It's not like you'll be doing it all the time, just on days you lift. The other days(when you don't lift) you will be hitting it fresh.

03-03-2004, 02:21 PM
Um....Feb 29th I think.

30 Sec jog. Got bored.
2*10*110 Lat Pull Downs, wide grip, PR
2*10,8*60 Overhead Press
2*10,6*120 Machine Chest Flyes PR
Developed a REALLY REALLY bad headache here.
2*10*30 Skull Crushers
2*10*60 Shrugs
Neck exercises.
1*10*40 Bicep curls
Scribbled something down I can't read.....
2*15*12 Wrist Curls
1*15*12 Hammer Curls

Yeah...I don't know where my workouts are going. Too much outside work right now.

03-03-2004, 02:23 PM
Redefinition of training priorities and goals.

1. Heal up joints. Wrist, shoulders, knees.
2. Add coupla inches to chest and arms.
3. Gain maybe 10 lbs more of muscles.
4. Train for strength, as right now I am fairly underpowered due to my injuries.
It is VERY frustrating.

Got Glucosamine Sulfate yesterday. Should help with me creaky joints....

03-04-2004, 11:01 PM
News that Grandpa on my Mom's side passed away.
Kinda messed up right now.

I hope to train tomorrow....if I don't go back to Toronto....
Funeral on Monday.

03-06-2004, 12:18 AM
Good to see one of your priorities is heeling up dude :thumbup: .

Sorry to hear about your grandpa :(

03-09-2004, 08:11 PM
3*10*110,120,120 Chest Flyes
2*10*40,60 Overhead press
2*10*70, 110 Seated bench press
1*10*40 Standing barbell rows
2*10*60 Shrugs
2*10,7*20 Curls
2*15*15 Wrist Curls
1*10*15 Wrist Hammer Curls
2*10,5*300, 540 Standing Calf Raises
2*10*110,130 Kickbacks

Shoulders still giving me troubles.
I think I'm missing some stuff...

03-11-2004, 10:58 PM
"Full" wrist workout. DB.

1*30*10 Wrist Curls
1*30*10 Wrist Hammer Curls
1*30*10 Active Resistance Ulnar Deviation
1*30*10 Active Resistance Radial Deviation
1*30*10 Resisted Forearm Pronation
1*30*10 Resisted Forearm Supination

03-12-2004, 04:02 PM
1*30*15 Wrist Curls
3*10*15 Wrist Hammer Curls
1*30*15 Active Resistance Ulnar Deviation
1*30*15 Active Resistance Radial Deviation
1*30*15 Resisted Forearm Pronation
1*30*15 Resisted Forearm Supination

03-12-2004, 10:26 PM
If I may ask, what exactly is your split? You seem to be all over the place, just doin' what you feel like.

03-12-2004, 11:25 PM
It's pretty ****ing random right now.
Life is a mess, school is taking most of my time.....so random......


YEAH YEAH I know....

03-13-2004, 12:05 AM
It's pretty ****ing random right now.
Life is a mess, school is taking most of my time.....so random......


YEAH YEAH I know....
I'm gonna say it anyways :D . Maybe figure out like a 3 day split and just go through them when you have time to workout. So you would do workout 1, then maybe 4 days later you can do workout 2, then maybe the next day you can workout again so do workout 3, then it might be another 4 days then you would do workout 1 again. Does that make sense?

03-13-2004, 08:38 AM


03-13-2004, 11:50 PM
lol, smart@ss
*shakes fist at PizDoff*

03-31-2004, 11:58 AM
March 29, 2004

First gym workout in three weeks. (Yeah yeah shut up, I've been sick for two and a plethora of personal, school and family problems has kept me out of the gym.)

45 secs stationary jogging. (LOL!)
2*8*70,110 Seated BP machine.
2*8*100,120 Chest Flyes Machine
2*8*110 Reverse Chest Flyes Machine
2*8*90,110 Lat Pull Down
2*8,10*40,50 DB BP
2*8*60 Shrugs
2*10*40 Hammer Curls
1*4.5*20 Curls
2*10*100 Kickbacks

Nice and sore two days after.

04-04-2004, 03:34 AM
March 29, 2004

First gym workout in three weeks. (Yeah yeah shut up, I've been sick for two and a plethora of personal, school and family problems has kept me out of the gym.)

What's your excuse now :rolleyes: j/k Hope all is well my man.

04-24-2004, 08:54 PM
First work out in a while, done exams now, back home in TO.

4*10*50 Shrugs
4*10*50 overhead presses
1*10*25 Hammer Curls

04-30-2004, 11:49 PM
What up Piz?! You back on track now or what?

05-05-2004, 08:40 PM
First workout in 1.5 weeks!


4 min spot jogging!
2*10 Pushups.
4*10*50 BP DB
2*failure*50 Vertical Press
2*10*25 Hammer Curls

05-25-2004, 02:37 PM
May 22

BW squats
2*10*45 front squats
2*10*45 ATF squats
20 vertical jumps
20 jumps back and forth
Body conditioning

Nearly fell on my face in my room fixing my post workout protein shake!
Mmmmm protein!!!

05-25-2004, 08:52 PM
May 25, 2004

6 min jogging (wow, that's like a record for me)
2*15*BW Pushups
2*10 BP front close
2*12,15 BP Side close
1*10*BW Pushups
1*10*25 Hammer Curls
2*10*50 Shrugs

Wow, I'm quite cut right now. I feel very fast and explosive.
I am mentally and mostly physically ready for my fights on Saturday.
In my left wrist something strange popped and I felt a lot of pain early on.
It seems to be fine now though, though I need to do some more wrist work and
massive stretching/loosening up before Saturday.
My knees feel stronger as well, though I had tendon pain in my knees and hips
the day after last workout. That is gone as well, and I can only hope and work
for a steady recovery.

Creatine, table sugar, whey protein post workout!

05-27-2004, 09:50 PM
6 min spot jogging
1*30*BW Boxer crunches
1*10*BW Wide Stance Pushups
1*30*BW Boxer crunches
1*10*BW Close Stance Pushups (damn......elbow problems still haha!)
1*100*BW Alternating Crunches
2 sets of neck exercises

I gotta do more stretching tonight...

Alright, I'm feeling mostly healthy and strong. Joints ain't hurting.......GO SQUATS!!!

05-29-2004, 05:57 PM
*awaits results from fights*

06-08-2004, 10:31 AM
A big post, because I can't always access the net from my comp.

Friday May 28, 2004

Night before fights. I need to loosen up and also work out some kinks in the old system.

Short Jogging
A lot light calisthenics to loosen up.
1*20*12 Both wrists full wrist workout.

Saturday May 29, 2004

Beautiful day. Got a slight tan as well, making my handsome
Oriental features appear more angry than normal.

Well mostly I got "own3d" but not by much. My lack of training in the
recent months was quite obvious as I did some of what I should have
but not all of what I should have. I needed to drill more spar more.

Sprained right finger + ankle, knees ok but left a bit busted up.
Muscle soreness, nothing big.

June 5,6, 2004
Some soccer with friend.
What is this cardio people speak of?

Monday, June 7th, 2004

8 min jogging
1*10*BW Pushups
3*10*75 Good mornings
3*10*75 Shrugs
3*10*40 DB Rows
1*10*BW Half-pushups (I could barely do these)

OMG I feel so good!
This power trip brought to you by creatine monohydrate, sugar,
and Piz Doff's Delusional Power Trips 3000.

June 8th
Right ankle still stiff from fights, doesn't help my friend
kicked my ankle palying soccer Sunday. I can almost close my
right hand into a fist now, but still with pain. I love fighting!

06-08-2004, 10:32 AM

The more comprehensive review of the day is there, but you need to register to see the pictures.

06-08-2004, 01:42 PM
last night, I was working out, and very pumped up mentally
listening to some loud music
I decided to do a high roundhouse kick....
and my boxers ripped down the middle!!!

that's me btw

06-09-2004, 08:02 PM

3*10*48 DB BP
2*10*48 Wide Grip BP
2*10*48 Close Grip BP (I am covered in sweat! I love it!)
2*8.5,5.5*24 Hammer Curls
1*7*24 Skull Crushers

Woooooo! Feel pretty good. Never done that much cardio at one time, aside from soccer.

06-12-2004, 08:31 PM
June 12, 2004

Greetings fellow sentients!

LOL Yesterday three of my friends showed up, apparently they had
jogged over from another friend's house. So anyways they eventually
convinced me to go with them (I was doing yardwork and going to
workout after.) So I rollerbladed for 25 min to back to his house
while my friends jogged hahahah! I love those downhill parts.
I'll be looking to put some sprint training into my regimen soon.

8 min jogging
1*10*40 Front Squats (Damn, my crappy knees are hurting a bit.)
4*10*50,50,66.5,66.5 ATF Squats (Personal "Whoa!")
2*10*75 Sumo Squats (Oh baby!)
1*20*75 Calf raises

Oh man! I feel scary good. Knees and hips are feeling strong now.
Damn, I honestly can't remember the time my legs felt so strong.
Scary ****. As well I REALLY feel like fainting right now.
I guess I should breathe more and try to lower my blood pressure
when working out hahahah!

Creatine really stops that lactic acid buildup.

06-14-2004, 04:30 PM
Hardcore. :nod:

06-20-2004, 08:36 AM
hahaha thanks I try!

06-24-2004, 02:02 PM
Missing one workout somewhere...

