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12-24-2003, 10:08 AM
ok, more questions: :eek: What's the protein content of a hardboiled egg? Is there an internet or online source I can go to that tells me what the protein content (in grams) of any food imaginable?

I'm taking a look at all the stuff ppl have in their journals. Some of it is pretty phucking scary. :whazzup: But then again I'm nowhere near their milestones. Right now, I have the liberty of eating when I want but when I get back to work, things are probably going to change slightly. Means I'll be drinking shakes more than now. Last night I gave the mass builder pre-bedtime drink a try. Think that worked wonders as far as getting the soreness to go away because I'm less sore (significantly less sore) now than yesterday.

I figure my meals during the work week will look something like this:

Meal 1 (not sure about this because my workouts will shift from midday to mornings next week. I figure if I get up around 6:30 am, I can be in the gym by 7 and out by 8 which leaves me enough time to get to the office by 9:30 am. I live in NYC and the gym is like less than 1 1/2 blocks away from my apt.): shake. I'm lactose intolerant so usually drink soy milk. Question: if I mix the shake powder with soy milk, is this ok in terms of protein content? Mixing animal with plant-based protein? Or does that not matter?

Question: can I eat something prior to my workout and do the shake afterwards?

Meal 2 (at work): oatmeal/yogurt/hard-boiled eggs/fruit/bagel w/peanut butter/cottage cheese (some combination of the above)

Meal 3 (at work. my job has a corporate cafeteria, so getting food is not a problem...most of the time. the QUALITY of the food is another story.): might vary from day to day but typically fish, rice/pasta, and veg. fruit. (not a big dessert fan)

Meal 4: peanuts/trail mix/yogurt or a shake.

Meal 5: repeat meal 3, but usually chicken breast in place of fish. Me and boneless skinless chicken breasts are best friends.

Meal 6: probably cottage cheese or something I can think of.

Full disclosure: 6'1", 142.5, 33 years old (as of tonight at midnight).


12-24-2003, 10:43 AM
well happy birthday!!

www.fitday.com is a great wya of journaling and trackign your calories - it gives you nutritional info on most foods, and special ones you can enter on your own.

mixing the shake powder wiht soy milk is excellent - it actually will give you an extra 8 gs of protein roughly (per 8 ozs, i think)

as far as eating before working out, and taking the shake after - that's cool, provided you can keep it from coming back up.

i personally have a problem with gettng sick if i've got real food in my stomach prior to training, other people get sick if they train on an empty stomach. so depending on where you fall on that spectrum - adjust your diet accordingly.

the diet looks good, but without amounts it's hard to eyeball the calories you've got there.

12-24-2003, 02:21 PM
thanks, Tryska.

Just found out my BMR. 2645 calories to start off with. 5 to 6 meals a day at 500 to 550 calories a pop, shouldn't be too difficult.