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12-19-2003, 05:55 AM
Today is a huge day in my life. Today is December 19th, 2003.Well I've come to realize that the only way my workouts could remain at their most intense level is if I keep a journal of em. So here we go!

I am 21, senior year in college, who weighs 220. I have been working out seriously with weights for about a year. I have been trying to lose weight for a long time but never really bothered to learn what proper nutrition is.I'd go to the gym, run for about 40 mins, and then on the way back eat KFC.

I started the Keto diet about four months ago, and have lost around 10 pounds of fat during that time. I still do a poor job sticking to it, so the results are poor. I work out four times a week. I feel like have been getting bigger, but I am not happy with the visual results.
M-Chest, Biceps
T-Lower Body,Abs
TH-Shoulders Triceps
F-Back,lower body

I am one of the lucky ones with a treadmill at home, but I'm such a lazy bastard that I only use it for HIIT maybe once per week. Starting tomorrow, I have a 7 week winter break. I really feel this is the time to get completelly serious. Nomore missing workouts because of silly excuses, and nomore breaking out of the keto diet just because I have poor will power. LETS ROLL!

PS> My supplements are
Selenium 200, Vitamin C 1000, Vitamin E 400, Fish Body oils 1000, Flax Seed oil 1000, and Basic Nutrition Multi Vitamin. I am not sure when it's best to take which, but I take 1 of each per day.

12-19-2003, 06:29 AM
Friday December 19th-CARB UP DAY

Meal1-8 AM
2 scrambled egs
Tuna Salad
Fish steak

Unfortunately I missed meal two because I was stuck in an autoshop getting my Wheels balanced.

GYM 1pm-Back/Lower Body
Seated Row Extensions 12-50, 12-50, 12-50
Seated Rows- 8-180,8-180, 8-180

Bent Over DB Rows 3 sets for each hand, 8 reps-65pnd dumbell

Leg Extensions- 8-130,8-130,8-130
Leg Press- 12-190, 10-230, 8-270, 6-290

Hip abductions, 12-90, 10-110, 8-120, 6-130
Hip Adductions- 12-60, 10-70, 8-90, 6-120

Abs- 12-110, 10-120, 8-130, 6-140

Post Workout Meal=Protein Whey.

Meal 3- Grilled Pork chops and grilled shrimp.

Hopefully I can force myself to do some HIIT tonight.

No HIIT because I am a lazy bastard!
meal 4, two grilled chicken breasts and a chicken wing, with mashed potatoes.

12-22-2003, 08:32 AM
Monday December 22nd
Last day of finals! WOOF.

9am. GNC Protein Shake, 24 G of protein
10:30: 2 hard boiled eggs, a tablespoon of green pea's, and egg salad.
GOt a final at 1pm. THen I am off to the gym.