June 21, 2004

2*10*38 Curls
2*10,9*38 Hammer Curls
1*8*25 Skull Crushers

07-06-2004, 07:15 AM
June 24

3*10*48,66.5,66.5 DB BP
3*10,10,9*48 Military Press
3*10*48,66.5,66.5 Shrugs

June 29

4*10*66.5 DB BP
3*10*18,24,24 Pullovers
1*10*66.5 Shrugs
1*20,50,20*BW Crunches, oblique crunches, crunches continuous

Mmmmm great burn from the crunches! :)

July 4, 2004

1*10*48 Front Squats Parallel
1*10*48 Sumo Squats

1*10*66.5 Good Mornings
3*10*24,30 Single-Arm DB Rows
2*10*66.5 Shrugs

Only did two sets of squats because my knees were hurting and not feeling too strong.
I had a rollerblading crash on June 25th that torqued my knees a bit so I'm on the
rehab again! And a sprained right ankle and pulled hip from playing soccer July 1st
Canada Day. Oh well, this is just a minor hurdle that only momentarily slows me from
my goals.

07-08-2004, 10:56 PM
(Missing one workout, will post later)

July 9th

Wow, got back from Shah Franco's Karate/kickboxing/BJJ school.
Trained for maybe 90 min-120 min.

Meet some nice people. Got my ass kicked and tapped a lot. My guard game really sucks.

I got slammed on my wrist, then I got slammed on my back! Great fun! Sore.....tired. Excellent! Party on!

07-21-2004, 07:52 AM
Here's a wack of them:

July 6, 2004

Looks like I'll be fighting on the 8th. Thurs. I still gotta heal up my damned knees
and get SOME endurance stuff in. What are you waiting for? Turn up the damn music already
and let's go!!!

3*10*66.5 DB BP
2*10*66.5 Total. Oblique Crunches
20 Crunches,40 Alternating Crunches, 20 Crunches
1*20*BW Squats

Aftermath: Ok, good. My legs are feeling not weak and painful anymore.
Did stretching, hahah, haven't done that in a while, but people need to get kicked in
the head! =+)

July 8, 2004

Still got DOMs and soreness in my chest and front shoulders.
Fights were "off" as they didn't work out. Went to my bud, who I meet online at
www.bullshido.com forums and trained at Shah Franco's Karate/Kickboxing/BJJ.
Trained for 2 hours gi grappling.

July 12, 2004

Looks like I'm exercising for the heck of it...
Jogging on the spot, some bodyweight squats, stretching, and some wrist work.

July 14, 2004

6*10*BW,BW,BW,48,48,48 Sumo Squats to Parallel
2*10*BW Jumping Squats

Awesome, feet and knees feel great. Working legs is the best ever!
Thank you God for inventing legs to workout!

I hope my knees really get healing up, I plan to start powerlifting come Sept and
I need my knees there with me. We've come a long way and I don't want to leave
them behind!

July 16, 2004 - Thursday

3*10*BW,BW,48 Sumo Squats
3*10*48,66.5,66.5 DB BP
2*4,2*66.5 Military Presses
Wrist Exercises

Well things are feeling good, all I can ask for right now.

July 19, 2004 - Monday

Well all that sprint training I'd said I do? Well I better get to that now.
I played goalie for the first half and defense for the second half at soccer
yesterday. I took myself off with quick shifts when I was on the field due to
my lack of conditioning for soccer.

10 min light jogging
2*20*BW Crunches
1*20*BW Alternating Crunches
1*20*BW Laying Front Leg Lifts
2*10*48 Military Press
2*8,6*24 Hammer Curls
1*4*24 Curls
Neck Exercises
Wrist Exercises

07-29-2004, 10:03 PM
July 21, 2004

2*10*BW,48 Sumo Squats
1*10*BW Squats ATF
4*10*24,24,24,33 Single-Arm DB Rows
4*10*66.5 Shrugs
2*20,21*66.5 Calf Raises

Tues. July 27, 2004

BW Squats
4*10*66.5 DB BP

Thurs. July 29, 2004

30 min joggin (LOL!)

Started few medium weighted squats but my left knee just wasn't feeling good.
Just did some BW squats instead. Very very disappointing. Bruised left ankle
and lightly pulled right calf did not affect my preformance.

Weight steady at 180, where I want to keep it.

08-09-2004, 02:51 PM
Sat. July 31,2004

6*10*BW,BW,48,BW,48,BW Sumo Squats
1*20*BW Leg Extensions on Back
Bicylcing on Back
1*9*24 DB Curls
1*7*24 DB Hammer Curls
2*10*66.5 Shrugs

Damn, left knee still wonky. At least I could safely and correctly do
two weighted sets of ten. After the second set of ten I almost collapsed
from exhaustion. Great fun and I've missed it. :)

Tues Aug. 3, 2004

3*10*66.5 DB BP
3*10* 48 Close Grip BP

Thurs. Aug. 5, 2004

2*10*48,48,66.5 Sumo Squats
2*10*66.5 Good Mornings
1*20*BW Crunches
1*20*BW Alternating Crunches
3*10*18 Wrist Curls
1*5*18 Reverse Wrist Curls
3*10*18 Active Resistive Ulnar Deviation
3*10*18 Avtive Resistive Radial Deviation

Actually practice some soccer earlier today for over an hour.
My cardio is much better than a couple weeks ago, and my legs
are feeling decent. I hope this is a good sign and I should be
all healed for our upcoming game on Sunday.


08-09-2004, 09:33 PM
Monday Aug. 9, 2004

Had a very strong game of soccer yesterday. I stopped all but one
shot which I was out of position for. We won 5-1 in the end, it being
0-1 at the half against us. I am very satisfied with the result.

2*10,9*24 Hammer Curls
Skull Crushers
1*20*BW Crunches
1*60*BW Alternating Crunches

I didn't feel likely working anything major due to time constraints
and the fact that I was still a bit sore from playing yesterday.
I've been off creatine since ? maybe a week and a half now. I've
dipped in weight a little bit but am pretty much the same at around/
under 180 lbs. Muscles are more defined and veins in legs are showing
more. I also feel that I've kept or even grown in size but that could
all be in my mind. :D Off to the shower I go now.

09-13-2004, 04:46 PM
Weds. Aug 18, 2004

4*10*48,48,66.5,66.5 DB BP
2*10*48 Close Grip DB BP
2*10*30 Single-Arm DB Rows
4*10*66.5 Shrugs
2*15*18 Wrist Curls

Well, upper body finally feels decent enough to workout.
It was a pretty tough game for our soccer team on Sunday and I
came away with some minor pulls, strains and a decent sized
mystery bruise on my left quad. Another step back in the progress
of my knees. *Sigh* You live with your choices.

Fri. Aug 27, 2004

1*40*BW Crunches
1*40*BW Alternating Crunches
2*10*24 Hammer Curls

Weds. August 25, 2004

4*10*48,66.5,66.5,66.5 DB BP
1*10*33 DB Rows
2*7,4*24 DB Hammer Curls

Pretty brutal soccer game again Sunday. The last two games have
featured lopsided roosters numbers wise. Two Sundays ago they showed
with eleven, and us barely seven. This just past Sunday they had
twelve and us only eight. *Shrugs* How are we realistically expected
to win against such numbers?

Came away from this last one, making some spectular saves, including
two flying saves and one pretty funny double save. Knees are totally
bruised and bleeding at the end. Shin splints and sprained left
ankle, all good. Add in a pretty good 3.5 hour grappling training
session on Friday and I'm keeping fit. :D

Sept. 02, 2004

4*10,10,10,7*48,48,66.5,66.5 Sumo Squats

Knees hurting. :(

Sept. 07, 2004

4*10*48,48,66.5,66.5 DB BP
1*10*48 Military Pres
2*10*66.5 Shrugs

*Sigh* Oh man. At the beginning of my workout I had a strange sudden dream
that I would be confronted by a well built fighter. He would challenge me,
and I would accept as my policy is anytime, anywhere. I threw several hard
combos, yet he stood there unfazed. Damn, if that doesn't make you want to
train harder I don't know what will. Too bad my shoulder isn't going to let
me, got pain now from my workout...

Thurs. Sept. 09, 2004

4*7,10,10,10*48,48,48,66.5 Squats
Neck Exercises

Damn, squats never felt so painful and good.

Sept 12

3*10*80,100,100 Lat Pull Down
3*10*90,100,100 Chest Flyes
3*10*80,70,70 Back Extensions
3*10*70 Shrugs
2*10*100 Glute Machine

Back at my university's gym~!!! :D

09-19-2004, 08:42 PM
Sept 14, 2004

2*10*75 Front Squats PR
2*10,5*75 Sumo Squats PR
4*10*400,400,500,500 Calf Raises

Didn't finish all the sets of squats I wanted because my right hamstrings started cramping up. Good stuff, personal records on first try. I'm moving up everyone!!!

09-24-2004, 10:36 AM
Ok, some martial arts related workouts. The following are exerpts from my training journal on Bullshido.net forums. Thread is open only to those with a 'Contributing Member' status so no point posting the link here.

Well, following several incidents in 2003 that left me with a fractured right wrist sparring Angry-Monkey and a dislocated left wrist grappling after JJJ class, I've had up and downs with my wrists. I hurt them both moving a dumbell which someone had left in the wrong place and not really paying attention to what I was doing......so....my right isn't good to go at all. I'm currently in the process of making my wrists aikido proof again.

Tues Sept 21, 2004

Muay Thai/ Karate 5:30-7

-Wasn't able to do many pushups for some reason, shoulders and wrist bothering me.
-Some air combos, conditioning, air combos, conditioning
-Partner 'kata' girl punched me in the wrist......
-Muay thai part was done for a bit, so karate time. Did some boring ass crap then that ended mercifully. Karate here was lead by Japanese shotokan BB.

-Bullshido member Karatefighter and I do some 'light' stand up sparring, practicing leg checks mostly.

-Goju-Ryu, (or was it uechi-ryu? Can't remember) black belt, 3rd year student says 'ok, let's go' and we put on our gloves and mouthguards. No, I guess we trusted the other person's control. We said start sparring at different levels, so we did. Started punches only to the body, then kicks to lower body, then upper body. Good exchanges back and forth, pleasently surprised since the last time I really trained striking was another MT/Karate class at the beginning of the year. In the final phase, he started getting off a combo that opened my left side for a roundhouse kicks. SMACK TIMES FIVE!!! All nicely in the same spot on my ribs. Always nice to feel your ribs shift inside you.

I gave mine back and after a while he ended it as it was approaching the end of class. Warm down and bow out. Ewww TKD class waiting outside.

Note: These are university clubs/ programs.

09-24-2004, 10:36 AM

Japanese Jujitsu 9-10:30 +75 min after class rolling

With bullshido member Karatefighter again, second workout of the night.

Expected breakfalling and O-soto geri. Got it exactly.
Left breakfalls are NOT good for ribs, and front breakfalls are really straining my pulled left tricep from MT/Karate class. Breakfalls, blah blah blah some rolls. Making sure some of the other newbs know who I am. *Wink* O-soto geri throw, boring.

Asked some other higher belts and people who looked like they had potential if they wanted to stay afterwards and roll. Karatefighter and I went at it straight at the end of class, him getting me with a rolling armbar. Then getting my back with a RNC and hooks in, but since I don't get tapped by chokes ( ) I unhooked his legs and escaped. Tapped by him by a straight arm bar, and kimura, think that's it. Rolled with an slightly older larger (200lbs) stronger JJJ (?) brown belt, he could really force those juji's from guard despite my defending. Strong ****. Had some good moves with him, then again maybe he let me.

Completely destroyed a cute white belt Russian chick, let her try some stuff on me, tapped her with some collar choke, americana, straight Achilles lock. She's a real battler though, kept trying, though I feel bad as it was almost pathetic, me negating her attempts to buck me off.

It's not fun being in guard with hurt ribs and the guy is squeezing ya.
Didn't gas when rolling at all, my 'knowing how to relax' skills are holding up.
Need some more guard passes and work on my triangle, as well as set up for leg locks, my transitions seem to be good, able to stay close and keep weight on the person I was working with.

Double martial arts workout are not good for injuries, I'm not going back until next tues.

09-24-2004, 10:40 AM
and some fan mail...


for ****'s sake, take 2 months off and go to physical therapy

you've had the injury since 2003!!!


That makes no sense.

Hahahahahaha!!! I was good, then I hurt myself again.


Dude, he's right.

Take some ****ing time off.


Geesh you're really doing the job of killing yourself! But hell, talk about dedication man!!

Better nurse those wounds or you're REALLY going to feel them down the road. I've heard too many stories of old wounds that don't heal anymore from folks that just don't know when to take a break.

deus ex machina

You're ****ing ******ed. If you really loved martial arts you'd take time off to recover so you could keep on doing the arts until you're dead. If you permanently cripple your wrist (which you might have already with the possible onset of arthritis and other bone/tendon conditions), I'm going to ****ing laugh because it's all your ****ing fault.


Thurs Sept 23, 2004

I went to JJJ after class rolling. Needless to say I was not able to preform at a level where I desire. I won't be doing any training until two Tues from now. I bled on karatefighter a bit, blood thinned due to pain killers.

Edit: Oh yeah, learned a guard pass, though didn't get to use it that much.

*Sips Heinekan beer*

One hand on sternum to keep opponent down, other hand on corresponding hip, elbow goes into pressure point in leg, hand still on hip, leg goes to floor, skip to side mount.


Otherwise I got owned, but it wasn't a total waste of time.


Piz Doff,
You need therapy, I don't mean for your wrist.

Yeah yeah I'm gonna take some time off.

09-24-2004, 07:40 PM
Sept 24, 2004

3*10*100 Machine Chest Flyes
3*10*50 Dumb bell Bench Press
2*10*80,90 Lat Pull Down
3*10*80 Shrugs
2*10*100,110 Leg Kickbacks Each Leg

Also tried some curls and skull crushers but wrists didn't like that.
Did 8 lb wrist curls as well. Didn't want to strain myself too much,
for my ribs were still hurting as well.

09-27-2004, 11:05 PM
Sept 28, 2004

4*10*40,40,85,85 Good Mornings
5 Pullups Negative (Yeah I suck, working on it)
3*10,8,8*80 Machine Cable Rows
2*8.5,8*80 Extensions
3*10*BW Hanging Leg Crunches

I think that's it?

09-29-2004, 02:45 PM
Sept 29, 2004

4*10*50 Incline Bench Press
3*10*50 Flat DB BP
3*10*90 Machine Chest Flyes
4*10*70 Shrugs
3*10*8 Wrist Curls

Looks like the creatine is really taking effect. Hardly any burn
at all in the gym. Lotta cuties in the gym. :)

09-29-2004, 03:51 PM
Keep it up Bro!

Nice Kick!!LOL

10-01-2004, 03:16 PM
Thanks. Nice kick?, not sure about my kick picture, might have been moved. Oh well!

Oct. 1, 2004

2 min on the elliptical before I got Bored
5*10,4.5,5,3,8*40,50,50,50,40 Hammer Curls
2*10*20 Skull Crushers

Not gonna do anything major on a likely drinking night. :)

10-04-2004, 05:22 PM
Oct. 4, 2004

5*10,10,5,5,5,*45,45,95,105,105 Squats
4*10*70 Shrugs
2*10*100 Leg Kickbacks
3*10,10,7*300,300,500 Calf Raises
Neck Exercises

Uh oh, squat day. Well I really increased my known maxes.
Seemed to cramp up a bit when doing the 45's (bar)
Cramped up at the end of my sets there as well so I cut the
reps shorter.

10-04-2004, 06:53 PM
I used to cramp like that on squats.

Do you do any stretching or warm up? I added a little jog on the treadmill on squat days or I do leg ext. and leg curls light weight/ high reps for 1 set of each.

10-07-2004, 12:39 AM
Thanks for stopping by!
I should probably go find some track jogging for a few more minutes.
I only did about 2 minutes on the elliptical, next time I'll do the stationary bikes for a couple more minutes. I'll try the leg curl and ext next time, thanks!

Oct 6, 2004

5*10*30,60,60,60,60 DB BP*
4*10,7,7,7*30,60,60,60 Incline Bench Press
4*10*BW Hanging Leg Crunches
3*10,10,8*100 Machine Chest Flyes

Feeling pretty good. New max on bench I guess.
SHAME! I forgot to do dips again, I have to get those
included in my regular routine.

Canadian Crippler
10-07-2004, 06:29 AM
Solid DB BP man. How old are you again?

10-08-2004, 09:00 PM
Hey man! How be ya'? I thought about you while I was reading about some different w/o's. Ross boxing (http://p201.ezboard.com/brossboxingforum) has some good bodyweight workouts for fighters. I thought you might be interested in them. He lists some different things to do in his back issues of his newsletter, and there are a few free training articles he has listed. He also has books you can buy, but don't know if you were that interested.

10-10-2004, 06:31 PM
Thanks for the info Bruteman!

Solid DB BP man. How old are you again?

I am an ancient 20 years old. :(
I'm slowly coming back from multitudes of injuries, I am very thankful my shoulders held up well in that last workout.

10-11-2004, 07:58 AM

10-12-2004, 09:49 PM
Ah! Intruder!

Oct 12, 2004

3*10*35,105,105 Deadlifts! PR
1*5*BW Pullups negatives
3*10*80,80,90 Cable Rows
3*10,8,6*100 Lat Pull Downs
1*10*120 Glute Extensions PR

Great to be back in the gym! Deadlifts for the first time.
Felt good doing them, no major strain. Moved away from
machine rows as well, less stabilization with these cable
rows. Um, forgot to do some shrugs. :)

Nice little scrap on my knees from the bar when doing deads!

Canadian Crippler
10-12-2004, 09:59 PM
Aye, question. If its your first day doing DLs, how is it a PR? :scratch:

Keep at it man, and get some pics up soon!

10-15-2004, 04:42 PM
Psss, let me have my moments of glory. Small as they are!

I think that 35 is wrong though, think it was higher.

10-18-2004, 08:16 AM

10-19-2004, 09:38 PM
Oct 14, 2004

Sparring session with friend. Did some grappling to warm up,
then stand up for a while with a touch of NHB grappling.
Good session, nice to get back into the realm of contact sparring.

Oct. 15, 2004

4*10*60,60,70,70 DB BP
1*10*100 Machine Chest Flyes

We were kicked out, gym closes early tonight due to it being
Friday. I was going for a fifth set on the dumbell bench press
but...I had trouble getting the dumbell up my left side, and
ended up dropping it on my chest. Go me.....

On further reflection, I think getting kimuraed last night
may have affected my shoulder negatively.

Oct. 17, 2004

7*10,10,10,5,5,5,5*BW,45,45,115,135,135,155 Front Squats PR!!!
4*5*115,115,135,155 Deadlifts PR!!!!
2*10*400 Calf Raises

Oh baby! I like the way I work it! I'm happy, well on my way
to 200,200,200 though my bench press is lagging way behind.
Have to train up my shoulders as those should be the weak point
as well as my wrists. Plan to do a bag work out tomorrow, then
shoulder and arm workout on tues, then rest on Weds, then a Muay
Thai class on Thurs to get my striking a bit better, then rest
Fri then the Toronto McThrowdown on Sat!!!

Oct 18, 2004

One hours worth of bag work. My endurance and speed really suck.
Increased max squat and deadlift just yesterday, I knew it would
negatively affect my preformance and it did. Heh, less kicking
due to less flexibility from tighter muscles from weight training.
Did punching combos, combos with kicks, and a few trick moves.
Will see if I can go again tomorrow, with more flying moves. :D

Oct. 19, 2004

Muay Thai/karate class. Fun fun, I found I could still keep up
though my pushups still suck since my shoulders are hurting or
something. Rather sore now, hope to be fresh for Thurs.

10-21-2004, 09:04 AM
wow you sound like you go for martial arts classes almost every day.

10-26-2004, 02:45 AM
Um, not even close.

I would say....9 martial arts classes from the beginning of the year until now.
Granted I still had some fights/get togethers for sparring but I really don't have the time.

10-26-2004, 06:42 AM
Great job on fronts and deads!

Canadian Crippler
10-26-2004, 11:52 AM
PRs.... cool! Good work on that man, keep at it.

10-27-2004, 12:56 AM
Thanks, I love you all. I currently planning on powerlifting for lower back and legs while chest and upper back aimed at hypertrophy. And neck hypertrophy as well.
Haven't bothered to post my fight and sparring match results, but I did handily win the one on last Thurs...

Oct 26, 2004

Poor form dips
4*10*60 DB BP
3*10,10,7*100 Machine Chest Flyes
5*10*70 DB Shrugs
2*2,6*60 DB Incline BP
3*10*100,100,110 Gluteal Extensions
Neck Exercises

Uh oh, strained my left shoulder tendons a bit.

10-27-2004, 06:04 AM
poor form dips eh?

10-27-2004, 12:53 PM
Indeed, my right wrist was really hurting when I went downwards on the dip thing, shoulders are still help. But it is coming along.

Got some strained shoulders right now. :(

10-28-2004, 04:56 AM
9 martial arts classes from the beginning of the year until now.

!!! :eek: which classes on which days? how do you cope? (i'd be totally pooped everyday)

10-28-2004, 06:37 AM
you need to give em some healing time instead of puting them through more stress dont ya think?? hehe

10-29-2004, 04:14 PM

Um, I don't think y'all be reading me right! :D
I meant to say, that I have had maybe 9 martial arts classes for the year so far. So very very little this year.
I only was able to restart a bit more recently.

Crazy people, haha.

Did some most excellent sparring yesterday. Lot of kick catches, and left side kicking has immensely improved. Had some hard shin on shin though, and left calve all cramped up right now still. Got kicked in the knees a lot.

10-30-2004, 01:52 AM
Got kicked in the knees a lot.
Knee kicks are great. I haven't seen anyone who can stand up to too many of them. I especially like watching some of these boxers who think they can fight in K-1 crumble to the ground after a round of taking shots to the knee/leg.

11-01-2004, 05:54 PM
Leg kicks are great when they're not done to you! GRRRR!!

Nov. 1, 2004

2*10*65 Leg Extensions
8*10,10,7,5,5,5,5,4*BW,BW,45,45,90,90,135,135 Squats
3*10*400,400,500 Calf Raises
2*10*20 Hammer Curls
2*10*70 Shrugs
1*20*35 Side Bends

Not close to my best. Was really sick with cold like symptoms on Sun.
Didn't eat much to fuel the workout.

Canadian Crippler
11-01-2004, 09:11 PM
Don't worry, everyone has their off days. Especially if your not feeling well... half of this is mental.

11-04-2004, 10:16 PM
Bit of a training entry for MA... :D

11-09-2004, 08:46 PM
Nov. 9, 2004

Warm Up Spot Jogging
4*5,10,5,5*45,90,135,135 Squats
2*10*40 Hammer Curls
5*10,5,5,5,5*50,135,135,185,185 Deadlifts PR!!!
2*10*400 Calf Raises
2*10*60 Flat DB BP
2*10*70 Machine Back Flyes
2*10*70 Machine Chest Flyes (Could do more, wanted to save energy and strain)
2*10*80 Cable Rows
2*10*BW Handing Leg Crunch (One Leg)
2*10*BW Handing Leg Crunch (Both Legs)
2*10*90 Lat Pull Downs
2*10*75 Shrugs
1*10*45 Side to side bends
1*10*110 Gluteal Extensions (Both Legs)

So....that took like 80 minutes. Felt fairly good throughout it.
Haven't taken creatine for a while, but it seems I haven't had the need
for it of recent. The large gap between gym workouts is due to the fact
that I had several sessions of martial arts in there to switch things up
and continue training.

Canadian Crippler
11-09-2004, 09:05 PM
You're killing me on chest and bis, but looks like I'm up on back and legs. :D.

Welcome back to your journal, good to see you got in a session.

11-09-2004, 10:12 PM
Here is a repost from my MA training journal!

Fri. Nov. 6, 2004

2.5 hours spent teaching that Shaolin Kung-Fu guy Matt basics of grappling. Takedowns, throws, positions, positional escapes, a few submissions from different positions.

Damn it is frustrating teaching stuff to total beginners as there are so many small things and nuances to get correct and perfect or it will not work. Harder even to learn if your balance, sensitivity and coordination are 'garbage'.

Sun Nov, 8, 2004
BJJ 3-5pm
Could I be any more beat up? :)
This is the first time I've gone to this, though karatefighter/Steve has gone several times before.
Just once on a week Sunday, and it seems to be free so I can afford it.

'New Techniques'

-Kimura from Guard
Learned to keep better posture, and set up for the submission. Isolate arm outwards from your body, explode upwards and ensnare his arm with both of yours, doing a figure-4 behind his back. Scoot your hips out a bit towards to side of the trapped arm, try to get your hips a bit more vertical, and cross ankles around the back to hold him best. Crank.

-Armbar from Guard
Um, I really don't remember. Get 90 degrees somehow to him, keep things tight, restricting mobility of his arms. Push head so other leg can come over and get the armbar. Probably the same set up as triangle here, I need more drilling.

-Triangle from Guard
Grab target (left) arm on forearm, with opposing arm, then grip target arm's tricep with hand on same side.
Shrimp a bit to get one shin in, compress one arm back, not the target arm. (Right arm)
Other leg, get foot on hip, compress trapped arm's shoulder with foot, both legs keeping him compressed and tight.
Push off with (left) foot, while grabbing his leg (my own variation.) I am far from really understanding these moves completely, but remember to get 90 degrees away from his centreline, so you can look into his ear.

-Armlock, Neck Crank and Pressure on Lung Choke Combination Move from Scarf
Trap, near arm with your own arm, underhook head with your further arm. Put all weight on back, resting only on your heel so your butt is in the air. Then lean back while your body slides away from him a bit. Places tremendous weight on the chest while cranking the shoulder.

-Figure-4 with Legs from Scarf
Also did a straight arm-bar variation of that from scarf, but since I never get that to work, and it never works on me I don't include it into my personal system. Arm comes up when in scarf, pin it down between your two legs and twist.

-Mount escape
Destroy a posted arm using two arms for more power and leverage instead of the single overhooked arm I had been doing before.
Bump and roll.

Grappling Sparring, starting from knees.
Pretty much all no-gi.

Lead Instructor for That Class (Name forgotten, 2 degree BB TKD, BJJ Blue, 6'2" 215)
Good techniques, all nice and tight. Couldn't do much against him. At one point he elbowed one my bruises on my knee HARD, shocking my leg, wow, my leg was totally useless for a couple minutes. Tapped a lot.

Brendan (Shotokan karate BB, BJJ experince unknown though he was the second ranked guy there)
Tapped a lot. Don't remember much, he taught me to pull guard better.

John (8 months BJJ, no previous experience)
Had an absolute WAR with one guy had been doing BJJ for 8 months, escaped several of his kneebars and armbars and got mount from that. My techniques to keep mount and sidemount are good here, held it for long periods. Keep things tight. Excellent transitions on my part I thought. Eventually tired him out, got an opening and got a roll-off armbar from shin on stomach.

Stand-Up Sparring
Shotokan Karate BB (Brendan, no relation to other Shotokan BB Brendan I know.)
Good punching combos high-lo. Good exchanges back and forth.
Caught him with some good crosses and straights that rocked him a bit.
He landed a very fast snapping outside cresent kick from a snap kick combo on that same leg right on my forehead. Now it's swelling up nicely! Just missed axe kicking him in the head.

His student, unknown rank (Doug)
A combination of his right foot forward stance and my already banged up right shin made me use low right roundhouse kicks much less than normal. Rear left low roundhouse kicks worked well though he blocked well too. Changed my stance, then threw a beautiful axe kick that went up, over and dropped right on his face! Pulled it a bit so it wouldn't land on his nose directly. Snapping backfist worked well against this likely more inexperienced fighter. His few legs catches were largely ineffective as my system of freeing my leg seems to prove further effective. The round before, he had just dropped his teacher HARD on the matted floor from catching his teacher's leg. Ended that sparring match between the two of them. Did I mention he was bigger and thicker? :D

Afterwards he told me how the axe was so fast, all he did was watch it come up, come over, and drop on his head. Thank you Andy Hug for inspiring me, RIP. *Moment of silence* Then spread the good word of Bullshido.net to those two. The BB instructor passed onto me a story of a 'Rob' going to the local Seally's karate dojo, apparently the largest dojo in my university town of Guelph, Ontario, sparred the head instructor Seally, and all this Seally character did was jumping backfists over and over again. 'Rob' came in, took him down and choked him out. Seally = 7th degree BB.

Cross-training with Stout Wrestler Guy that had came in to train by himself
How long had he been doing wrestling? 'Too long' was the answer. Felt I still had some gas, so why not?
I asked him to do some wrestling, and he was nice enough to be patient with me.

-Arm drag to get back
Once one arm straighten in pummeling, overhook somewhat, feed it across your body with other hand to spin him around and step behind him.

-Single Leg Pointers
Shoot in, get (left) leg, bring it up and tight into your chest, head up, same side (your right) shoulder tight on the leg. Have both legs close together, squeezing the trapped leg a little bit. Step back with (your right) same side leg and sit down in a circular motion to get the takedown. Poor explanation, so many little things to cover.

-Double Leg Pointers
Compress his head down, and over hook arms to loosen grip when sprawling.

Standing Grappling Sparring
Just a bit of stand up try to get back, pickup or takedown. Think I was able to do anything? Nope.
Submission Grappling Sparring
****, he did SAMBO before as well!?!? TAP TAP TAP I go again, but it was clear he was a bit rusty in that area, actually got mount and failed a couple armbars before he rolled me to guard and did something or other to tap me. Freaked him out a bit when my neck went pop a couple times, because just recently he had choked someone out in wrestling (non-submission) and that guy passed out and starting convulsing....yeah...convulsing ain't cool.

He stopped it closing on 6pm, saying I gassed him out, since he was not used to talking and doing wrestling at the same time. But I was the one getting slammed on my back? He also said it was hard teaching wrestling to pretty much a beginner, didn't say I had to same feelings....but for longer on Friday. Thanked 'Vow' something like that, for his time and efforts and we both left the wrestling/combatives room.

Well pretty much everyone I worked with today had excellent thick psychiques and were quite strong. Also good to work with those types who are stronger than you. Got my neck cranked a bit, particularly by that wrestler guy, I'll probably be needing a new one soon. I really need to 'turn on' and activate my striking potential when sparring. I can really turn it up with crazy combinations but I just have to visualize more and practice on the bag more so I can 'use them' in sparring... Right wrist is strained a bit, and I'll definately be really sore on the morrow. Bruises in several places already, head, I mean forehead swelling due to the kick landed there I've pretty much trained for 3 hours straight but feel I can do for more. How do I do it? Relax, but learn to use your strength at proper points.

WEARING A CUP IS VERY VERY GOOD FOR GRAPPLING!!! And striking for that matter.

Think I'll do weights and bag work for training this week until Friday. McTHROWDOWN!!! Wooo!
Maybe a JJJ class in there.

11-17-2004, 10:25 PM
Nov. 17, 2004

3*10,10,6*20 Hammer Curls DB

Damn, seemed it inflamed up my wrist. Just a test to see how my
recently dislocated shoulder would hold up.

Canadian Crippler
11-17-2004, 10:38 PM
Nice... session? Hehe.

11-18-2004, 01:07 AM
Haha, I had to run to the gym before it closed.
Was doing some aggravating trying to write an assignment with three other EXCHANGE students! Argh...took so long.

11-21-2004, 02:56 AM
Oh man, my brain's going to explode! Too much info to absorb. I like when you post your martial arts training, but admit my knowledge in that area is lacking, so when I read it all and try to decifer and learn it I swear I can feel my brain oozing out my ear, lol.

11-22-2004, 06:06 PM
Haha I understand man. I recently met another boxer, hands only, and I was trying to help him up by giving him info and stuff on new ranges he had never trained in.

Grappling is a lot more complicated than just boxing. Even more complicated is Vale Tudo training! Hahaha I love it!

11-22-2004, 06:07 PM
Nov. 20, 2004

30 min Bag Workout
4*10*100,200,220,240 Leg Press PR
2*10*20 Hammer Curls
3*10,10,7*10 Weight Decline Crunches

Tried some other stuff but my legs just weren't in it due to my
over zealous bag work session where I concentrated mostly on kicking.
To avoid a horrid run-on sentence, I will use this one to say while
the few punches I threw on my right hand were good, I didn't want to
stress my recently dislocated shoulder. I'm seeing a doctor Monday.

Canadian Crippler
11-22-2004, 06:10 PM
OMG A SESSION!!!!!`1/1one~!

Good luck with the shoulder situation, hope the doc give's ya good news!

11-22-2004, 06:18 PM
Hey, why not post my MA training log as well?

Nov 21, 2004

Preface this with a little story of my Sat night. Non-chronological entries.
Went with one of my girl friends to another girl friend's apartment to party.
Watched the first one worship the ceramic god a lot while getting piz doff at her.
Checking out a party in the vicinity, walking up the stairs one landing had a lot of black and brown dudes, as I looking slick, blue jeans and muscle shirt showing off my arms. I smiled at them in a masculine manner and nodded, because having dudes like these on your side are a good thing. Got a bunch of smiles and nods back with couple of them calling me 'Lee' and 'Bruce.'

Converted a pure mostly closed minded boxer to BJJ. Got him interested and explained why the ground range was important.

Then I rocked the dance floor! Damn wallflowers creeping the girlies out.
Then I become really drunk later on, had 3 hours of sleep, and went to BJJ really hungover.

(Damn, lost this post as I was typing it so we'll see what I forgot...)

So about 30 min before class I was sick in my suite, get there one time, do a couple fast laps around the gym before I get bored of running and sit down to stretch a bit.

To Secure Rear Mount

Opponent turtling. Wiggle an arm in from the side, underhooking his arm from behind, and grab his wrist. Use that torque to leverage his arm up so that his elbow points upwards and you have a gap to get a hook in. Jam a hook in. Make sure hook is in near groin, extend his legs outward. Roll onto your back. Toes are supposed to be pointed forward and up. (Though I usually have mine pointed downwards to give me more control when they struggle...or at least it seems like that.)

To Secure Rear Mount....Variation

Opponent turtling. This one is to flatten the person out, when you have rear mount. Do as first variation, until you have both hooks in and are controlling the hands. Extend your feet outwards towards your back to straighten the person's legs from turtle. At the same time push and try to extend the person's arms out over their head and away from their body, while keeping the underhooks from rear mount. When straightened out, with the hooks in on the inside of the person's legs, go up on your toes, so person's hips and legs are in the air. Arch your back so the person arches theirs, compresses lungs and is very uncomfortable yes.

To Secure Rear Naked Choke

From RNC, first variation. Jam a knuckled finger into the point just below the point in the end of the jaw, to make room for the arm to slip under and around the neck. Can also pull his head back as it is hard to resist that, and that will open the neck up for the choke.

Defending Against Incoming Hooks

When person is putting a hook in, kick that leg on that side out and back to unbalance and destroy the hook. When opponent is unbalanced, can do a sweep to gain superior position by taking out one of his other posts.

Turtle Transition to Guard

Person has just gotten your back when you were turtling. Explode upward, at an angle to throw person off balance. Spin around really quickly to pull guard. I need lots of work with this one.

Kneebar From Turtle

Before opponent really tangles you up or gets his hooks in you can try for this one. If he puts one leg between yours from behind (you should be in turtle checking for this between your legs) then reach between your legs and grab his leg. Best hold would be a hook into the knee joint, then wrap your legs around his target to isolate as your roll him over. Secure position while still isolating leg, then crank slowly.

I found I had my ankles crossed, seemed to be good for that.

Will try a variation of this where I just try to isolate his leg with both mine.
BrandeisSS says to also try to trap an arm and rolling them.

Anyways else? I have to remember to keep things tight and compressed downwards when doing the triangle choke.

11-22-2004, 06:21 PM
Hey, if anyone has any questions or comments about anything just got ahead and post it!!!

Nov. 22, 2004

25 Min Bag Workout
3*10*5,5*45,95,115 Squats
8*10,10,5,4,5,1,1,10*45,135,135,185,185,225,225,45 DEADLIFT PR!!!

I...think that's all I did? Oh well, I am happy my shoulder held
up well doing the bag work, and really happy it didn't fall off
I am SOOO happy!! I think I'm going to cry! I love you all!
Thank you WBB for inspiration and advice!!! *Sniff*

Edit: I should say also I missed my doctor's appointment this morning as somehow my alarm was not activated even though I set the time...

Edit 2: I should also say I dropped the bar on my right knee again, tore a chunk of skin off the knee. That'll slow down my bag work with kneeing a bit. Hah.

Canadian Crippler
11-22-2004, 09:11 PM
Congrads on the PR!!!

11-23-2004, 04:48 PM
Good job on the deadlift my man!

Is grappling the same as wrestling? I mean, I know they are both basically the same, they are ground work, but is grappling actually its own thing, or is it just the word they use in martial arts instead of calling it wrestling?

11-25-2004, 03:46 PM
I think grappling is allowing submissions and chokes and whatnot. I wresle, and in wrestling you are not allowed to do any submissions and you are not allowed to grab the head without grabbing an arm with it; in other words, no chokes. In wrestling, it's just pins and points, such as getting behind the opponent, and pinning him, and taking him down while getting on him.

11-29-2004, 09:11 PM
Nov 29, 2004

2*10*40 Hammer Curls DB
5*10,8,10,8,10*BW,90,90,90,BW Front Squats ATF
3*10*40 Flat BP DP
3*10*80,80,100 Machine Chest Flyes
3*10*75 Seated Machine Bench Press

Damn lotta people in the gym. Legs felt decent, forgot to do
glute extensions.

Updated Goals
-Go light for a bit on legs to build connective tissue, before
continuing to work for a 200 lbs squat.
-Go slow on shoulder rehab to build connective tissue, before
continuing to work for a 200 lbs bench press.
-Curl 60lbs for 10 reps.
-Neck strengthening exercises.

Canadian Crippler
11-29-2004, 09:19 PM
What are you doing for neck? All I do is neck extentions off the edge of my bed, on all 4 sides of me.

11-29-2004, 09:22 PM
Canadian Crippler - Thanks bro, someday soon we gotta get together and train.

Bruteman - Ill Mitch is correct. He does wrestling. That is either Greco-Roman (upper body takedowns and throws only) or freestyle wrestling, which includes and allows takedown attacks to the leg (grappling wise.) Note, I am not saying this is bad...as wrestling also has great carryover to self-defense and mixed martial arts competition, once slightly modified.

What I do, or like to do when I'm healthy, is called submission wrestling. In the subset for training for mixed martial arts competitions.

Judo, Japanese Jujitsu, Brazilian Jujitsu and submision fighting all have elements of this.
These include joint locks and chokes. Also included are neck cranks. :)
I feel this has a great carryover to self-defense, as I will try to effectively negate the use of one of his limbs if I am attacked in a knife attack scenario for example.

11-29-2004, 10:01 PM
Nice strength gains dude, congratz on that 255 deadlift. I took me a long time before I could hit that.

11-29-2004, 10:23 PM
Thanks for stopping by John0101! Cheers mate!

What are you doing for neck? All I do is neck extentions off the edge of my bed, on all 4 sides of me.

Heh, didn't see your post there, I just made mine and was doing other things around my room. I hope I've answered your question sufficiently on MSN.

Canadian Crippler
11-29-2004, 11:51 PM
Yep :). No check my journal f00!

12-01-2004, 05:50 AM
OK, got it. So basically(to simplify it a bit) it's using all the fun moves you learn in wrestling practice, but aren't actually aloud to use in a match. ;)

12-01-2004, 06:25 PM
Actually no, since I have a contact list of various people from different styles on my msn list....

I was talking to a wrestler on my list, he'll do a lot of painful things to ya, maybe make you tap out, but it is much different from actual submission wrestling, BJJ or Judo groundwork. Check it out sometime.

12-02-2004, 12:51 AM

Me doing a REALLY lazy poor flying kick on a punching bag, someday I'll land this on someone.

Edit: Hold on.

Edit 2: Ok, scroll down a bit for the link.

12-02-2004, 03:27 PM
Oh man, just walked up 11 flights of stairs due to the elevators still being out from a just finished fire alarm. I have no cardio. I bet a lot of smokers can out climb me too... :(

12-02-2004, 10:51 PM
Dec 1, 2004

9*10,10,10,10,5,5,1,1,10*45,45,135,135,185,185,225,245,45 Deadlift PR!!!
3*10*300 Machine Calf Raise
2*20*BW Alternating Hanging Leg Crunches
2*10*70 Cable Rows
3*10*75 Shrugs

WOOOOOOOO!! Was that all I did? Had a bit more socialization going
because I know the staff member on duty.
Tried another 245 at the end but that didn't go far! Oh well.
Deadlift PR again!!! Shoulder generally felt fine, but not super strong.
Oh man, I think I'm going to faint, my back is pulsating.
Time to do neck now in my room. Since I don't really know the names,
I will describe most of them, let me know if you need clarification.

3 Sets Wrestling Neck Bridges of 30s static holds, to 15 secs of
rotating neck around. Remembered to fold some sweat pants so floor
wasn't so hard on my head after the first set.
1 set, 2 min, head first, rotate neck up and down, then left and right.
1*10*BW Resisted Nods, Hands resisting upward on chin
1*10*BW Resisted Nods, Hands resisting downward behind head
2*10*BW Resisted Standing Neck to Shoulder Left
2*10*BW Resisted Standing Neck to Shoulder Right
1*10*BW Resisted Standing Neck Left
1*10*BW Resisted Standing Neck Right

Edit: Time spent in gym - 80 minutes
Neck work done back in res.

Canadian Crippler
12-03-2004, 10:15 AM
Mmmmm, neck...

Congrads on the new PR man, whats your routine like btw?

12-03-2004, 11:42 AM
Routine is up and down, I 'guess' I should have more of a set plan.
But as I think I explained to someone earlier in this thread, it will depends on factors like:

-Injury(ies) at the time
-Martial arts class, and effects of that
-Any upcoming comps or get togethers I may have for martial arts

12-03-2004, 12:28 PM

Me doing a REALLY lazy poor flying kick on a punching bag, someday I'll land this on someone.

Lazy Double Flying Jump Kick - Flying Side Kick Switch to Aerial Back Kick (http://www.angelfire.com/vt2/pizdoff1/Picture_042.avi)

boo hoo BAD link. shame on you!

12-03-2004, 01:35 PM
Ok, just checked, thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Get it from here instead. Angelfire apparently isn't allowing for off-site hotlinking to files on their server.


12-04-2004, 02:10 AM
Good job on the dead PR. I will look into grappling a bit more. I've always wanted to try a MMA match. Mainly cause I think I'm a bit better suited to it. The trick will be finding a place that I can learn grappling and what not. My area isn't big on that type of stuff. All that's around here really are some TKD and Kung Fu gyms. I guess I might be better off just sticking to wrestling stuff since I'm familiar with that, huh?

12-04-2004, 03:41 AM
Ok, just checked, thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Get it from here instead. Angelfire apparently isn't allowing for off-site hotlinking to files on their server.


Not bad.

12-04-2004, 10:46 AM
Thanks, I WAS tired since it was at the end of the night. Disappointed with myself and slow aerial turn.

Good job on the dead PR. I will look into grappling a bit more. I've always wanted to try a MMA match. Mainly cause I think I'm a bit better suited to it. The trick will be finding a place that I can learn grappling and what not. My area isn't big on that type of stuff. All that's around here really are some TKD and Kung Fu gyms. I guess I might be better off just sticking to wrestling stuff since I'm familiar with that, huh?

I don't wanna be the guy facing you in the ring!
I'd say stick with those, boxing and wrestling until...something good comes to your area or you move! :D

Good luck!

12-04-2004, 03:14 PM
Dec 4, 2004

40 min bag work.

Higher intensity. My desktop picture is of me, bloodied up with blood
running down my nose after my second kickboxing match on Nov 26th.
That is what I stare at, everytime I look at my desktop. That is what
drives me and motivates me.

Worked on punches from in close, punching combinations, and knees. Then
I got a bit silly and started practicing flying knees. I jump and knee
to a satisfactory height (my own chin) but a little more height will
only help me. Worked on combinations applicable to my injury.

Back is still rather sore, feeling good though, stronger, I can feel it!
Shoulder is slightly twingy after a heavy right on the bag, trying to
avoid that.

Best of luck training y'all. Cheers.

12-06-2004, 09:21 PM
Had a shortened BJJ class last day.

Dec 6, 2004

2*10*40 Hammer Curls
3*10*40 Incline Bench Press DB
3*10*40 Flat Bench Press DB
4*10*60 Cable Rows
4*10*70 Lat Pull Downs
3*10*40 Military Press
3*10*60 Shrugs

Higher volume, lower weights for connective muscles in my shoulders.
Shoulders felt decent throughout, hardly tired now afterwards.

Canadian Crippler
12-06-2004, 09:26 PM
Nice to see another session, keep lifting f00 ;)

12-06-2004, 10:08 PM
hey is that you in the video? You got some nice legs in a non-homosexual way. Cool kicks man, you should post up a video of a fight.

12-07-2004, 01:52 AM
Yes, that WOULD be me in the video. Thank you, my lowered BF now is bringing out my legs nicely.

Video of the fights will be posted as soon as they held right now by another guy who should be hosting them.
I have one of me, 2nd match on Nov 26, but that is missing the beginning, and is 22 megs, so that is over the Angelfire limit.

Looking at other options right now, but I haven't gotten word back yet from http://www.ahost4free.com/ yet :(

Edit: Horrid grammar.

12-07-2004, 03:45 PM
Dec 7, 2004

40 Min Bag Work

Mid-long range punching. I think I've increased my range with
flying knees. Worked some flying side kicks as well. Started to gas
really early, probably due to the mild sore throat sickness I had.

In other news, saw Ong Bak today, excellent movie.
And for some reason...I'm in a really poor mood.
Feel like having a cheat 'meal' of Coke and Doritos, been months.

12-08-2004, 11:29 PM
Dec. 8, 2004

5*10,2,5,5,5*65,135,95,95,95 Squats
3*5*135 Deadlifts
3*10*300 Standing Calf Raises
3*10*70 Shrugs

Was that all I did? Tried some box squats, but I just wasn't feeling it and I didn't want to push too hard. My sickness...sore throat, whatever it is, is clouding my head in a aura of dullness. Add lack of sleep, stress and exams......very disappointing. VERY VERY DISAPPOINTING. I am damn angry...
Funny how weak my legs are (save for my calves) when you see how nice and thick they are. Lower BF right now is really showing the muscles nicely and I really like that.

In other news, I was running through the suite, did a flying knee strike in the air, and nearly knocked myself on the doorway near my room.

Thought that was pretty damn funny...

12-14-2004, 03:10 PM
Don't worry about it, we all have our bad days. Just make an extra effort next session.

Canadian Crippler
12-14-2004, 06:05 PM
Ditto ^. Hit the gym sucka!

12-14-2004, 08:34 PM

Can you dig it...?

12-14-2004, 08:43 PM

Dec. 10, 2004

Light Jogging
Full Body Stretching

2*10*40 Hammer Curls DB
3*10*50 Flat Bench DB
3*10*80 Machine Chest Flyes
3*10*50 Incline Bench DB
4*10*70 Shrugs, Overhand Grip
2*10*10 Weighted Decline Crunches
2*10*110 Gluteal Extensions (One each side)

Took a full two days off from the gym to try and recuperate
and heal. Seemeed to have helped. Plans for my Torontowned Grand
Prix Challenge 2004 are shaping up. In that I plan to face five
different opponent's, one for each of the five, five-minute rounds.
We will be using PrideFC rules, and I will face the consequentially.
This will be the fight of my life so far, as I've asked for only
the better guys in Toronto. Kinda though that I'm just barely getting
over this cold/sore throat/infection and I'm not training, but I'll
deal with it. Nothing I can't handle.

Canadian Crippler
12-14-2004, 09:20 PM
Nice session mang, good luck with the butt kickin!

12-14-2004, 09:45 PM
Thanks, the session on the 10th really felt good.

Dec. 13, 2004

BW Squats

Dec. 14, 2004

2*10*40 Hammer Curls
2*10*100 Lat Pull Downs
3*10,10,5*90,90,100 Seated Cable Rows
2*10*70 Back/Reverse Flyes (Whatever you call them)

I love not warming up at all, haha.
Short time spent at gym. Trained explosivity.
Tried some tricep pushdowns but no go. All tricep exercises have resulted in pain and excessive discomfort at a point just above my elbow like something is tearing.

Plan, looking for some more stretching tonight. Bag work tomorrow on Weds, and Thurs again I think. Then ME explosive squats and deads on Friday after I finish my final exam in the morning. Then packing up to do back to TO noon Friday.

The McThrowdown event and my little event now called Torontowned Grand Prix 2004 will be either mid next week or the week of the 27th. This will give me some time to continue to work calisthenics and repair connective tissues as well as build endurance.

Looking to do some grappling and striking drills with my brother too.
Might look to visit Canadian Crippler's gym too maybe if we can hook up for that.

Canadian Crippler
12-14-2004, 10:35 PM
Good session mang.

If by gym you mean where I workout Friday would be perfect, I can even drag along Zearoth and Nito :D. Wrestling is a no-no though, they don't allow people to watch unless they are interested in signing up. They say it distracts us or something, and I have to agree with that.

12-15-2004, 01:40 AM
Pff they just don't want the laughter.
Consider this: Since you are doing 'pro-wrestling' anyways which is an entertainment art, won't you eventually be in front of millions of screaming fans anyways?

Nah for Friday. I'm not back until late Friday night, and I know HS finishes this week.

Canadian Crippler
12-15-2004, 07:45 AM
This is training, if you know someone there chances are when others are in the ring and doing drills you will be talking to him/her. Believe me, the #2 thing they prepare us for is different crowd reactions (#1 being safety).

12-15-2004, 05:50 PM
Dec. 15, 2004

55 Min Bag Work
20 Hanging Bag Work
Extended Explosive Punching
Alternating roundhouse kicks
Swing kicks to bottom of bag to condition shins (high intensity)

Grabbed A Spare Heavy Bag On The Ground Here For Some Variety

35 Min Lieing Bag
Punching From Guard
-Alternate punches from body to head
-Hammer fist
From Side Mount
-Knees, raise higher for power generation, keep balance
From Scarf (Both Sides)
-Alternate punches from body to head
From Mount

Feeling a lot better today at the gym, I hardly gas at all now.
I have my 'relaxing' technique down fairly well so I don't expand
too much energy. I have to remember to keep proper posture when
striking on the ground.

Edit: Oh yeah. Used the speaker system in the bag room (which people also use for dance class and cardio fitness dancey stuff)
Soundtrack of the day.
Disturbed's first album + first couple tracks from RATM's covers album

12-15-2004, 05:58 PM
Ground bag work drills include:

Scarf, scarf, then mount
30 Secs
Scarf hold - Alternate punches from 'body' to 'head' as fast as you can.
Bring arm and elbow up higher for more momentum.

Leap over to other side, kicking your feet as high as a possible to get over opponent's legs that may be blocking. Repeat for other side.

Then jump to mount. Alernating punches downwards for 1 min.

Striking When In Guard

Similar drills to above.
Strike side of 'body' two times, then go to head once, push down on 'chest' then repeat for other side with other arm.

Also alternating hammer fists downwards.
Remember to keep proper posture, and keep your arms in to make sure the opponent does not some up to ensnare your arm for a kimura etc.

12-15-2004, 06:16 PM
Looks like some pretty intense training you got here, keep it up and stay motivated.

Nice kicks btw, you so crazy.

12-15-2004, 06:28 PM
Feeling much better, cold has almost lifted, though I certainly felt it at the beginning of my bag work. This only serves to help my theory that if I'm actually healthy and not injured I can be a pretty good entertaining fighter.

12-15-2004, 06:33 PM
Striking from Guard

Similar drills to above.
Strike side of 'body' two times, then go to head once, push down on 'chest' then repeat for other side with other arm.

Also alternating hammer fists downwards.
Remember to keep proper posture, and keep your arms in to make sure the opponent does not some up to ensnare your arm for a kimura etc.

I'm assuming you mistakenly said from guard and meant from mount from your description above.

I'm not a fan of working strikes from guard, when you are in that position you should either be trying to get into mount, or applying a grappling technique of some kind.

Hanging bag work is good though, we used to do that with people instead of bags. We'd basically be hanging and do laps around their torso from a guard position.

12-15-2004, 06:34 PM
Looks like some pretty intense training you got here, keep it up and stay motivated.

Nice kicks btw, you so crazy.

Thanks for stopping by ryan-.
Trust me, I am VERY motiviated.

I have challenge some martial artists from Bullshido in the Toronto area to face me.
5 different people, one at a time
5 rounds
5 minutes per round
Pride FC rules

This event is coming up really soon and I will keep the forum posted.

12-15-2004, 06:34 PM
Yes, that WOULD be me in the video. Thank you, my lowered BF now is bringing out my legs nicely.

Video of the fights will be posted as soon as they held right now by another guy who should be hosting them.
I have one of me, 2nd match on Nov 26, but that is missing the beginning, and is 22 megs, so that is over the Angelfire limit.

Looking at other options right now, but I haven't gotten word back yet from http://www.ahost4free.com/ yet :(

Edit: Horrid grammar.

Looking forward to the fighting vids!

12-15-2004, 06:40 PM
I'll post notification in the General forum when I get them! :D

ElPietro - Oops, I meant when you were in the person's guard.
Not much use punching from your guard. :)

12-15-2004, 06:51 PM
Dude, I'm fired up to see those fights too!

Canadian Crippler
12-15-2004, 09:27 PM
Disturbed owns!

12-16-2004, 07:58 AM
ElPietro - Oops, I meant when you were in the person's guard.
Not much use punching from your guard. :)

Yup, people that think of punching from guard become a bloody mess pretty quick, or get mounted and then pounded.

But even if you are in someone's guard, I'm not a big fan of trying to strike. You should be trying to get out of that guard to a mount before you try and kind of ground and pound. Lotta risk at getting your arm caught in an armbar, kimura, or getting triangled.

You probably know this technique, since it's pretty standard, but if you lean way back in someone's guard, and get your elbows somewhat inside their leg, then slide the points of your elbows down, there is a nerve centre of some kind on their inner thigh, and when the point of your elbow puts a lot of pressure there, they will be in quite a bit of discomfort, at which point you can probably break their guard and get over the leg.

EDIT: Just to clarify, you'd get your elbows in, near the top, towards the knee, and then slide them down the thigh pressing outward as hard as possible. So you are inducing the pain on the nerve as well as forcing the legs apart at the same time.

12-16-2004, 08:11 AM
WOW. I have no idea what you guys are talking about. Here have some :spam:

12-16-2004, 09:09 AM
Yeap, I'm decent at that technique.

People really 'like' working with me, since my elbows are so sharp! :D
The striking when in guard is to soften up and keep opponent distracted while you break guard and go for a pass.

12-16-2004, 08:04 PM
Dec. 16, 2004

40 Min bag work
Knees (Much faster...)
Kick Combinations
Swing kicks to bottom of bag

15 Min Sprawl Drills
Sprawl out, crouch then kick out again.

I was exhausted after the bag workout. Went from the bag room
to the wrestling room, pulled down a landing mat thing, and
started doing sprawls from upright on it. Must remember to keep your
hips up in the air so the front of our hips do not make contact with
the surface of the mat. *Cough* Anyways, just kept doing sprawls non-stop
until I was completely exhausted, then rolled off the crash pad and lay
there for a few moments. I figure since I'm going for five rounds, I'll
have to keep going even though I'm really really tired.

Left wrist is....not good, must have torqued it last day.

12-16-2004, 08:20 PM
Man, that looks like intense cardio work there. Nice work, Piz!

12-17-2004, 07:30 AM
*stumbles in and peeks around the corner*

12-17-2004, 07:36 AM
first time in here... must say some intense training bro.. much props

12-17-2004, 09:37 AM
I try, you guys are part of my inspiration!

12-17-2004, 09:37 AM
Dec. 17, 2004

6*8,5,5,3,3,1*45,90,90,135,135,135,155 ATF Squats
3*5*135,135,185 Deadlifts

Not many sets, going to be moving out later today and need
to save myself.

Post-horrible exam workout.
Only had some juice this morning, then gulped down some more at the end of my exam.....

12-17-2004, 10:24 AM
Kickin' ass on those ATF squats, bro. (pun intended)

12-22-2004, 08:12 AM
Dec. 19, 2004

-Had 1 set of my brother kicking me on the outside of my legs
until I couldn't stand. 3-4 min?
-Went over some basic submission grappling techniques with him.
Triangle from guard, juji-gatame from mount, kimura from guard,
scarf hold lung compression technique, side mount control, arm-
triangle from guard, proper breathing techniques. 25 min?
-Had 1 set of my brother kicking me on the inside and outside
of my legs until I couldn't stand. Fun stuff, then gave him one
to the outside of both his legs back to let him feel it too.
2*30*BW Explosive Jump Squats - Try doing these after your legs
have gotten kicked a lot. Bruising starting to show.
2*20,30*66.5 Shrugs.
2*8*24 Hammer Curls
1 Set Explosive Knees, 1 min
Full body stretching

Nine days to fight time. Time for some bruising so it'll heal in
time for the 28th. I really needed the kicks, you have to keep
remembering how to deal with pain and your body shutting down.

12-22-2004, 08:20 AM
Dec. 21, 2004

3*15*24,24,36 Bent-Over DB Rows, Single Arm
2*15,10*48 Overhead Press
1*20*BW Crunches
2*20*BW Explosive Sit-Ups, Touch Toes
1*40*BW Alternating Crunches
1*20*BW Side Crunches, Each Side
2*20*66.5 Explosive Deadlifts

Now it's my left shoulder bothering me......
167lbs on the bathroom scale...Dropped too much weight.
As a reference I was 183 in August when I decided to drop
weight and cut some BF%.

Canadian Crippler
12-22-2004, 08:53 AM
Are the high reps for "toning"? ;)

Keep hitting the gym man.

12-22-2004, 07:06 PM
Well I'm at home now....a few weights here. No gym.

The higher reps are for endurance.

12-23-2004, 09:33 AM
ace sessions pizz i def know what you mean by learning how to deal with tha pain and stuff those parts of the training are fun until you cant feel your legs.... ok so thats kinda fun also

12-24-2004, 05:37 AM
Wish you the big Victory as it is about to go down...really admire the guts to go in there and do it - crazy prep training but you've got to be ready, lol...you are insane with it PizDof, major props - :thumbup:

12-24-2004, 06:30 AM
you sound like you're preparing for...................... UFC or something :P merry christmas!

12-24-2004, 10:28 AM
Thanks guys, I try.

Dec. 22, 2004

Dynamic stretching

167 lbs
Looking great and feeling ready.

Dec. 23, 2004

2 hours of training downtown with friends/training brothers.
-Submission grappling starting from knees
-Standing punch exchange defense, answer the phone
-Standing kick exchange defense, shoot the leg up to block, use
the calf muscles more

My ground game really is garbage. I'll really have to step it
up and move a lot better on the ground, especially when strikes
are thrown into the mix. Guillotine choke defense is pretty solid
now, I know what to do. Posture in the guard still needs to be
worked on, though that is a lot better and I don't get caught in
kimura's from the guard anymore. My weight is lighter, so I was
swept a few times, have to watch that because I'll be matched up
against people with 60 and 85lb differences on me.

I also need to work on explosive bumping, then landing and moving
faster when on the bottom. Also need work on handling incoming
strikes and taking advantage of oppurtunities. Must remember to
control hips, shrimp better, and entangle and isolate limbs to

164.5 lbs after I got home from running around town.
Feeling decent, know some muscles will be sore when I wake on
the morrow. Had a headache earlier from taking punches to the head.
Poked myself in the eye from blocking a punch, small bruise forming
at the corner of my left eye, got some minor cauliflower ear on my
right ear.

Feel free to ask any questions if some of terminology is foriegn to you, I'd be happy to answer.

12-24-2004, 10:49 AM
I didn't realize "answer the phone" was a fighting technique. Show's how much I know :D

12-24-2004, 12:12 PM
some serious training going on in here.. ace work and merry christmas

12-24-2004, 12:49 PM
I didn't realize "answer the phone" was a fighting technique. Show's how much I know :D

Haha, well it refers to a defensive position using your arms that is similar to answering the phone.

Basically, when a hook punch comes in from the side, you bring that side's arm to your head to block. Actually similar to reclining backwards on a chair and supporting your head in your arms.

-Cup the back of your head with your hand.
-Forearms against your ear on that side.
-Press arm tightly against head and tucked in chin on that side.
This is to prevent getting your arm punched into your head.
-Tense whole arm and shoulder when punch impacts.
This is to all the whole body, add back, stabilizer muscles, legs in, to the energy dissipation of the punch.

Hope this was clear.

Canadian Crippler
12-24-2004, 01:09 PM
So it's like The Stone Cold Stunner?

12-24-2004, 01:18 PM
It's a block.

Canadian Crippler
12-25-2004, 12:31 AM
Oh, so like ducking a clothesline and delivering sweet chin music!

12-25-2004, 12:34 AM
No its more like a powerslam with less acting :thumbup:

12-27-2004, 10:30 AM
Dec. 25, 2004

Unless you include vacuuming and some jogging home :)

Song of the Something...
Metallica - Unnamed Feeling

Dec. 26, 2004

3*10*66.5 Bench Press DB
4*8,8,12,12*36 Single-Arm DB Rows, Fast
3*10*48 Overhead Press
2*8*48 Hammer Curls
2*10*66.5 Shrugs
2*10*66.5 Deadlifts, DB Overhand Grip
2*20*BW Explosive Sit-Ups, Touch Toes
3*10*BW Jumps, Tuck Knees to Chest
Neck Bridges
Neck Exercises

Right elbow a bit hyperextended and slightly weaker.
Felt better now post-workout. Less than two days to go.

Jab, jab, cross.
Backfist, sidekick. Hook to the body, hook to the head.
Low roundhouse kick, step in with that foot, high roundhouse
kick. Flying knee to the face.

Keep that chin tucked in, watch the incoming strikes and
react quickly. Answer the phone. Shoot-in for the takedown.
Keep proper posture in guard, break and pass to mount.

167.5 lbs

Song of the Something...
Mudvayne - F**king Determined

Canadian Crippler
12-27-2004, 03:48 PM
Mudvayne stinks, you silly blue poo poo head. ;)

Nice session m8, where you working out now?

12-27-2004, 05:57 PM
Home, hahahah! At least I can progress on my curling.

12-28-2004, 08:07 AM
Fatigue makes a coward of all men.

12-28-2004, 09:16 AM
I didn't realize "answer the phone" was a fighting technique. Show's how much I know

same here lol.

12-28-2004, 07:02 PM
I am supremely disappointed.

The centre where we were going to spar was closed.

Now I'm not the host, I'm the organizer...but this reflects poorly on me.
Myself and three other training partners were there just last Thursday, and the host confirmed that the centre would be open today on the 28th.

Well we went to one guy's mom's apartment and just used their tiled rec room.
Without mats we were not going to do takedowns or throws, so the decision was made to post-pone the Torotowned Grand Prix to a later date. Date uncertain as of now.

We we all did some kickboxing, some people did some standup grappling without takedowns or throws, and some of us did some groundwork drills.

I had what was apparently 10 minutes of kickboxing fighting.....haven't seen the full vid yet. We just went at it for a long time, didn't get a timer or anything.

12-28-2004, 07:02 PM
same here lol.


Do you guys understand what I mean?
I'll post a picture tomorrow.

12-28-2004, 07:12 PM
yeah i think i do hehe. i call it boxer's block.

12-28-2004, 07:54 PM
I am so supremely disappointed.
My drive to train is gone at the moment, I'm probably looking at a couple days off to reset my mind and try to get over this huge disappointment.

Canadian Crippler
12-28-2004, 09:04 PM
Sorry to hear that. Crying over the internet will definately help with the situation. ;)

You woulda owned em, next time m8.

12-31-2004, 04:50 PM
Dec 20, 2004

Sumo Squats BW
Explosive SitUps

It burns! Well......I don't know where my motivation went. At least I'll be changing the scenery a bit soon then hopefully coming back refreshed.

Have a happy New Year all and awesome lifts.

Canadian Crippler
01-01-2005, 12:47 AM
Thank's for the email man, the plyo and stretching biznit is really helpful!

01-03-2005, 03:05 AM

hey piz, any good links on core strengthening and exercises etc?

01-10-2005, 12:58 PM
Finally got some vids up on the net, will post them here if demand is high and once I can mirror them on my own hosting.

I have already gotten some flak for my vids here, but that is somewhat expected since I talk so big (on here) and can't 'back it up' in my sparring matches due to whatever. I'll put them up and hopefully some people can give me some positive criticism and advice.